dialr 0.3.0

New functions

Minor changes

dialr 0.2.1

Performance improvements

Code calling libphonenumber methods via rJava has been tweaked for performance, including using more efficient rJava acess methods and caching commonly used static values. Most operations are now approx. 10 times faster.

Major changes

Minor changes

dialr 0.2.0

Introduction of dialrjars

To separate libphonenumber updates from structural package updates, the libphonenumber jars have been split into the new package dialrjars. This is a breaking change, and dialrjars will need to be installed for dialr to continue to work.

Addition of the phone class

In addition to the one-shot phone processing functions, dialr now has a “phone” S3 class to reduce the processing load from re-parsing phone numbers for every operation. This is a fundamental package change with a full set of replacement functions, for details see ?phone.

dialr 0.1.0

Initial release.