dlmap: Detection Localization Mapping for QTL

QTL mapping in a mixed model framework with separate detection and localization stages. The first stage detects the number of QTL on each chromosome based on the genetic variation due to grouped markers on the chromosome; the second stage uses this information to determine the most likely QTL positions. The mixed model can accommodate general fixed and random effects, including spatial effects in field trials and pedigree effects. Applicable to backcrosses, doubled haploids, recombinant inbred lines, F2 intercrosses, and association mapping populations.

Version: 1.13
Depends: qtl, ibdreg, wgaim, nlme, mgcv
Suggests: asreml
Published: 2012-08-09
Author: Emma Huang and Andrew George
Maintainer: Emma Huang <Emma.Huang at csiro.au>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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In views: Genetics
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