Available CRAN Packages By Name


A3Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models
aaSEAAmino Acid Substitution Effect Analyser
ABACUSApps Based Activities for Communicating and Understanding Statistics
abbyyRAccess to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API
abcTools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
abc.dataData Only: Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
ABC.RAPArray Based CpG Region Analysis Pipeline
ABCanalysisComputed ABC Analysis
abcdeFBAABCDE_FBA: A-Biologist-Can-Do-Everything of Flux Balance Analysis with this package
ABCoptimImplementation of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Optimization
ABCp2Approximate Bayesian Computational Model for Estimating P2
abcrfApproximate Bayesian Computation via Random Forests
abctoolsTools for ABC Analyses
abdThe Analysis of Biological Data
abeAugmented Backward Elimination
abf2Load Gap-Free Axon ABF2 Files
ABHgenotypeREasy Visualization of ABH Genotypes
abindCombine Multidimensional Arrays
abjutilsUseful Tools for Jurimetrical Analysis Used by the Brazilian Jurimetrics Association
abnModelling Multivariate Data with Additive Bayesian Networks
abnormalityMeasure a Subject's Abnormality with Respect to a Reference Population
abodOutlierAngle-Based Outlier Detection
ABPSThe Abnormal Blood Profile Score to Detect Blood Doping
AbsFilterGSEAImproved False Positive Control of Gene-Permuting GSEA with Absolute Filtering
AbSimTime Resolved Simulations of Antibody Repertoires
abstractrAn R-Shiny Application for Creating Visual Abstracts
abtestBayesian A/B Testing
abundantHigh-Dimensional Principal Fitted Components and Abundant Regression
Ac3netInferring Directional Conservative Causal Core Gene Networks
ACAAbrupt Change-Point or Aberration Detection in Point Series
accExploring Accelerometer Data
accelerometryFunctions for Processing Accelerometer Data
accelmissingMissing Value Imputation for Accelerometer Data
acceptThe Acute COPD Exacerbation Prediction Tool (ACCEPT)
AcceptanceSamplingCreation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans
ACCLMAACC & LMA Graph Plotting
accrualBayesian Accrual Prediction
accruedData Quality Visualization Tools for Partially Accruing Data
accSDAAccelerated Sparse Discriminant Analysis
ACDCategorical data analysis with complete or missing responses
ACDmTools for Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models
ace2fastqACE File to FASTQ Converter
acebayesOptimal Bayesian Experimental Design using the ACE Algorithm
acepackACE and AVAS for Selecting Multiple Regression Transformations
ACEtEstimating Dynamic Heritability and Twin Model Comparison
acfMPeriodRobust Estimation of the ACF from the M-Periodogram
acidAnalysing Conditional Income Distributions
acm4rAlign-and-Count Method comparisons of RFLP data
ACMEeqtlEstimation of Interpretable eQTL Effect Sizes Using a Log of Linear Model
acmeRImplements ACME Estimator of Bird and Bat Mortality by Wind Turbines
ACNEAffymetrix SNP Probe-Summarization using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
acnrAnnotated Copy-Number Regions
acopulaModelling Dependence with Multivariate Archimax (or any User-Defined Continuous) Copulas
AcousticNDLCodeRCoding Sound Files for Use with NDL
acpAutoregressive Conditional Poisson
aCRMConvenience functions for analytical Customer Relationship Management
AcrossTicA Cost-Minimal Regular Spanning Subgraph with TreeClust
acrtAutocorrelation Robust Testing
acsDownload, Manipulate, and Present American Community Survey and Decennial Data from the US Census
ACSNMineRGene Enrichment Analysis from ACSN Maps or GMT Files
acssAlgorithmic Complexity for Short Strings
acss.dataData Only: Algorithmic Complexity of Short Strings (Computed via Coding Theorem Method)
ACSWRA Companion Package for the Book "A Course in Statistics with R"
ACTCDAsymptotic Classification Theory for Cognitive Diagnosis
ActFragActivity Fragmentation Metrics Extracted from Minute Level Activity Data
ActigraphyActigraphy Data Analysis
ActiveDriverFinding Cancer Driver Proteins with Enriched Mutations in Post-Translational Modification Sites
ActiveDriverWGSA Driver Discovery Tool for Cancer Whole Genomes
ActivePathwaysMultivariate Pathway Enrichment Analysis
activityAnimal Activity Statistics
activityCountsGenerate ActiLife Counts
ActivityIndexActivity Index Calculation using Raw Accelerometry Data
activPALAdvanced Processing and Chart Generation from activPAL Events Files
activpalProcessingProcess activPAL Events Files
actogrammrRead in Activity Data and Plot Actograms
actuarActuarial Functions and Heavy Tailed Distributions
AcuityViewA Package for Displaying Visual Scenes as They May Appear to an Animal with Lower Acuity
adaThe R Package Ada for Stochastic Boosting
adabagApplies Multiclass AdaBoost.M1, SAMME and Bagging
adagioDiscrete and Global Optimization Routines
adamethodsArchetypoid Algorithms and Anomaly Detection
AdapEnetClassA Class of Adaptive Elastic Net Methods for Censored Data
adaprImplementation of an Accountable Data Analysis Process
AdapSampAdaptive Sampling Algorithms
adaptalintCheck Code Style Painlessly
AdaptFitAdaptive Semiparametic Regression
AdaptFitOSAdaptive Semiparametric Additive Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands and Specification Tests
AdaptGaussGaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
adaptiveGPCAAdaptive Generalized PCA
AdaptiveSparsityAdaptive Sparsity Models
adaptivetauTau-Leaping Stochastic Simulation
adaptMCMCImplementation of a Generic Adaptive Monte Carlo Markov Chain Sampler
adaptMTAdaptive P-Value Thresholding for Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Side Information
ADAPTSAutomated Deconvolution Augmentation of Profiles for Tissue Specific Cells
adaptsmoFMRIAdaptive Smoothing of FMRI Data
adaptTestAdaptive two-stage tests
AdaSamplingAdaptive Sampling for Positive Unlabeled and Label Noise Learning
ADCTAdaptive Design in Clinical Trials
addhazBinomial and Multinomial Additive Hazard Models
addhazardFit Additive Hazards Models for Survival Analysis
addinslistDiscover and Install Useful RStudio Addins
additiveDEAAdditive Data Envelopment Analysis Models
additivityTestsAdditivity Tests in the Two Way Anova with Single Sub-class Numbers
addregAdditive Regression for Discrete Data
ADDTAnalysis of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Test Data
ade4Analysis of Ecological Data: Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
ade4TkGUI'ade4' Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
adebaAdaptive Density Estimation by Bayesian Averaging
adegenetExploratory Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data
adegraphicsAn S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data
adehabitatHRHome Range Estimation
adehabitatHSAnalysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
adehabitatLTAnalysis of Animal Movements
adehabitatMATools to Deal with Raster Maps
adephyloExploratory Analyses for the Phylogenetic Comparative Method
adeproA 'shiny' Application for the (Audio-)Visualization of Adverse Event Profiles
adeptAdaptive Empirical Pattern Transformation
adeptdataAccelerometry Data Sets
AdequacyModelAdequacy of Probabilistic Models and General Purpose Optimization
adespatialMultivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
adfExplorerImport from and Export to Amiga Disk Files
ADGofTestAnderson-Darling GoF test
AdhereRAdherence to Medications
adhocCalculate Ad Hoc Distance Thresholds for DNA Barcoding Identification
adimproAdaptive Smoothing of Digital Images
adivAnalysis of Diversity
AdjBQRAdjusted Bayesian Quantile Regression Inference
adjclustAdjacency-Constrained Clustering of a Block-Diagonal Similarity Matrix
adjustedcranlogsRemove Automated and Repeated Downloads from 'RStudio' 'CRAN' Download Logs
adklakedataAdirondack Long-Term Lake Data
adliftAn Adaptive Lifting Scheme Algorithm
admiscAdrian Dusa's Miscellaneous
AdMitAdaptive Mixture of Student-t Distributions
admixturegraphAdmixture Graph Manipulation and Fitting
ADMMAlgorithms using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
ADMMnetRegularized Model with Selecting the Number of Non-Zeros
ADMMsigmaPenalized Precision Matrix Estimation via ADMM
adnutsNo-U-Turn MCMC Sampling for 'ADMB' and 'TMB' Models
adoptionModelling Adoption Process in Marketing
adoptrAdaptive Optimal Two-Stage Designs in R
ADPclustFast Clustering Using Adaptive Density Peak Detection
ADPFUse Least Squares Polynomial Regression and Statistical Testing to Improve Savitzky-Golay
adpssDesign and Analysis of Locally or Globally Efficient Adaptive Designs
adsSpatial Point Patterns Analysis
AdvBinomAppsUpper Clopper-Pearson Confidence Limits for Burn-in Studies under Additional Available Information
advclustObject Oriented Advanced Clustering
AdvDif4Solving 1D Advection Bi-Flux Diffusion Equation
adwaveWavelet Analysis of Genomic Data from Admixed Populations
adwordsRAccess the 'Google Adwords' API
AEDForecastingChange Point Analysis in ARIMA Forecasting
aemoDownload and Process AEMO Price and Demand Data
AERApplied Econometrics with R
AeRobiologyA Computational Tool for Aerobiological Data
AFModel-Based Estimation of Confounder-Adjusted Attributable Fractions
afcGeneralized Discrimination Score
afCECActive Function Cross-Entropy Clustering
afexAnalysis of Factorial Experiments
affluenceIndexAffluence Indices
AFheritabilityThe Attributable Fraction (AF) Described as a Function of Disease Heritability, Prevalence and Intervention Specific Factors
AFMAtomic Force Microscope Image Analysis
afmToolkitFunctions for Atomic Force Microscope Force-Distance Curves Analysis
afptTools for Modelling of Animal Flight Performance
aftgeeAccelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equations
AGDAnalysis of Growth Data
aGEAdaptive Set-Based Gene-Environment Interaction Test for Rare Variants
AggregateRAggregate Numeric, Date and Categorical Variables by an ID
aggregationp-Value Aggregation Methods
AGHmatrixRelationship Matrices for Diploid and Autopolyploid Species
agopAggregation Operators and Preordered Sets
AGreadRead Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors
agReeVarious Methods for Measuring Agreement
AgreementIntervalAgreement Interval of Two Measurement Methods
agricolaeStatistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
agridatAgricultural Datasets
agriTutorialTutorial Analysis of Some Agricultural Experiments
agriwaterEvapotranspiration and Energy Fluxes Spatial Analysis
agrmtCalculate Agreement or Consensus in Ordered Rating Scales
agrostabStability Analysis for Agricultural Research
AGSDestEstimation in Adaptive Group Sequential Trials
agsemiscMiscellaneous plotting and utility functions
ahazRegularization for semiparametric additive hazards regression
AHMAdditive Heredity Model: Method for the Mixture-of-Mixtures Experiments
AHMbookFunctions and Data for the Book 'Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology'
ahnrAn Implementation of the Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks
AhoCorasickTrieFast Searching for Multiple Keywords in Multiple Texts
ahpAnalytic Hierarchy Process
ahpsurveyAnalytic Hierarchy Process for Survey Data
AHREstimation and Testing of Average Hazard Ratios
AICcmodavgModel Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
AIDBox-Cox Power Transformation
aidarTools for Reading AIDA Files
AIGAutomatic Item Generator
AIMAIM: adaptive index model
aimPlotCreate Pie Like Plot for Completeness
aire.zmvmDownload Mexico City Pollution, Wind, and Temperature Data
airGRSuite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
airGRteachingTeaching Hydrological Modelling with the GR Rainfall-Runoff Models ('Shiny' Interface Included)
airportrConvenience Tools for Working with Airport Data
airrAIRR Data Representation Reference Library
aiRthermoAtmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization
ajvAnother JSON Schema Validator
AkeAssociated Kernel Estimations
akimaInterpolation of Irregularly and Regularly Spaced Data
akmeansAdaptive Kmeans algorithm based on threshold
akmedoidsAnchored Kmedoids for Longitudinal Data Clustering
ALA4RAtlas of Living Australia (ALA) Data and Resources in R
alabamaConstrained Nonlinear Optimization
alakazamImmunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis
ALassoSurvICAdaptive Lasso for the Cox Regression with Interval Censored and Possibly Left Truncated Data
albopictusAge-Structured Population Dynamics Model
aldThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
ALDqrQuantile Regression Using Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
ALEPlotAccumulated Local Effects (ALE) Plots and Partial Dependence (PD) Plots
