Changes Version 2.4 - Steffen Moritz

Changes Version 2.3 - Steffen Moritz

Changes Version 2.2 - Steffen Moritz

Changes 2014-3-02 - Erika Cule

* Fixed layout of .Rd files

* Added deletion of Makevars to cleanup script

Changes 2012-9-27 - Erika Cule

* Flat text (.txt) data files were moved from ridge/data to ridge/inst/extdata 
(in the source, which becomes ridge/extdata in the installed package). The .txt files 
should be in inst/extdata because they files are used by the package examples 
  (albeit in not run sections), as described in Writing R Extensions 1.1.5 Data in packages.

* Some users were reporting problems installing the package on some Linux OS. configure 
  has been modified to fix this 

Changes 2012-8-21 - Erika Cule

* Bug fix in src/commonFunctions.c

Changes 2012-8-21 - Erika Cule

* Added so that package will install if GSL >= 1.14 is not available 
  (with linearRidgeGenotypes, logisticRidgeGenotypes, linearRidgeGenotypesPredict and 
  logisticRidgeGenotypesPredict disabled). 
* detects whether openblas is available and if it is found, links to that. 
This speeds up computation. (

Changes 2012-7-19 Erika Cule