link2GI 0.3-5

new feature: * add manual build function for UNC pathes bugfixes: * remove search argument for PRZP * several fixes for Windows search and linking * Comments and typos

link2GI 0.3-4

new feature: * add boolean variable if required API exists

bugfixes: * fix of the quiet option * fix the search order * straighten GRASS problems with * several fixes for Windows search and linking * fix and add a lot of examples * Comments and typos

link2GI 0.3-3

new feature: * by default the latest version of each API is selected

bugfixes: * OTB basic wrapper fixed for Windows * new examples * Typos

link2GI 0.3-2

new feature: * ver_select can be used directly with the number of selection * OTB basic wrapper bugfixes: * RSAGA related fixes * Typos

link2GI 0.3-1

new feature: * add returnPaths argument for suppress all returns bugfixes: * windows RSAGA related fixes

link2GI 0.3-0

The 0.3-0 version is quite restructured to conform to both common R conventions (e.g. no hidden globals) and to make the calls more intuitive and one-line-like. some of the function follow a slightly different naming and argument setting. This was done to keep in line with further CLI linking functionality.

new feature: * Linux support for multi-version selection * remove all global variables (re-opened issue #3) * homogenization of the link calls * wrap searchAPIOS functions with OS-agnostic findAPI functions * add a more robust return of all pathes and environmental variables as lists * add a quiet option to supress all! console outputs (issue #4)

bugfixes: * remove tailing backslashes * force compatibility to RSAGA and SAGA ver 3+

link2GI 0.2-2

new feature: * findGRASS a function that wraps for searchGRASSW and searchGRASSX

link2GI 0.2-1

bugfixes: * fix github issues #2 #3 #5

link2GI 0.2-0

bugfixes: * fix several small bugs

link2GI 0.1-0