aLFQEstimating Absolute Protein Quantities from Label-Free LC-MS/MS Proteomics Data
alfrConnectivity to 'Alfresco' Content Management Repositories
alfredDownloading Time Series from ALFRED Database for Various Vintages
algaeClassifyDetermine Phytoplankton Functional Groups Based on Functional Traits
AlgDesignAlgorithmic Experimental Design
AlgebraicHaploPackageHaplotype Two Snips Out of a Paired Group of Patients
algorithmiaAllows you to Easily Interact with the Algorithmia Platform
aliases2entrezConverts Human gene symbols to entrez IDs
alignfigRVisualizing Multiple Sequence Alignments with 'ggplot2'
alineRAlignment of Phonetic Sequences Using the 'ALINE' Algorithm
allanAutomated Large Linear Analysis Node
allanvarAllan Variance Analysis
alleHapAllele Imputation and Haplotype Reconstruction from Pedigree Databases
allelematchIdentifying Unique Multilocus Genotypes where Genotyping Error and Missing Data may be Present
AlleleRetainAllele Retention, Inbreeding, and Demography
allelicA fast, unbiased and exact allelic exact test
AllPossibleSpellingsComputes all of a word's possible spellings
alluvialAlluvial Diagrams
alpacaFit GLM's with High-Dimensional k-Way Fixed Effects
alphabetrAlgorithms for High-Throughput Sequencing of Antigen-Specific T Cells
alphahullGeneralization of the Convex Hull of a Sample of Points in the Plane
alphaOutlierObtain Alpha-Outlier Regions for Well-Known Probability Distributions
AlphaPartPartition/Decomposition of Additive Genetic Values by Paths of Information
alphashape3dImplementation of the 3D Alpha-Shape for the Reconstruction of 3D Sets from a Point Cloud
AlphaSimRBreeding Program Simulations
alphastableInference for Stable Distribution
AlphaVantageClientWrapper for Alpha Vantage API
alphavantagerLightweight R Interface to the Alpha Vantage API
alr3Data to Accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd Edition
alr4Data to Accompany Applied Linear Regression 4th Edition
ALSMultivariate Curve Resolution Alternating Least Squares (MCR-ALS)
ALSCPCAccelerated line search algorithm for simultaneous orthogonal transformation of several positive definite symmetric matrices to nearly diagonal form
ALSMCompanion to Applied Linear Statistical Models
altairInterface to 'Altair'
alterryxAn 'API' Client for the 'Alteryx' Gallery
altmetaAlternative Meta-Analysis Methods
ALToptOptimal Experimental Designs for Accelerated Life Testing
altR2Alternative Estimators to Adjusted R-Squared
amapAnother Multidimensional Analysis Package
AMAP.SeqCompare Gene Expressions from 2-Treatment RNA-Seq Experiments
amberAutomated Model Benchmarking Package for the Canadian Land Surface Scheme
ambhasGWGround Water Modelling
ambientA Generator of Multidimensional Noise
AMCPA Model Comparison Perspective
AMCTestmakeRGenerate LaTeX Code for Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC)
amecoEuropean Commission Annual Macro-Economic (AMECO) Database
AmeliaA Program for Missing Data
amelieAnomaly Detection with Normal Probability Functions
amenAdditive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data
AmericanCallOptThis package includes pricing function for selected American call options with underlying assets that generate payouts
amerikaAmerican Politics-Inspired Color Palette Generator
AmesHousingThe Ames Iowa Housing Data
AMGETPost-processing tool for ADAPT 5
AMIASAlternating Minimization Induced Active Set Algorithms
AmigaFFHCommodore Amiga File Format Handler
amlAdaptive Mixed LASSO
ammistabilityAdditive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model Stability Parameters
AMModelsAdaptive Management Model Manager
AmmoniaConcentrationUn-Ionized Ammonia Concentration
aMNLFAAutomated Fitting of Moderated Nonlinear Factor Analysis Through the 'Mplus' Program
AMOEBAA Multidirectional Optimum Ecotope-Based Algorithm
AMOREA MORE flexible neural network package
AmostraBrasilGenerates Samples or Complete List of Brazilian IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro De Geografia e Estatistica) Census Households, Geocoding it by Google Maps
ampdAn Algorithm for Automatic Peak Detection in Noisy Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Signals
AMPLECommon Code for the 'AMPED' and 'PIMPLE' 'shiny' Apps for Stakeholder Engagement and Harvest Strategies
AmpliconDuoStatistical Analysis of Amplicon Data of the Same Sample to Identify Artefacts
AMRAntimicrobial Resistance Analysis
amtAnimal Movement Tools
AmyloGramPrediction of Amyloid Proteins
AnaCoDaAnalysis of Codon Data under Stationarity using a Bayesian Framework
anacorSimple and Canonical Correspondence Analysis
analogseaInterface to 'Digital Ocean'
analogueAnalogue and Weighted Averaging Methods for Palaeoecology
analogueExtraAdditional Functions for Use with the Analogue Package
analysisPipelinesCompose Interoperable Analysis Pipelines & Put Them in Production
analyticsRegression Outlier Detection, Stationary Bootstrap, Testing Weak Stationarity, NA Imputation, and Other Tools for Data Analysis
analyzModel Layer for Automatic Data Analysis via CSV File Interpretation
AnalyzeFMRIFunctions for Analysis of fMRI Datasets Stored in the ANALYZE or NIFTI Format
AnalyzeTSAnalyze Fuzzy Time Series
anapuceTools for Microarray Data Analysis
AncestryMapperAssigning Ancestry Based on Population References
anchoredDistrPost-Processing for the Method of Anchored Distributions
anchorsStatistical analysis of surveys with anchoring vignettes
AnDEAn extended Bayesian Learning Technique developed by Dr. Geoff Webb
andrewsAndrews curves
anesrakeANES Raking Implementation
anfisAdaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in R
AnglerCreelSurveySimulationSimulate a Bus Route Creel Survey of Anglers
angstromsTools for 'ROMS' the Regional Ocean Modeling System
aniDomInferring Dominance Hierarchies and Estimating Uncertainty
anim.plotsSimple Animated Plots for R
animalTrackAnimal track reconstruction for high frequency 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) movement data
animationA Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations
animint2Animated Interactive Grammar of Graphics
anipathsAnimation of Observed Trajectories Using Spline-Based Interpolation
anMCCompute High Dimensional Orthant Probabilities
ANN2Artificial Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection
AnnotationBustRExtract Subsequences from GenBank Annotations
AnnotListsAnnotLists: A tool to annotate multiple lists from a specific annotation file
AnnuityRIRAnnuity Random Interest Rates
anocvaA Non-Parametric Statistical Test to Compare Clustering Structures
anointAnalysis of Interactions
ANOMAnalysis of Means
anomalizeTidy Anomaly Detection
anomalyDetecting Anomalies in Data
anominateAlpha-NOMINATE Ideal Point Estimator
ANOVA.TFNsOne-Way Analysis of Variance Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
ANOVAIREVAInteractive Document for Working with Analysis of Variance
ANOVAreplicationTest ANOVA Replications by Means of the Prior Predictive p-Value
ANOVAShinyInteractive Document for Working with Analysis of Variance
AntAngioCOOLAnti-Angiogenic Peptide Prediction
antaresEditObjectEdit an 'Antares' Simulation
antaresProcessing'Antares' Results Processing
antaresReadImport, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation
antaresVizAntares Visualizations
anthroComputation of the WHO Child Growth Standards
AnthropMMDAn R Package for Smith's Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
AnthropometryStatistical Methods for Anthropometric Data
antitrustTools for Antitrust Practitioners
antiwordExtract Text from Microsoft Word Documents
AntMANAnthology of Mixture Analysis Tools
AntWebprogrammatic interface to the AntWeb
anyLibInstall and Load Any Package from CRAN, Bioconductor or Github
anytimeAnything to 'POSIXct' or 'Date' Converter
aodAnalysis of Overdispersed Data
aods3Analysis of Overdispersed Data using S3 Methods
aoosAnother Object Orientation System
AoptbdtvcA-Optimal Block Designs for Comparing Test Treatments with Controls
aoristicaoristic analysis with spatial output (kml)
apaFormat Outputs of Statistical Tests According to APA Guidelines
ApacheLogProcessorProcess the Apache Web Server Log Files
apaTablesCreate American Psychological Association (APA) Style Tables
apaTextCreate R Markdown Text for Results in the Style of the American Psychological Association (APA)
apcAge-Period-Cohort Analysis
APCanalysisAnalysis of Unreplicated Orthogonal Experiments using All Possible Comparisons
apcfAdapted Pair Correlation Function
apclusterAffinity Propagation Clustering
apdesignAn Implementation of the Additive Polynomial Design Matrix
apeAnalyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
apercuQuick Look at your Data
apexPhylogenetic Methods for Multiple Gene Data
apexcharterCreate Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'ApexCharts' Library
APFrMultiple Testing Approach using Average Power Function (APF) and Bayes FDR Robust Estimation
APfunGeo-Processing Helper Functions
aphidAnalysis with Profile Hidden Markov Models
APISAuto-Adaptive Parentage Inference Software Tolerant to Missing Parents
aplore3Datasets from Hosmer, Lemeshow and Sturdivant, "Applied Logistic Regression" (3rd Ed., 2013)
aplpackAnother Plot Package: 'Bagplots', 'Iconplots', 'Summaryplots', Slider Functions and Others
APML0Augmented and Penalized Minimization Method L0
apmsWAPPPre- and Postprocessing for AP-MS data analysis based on spectral counts
apngConvert Png Files into Animated Png
apolloTools for Choice Model Estimation and Application
apparentAccurate Parentage Analysis in the Absence of Guiding Information
APPEstimationAdjusted Prediction Model Performance Estimation
appleApproximate Path for Penalized Likelihood Estimators
AppliedPredictiveModelingFunctions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'
appnnAmyloid Propensity Prediction Neural Network
approximatorBayesian Prediction of Complex Computer Codes
approxmatchApproximately Optimal Fine Balance Matching with Multiple Groups
aprean3Datasets from Draper and Smith "Applied Regression Analysis" (3rd Ed., 1998)
apricomTools for the a Priori Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies
aprofAmdahl's Profiler, Directed Optimization Made Easy
APSIMGeneral Utility Functions for the 'Agricultural Production Systems Simulator'
APSIMBatchAnalysis the output of Apsim software
apsimrEdit, Run and Evaluate APSIM Simulations Easily Using R
apsrtableapsrtable model-output formatter for social science
aptAsymmetric Price Transmission
aptgAutomatic Phylogenetic Tree Generator
APtoolsAverage Positive Predictive Values (AP) for Binary Outcomes and Censored Event Times
apTreeshapeAnalyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape
aqfigFunctions to help display air quality model output and monitoring data
aqpAlgorithms for Quantitative Pedology
aqrInterface methods to use with an ActiveQuant Master Server
AquaEnvIntegrated Development Toolbox for Aquatic Chemical Model Generation
ARAnother Look at the Acceptance-Rejection Method
ar.matrixSimulate Auto Regressive Data from Precision Matricies
AR1segSegmentation of an autoregressive Gaussian process of order 1
arabicStemRArabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
ArArReduxRigorous Data Reduction and Error Propagation of Ar40 / Ar39 Data
arcAssociation Rule Classification
ARCensRegFitting Univariate Censored Linear Regression Model with Autoregressive Errors
ArchaeoChronBayesian Modeling of Archaeological Chronologies
ArchaeoPhasesPost-Processing of the Markov Chain Simulated by 'ChronoModel', 'Oxcal' or 'BCal'
archdataExample Datasets from Archaeological Research
archetypalFinds the Archetypal Analysis of a Data Frame
archetypesArchetypal Analysis
archiDARTPlant Root System Architecture Analysis Using DART and RSML Files
archivistTools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects
archivist.githubTools for Archiving, Managing and Sharing R Objects via GitHub
ArCoArtificial Counterfactual Package
arcosLoad ARCOS Prescription Data Prepared by the Washington Post
ArDecTime series autoregressive-based decomposition
arealAreal Weighted Interpolation
areaplotPlot Stacked Areas and Confidence Bands as Filled Polygons
arena2rPlots, Summary Statistics and Tools for Arena Simulation Users
arf3DS4Activated Region Fitting, fMRI data analysis (3D)
arfimaFractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
ArfimaMLMArfima-MLM Estimation For Repeated Cross-Sectional Data
argoAccurate Estimation of Influenza Epidemics using Google Search Data
argon2Secure Password Hashing
argonDashArgon Shiny Dashboard Template
