GET: Global envelopes in R

The R package provides global envelopes which can be used for central regions of functional or multivariate data (e.g. outlier detection, functional boxplot), for graphical Monte Carlo and permutation tests where the test statistic is a multivariate vector or function (e.g. goodness-of-fit testing for point patterns and random sets, functional ANOVA, functional GLM, n-sample test of correspondence of distribution functions), and for global confidence and prediction bands (e.g. confidence band in polynomial regression, Bayesian posterior prediction).


You can install the GET library from github through remotes package with the following two R commands:


If you do not have the R library remotes installed, install it first by


After installation, in order to start using GET, load it to R and see the main help page, which describes the functions of the library:



The branch for public use is called master. There are no other public branches at the moment. The branch ‘no_fastdepth’ of the library spptest was taken as the master branch of GET September 21, 2016. The library spptest has become GET, which is developed further.


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