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the swiss direct democracy R package

swissdd builds upon real time data service for federal and cantonal votes provided by the Federal Statistical Office via It brings the results of popular votes, aggregated at the geographical level of choice, straight into R. Available levels are

The package wraps the real time data on vote Sundays. As soon as the ballot close (from 12:00 on), the datastream is continuosly updated, until the data for all municipalities is complete and the final results are available. Additionally, it allows to access the archive and to retrieve the harmonized results of national votes since 1981.


#realtimedata on vote-sundays or the data of the last votations
federalvotes <- get_swissvotes_stream(geolevel = "district")

#retrieve data for many votes from the archive, either by selecting indiviual dates...
federalvotes <- get_swissvotes(votedates=c("2019-02-10","1984-09-23"), geolevel = "district")

#... or defining a range.
federalvotes <- get_swissvotes(from_date="2017-01-01",to_date="2018-01-01", geolevel = "district")

# the results of cantonal votes are also available (2019-)

cantonalvotes <- get_cantonalvotes(votedates="2019-02-10", geolevel = "municipality")

The webservice is documented on (language settings can be found at the bottom of the page):

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