argonRR Interface to Argon HTML Design
argosfilterArgos locations filter
argparseCommand Line Optional and Positional Argument Parser
argparserCommand-Line Argument Parser
ArgumentCheckImproved Communication to Users with Respect to Problems in Function Arguments
ARHTAdaptable Regularized Hotelling's T^2 Test for High-Dimensional Data
ariAutomated R Instructor
ARIbrainAll-Resolution Inference
aricodeEfficient Computations of Standard Clustering Comparison Measures
arkdbArchive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files
armData Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
armadaA Statistical Methodology to Select Covariates in High-Dimensional Data under Dependence
armsppAdaptive Rejection Metropolis Sampling (ARMS) via 'Rcpp'
arnie"Arnie" box office records 1982-2014
AROCCovariate-Adjusted Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Inference
aroma.affymetrixAnalysis of Large Affymetrix Microarray Data Sets
aroma.apdA Probe-Level Data File Format Used by 'aroma.affymetrix' [deprecated]
aroma.cnCopy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets
aroma.coreCore Methods and Classes Used by 'aroma.*' Packages Part of the Aroma Framework
ArothronGeometric Morphometrics Analysis and Virtual Anthropology
ARpLMECFitting Autoregressive Censored Linear Mixed-Effects Models
ARPobservationTools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
arprAdvanced R Pipes
aRpsDCAArps Decline Curve Analysis in R
arrangementsFast Generators and Iterators for Permutations, Combinations and Partitions
arrApplyApply a Function to a Margin of an Array
ArrayBinBinarization of numeric data arrays
arrayhelpersConvenience Functions for Arrays
arrowIntegration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'
arsAdaptive Rejection Sampling
arseArea of Resilience to Stress Event
arsenalAn Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
ARTAligned Rank Transform for Nonparametric Factorial Analysis
artfimaARTFIMA Model Estimation
ARTIVATime-Varying DBN Inference with the ARTIVA (Auto Regressive TIme VArying) Model
ARToolAligned Rank Transform
ARTPGene and Pathway p-Values Computed using the Adaptive Rank Truncated Product
ARTP2Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test
arulesMining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
arulesCBAClassification Based on Association Rules
arulesNBMinerMining NB-Frequent Itemsets and NB-Precise Rules
arulesSequencesMining Frequent Sequences
arulesVizVisualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
aRxivInterface to the arXiv API
asaurData Sets for "Applied Survival Analysis Using R""
asbioA Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
asciirulerRender an ASCII Ruler
asciiSetupReaderReads Fixed-Width ASCII Data Files (.txt or .dat) that Have Accompanying Setup Files (.sps or .sas)
asdSimulations for Adaptive Seamless Designs
asdreaderReading ASD Binary Files in R
ASGS.foyerInterface to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard
ashDavid Scott's ASH Routines
ashrMethods for Adaptive Shrinkage, using Empirical Bayes
ashtApplied Statistical Hypothesis Tests
AsioHeaders'Asio' C++ Header Files
ASIPAutomated Satellite Image Processing
askpassSafe Password Entry for R, Git, and SSH
aslibInterface to the Algorithm Selection Benchmark Library
ASMapLinkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
asnipeAnimal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists
aspaceA collection of functions for estimating centrographic statistics and computational geometries for spatial point patterns
ASPBayBayesian Inference on Causal Genetic Variants using Affected Sib-Pairs Data
aSPCAn Adaptive Sum of Powered Correlation Test (aSPC) for Global Association Between Two Random Vectors
aspectA General Framework for Multivariate Analysis with Optimal Scaling
aspiAnalysis of Symmetry of Parasitic Infections
aSPUAdaptive Sum of Powered Score Test
asremlPlusAugments 'ASReml-R' in Fitting Mixed Models and Packages Generally in Exploring Prediction Differences
ASSAApplied Singular Spectrum Analysis (ASSA)
AssayCorrectorDetection and Correction of Spatial Bias in HTS Screens
assertableVerbose Assertions for Tabular Data (Data.frames and Data.tables)
assertiveReadable Check Functions to Ensure Code Integrity
assertive.baseA Lightweight Core of the 'assertive' Package
assertive.codeAssertions to Check Properties of Code
assertive.dataAssertions to Check Properties of Data
assertive.data.ukAssertions to Check Properties of Strings
assertive.data.usAssertions to Check Properties of Strings
assertive.datetimesAssertions to Check Properties of Dates and Times
assertive.filesAssertions to Check Properties of Files
assertive.matricesAssertions to Check Properties of Matrices
assertive.modelsAssertions to Check Properties of Models
assertive.numbersAssertions to Check Properties of Numbers
assertive.propertiesAssertions to Check Properties of Variables
assertive.reflectionAssertions for Checking the State of R
assertive.setsAssertions to Check Properties of Sets
assertive.stringsAssertions to Check Properties of Strings
assertive.typesAssertions to Check Types of Variables
assertrAssertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines
assertthatEasy Pre and Post Assertions
AssetCorrEstimating Asset Correlations from Default Data
AssetPricingOptimal Pricing of Assets with Fixed Expiry Date
assignPOPPopulation Assignment using Genetic, Non-Genetic or Integrated Data in a Machine Learning Framework
assistA Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
ASSISTantAdaptive Subgroup Selection in Group Sequential Trials
AssocAFCAllele Frequency Comparison
assocIndImplements New and Existing Association Indices for Constructing Animal Social Networks
ASSOCShinyInteractive Document for Working with Association Rule Mining Analysis
AssocTestsGenetic Association Studies
assortnetCalculate the Assortativity Coefficient of Weighted and Binary Networks
AssotesteRStatistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies
ASTAge-Spatial-Temporal Model
asterAster Models
aster2Aster Models
astroAstronomy Functions, Tools and Routines
astrochronA Computational Tool for Astrochronology
astrodatRAstronomical Data
astroFnsAstronomy: time and position functions, misc. utilities
astrolibRAstronomy Users Library
astsaApplied Statistical Time Series Analysis
asusAdaptive SURE Thresholding Using Side Information
asVPCAverage Shifted Visual Predictive Checks
AsyKDensity Estimation by Using Asymmetrical Kernels
asymLDAsymmetric Linkage Disequilibrium (ALD) for Polymorphic Genetic Data
asymmetryMultidimensional Scaling of Asymmetric Data
asympTestA Simple R Package for Classical Parametric Statistical Tests and Confidence Intervals in Large Samples
AsynchLongRegression Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data
asypowCalculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods
atableCreate Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials
ATEInference for Average Treatment Effects using Covariate Balancing
AtelieRA GTK GUI for teaching basic concepts in statistical inference, and doing elementary bayesian tests
atlasStanford 'ATLAS' Search Engine API
atmcmcAutomatically Tuned Markov Chain Monte Carlo
ATmetAdvanced Tools for Metrology
AtmRayAcoustic Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Atmospheric Models
ATRAlternative Tree Representation
aTSAAlternative Time Series Analysis
atsdSupport Querying Axibase Time-Series Database
attachmentDeal with Dependencies
attemptTools for Defensive Programming
attrCUSUMTools for Attribute VSI CUSUM Control Chart
atusAmerican Time Use Survey Data
AUCThreshold independent performance measures for probabilistic classifiers
aucmAUC Maximization
AUCRFVariable Selection with Random Forest and the Area Under the Curve
auctestrStatistical Testing for AUC Data
audioAudio Interface for R
audiolyzRaudiolyzR: Give your data a listen
auditBounds for Accounting Populations
auditorModel Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis
augmentedRCBDAnalysis of Augmented Randomised Complete Block Designs
augSIMEXAnalysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates
aukeBird Data Extraction and Processing in R
aureliusGenerates PFA Documents from R Code and Optionally Runs Them
AurieLSHGaussianCreates a Neighbourhood Using Locality Sensitive Hashing for Gaussian Projections
auRocVarious Methods to Estimate the AUC
AUtestsApproximate Unconditional and Permutation Tests
auth0Secure Authentication in Shiny with Auth0
auto.pcaAutomatic Variable Reduction Using Principal Component Analysis
autoBaggingLearning to Rank Bagging Workflows with Metalearning
autocogsAutomatic Cognostic Summaries
AutoDeskRAn Interface to the 'AutoDesk' 'API' Platform
autoencoderSparse Autoencoder for Automatic Learning of Representative Features from Unlabeled Data
autoFRKAutomatic Fixed Rank Kriging
autoimageMultiple Heat Maps for Projected Coordinates
automagicAutomagically Document and Install Packages Necessary to Run R Code
automapAutomatic interpolation package
automlDeep Learning with Metaheuristic
AutoModelAutomated Hierarchical Multiple Regression with Assumptions Checking
automultinomialModels for Spatially Correlated Data
AutoPipeAutomated Transcriptome Classifier Pipeline: Comprehensive Transcriptome Analysis
autoplotlyAutomatic Generation of Interactive Visualizations for Statistical Results
AutoplotproteinDevelopment of Visualization Tools for Protein Sequence
autoplsPartial Least Squares Regression with Backward Selection of Predictors
AutoregressionMDEMinimum Distance Estimation in Autoregressive Model
AutoSEARCHGeneral-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling
autoshinyAutomatic Transformation of an 'R' Function into a 'shiny' App
AutoStepwiseGLMBuilds Stepwise GLMs via Train and Test Approach
autothresholdrAn R Port of the 'ImageJ' Plugin 'Auto Threshold'
autovarCoreAutomated Vector Autoregression Models and Networks
avWorking with Audio and Video
availableCheck if the Title of a Package is Available, Appropriate and Interesting
avarAllan Variance
averiskCalculation of Average Population Attributable Fractions and Confidence Intervals
aVirtualTwinsAdaptation of Virtual Twins Method from Jared Foster
aweekConvert Dates to Arbitrary Week Definitions
AWR'AWS' Java 'SDK' for R
AWR.Athena'AWS' Athena 'DBI' Wrapper
AWR.KinesisAmazon 'Kinesis' Consumer Application for Stream Processing
AWR.KMSA Simple Client to the 'AWS' Key Management Service
awsAdaptive Weights Smoothing
aws.alexaClient for the Amazon Alexa Web Information Services API
aws.cloudtrailAWS CloudTrail Client Package
aws.comprehend'AWS Comprehend' Client Package
aws.ec2metadataGet EC2 Instance Metadata
aws.iamAWS IAM Client Package
aws.kms'AWS Key Management Service' Client Package
aws.lambdaAWS Lambda Client Package
aws.pollyClient for AWS Polly
aws.s3'AWS S3' Client Package
aws.sesAWS SES Client Package
aws.signatureAmazon Web Services Request Signatures
aws.snsAWS SNS Client Package
aws.sqsAWS SQS Client Package
aws.transcribeClient for 'AWS Transcribe'
aws.translateClient for 'AWS Translate'
awsjavasdkBoilerplate R Access to the Amazon Web Services ('AWS') Java SDK
awsMethodsClass and Methods Definitions for Packages 'aws', 'adimpro', 'fmri', 'dwi'
awspackAmazon Web Services Bundle Package
AzureAuthAuthentication Services for Azure Active Directory
AzureContainersInterface to 'Container Instances', 'Docker Registry' and 'Kubernetes' in 'Azure'
AzureGraphSimple Interface to 'Microsoft Graph'
AzureKeyVaultKey and Secret Management in 'Azure'
AzureKustoInterface to 'Kusto'/'Azure Data Explorer'
AzureRMRInterface to 'Azure Resource Manager'
AzureStorStorage Management in 'Azure'
AzureVMVirtual Machines in 'Azure'
AzureVMmetadataInterface to Azure Virtual Machine Instance Metadata
B2ZBayesian Two-Zone Model
b6e6rlAdaptive differential evolution, b6e6rl variant
babarBayesian Bacterial Growth Curve Analysis in R
babelRibosome Profiling Data Analysis
babelwhaleTalking to 'Docker' and 'Singularity' Containers
BaBooNBayesian Bootstrap Predictive Mean Matching - Multiple and Single Imputation for Discrete Data
babynamesUS Baby Names 1880-2017
BACABubble Chart to Compare Biological Annotations by using DAVID
BacArenaModeling Framework for Cellular Communities in their Environments
BACCOBayesian Analysis of Computer Code Output (BACCO)
BACCTBayesian Augmented Control for Clinical Trials
bacistoolBayesian Classification and Information Sharing (BaCIS) Tool for the Design of Multi-Group Phase II Clinical Trials
backboneExtracts the Backbone from Weighted Graphs
backpipeBackward Pipe (Right-to-Left) Operator
