User-Contributed Vignettes

Chester Ismay


Due to CRAN space limitations on packages, user-contributed vignettes that walk through different analyses using the data sets in the fivethirtyeight package are linked below in this “vignette of vignettes.” You can find both the R Markdown file needed to generate the file and also a link to the HTML vignette on the package website at The vignette title links to the HTML version and the (Rmd) immediately following links to the R Markdown source. We encourage others to share their analyses using the fivethirtyeight data sets.

The developmental version of the package stored on GitHub contains all of the vignettes so if you’d like to build the package locally, first install the remotes package and then install the package via

# install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("rudeboybert/fivethirtyeight", build_vignettes = TRUE)