The R package gapfill

The package provides tools to fill missing values in satellite data. It can be used to gap-fill, e.g., MODIS NDVI data, and is helpful for the development of new gap-fill algorithms. The predictions are based on a subset-predict procedure, i.e., each missing value is predicted separately by (1) subsetting the data to a neighborhood around it and (2) predict the values based on that subset.

Features of the package

* Gap-filling can be executed in parallel.
* Users may define Subset and Predict functions and 
  run alternative prediction algorithms with little effort. 
  See ?Extend for more information and examples.
* The visualization of space-time data is simplified 
  through the ggplot2 based function Image.

Get started

The package can be installed with

R> install.packages(“gapfill”)

To get started see the example in

R> ?Gapfill