backportsReimplementations of Functions Introduced Since R-3.0.0
backShiftLearning Causal Cyclic Graphs from Unknown Shift Interventions
backtestExploring Portfolio-Based Conjectures About Financial Instruments
BACpriorChoice of the Hyperparameter Omega in the Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding (BAC) Algorithm
bacrBayesian Adjustment for Confounding
badgecreatrCreate Badges for 'Travis', 'Repostatus' 'Codecov.io' Etc in Github Readme
badgerBadge for R Package
BAEssdBayesian Average Error approach to Sample Size Determination
baggedcvBagged Cross-Validation for Kernel Density Bandwidth Selection
baggrBayesian Aggregate Treatment Effects
bagRboostREnsemble bagging and boosting classifiers
bainBayes Factors for Informative Hypotheses
bairtBayesian Analysis of Item Response Theory Models
baitmetLibrary Driven Compound Profiling in Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry Data
balanceVisualize Balances of Compositional Data
BalanceCheckBalance Check for Multiple Covariates in Matched Observational Studies
BalancedSamplingBalanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling
BALCONYBetter ALignment CONsensus analYsis
BALDRobust Loss Development Using MCMC
BallStatistical Inference and Sure Independence Screening via Ball Statistics
BALLIExpression RNA-Seq Data Analysis Based on Linear Mixed Model
BallMapperThe Ball Mapper Algorithm
ballrAccess to Current and Historical Basketball Data
BaMFunctions and Datasets for Books by Jeff Gill
bamaHigh Dimensional Bayesian Mediation Analysis
BAMBIBivariate Angular Mixture Models
bambooProtein Secondary Structure Prediction Using the Bamboo Method
bamditBayesian Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Data
bamlssBayesian Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape (and Beyond)
BAMMtoolsAnalysis and Visualization of Macroevolutionary Dynamics on Phylogenetic Trees
BaMORCBayesian Model Optimized Reference Correction Method for Assigned and Unassigned Protein NMR Spectra
bampBayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modeling and Prediction
banditFunctions for simple A/B split test and multi-armed bandit analysis
BANEScarparkingliteWorking with Car Parking Data for Bath and North East Somerset
bangBayesian Analysis, No Gibbs
bannerCommenterMake Banner Comments with a Consistent Format
BANOVAHierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
banRR Client for the BAN API
banterBioAcoustic EveNT ClassifiER
banxicoRDownload Data from the Bank of Mexico
bapredBatch Effect Removal and Addon Normalization (in Phenotype Prediction using Gene Data)
BaPreStoProBayesian Prediction of Stochastic Processes
BarBorGradientFunction Minimum Approximator
barcodeBarcode distribution plots
baRcodeRLabelling, Tracking, and Collecting Data from Biological Samples
BarcodingRSpecies Identification using DNA Barcodes
BarnardBarnard's Unconditional Test
barsurfBar, Surface and Related Plots
BARTBayesian Additive Regression Trees
bartMachineBayesian Additive Regression Trees
bartMachineJARsbartMachine JARs
BarycenterRegularized Wasserstein Distances and Barycenters
BASBayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging using Bayesian Adaptive Sampling
basadBayesian Variable Selection with Shrinking and Diffusing Priors
base2grobConvert Base Plot to 'grob' Object
base64Base64 Encoder and Decoder
base64encTools for base64 encoding
base64urlFast and URL-Safe Base64 Encoder and Decoder
baseballDBRSabermetrics and Advanced Baseball Statistics
basefunInfrastructure for Computing with Basis Functions
baselineBaseline Correction of Spectra
basethemeThemes for Base Graphics Plots
basicMCMCplotsTrace Plots, Density Plots and Chain Comparisons for MCMC Samples
basicspaceRecovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales
basictablerConstruct Rich Tables for Output to 'HTML'/'Excel'
basicTrendlineAdd Trendline and Confidence Interval of Basic Regression Models to Plot
BASiNETClassification of RNA Sequences using Complex Network Theory
BASIXBASIX: An efficient C/C++ toolset for R
basketBasket Trial Analysis
BASSBayesian Adaptive Spline Surfaces
BaSTAAge-Specific Survival Analysis from Incomplete Capture-Recapture/Recovery Data
bastahBig Data Statistical Analysis for High-Dimensional Models
BATBiodiversity Assessment Tools
batadeHTML reports and so on
batchBatching Routines in Parallel and Passing Command-Line Arguments to R
BatchExperimentsStatistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters
BatchGetSymbolsDownloads and Organizes Financial Data for Multiple Tickers
BatchJobsBatch Computing with R
BatchMapSoftware for the Creation of High Density Linkage Maps in Outcrossing Species
batchmeansConsistent Batch Means Estimation of Monte Carlo Standard Errors
batchscrBatch Script Helpers
batchtoolsTools for Computation on Batch Systems
BaTFLED3DBayesian Tensor Factorization Linked to External Data
batmanConvert Categorical Representations of Logicals to Actual Logicals
batteryreductionAn R Package for Data Reduction by Battery Reduction
BAwiRAnalysis of Basketball Data
baycnBayesian Inference for Causal Networks
bayes4psyUser Friendly Bayesian Data Analysis for Psychology
bayesABFast Bayesian Methods for AB Testing
bayesammiBayesian Estimation of the Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model
BayesBDBayesian Inference for Image Boundaries
BayesBEKKBayesian Estimation of Bivariate Volatility Model
BayesBinMixBayesian Estimation of Mixtures of Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions
bayesbioMiscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics
bayesbootAn Implementation of Rubin's (1981) Bayesian Bootstrap
BayesBPBayesian Estimation using Bernstein Polynomial Fits Rate Matrix
bayesCLBayesian Inference on a GPU using OpenCL
BayesComboBayesian Evidence Combination
BayesCommBayesian Community Ecology Analysis
bayescountPower Calculations and Bayesian Analysis of Count Distributions and FECRT Data using MCMC
BayesCRBayesian Analysis of Censored Regression Models Under Scale Mixture of Skew Normal Distributions
bayesCTSimulation and Analysis of Adaptive Bayesian Clinical Trials
BayesCTDesignTwo Arm Bayesian Clinical Trial Design with and Without Historical Control Data
BayesDAFunctions and Datasets for the book "Bayesian Data Analysis"
bayesDccGarchThe Bayesian Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH Model
BAYESDEFBayesian Analysis of DSD
bayesDemGraphical User Interface for bayesTFR, bayesLife and bayesPop
bayesdfaBayesian Dynamic Factor Analysis (DFA) with 'Stan'
bayesdistregBayesian Distribution Regression
bayesDPTools for the Bayesian Discount Prior Function
BayesESSDetermining Effective Sample Size
BayesFactorComputation of Bayes Factors for Common Designs
BayesFMBayesian Inference for Factor Modeling
bayesGARCHBayesian Estimation of the GARCH(1,1) Model with Student-t Innovations
BayesGESMBayesian Analysis of Generalized Elliptical Semi-Parametric Models and Flexible Measurement Error Models
BayesGOFBayesian Modeling via Frequentist Goodness-of-Fit
BayesianAnimalTrackerBayesian Melding of GPS and DR Path for Animal Tracking
bayesianETASBayesian Estimation of the ETAS Model for Earthquake Occurrences
BayesianFROCFROC Analysis by Bayesian Approaches
BayesianGLassoBayesian Graphical Lasso
BayesianNetworkBayesian Network Modeling and Analysis
BayesianPowerSample Size and Power for Comparing Inequality Constrained Hypotheses
BayesianToolsGeneral-Purpose MCMC and SMC Samplers and Tools for Bayesian Statistics
bayesImageSBayesian Methods for Image Segmentation using a Potts Model
BayesLCABayesian Latent Class Analysis
bayesLifeBayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
bayeslmEfficient Sampling for Gaussian Linear Regression with Arbitrary Priors
BayesLogitPolyaGamma Sampling
bayesloglinBayesian Analysis of Contingency Table Data
bayeslongitudinalAdjust Longitudinal Regression Models Using Bayesian Methodology
bayesmBayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
BayesMallowsBayesian Preference Learning with the Mallows Rank Model
BayesMAMSDesigning Bayesian Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
BayesMedDefault Bayesian Hypothesis Tests for Correlation, Partial Correlation, and Mediation
bayesmetaBayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
bayesmixBayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
BayesMixSurvBayesian Mixture Survival Models using Additive Mixture-of-Weibull Hazards, with Lasso Shrinkage and Stratification
BayesNetBPBayesian Network Belief Propagation
BayesNIBayesNI: Bayesian Testing Procedure for Noninferiority with Binary Endpoints
BayesNSGPBayesian Analysis of Non-Stationary Gaussian Process Models
BayesPieceHazSelectVariable Selection in a Hierarchical Bayesian Model for a Hazard Function
BayesPiecewiseICARHierarchical Bayesian Model for a Hazard Function
bayesplotPlotting for Bayesian Models
bayesPopProbabilistic Population Projection
BayesPostEstGenerate Postestimation Quantities for Bayesian MCMC Estimation
bayesprefHierarchical Bayesian analysis of ecological count data
bayesQRBayesian Quantile Regression
bayesregBayesian Regression Models with Global-Local Shrinkage Priors
BayesrelBayesian Reliability Estimation
BayesRSBayes Factors for Hierarchical Linear Models with Continuous Predictors
bayessBayesian Essentials with R
BayesS5Bayesian Variable Selection Using Simplified Shotgun Stochastic Search with Screening (S5)
BayesSAEBayesian Analysis of Small Area Estimation
BayesSenMCDifferent Models of Posterior Distributions of Adjusted Odds Ratio
BayesSpecBayesian Spectral Analysis Techniques
BayesSummaryStatLMMCMC Sampling of Bayesian Linear Models via Summary Statistics
BayesSURBayesian Seemingly Unrelated Regression
bayesSurvBayesian Survival Regression with Flexible Error and Random Effects Distributions
bayestBayesian t-Test
bayestestRUnderstand and Describe Bayesian Models and Posterior Distributions
bayesTFRBayesian Fertility Projection
BayesTreeBayesian Additive Regression Trees
BayesTreePriorBayesian Tree Prior Simulation
BayesTwinBayesian Analysis of Item-Level Twin Data
BayesValidateBayesValidate Package
BayesVarSelBayes Factors, Model Choice and Variable Selection in Linear Models
bayesvlVisually Learning the Graphical Structure of Bayesian Networks and Performing MCMC with 'Stan'
BayesXR Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
BayesXsrcR Package Distribution of the BayesX C++ Sources
bayfoxrGlobal Bayesian Foraminifera Core Top Calibration
BayHapBayesian analysis of haplotype association using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
BayHazR Functions for Bayesian Hazard Rate Estimation
BaylorEdPsychR Package for Baylor University Educational Psychology Quantitative Courses
BayLumChronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Radiocarbon Age Dating
baymedrComputation of Bayes Factors for Common Biomedical Designs
bayouBayesian Fitting of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models to Phylogenies
BaySICBayesian Analysis of Significantly Mutated Genes in Cancer
baystabilityBayesian Stability Analysis of Genotype by Environment Interaction (GEI)
BAYSTAROn Bayesian analysis of Threshold autoregressive model (BAYSTAR)
baytrendsLong Term Water Quality Trend Analysis
bazarMiscellaneous Basic Functions
BBSolving and Optimizing Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
bbefkrBayesian bandwidth estimation and semi-metric selection for the functional kernel regression with unknown error density
bbemkrBayesian bandwidth estimation for multivariate kernel regression with Gaussian error
BBESTBayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds
BBIBenthic Biotic Indices Calculation from Composition Data
bblBoltzmann Bayes Learner
BBmiscMiscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl
bbmleTools for General Maximum Likelihood Estimation
BBMMBrownian bridge movement model
BBMVModels for Continuous Traits Evolving in Macroevolutionary Landscapes of any Shape
bboBiogeography-Based Optimization
BBRecaptureBayesian Behavioural Capture-Recapture Models
bbwBlocked Weighted Bootstrap
bc3netGene Regulatory Network Inference with Bc3net
BCABusiness and Customer Analytics
bcabootBias Corrected Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
BCBCSFBias-Corrected Bayesian Classification with Selected Features
BCC1997Calculation of Option Prices Based on a Universal Solution
BCDatingBusiness Cycle Dating and Plotting Tools
BcDiagDiagnostics Plots for Bicluster Data
BCEBayesian composition estimator: estimating sample (taxonomic) composition from biomarker data
BCEABayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis
