comorbidity 0.4.1

comorbidity 0.4.0


Modified the behaviour of the assign0 argument after further discussion with Anders Alexandersson in Issue #9: now there is no default, forcing the user to decide whether to apply a hierarchy of comorbidity codes or not. This will make the algorithm more transparent to the end user, allowing an informed choice. See ?comorbidity::comorbidity and vignette("comorbidityscores", package = "comorbidity") for further details on the hierarchy being applied.

comorbidity 0.3.0


comorbidity now returns two Elixhauser scores, one computed using the algorithm of val Walraven et al. (2009) and a second one computed using the AHRQ algorithm (Moore et al., 2017). Thanks to Yumiko Abe-Jones for feedback and the discussion regarding weighted Elixhauser scores.

More information can be found on the package vignette: vignette("comorbidityscores", package = "comorbidity").

comorbidity 0.2.1

comorbidity 0.2.0


The score argument from comorbidity has been split into score and icd. For instance, the command comorbidity(x = x, id = "id", code = "code", score = "charlson_icd10") has to be modified as r comorbidity(x = x, id = "id", code = "code", score = "charlson", icd = "icd10"). The default value of icd is icd10, for ICD-10 codes, and possible values are icd10 and icd9.

comorbidity 0.1.3

Bug fix: * Fixed a bug in the regex for the ICD10 Charlson score; * Fixed a bug in the regex for the ICD10 Elixhauser score.

comorbidity 0.1.2

comorbidity 0.1.1

comorbidity 0.1.0

comorbidity 0.0.3

charlson 0.0.2

charlson 0.0.1