Version 0.9.3

Version 0.9.2

No changes (re-submission of 0.9.1 to CRAN)

Version 0.9.1

For users updating solely from CRAN, this is a major update. Many changes were introduced since version 0.8.8 (versions 0.8.9 and 0.9.0 were released solely on GitHub). Please refer to the README file, the two vignettes and the information below for all the details.

In this version:

Version 0.9.0

Version 0.8.9

Two somewhat backward-compatibility breaking changes:
- The ‘omit.headings’ parameter is replaced by the more straightforward (and still boolean) ‘headings’. The former is still supported but will disappear in a future release (possibly 0.9.2)
- Row subsetting is no longer displayed in the headings section, as it was error-prone

Special thanks to Paul Feitsma for his numerous suggestions.

Version 0.8.8

Version 0.8.7

Version 0.8.6

Version 0.8.5

Version 0.8.4

Version 0.8.3

Version 0.8.2

Version 0.8.1

Version 0.8.0

Backward-compatibility notes: in dfSummary(), parameter name ‘display.labels’ has been changed to ‘labels.col’, for consistency reasons. Also, see Notes for Version 0.6.9 about the ‘file’ parameter.

Version 0.7.0

Another GitHub-only release
- Improved alignment in cells having counts + proportions
- Updated vignette to reflect latest changes and added examples using the example datasets “exams” and “tobacco”
- dfSummary()’s last column now includes counts and percentages for both valid and missing data
- Internal change: Roxygen2 is now used to generate documentation

Version 0.6.9

In this GitHub-only release:
- Introduced ctable() for cross-tabulations
- Extended support for printing objects created using by() and/or with(): variable names, labels and by-groups are now displayed correctly
- view() is now more than just a wrapper function for the print() method; it is the function to use when printing an object created with by()
- Appending to summarytools-generated html files is now possible - Most pander options stored in summarytools objects can be overridden by print() or view()
- freq() has an new parameter, ‘order’, allowing to order rows by count rather than values
- Alignment of numbers in descr() observations table has been improved

An important change causing a minor break in backward compatibility: the ‘file’ parameter must now be used with print() or view(); its use with other functions is now deprecated.

Version 0.6.5

Version 0.6

Version 0.5

For this GitHub-only release:
- Function descr() now supports weights
- Output from has been simplified
- Other changes are transparent to the user, but make the internals more consistent across functions

Version 0.4

Added cat() functions to fully support knitr’s document generation. Also added sample datasets so that users can experiment using summarytools functions with them. freq() now supports weights.

Version 0.3

Another round of major changes

Version 0.2

Several major changes since version 0.1

Initial Release