BCEEThe Bayesian Causal Effect Estimation Algorithm
BCellMAB Cell Receptor Somatic Hyper Mutation Analysis
bcfCausal Inference for a Binary Treatment and Continuous Outcome using Bayesian Causal Forests
bcgamBayesian Constrained Generalised Linear Models
BCgeeBias-Corrected Estimates for Generalized Linear Models for Dependent Data
BchronRadiocarbon Dating, Age-Depth Modelling, Relative Sea Level Rate Estimation, and Non-Parametric Phase Modelling
BclimBayesian Palaeoclimate Reconstruction from Pollen Data
bclustBayesian Hierarchical Clustering Using Spike and Slab Models
BClustLonGA Dirichlet Process Mixture Model for Clustering Longitudinal Gene Expression Data
bcmapsMap Layers and Spatial Utilities for British Columbia
bcpBayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
bcpaBehavioral change point analysis of animal movement
bcpmetaBayesian Multiple Changepoint Detection Using Metadata
BCRABreast Cancer Risk Assessment
bcRepAdvanced Analysis of B Cell Receptor Repertoire Data
bcrmBayesian Continual Reassessment Method for Phase I Dose-Escalation Trials
bcROCsurfaceBias-Corrected Methods for Estimating the ROC Surface of Continuous Diagnostic Tests
bcrypt'Blowfish' Password Hashing Algorithm
BCSubA Bayesian Semiparametric Factor Analysis Model for Subtype Identification (Clustering)
bcvCross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)
bdaDensity Estimation for Grouped Data
bdchecksBiodiversity Data Checks
bdcleanA User-Friendly Biodiversity Data Cleaning App for the Inexperienced R User
bdDwCDarwinizer: Darwin Core (DwC) Field Names Standardization
bdeBounded Density Estimation
BDEsizeEfficient Determination of Sample Size in Balanced Design of Experiments
BDgraphBayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
bdlInterface and Tools for 'BDL' API
bdotsBootstrapped Differences of Time Series
BDP2Bayesian Adaptive Designs for Phase II Trials with Binary Endpoint
bdparBig Data Preprocessing Architecture
bdpoptOptimisation of Bayesian Decision Problems
bdpvInference and Design for Predictive Values in Diagnostic Tests
bdribsBayesian Detection of Potential Risk Using Inference on Blinded Safety Data
bdscaleRemove Weekends and Holidays from ggplot2 Axes
bdsmatrixRoutines for Block Diagonal Symmetric Matrices
bdvisBiodiversity Data Visualizations
BDWregBayesian Inference for Discrete Weibull Regression
bdynsysBayesian Dynamical System Model
BEBioequivalence Study Data Analysis
bea.RBureau of Economic Analysis API
BEACHBiometric Exploratory Analysis Creation House
beadarrayFilterBead filtering for Illumina bead arrays
beadarrayMSVAnalysis of Illumina BeadArray SNP data including MSV markers
beadplexrAnalysis of Multiplex Cytometric Bead Assays
beamFast Bayesian Inference in Large Gaussian Graphical Models
beanplotVisualization via Beanplots (like Boxplot/Stripchart/Violin Plot)
beanzBayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
beastBayesian Estimation of Change-Points in the Slope of Multivariate Time-Series
beastierCall 'BEAST2'
beautier'BEAUti' from R
BEDASSLEQuantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation
BEDMatrixExtract Genotypes from a PLINK .bed File
bedrGenomic Region Processing using Tools Such as 'BEDTools', 'BEDOPS' and 'Tabix'
beeprEasily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
beeswarmThe Bee Swarm Plot, an Alternative to Stripchart
beezdemandBehavioral Economic Easy Demand
beginrFunctions for R Beginners
behaviorchangeTools for Behavior Change Researchers and Professionals
behavrCanonical Data Structure for Behavioural Data
belexDownload Historical Data from the Belgrade Stock Exchange
belgBoltzmann Entropy of a Landscape Gradient
benchHigh Precision Timing of R Expressions
benchden28 benchmark densities from Berlinet/Devroye (1994)
BenchmarkingBenchmark and Frontier Analysis Using DEA and SFA
benchmarkmeCrowd Sourced System Benchmarks
benchmarkmeDataData Set for the 'benchmarkme' Package
benchrHigh Precise Measurement of R Expressions Execution Time
benderBender Client
benford.analysisBenford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics
BenfordTestsStatistical Tests for Evaluating Conformity to Benford's Law
BENMMIBenthic Multi-Metric Index
bentcableARBent-Cable Regression for Independent Data or Autoregressive Time Series
benthosMarine Benthic Ecosystem Analysis
BEQI2Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index 2
berBatch Effects Removal
BergmBayesian Exponential Random Graph Models
berryFunctionsFunction Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology
BeSSBest Subset Selection in Linear, Logistic and CoxPH Models
BesselComputations and Approximations for Bessel Functions
BESTBayesian Estimation Supersedes the t-Test
bestglmBest Subset GLM and Regression Utilities
bestNormalizeNormalizing Transformation Functions
BESTreeBranch-Exclusive Splits Trees
BetaBitMini Games from Adventures of Beta and Bit
betaboostBoosting Beta Regression
betacalBeta Calibration
betafamDetecting rare variants for quantitative traits using nuclear families
betalinkBeta-Diversity of Species Interactions
betapartPartitioning Beta Diversity into Turnover and Nestedness Components
BetaPASSCalculate Power and Sample Size with Beta Regression
betaregBeta Regression
betasStandardized Beta Coefficients
betategarchSimulation, Estimation and Forecasting of Beta-Skew-t-EGARCH Models
bethelBethel's algorithm
BETSBrazilian Economic Time Series
BeviMedBayesian Evaluation of Variant Involvement in Mendelian Disease
BeyondBenfordCompare the Goodness of Fit of Benford's and Blondeau Da Silva's Digit Distributions to a Given Dataset
beyondWhittleBayesian Spectral Inference for Stationary Time Series
bezierToolkit for Bezier Curves and Splines
bfastBreaks For Additive Season and Trend (BFAST)
bfpBayesian Fractional Polynomials
BFSSearch and Download Data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS)
bfslBest-Fit Straight Line
bfwBayesian Framework for Computational Modeling
BGDataA Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data
bgevaBinary Generalized Extreme Value Additive Models
BGGEBayesian Genomic Linear Models Applied to GE Genome Selection
BGLRBayesian Generalized Linear Regression
bgmfilesExample BGM Files for the Atlantis Ecosystem Model
bgmmGaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms and the Belief-Based Mixture Modeling
BGPhazardMarkov Beta and Gamma Processes for Modeling Hazard Rates
BGSIMDBlock Gibbs Sampler with Incomplete Multinomial Distribution
bgsmtrBayesian Group Sparse Multi-Task Regression
BHBoost C++ Header Files
BHAIEstimate the Burden of Healthcare-Associated Infections
BhatGeneral likelihood exploration
BHH2Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II
bhmBiomarker Threshold Models
BHMSMAfMRIBayesian Hierarchical Multi-Subject Multiscale Analysis of Functional MRI Data
bhrcrBayesian Hierarchical Regression on Clearance Rates in the Presence of Lag and Tail Phases
BHSBVARStructural Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models
BHTSpackBayesian Multi-Plate High-Throughput Screening of Compounds
biasbetaregBias correction of the parameter estimates of the beta regression model
BiasedUrnBiased Urn Model Distributions
bib2dfParse a BibTeX File to a Data Frame
BiBitRR Wrapper for Java Implementation of BiBit
bibliometrixAn R-Tool for Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
BibPlotsPlot Functions for Use in Bibliometrics
bibtexBibtex Parser
bicliqueMaximal Biclique Enumeration in Bipartite Graphs
biclustBiCluster Algorithms
biclustermdBiclustering with Missing Data
BICORNIntegrative Inference of De Novo Cis-Regulatory Modules
BiDAGBayesian Inference for Directed Acyclic Graphs
BiDimRegressionCalculates the Bidimensional Regression Between Two 2D Configurations
BIENTools for Accessing the Botanical Information and Ecology Network Database
bifeBinary Choice Models with Fixed Effects
BIFIEsurveyTools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
bigalgebraBLAS routines for native R matrices and big.matrix objects
biganalyticsUtilities for 'big.matrix' Objects from Package 'bigmemory'
bigassertrAssertion and Message Functions
bigchessRead, Manipulate, Explore Chess PGN Files and R API to UCI Chess Engines
bigdatadistDistances for Machine Learning and Statistics in the Context of Big Data
BIGDAWGCase-Control Analysis of Multi-Allelic Loci
bigdistStore Distance Matrices on Disk
bigGPDistributed Gaussian Process Calculations
bigIntegerAlgosR Tool for Factoring Big Integers
bigKRLSOptimized Kernel Regularized Least Squares
BIGLBiochemically Intuitive Generalized Loewe Model
biglarsScalable Least-Angle Regression and Lasso
biglassoExtending Lasso Model Fitting to Big Data
bigleafPhysical and Physiological Ecosystem Properties from Eddy Covariance Data
biglmbounded memory linear and generalized linear models
biglmmBounded Memory Linear and Generalized Linear Models
bigMapBig Data Mapping
bigmatchMaking Optimal Matching Size-Scalable Using Optimal Calipers
bigmemoryManage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files
bigmemory.sriA shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages
bigmlBindings for the BigML API
bigparallelrEasy Parallel Tools
bigQueryRInterface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility
BigQuicBig Quadratic Inverse Covariance Estimation
bigreadrRead Large Text Files
bigRegGeneralized Linear Models (GLM) for Large Data Sets
bigrqueryAn Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
BigSEMConstructing Large Systems of Structural Equations
bigsplinesSmoothing Splines for Large Samples
bigstatsrStatistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices
bigstepStepwise Selection for Large Data Sets
bigtabulateTable, Apply, and Split Functionality for Matrix and 'big.matrix' Objects
bigtcrNonparametric Analysis of Bivariate Gap Time with Competing Risks
bigtimeSparse Estimation of Large Time Series Models
BigTSPTop Scoring Pair based methods for classification
bigutilsrUtility Functions for Large-scale Data
BigVARDimension Reduction Methods for Multivariate Time Series
bikeshare14Bay Area Bike Share Trips in 2014
bikm1Coclustering Adjusted Rand Index and Bikm1 Procedure for Contingency and Binary Data-Sets
bildBInary Longitudinal Data
billboardContains Data of Billboard Hot 100 Songs
billboarderCreate Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'Billboard' Library
bimetallicPower for SNP analyses using silver standard cases
bimetsTime Series and Econometric Modeling
bimixtEstimates Mixture Models for Case-Control Data
BimodalIndexThe Bimodality Index
BinarizeBinarization of One-Dimensional Data
BinarybalancedCutThreshold Cut Point of Probability for a Binary Classifier Model
BinaryEMVSVariable Selection for Binary Data Using the EM Algorithm
BinaryEPPMMean and Variance Modeling of Binary Data
binaryGPFit and Predict a Gaussian Process Model with (Time-Series) Binary Response
binaryLogicBinary Logic
binb'binb' is not 'Beamer'
BINCOREstimate the Correlation Between Two Irregular Time Series
bindaMulti-Class Discriminant Analysis using Binary Predictors
bindataGeneration of Artificial Binary Data
bindrParametrized Active Bindings
bindrcppAn 'Rcpp' Interface to Active Bindings
binequalityMethods for Analyzing Binned Income Data
binfordBinford's Hunter-Gatherer Data
bingatBinary Graph Analysis Tools
binGroupEvaluation and Experimental Design for Binomial Group Testing
BinGSDCalculation for Single Arm Group Sequential Test with Binary Endpoint
binhfHaar-Fisz Functions for Binomial Data
binmanA Binary Download Manager
binmaprCall Marker from Snp Data using Binmap
binMtoMany-to-One Comparisons of Proportions
binnednpNonparametric Estimation for Interval-Grouped Data
BinNonNorData Generation with Binary and Continuous Non-Normal Components
BinNorSimultaneous Generation of Multivariate Binary and Normal Variates
binomBinomial Confidence Intervals For Several Parameterizations
binomialcftpGenerates binomial random numbers via the coupling from the past algorithm
binomlogitEfficient MCMC for Binomial Logit Models
binomSamSizeConfidence Intervals and Sample Size Determination for a Binomial Proportion under Simple Random Sampling and Pooled Sampling
BinOrdNonNorConcurrent Generation of Binary, Ordinal and Continuous Data
binosticsCompute Scagnostics
BinQuasiAnalyzing Replicated ChIP Sequencing Data Using Quasi-Likelihood
binrCut Numeric Values into Evenly Distributed Groups
binseqtestExact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis
binsmoothGenerate PDFs and CDFs from Binned Data
binsregBinscatter Estimation and Inference
