The latest release of the MSEtool package is available on CRAN.

MSEtool 1.2.0

For the new features described below, DLMtool version 5.3.1 is recommended.


Assessment models

Quite a few additions and changes have been made to the Assessment models. See the help manual and vignettes for descriptions of these new Assessment functions. - The continuous delay-differential model with deterministic and stochastic recruitment (cDD and cDD_SS, respectively) have been added as new Assessment models to the package. The continuous formulation should be more stable in high F situations. - A virtual population analysis VPA model has also been added to the package. - The surplus production model SP assumes continuous production and estimates continuous F’s, similar to ASPIC. This formulation will be more stable in high F situations. The Fox model can be implemented by setting the production function exponent n = 1. - A wrapper function for spict (state-space surplus production model) has been written and is available in the DLMextra package (located on Github). While reporting functions are available in MSEtool, the output of the wrapper function can still be used with the diagnostic functions in the spict package. - SCA and SCA2 estimate annual F’s and include a likelihood function for the catch. In previous versions, SCA matched the predicted catch to observed catch. This feature has been transfered over to the SCA_Pope function. - Summary of assessment results can be obtained by the plot function which now generates a markdown report. This will be useful for diagnosing model fits and evaluating parameter estimates.

Other edits and additions, including:

MSEtool 1.1.0

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MSEtool 1.0.0