The package provides functions to identify associations within one or between two time course ‘omics’ data and visualise the associations. Use : associateData to estimate the delays and identify associations of data sets containing time course ‘omics’ experiments; plot.associations: to visualise associated profiles.

How to run dynOmics

In order to run dynOmics you require the latest version of R (>=3.2) and devtools. You can download the latest R version form here and follow the instructions to install R. Once installed type the following commands in your R console:


To see how you can use dynOmics and run examples type in your console: ~~~ ?dynOmics ?associateData ~~~

User manual

The user manual is provided in both pdf and Rmd formats, see the source codes here

Whom to contact?

The examples will hopefully answer most questions about dynOmics. However, additional questions can be directed to jasmin.straube[at]qimrberghofer.edu.au. We appreciate bug reports in the software or R functions and welcome any suggestions or comments for improvements.