binstData Preprocessing, Binning for Classification and Regression
bio.inferPredict environmental conditions from biological observations
bio3dBiological Structure Analysis
bioacousticsAnalyse Audio Recordings and Automatically Extract Animal Vocalizations
BioCircosInteractive Circular Visualization of Genomic Data using 'htmlwidgets' and 'BioCircos.js'
BiocManagerAccess the Bioconductor Project Package Repository
BiocombFeature Selection and Classification with the Embedded Validation Procedures for Biomedical Data Analysis
BiodemBiodemography Functions
BiodiversityRPackage for Community Ecology and Suitability Analysis
BIOdryMultilevel Modeling of Dendroclimatical Fluctuations
BioFTFBiodiversity Assessment Using Functional Tools
biogasProcess Biogas Data and Predict Biogas Production
biogeoPoint Data Quality Assessment and Coordinate Conversion
biogramN-Gram Analysis of Biological Sequences
BiographExplore Life Histories
BioiBiological Image Analysis
bioimagetoolsTools for Microscopy Imaging
bioinactivationMathematical Modelling of (Dynamic) Microbial Inactivation
BioInstallerIntegrator of Bioinformatics Resources
biolinkCreate Hyperlinks to Biological Databases and Resources
BiolinvModelling and Forecasting Biological Invasions
BIOM.utilsUtilities for the BIOM (Biological Observation Matrix) Format
BioMarkFind Biomarkers in Two-Class Discrimination Problems
biomartrGenomic Data Retrieval
BIOMASSEstimating Aboveground Biomass and Its Uncertainty in Tropical Forests
BioMedRGenerating Various Molecular Representations for Chemicals, Proteins, DNAs, RNAs and Their Interactions
biomod2Ensemble Platform for Species Distribution Modeling
bionetdataBiological and chemical data networks
bioOEDSensitivity Analysis and Optimum Experiment Design for Microbial Inactivation
BiopeakIdentification of Impulse-Like Gene Expression Changes in Short Genomic Series Data
BioPETBiomarker Prognostic Enrichment Tool
bioplotsVisualization of Overlapping Results with Heatmap
bioPNSimulation of deterministic and stochastic biochemical reaction networks using Petri Nets
bioRadBiological Analysis and Visualization of Weather Radar Data
Bios2corFrom Biological Sequences and Simulations to Correlation Analysis
bios2mdsFrom BIOlogical Sequences to MultiDimensional Scaling
biosetConvert a Matrix of Raw Values into Nice and Tidy Data
biosignalEMGTools for Electromyogram Signals (EMG) Analysis
biospearBiomarker Selection in Penalized Regression Models
biostat3Utility Functions, Datasets and Extended Examples for Survival Analysis
BioStatRInitiation à La Statistique Avec R
bioticCalculation of Freshwater Biotic Indices
biotoolsTools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science
bipartiteVisualising Bipartite Networks and Calculating Some (Ecological) Indices
bipartiteD3Interactive Bipartite Graphs
biplotbootGUIBootstrap on Classical Biplots and Clustering Disjoint Biplot
BiplotGUIInteractive Biplots in R
BiProbitPartialBivariate Probit with Partial Observability
birdringMethods to Analyse Ring Re-Encounter Data
birkMA Birk's Functions
birtrThe R Package for "The Basics of Item Response Theory Using R"
BISProgrammatic Access to Bank for International Settlements Data
biscaleTools and Palettes for Bivariate Thematic Mapping
bisectEstimating Cell Type Composition from Methylation Sequencing Data
bisectrTools to find bad commits with git bisect
BiSEpToolkit to Identify Candidate Synthetic Lethality
bisqueApproximate Bayesian Inference via Sparse Grid Quadrature Evaluation (BISQuE) for Hierarchical Models
BisqueRNADecomposition of Bulk Expression with Single-Cell Sequencing
BisRNAAnalysis of RNA Cytosine-5 Methylation
bitA Class for Vectors of 1-Bit Booleans
bit64A S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers
bitopsBitwise Operations
BiTrinABinarization and Trinarization of One-Dimensional Data
bitrugsBayesian Inference of Transmission Routes Using Genome Sequences
bitsqueezrQuantize Floating-Point Numbers for Improved Compressibility
bivaBusiness Intelligence
bivariateBivariate Probability Distributions
Bivariate.ParetoBivariate Pareto Models
BivarPEstimating the Parameters of Some Bivariate Distributions
bivarRIpowerSample size calculations for bivariate longitudinal data
BivGeoBasu-Dhar Bivariate Geometric Distribution
bivgeomRoy's Bivariate Geometric Distribution
bivquantEstimation of Bivariate Quantiles
BivRecBivariate Alternating Recurrent Event Data Analysis
BivRegBLSTolerance Interval and EIV Regression - Method Comparison Studies
bivrpBivariate Residual Plots with Simulation Polygons
BivUnifBinGeneration of Bivariate Uniform Data and Its Relation to Bivariate Binary Data
biwaveletConduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses
biwtFunctions to compute the biweight mean vector and covariance & correlation matrices
bizdaysBusiness Days Calculations and Utilities
bjscrapeRAn API Wrapper for the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
bkmrBayesian Kernel Machine Regression
BKPCBayesian Kernel Projection Classifier
blackboxBlack Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space
blaiseRead and Write FWF Files in the Blaise Format
BlakerCIBlaker's Binomial and Poisson Confidence Limits
BlandAltmanLehPlots (Slightly Extended) Bland-Altman Plots
blandrBland-Altman Method Comparison
blastulaEasily Send HTML Email Messages
blatrSend Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows
BlaunetCalculate and Analyze Blau Status for (Covert) Organizations
blavaanBayesian Latent Variable Analysis
BLCOPBlack-Litterman and Copula Opinion Pooling Frameworks
blendedLinkA New Link Function that Blends Two Specified Link Functions
blenderAnalyze biotic homogenization of landscapes
BlendstatJoint Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures and Random Effects
blinBipartite Longitudinal Influence Network (BLIN) Estimation
blinkRecord Linkage for Empirically Motivated Priors
blkboxData Exploration with Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms
blmBinomial linear and linear-expit regression
blmeBayesian Linear Mixed-Effects Models
blmecoData Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
BLModelBlack-Litterman Posterior Distribution
blobA Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS')
blockclusterCo-Clustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets
BlockCovEstimation of Large Block Covariance Matrices
BlockFeSTBayesian Calculation of Region-Specific Fixation Index to Detect Local Adaptation
blockForestBlock Forests: Random Forests for Blocks of Clinical and Omics Covariate Data
blockmatrixblockmatrix: Tools to solve algebraic systems with partitioned matrices
BlockMessageCreates strings that show a text message in 8 by 8 block letters
blockmodelingGeneralized and Classical Blockmodeling of Valued Networks
blockmodelsLatent and Stochastic Block Model Estimation by a 'V-EM' Algorithm
blockrandRandomization for block random clinical trials
blockRARBlock Design for Response-Adaptive Randomization
blocksdesignNested and Crossed Block Designs for Factorial, Fractional Factorial and Unstructured Treatment Sets
blocksegTwo Dimensional Change-Points Detection
blockToolsBlock, Assign, and Diagnose Potential Interference in Randomized Experiments
blogdownCreate Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
BLOQImpute and Analyze Data with Observations Below the Limit of Quantification
blorrTools for Developing Binary Logistic Regression Models
BLPestimatoRPerforms a BLP Demand Estimation
BLRBayesian Linear Regression
blrmDose Escalation Design in Phase I Oncology Trial Using Bayesian Logistic Regression Modeling
BLRPMStochastic Rainfall Generator Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulse Model
BLRShinyInteractive Document for Working with Binary Logistic Regression Analysis
blsAPIRequest Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics API
blscrapeRAn API Wrapper for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
BLSMBayesian Latent Space Model
bltmBayesian Latent Threshold Modeling
BlythStillCasellaCIBlyth-Still-Casella Exact Binomial Confidence Intervals
BMABayesian Model Averaging
BMAmevtMultivariate Extremes: Bayesian Estimation of the Spectral Measure
bmassBayesian Multivariate Analysis of Summary Statistics
bmdBenchmark dose analysis for dose-response data
bmemMediation analysis with missing data using bootstrap
bmetaBayesian Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
BMhybComparative Methods for Phylogenetic Networks
BMhydPCM for Hybridization
BMiscMiscellaneous Functions for Panel Data, Quantiles, and Printing Results
BmixBayesian Sampling for Stick-Breaking Mixtures
bmixtureBayesian Estimation for Finite Mixture of Distributions
bmkMCMC diagnostics package
bmlmBayesian Multilevel Mediation
bmmixBayesian multinomial mixture
bmotifCounting Motifs in Bipartite Networks
bmpRead Windows Bitmap (BMP) Images
BMRBr'BMRB' File Downloader
bmrmBundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization Package
BMRSrWrapper Functions to the 'BMRS API'
BMRVBayesian Models for Rare Variant Association Analysis
BMSBayesian Model Averaging Library
BMTThe BMT Distribution
BMTMEBayesian Multi-Trait Multi-Environment for Genomic Selection Analysis
bnclassifyLearning Discrete Bayesian Network Classifiers from Data
BNDataGeneratorData Generator based on Bayesian Network Model
bnlearnBayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
BNNBayesian Neural Network for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Variable Selection
bnnSurvivalBagged k-Nearest Neighbors Survival Prediction
bnormnlrBayesian Estimation for Normal Heteroscedastic Nonlinear Regression Models
bnpaBayesian Networks & Path Analysis
BNPdensityFerguson-Klass Type Algorithm for Posterior Normalized Random Measures
BNPmixBayesian Nonparametric Mixture Models
BNPMIXclusterBayesian Nonparametric Model for Clustering with Mixed Scale Variables
bnpmrBayesian Monotonic Nonparametric Regression
bnpsdSimulate Genotypes from the BN-PSD Admixture Model
BNPTSclustA Bayesian Nonparametric Algorithm for Time Series Clustering
BNSLBayesian Network Structure Learning
BNSPBayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
bnspatialSpatial Implementation of Bayesian Networks and Mapping
bnstructBayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values
bnviewerInteractive Visualization of Bayesian Networks
boaBayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC
BoardGamesBoard Games and Tools for Building Board Games
bodenmillerProfilling of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells using CyTOF
BOGBacterium and Virus Analysis of Orthologous Groups (BOG) is a Package for Identifying Differentially Regulated Genes in the Light of Gene Functions
boilerpipeRInterface to the Boilerpipe Java Library
BOINBayesian Optimal INterval (BOIN) Design for Single-Agent and Drug- Combination Phase I Clinical Trials
boldInterface to Bold Systems API
BolstadFunctions for Elementary Bayesian Inference
Bolstad2Bolstad functions
BoltzMMBoltzmann Machines with MM Algorithms
bomrangAustralian Government Bureau of Meteorology ('BOM') Data Client
BondValuationFixed Coupon Bond Valuation Allowing for Odd Coupon Periods and Various Day Count Conventions
BonEVAn Improved Multiple Testing Procedure for Controlling False Discovery Rates
bookdownAuthoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
bookdownplusGenerate Assorted Books and Documents with R 'bookdown' Package
BoolFilterOptimal Estimation of Partially Observed Boolean Dynamical Systems
BoolNetConstruction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
BoomBayesian Object Oriented Modeling
BoomSpikeSlabMCMC for Spike and Slab Regression
boostmtreeBoosted Multivariate Trees for Longitudinal Data
boostrA modular framework to bag or boost any estimation procedure
bootBootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)
bootclusterBootstrapping Estimates of Clustering Stability
bootESBootstrap Effect Sizes
bootImputeBootstrap Inference for Multiple Imputation
bootLRBootstrapped Confidence Intervals for (Negative) Likelihood Ratio Tests
BootMRMRBootstrap-MRMR Technique for Informative Gene Selection
bootnetBootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
BootPRBootstrap Prediction Intervals and Bias-Corrected Forecasting
bootResBootstrapped Response and Correlation Functions
bootruinA Bootstrap Test for the Probability of Ruin in the Classical Risk Process
bootspecdensTesting equality of spectral densities
bootsPLSBootstrap Subsamplings of Sparse Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis for Classification and Signature Identification
bootStepAICBootstrap stepAIC
bootstrapFunctions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
bootstrapFPBootstrap Algorithms for Finite Population Inference
BootstrapQTLBootstrap cis-QTL Method that Corrects for the Winner's Curse
bootSVDFast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data
boottolBootstrap Tolerance Levels for Credit Scoring Validation Statistics
BootValidationAdjusting for Optimism in 'glmnet' Regression using Bootstrapping
BootWPTOSTest Stationarity using Bootstrap Wavelet Packet Tests
borTransforming Behavioral Observation Records into Data Matrices
boralBayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis
borrowrEstimate Causal Effects with Borrowing Between Data Sources
BorutaWrapper Algorithm for All Relevant Feature Selection
BosonSamplingClassical Boson Sampling
BoSSAA Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis
bossMapsConvert Binary Species Range Maps into Continuous Surfaces Based on Distance to Range Edge
botor'AWS Python SDK' ('boto3') for R
boussinesqAnalytic Solutions for (ground-water) Boussinesq Equation
boxcoxmixBox-Cox-Type Transformations for Linear and Logistic Models with Random Effects
boxplotdblDouble Box Plot for Two-Axes Correlation
boxrInterface for the 'Box.com API'
bpaBasic Pattern Analysis
bpboundsNonparametric Bounds for the Average Causal Effect Due to Balke and Pearl and Extensions
bpcaBiplot of Multivariate Data Based on Principal Components Analysis
bpcpBeta Product Confidence Procedure for Right Censored Data
bPeaksbPeaks: an intuitive peak-calling strategy to detect transcription factor binding sites from ChIP-seq data in small eukaryotic genomes
BPECBayesian Phylogeographic and Ecological Clustering
bpgmmBayesian Model Selection Approach for Parsimonious Gaussian Mixture Models
bpkdeBack-Projected Kernel Density Estimation
BPMBayesian Purity Model to Estimate Tumor Purity
bpnregBayesian Projected Normal Regression Models for Circular Data
bppComputations Around Bayesian Predictive Power
bqtlBayesian QTL Mapping Toolkit
bracerBrace Expansions
BradleyTerry2Bradley-Terry Models
BradleyTerryScalableFits the Bradley-Terry Model to Potentially Large and Sparse Networks of Comparison Data
braidReportsVisualize Combined Action Response Surfaces and Report BRAID Analyses
braidrmFitting Dose Response with the BRAID Combined Action Model
BrailleRImproved Access for Blind Users
brainGraphGraph Theory Analysis of Brain MRI Data
brainKCCARegion-Level Connectivity Network Construction via Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
brainRHelper Functions to 'misc3d' and 'rgl' Packages for Brain Imaging
brainwaverBasic wavelet analysis of multivariate time series with a visualisation and parametrisation using graph theory
BranchingSimulation and Estimation for Branching Processes
brandwatchR'Brandwatch' API to R
brantTest for Parallel Regression Assumption
braQCABootstrapped Robustness Assessment for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
brazilmapsBrazilian Maps from Different Geographic Levels
breaBayesian Recurrent Event Analysis
breakageSICM pipette tip geometry estimation
breakawaySpecies Richness Estimation and Modeling
breakDownModel Agnostic Explainers for Individual Predictions
breakfastMultiple Change-Point Detection and Segmentation
breakpointAn R Package for Multiple Break-Point Detection via the Cross-Entropy Method
breathtestcoreCore Functions to Read and Fit 13c Time Series from Breath Tests
breathteststanStan-Based Fit to Gastric Emptying Curves
BreedingSchemeLanguageDescribe and Simulate Breeding Schemes
bReezeFunctions for Wind Resource Assessment
BRETIGEABrain Cell Type Specific Gene Expression Analysis
brewTemplating Framework for Report Generation
brglmBias Reduction in Binomial-Response Generalized Linear Models
brglm2Bias Reduction in Generalized Linear Models
bridgedistAn Implementation of the Bridge Distribution with Logit-Link as in Wang and Louis (2003)
bridger2Genome-Wide RNA Degradation Analysis Using BRIC-Seq Data
bridgesamplingBridge Sampling for Marginal Likelihoods and Bayes Factors
briqrInterface to the 'Briq' API
BRISCFast Inference for Large Spatial Datasets using BRISC
briskaRBiological Risk Assessment
brlrmrBias Reduction with Missing Binary Response
brmBinary Regression Model
brmsBayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
brnnBayesian Regularization for Feed-Forward Neural Networks
BrobdingnagVery Large Numbers in R
bromanKarl Broman's R Code
broomConvert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Tibbles
broom.mixedTidying Methods for Mixed Models
broomExtraEnhancements for 'broom' Package Family
brotliA Compression Format Optimized for the Web
BrownDogBrown Dog R Interface
BrqBayesian Analysis of Quantile Regression Models
brrBayesian Inference on the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates
brranchingFetch 'Phylogenies' from Many Sources
brtBiological Relevance Testing
BRugsInterface to the 'OpenBUGS' MCMC Software
BrundleNormalisation Tools for Inter-Condition Variability of ChIP-Seq Data
brunnermunzel(Permuted) Brunner-Munzel Test
bs4DashA 'Bootstrap 4' Version of 'shinydashboard'
BSagriSafety Assessment in Agricultural Field Trials
bsamBayesian State-Space Models for Animal Movement
bsamGPBayesian Spectral Analysis Models using Gaussian Process Priors
BSDABasic Statistics and Data Analysis
bsearchtoolsBinary Search Tools
BSGSBayesian Sparse Group Selection
BSGWBayesian Survival Model with Lasso Shrinkage Using Generalized Weibull Regression
bshazardNonparametric Smoothing of the Hazard Function
BSLBayesian Synthetic Likelihood
BsMDBayes Screening and Model Discrimination
BSPADATABayesian Proposal to Fit Spatial Econometric Models
bspecBayesian Spectral Inference
bsplinePsdBayesian Nonparametric Spectral Density Estimation Using B-Spline Priors
bsplusAdds Functionality to the R Markdown + Shiny Bootstrap Framework
bspmmaBayesian Semiparametric Models for Meta-Analysis
BSSasympAsymptotic Covariance Matrices of Some BSS Mixing and Unmixing Matrix Estimates
bssmBayesian Inference of Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian State Space Models
bssnBirnbaum-Saunders Model Based on Skew-Normal Distribution
bstGradient Boosting
bstsBayesian Structural Time Series
btbBeyond the Border - Kernel Density Estimation for Urban Geography
BTdecayLassoBradley-Terry Model with Exponential Time Decayed Log-Likelihood and Adaptive Lasso
btergmTemporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
BTLLassoModelling Heterogeneity in Paired Comparison Data
BTMBiterm Topic Models for Short Text
BTRTraining and Analysing Asynchronous Boolean Models
BTSPASBayesian Time-Strat. Population Analysis
BTYDImplementing Buy 'Til You Die Models
BTYDplusProbabilistic Models for Assessing and Predicting your Customer Base
buckyBucky's Archive for Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
BUCSSBias and Uncertainty Corrected Sample Size
BuddleA Deep Learning Package for Statistical Classification Analysis
buildmerStepwise Elimination and Term Reordering for Mixed-Effects Regression
bulletcpAutomatic Groove Identification via Bayesian Changepoint Detection
bulletrAlgorithms for Matching Bullet Lands
BullsEyeRTopic Modelling
bullwhipgameBullwhip Effect Demo in Shiny
bunchingEstimate Bunching
bunchrAnalyze Bunching in a Kink or Notch Setting
bundesbankDownload Data from Bundesbank
bundesligRAll Final Tables of the Bundesliga
bupaRBusiness Process Analysis in R
burnrForest Fire History Analysis
BurStFinBurns Statistics Financial
BurStMiscBurns Statistics Miscellaneous
burstsMarkov model for bursty behavior in streams
busdaterStandard Date Calculations for Business
BusinessDurationCalculates Business Duration Between Two Dates
butcherModel Butcher
BuyseTestGeneralized Pairwise Comparisons
BVARHierarchical Bayesian Vector Autoregression
bvarsvBayesian Analysis of a Vector Autoregressive Model with Stochastic Volatility and Time-Varying Parameters
bvartoolsBayesian Inference of Vector Autoregressive Models
bvennA Simple alternative to proportional Venn diagrams
bvlsThe Stark-Parker algorithm for bounded-variable least squares
BVSBayesian Variant Selection: Bayesian Model Uncertainty Techniques for Genetic Association Studies
BVSNLPBayesian Variable Selection in High Dimensional Settings using Nonlocal Priors
bwdBackward Procedure for Change-Point Detection
bWGRBayesian Whole-Genome Regression
bwimageDescribe Image Patterns in Natural Structures
BWStestBaumgartner Weiss Schindler Test of Equal Distributions
bysykkelGet City Bike Data from Norway
bytescircleStatistics About Bytes Contained in a File as a Circle Plot
bzinbBivariate Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Model Estimator
c060Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models
c14bazAARDownload and Prepare C14 Dates from Different Source Databases
c212Methods for Detecting Safety Signals in Clinical Trials Using Body-Systems (System Organ Classes)
c2cCompare Two Classifications or Clustering Solutions of Varying Structure
c3'C3.js' Chart Library
c3netInfering large-scale gene networks with C3NET
C443See a Forest for the Trees
C50C5.0 Decision Trees and Rule-Based Models
caSimple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
CA3variantsThree-Way Correspondence Analysis Variants
cabinetsProject Specific Workspace Organization Templates
cabootcrsBootstrap Confidence Regions for Correspondence Analysis
cacIRTClassification Accuracy and Consistency under Item Response Theory
CaDENCEConditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
CADFtestA Package to Perform Covariate Augmented Dickey-Fuller Unit Root Tests
CADStatProvides a GUI to Several Statistical Methods
caesarEncrypts and Decrypts Strings
caffsimSimulation of Plasma Caffeine Concentrations by Using Population Pharmacokinetic Model
cAIC4Conditional Akaike Information Criterion for 'lme4'
CAinterprToolsGraphical Aid in Correspondence Analysis Interpretation and Significance Testings
CairoR Graphics Device using Cairo Graphics Library for Creating High-Quality Bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), Vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and Display (X11 and Win32) Output
cairoDeviceEmbeddable Cairo Graphics Device Driver
CAISErComparison of Algorithms with Iterative Sample Size Estimation
calACSCalculations for All Common Subsequences
Calculator.LR.FNsCalculator for LR Fuzzy Numbers
calcWOICalculates the Wavelet-Based Organization Index
calendarCreate, Read, Write, and Work with 'iCalander' Files, Calendars and Scheduling Data
CALFCoarse Approximation Linear Function
CALIBERrfimputeMultiple Imputation Using MICE and Random Forest
calibrarAutomated Parameter Estimation for Complex (Ecological) Models
calibrateCalibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes
calibrateBinaryCalibration for Computer Experiments with Binary Responses
CalibrateSSBWeighting and Estimation for Panel Data with Non-Response
calibratorBayesian Calibration of Complex Computer Codes
CalibratRMapping ML Scores to Calibrated Predictions
CaliCoCode Calibration in a Bayesian Framework
callrCall R from R
calmateImproved Allele-Specific Copy Number of SNP Microarrays for Downstream Segmentation
calpassapiR Interface to Access CalPASS API
CalSimThe Calibration Simplex
CAMCausal Additive Model (CAM)
CAMANFinite Mixture Models and Meta-Analysis Tools - Based on C.A.MAN
CamelUpCamelUp Board Game as a Teaching Aid for Introductory Statistics
camsRadClient for CAMS Radiation Service
caMSTMixed Computerized Adaptive Multistage Testing
camtrapRCamera Trap Data Management and Preparation of Occupancy and Spatial Capture-Recapture Analyses
cancensusAccess, Retrieve, and Work with Canadian Census Data and Geography
cancerGIAnalyses of Cancer Gene Interaction
cancerTimingEstimation of Temporal Ordering of Cancer Abnormalities
candiscVisualizing Generalized Canonical Discriminant and Canonical Correlation Analysis
CanopyAccessing Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity and Tracking Longitudinal and Spatial Clonal Evolutionary History by Next-Generation Sequencing
canprotChemical Composition of Differential Protein Expression
cansimAccessing Statistics Canada Data Table and Vectors
CANSIM2RDirectly Extracts Complete CANSIM Data Tables
canvasXpressVisualization Package for CanvasXpress in R
capCovariate Assisted Principal (CAP) Regression for Covariance Matrix Outcomes
capeCombined Analysis of Pleiotropy and Epistasis
caperComparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R
capitalRCapital Budgeting Analysis, Annuity Loan Calculations and Amortization Schedules
capmCompanion Animal Population Management
capnCapital Asset Pricing for Nature
CaPO4SimA Virtual Patient Simulator in the Context of Calcium and Phosphate Homeostasis
captionerNumbers Figures and Creates Simple Captions
captrClient for the Captricity API
capusheCAlibrating Penalities Using Slope HEuristics
capwireEstimates population size from non-invasive sampling
carCompanion to Applied Regression
caRamelAutomatic Calibration by Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm
CARBayesSpatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
CARBayesdataData Used in the Vignettes Accompanying the CARBayes and CARBayesST Packages
CARBayesSTSpatio-Temporal Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
carbonateInteract with 'carbon.js'
carcassEstimation of the Number of Fatalities from Carcass Searches
carDataCompanion to Applied Regression Data Sets
cardidatesIdentification of Cardinal Dates in Ecological Time Series
cardioModelCardiovascular Safety Exposure-Response Modeling in Early-Phase Clinical Studies
careHigh-Dimensional Regression and CAR Score Variable Selection
CARE1Statistical package for population size estimation in capture-recapture models
carelessProcedures for Computing Indices of Careless Responding
caretClassification and Regression Training
caretEnsembleEnsembles of Caret Models
carfimaContinuous-Time Fractionally Integrated ARMA Process for Irregularly Spaced Long-Memory Time Series Data
caribouEstimation of caribou abundance based on large scale aggregations monitored by radio telemetry
CarletonStatsFunctions for Statistics Classes at Carleton College
CARLITEcological Quality Ratios Calculation and Plot
carolineA Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R
carpenterBuild Common Tables of Summary Statistics for Reports
caRpoolsCRISPR AnalyzeR for Pooled CRISPR Screens
carrierIsolate Functions for Remote Execution
CARRoTPredicting Categorical and Continuous Outcomes Using One in Ten Rule
CARSCovariate Assisted Ranking and Screening for Large-Scale Two-Sample Inference
carSurvCorrelation-Adjusted Regression Survival (CARS) Scores
cartograflowFiltering Matrix for Flow Mapping
cartogramCreate Cartograms with R
cartographyThematic Cartography
cartoolsTools for Understanding Highway Performance
carxCensored Autoregressive Model with Exogenous Covariates
CascadeSelection, Reverse-Engineering and Prediction in Cascade Networks
CascadeDataExperimental Data of Cascade Experiments in Genomics
caschronoS<e9>ries Temporelles Avec R
cascsimCasualty Actuarial Society Individual Claim Simulator
casebaseFitting Flexible Smooth-in-Time Hazards and Risk Functions via Logistic and Multinomial Regression
caseMatchIdentify Similar Cases for Qualitative Case Studies
casinoPlay Casino Games
CASMAPDetection of Statistically Significant Combinations of SNPs in Association Mapping
cassandRaFinds Missing Links and Metric Confidence Intervals in Ecological Bipartite Networks
CAST'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models
castorEfficient Phylogenetics on Large Trees
catAnalysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values
cat.dtComputerized Adaptive Testing and Decision Trees
catchCovariate-Adjusted Tensor Classification in High-Dimensions
catchrTaking the Pain Out of Catching and Handling Conditions
catcontTest, Identify, Select and Mutate Categorical or Continuous Values
catdapCategorical Data Analysis Program Package
catdataCategorical Data
CatDynFishery Stock Assessment by Catch Dynamics Models
cateHigh Dimensional Factor Analysis and Confounder Adjusted Testing and Estimation
catenaryFits a Catenary to Given Points
CatEncodersEncoders for Categorical Variables
CateSelectionCategorical Variable Selection Methods
catfunCategorical Data Analysis
catIrtAn R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
CATkitChronomics Analysis Toolkit (CAT): Periodicity Analysis
catlearnFormal Psychological Models of Categorization and Learning
catmapCase-Control and TDT Meta-Analysis Package
catnetCategorical Bayesian Network Inference
caToolsTools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
CatPrediOptimal Categorisation of Continuous Variables in Prediction Models
catRGeneration of IRT Response Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
catseyesCreate Catseye Plots Illustrating the Normal Distribution of the Means
catspecSpecial models for categorical variables
catSurvComputerized Adaptive Testing for Survey Research
CATTThe Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
CATTexactComputation of the p-Value for the Exact Conditional Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
cattonumEncode Categorical Features
causaldrfTools for Estimating Causal Dose Response Functions
causaleffectDeriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models
CausalFXMethods for Estimating Causal Effects from Observational Data
CausalGAMEstimation of Causal Effects with Generalized Additive Models
CausalImpactInferring Causal Effects using Bayesian Structural Time-Series Models
CausalKinetiXLearning Stable Structures in Kinetic Systems
causalMGMCausal Learning of Mixed Graphical Models
causalsensSelection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
causalweightEstimation Methods for Causal Inference Based on Inverse Probability Weighting
CausataAnalysis utilities for binary classification and Causata users
CautiousLearningControl Charts with Guaranteed In-Control Performance and Cautious Parameters Learning
CAvariantsCorrespondence Analysis Variants
CAWaRCAWa Project Tools
CB2CRISPR Pooled Screen Analysis using Beta-Binomial Test
cbaClustering for Business Analytics
cbanalysisCoffee Break Descriptive Analysis
cbarContextual Bayesian Anomaly Detection in R
CBCgrpsCompare Baseline Characteristics Between Groups
CBDACompressive Big Data Analytics
cbinomContinuous Analog of a Binomial Distribution
cbirdClustering of Multivariate Binary Data with Dimension Reduction via L1-Regularized Likelihood Maximization
cblasrThe C Interface to 'BLAS' Routines
CBPSCovariate Balancing Propensity Score
cbsemSimulation, Estimation and Segmentation of Composite Based Structural Equation Models
cbsodataRStatistics Netherlands (CBS) Open Data API Client
CBTConfidence Bound Target Algorithm
CCControl Charts
CCACanonical correlation analysis
ccafsClient for 'CCAFS' 'GCM' Data
CCAGFABayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis and Group Factor Analysis
ccaPP(Robust) Canonical Correlation Analysis via Projection Pursuit
cccdClass Cover Catch Digraphs
ccChooserDeveloping a core collections
cccpCone Constrained Convex Problems
cccrmConcordance Correlation Coefficient for Repeated (and Non-Repeated) Measures
ccdaCombined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis
ccdrAlgorithmCCDr Algorithm for Learning Sparse Gaussian Bayesian Networks
ccfaContinuous Counterfactual Analysis
cchsCox Model for Case-Cohort Data with Stratified Subcohort-Selection
cclustConvex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
CCMCorrelation Classification Method
ccmmCompositional Mediation Model
ccostrEstimation of Mean Costs in Censored Data
CCPSignificance Tests for Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA)
CCpopOne and two locus GWAS of binary phenotype with case-control-population design
ccRemoverRemoves the Cell-Cycle Effect from Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data
ccrsCorrect and Cluster Response Style Biased Data
cctoolsTools for the Continuous Convolution Trick in Nonparametric Estimation
CCTpackConsensus Analysis, Model-Based Clustering, and Cultural Consensus Theory Applications
cdataFluid Data Transformations
cdbReading and Writing Constant DataBases
cdcfluviewRetrieve Flu Season Data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ('CDC') 'FluView' Portal
cdcsisConditional Distance Correlation Based Feature Screening and Conditional Independence Inference
cdeDownload Data from the Catchment Data Explorer Website
cderInterface to the California Data Exchange Center
cdfquantregQuantile Regression for Random Variables on the Unit Interval
CDFtStatistical downscaling through CDF-transform
CDLassoCoordinate Descent Algorithms for Lasso Penalized L1, L2, and Logistic Regression
cdlToolsTools to Download and Work with USDA Cropscape Data
CDMCognitive Diagnosis Modeling
CDNmoneyComponents of Canadian Monetary and Credit Aggregates
cdomR Functions to Model CDOM Spectra
cdparcoordTop Frequency-Based Parallel Coordinates
CDROMPhylogenetically Classifies Retention Mechanisms of Duplicate Genes from Gene Expression Data
cdsConstrained Dual Scaling for Detecting Response Styles
CDVineStatistical Inference of C- And D-Vine Copulas
CDVineCopulaConditionalSampling from Conditional C- and D-Vine Copulas
CEAmarkovCost-Effectiveness Analysis using Markov Models
CECCross-Entropy Clustering
cec2005benchmarkBenchmark for the CEC 2005 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization
cec2013Benchmark functions for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013
cegChain Event Graph
CEGOCombinatorial Efficient Global Optimization
celestialCollection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions
cellrangerTranslate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns
cellVolumeDistFunctions to fit cell volume distributions and thereby estimate cell growth rates and division times
cellWiseAnalyzing Data with Cellwise Outliers
cemCoarsened Exact Matching
CENFAClimate and Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
cenGAMCensored Regression with Smooth Terms
censCovLinear Regression with a Randomly Censored Covariate
CensMFMFinite Mixture of Multivariate Censored/Missing Data
CensMixRegCensored Linear Mixture Regression Models
censNIDcensored NID samples
censorcopulaEstimate Parameter of Bivariate Copula
censRegCensored Regression (Tobit) Models
CensRegModFits Normal and Student-t Censored Regression Model
CensSpatialCensored Spatial Models
Census2016Data from the Australian Census 2016
censusapiRetrieve Data from the Census APIs
censusGeographyChanges United States Census Geographic Code into Name of Location
censusrCollect Data from the Census API
censusxyAccess the U.S. Census Bureau Geocoder
censysTools to Query the 'Censys' API
centiserveFind Graph Centrality Indices
centralplotShow the Strength of Relationships Between Centre and Peripheral Items
centsCensored time series
CEoptimCross-Entropy R Package for Optimization
CePaCentrality-Based Pathway Enrichment
CepLDADiscriminant Analysis of Time Series in the Presence of Within-Group Spectral Variability
ceppContext Driven Exploratory Projection Pursuit
cepRBusca CEPs Brasileiros
cepreaderRead 'CEP' and Legacy 'CANOCO' Files
ceramicDownload Online Imagery Tiles
CerioliOutlierDetectionOutlier Detection Using the Iterated RMCD Method of Cerioli (2010)
CeRNASeekIdentification and Analysis of ceRNA Regulation
cernnCovariance Estimation Regularized by Nuclear Norm Penalties
ceRtaintyCertainty Equivalent
cetcolorCET Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps
ceterisParibusCeteris Paribus Profiles
cfaConfigural Frequency Analysis (CFA)
CFCCause-Specific Framework for Competing-Risk Analysis
CfEstimateQuantilesEstimate quantiles using any order Cornish-Fisher expansion
cffdrsCanadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
cfmaCausal Functional Mediation Analysis
cgCompare Groups, Analytically and Graphically
cgamConstrained Generalized Additive Model
cgAUCCalculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it
cgdsrR-Based API for Accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
CGEComputing General Equilibrium
CGGPComposite Grid Gaussian Processes
cghMicroarray CGH analysis using the Smith-Waterman algorithm
cghRAArray CGH Data Analysis and Visualization
cglassoL1-Penalized Censored Gaussian Graphical Models
cglmFits Conditional Generalized Linear Models
cgmanalysisClean and Analyze Continuous Glucose Monitor Data
CGManalyzerContinuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer
CGPComposite Gaussian Process Models
CGPfunctionsPowell Miscellaneous Functions for Teaching and Learning Statistics
cgraphComputational Graphs
cgwtoolsMiscellaneous Tools
ChainLadderStatistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
chandwichChandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment
changedetectionNonparametric Change Detection in Multivariate Linear Relationships
changepointMethods for Changepoint Detection
changepoint.mvChangepoint Analysis for Multivariate Time Series
changepoint.npMethods for Nonparametric Changepoint Detection
changepointsHDChange-Point Estimation for Expensive and High-Dimensional Models
changepointsVarChange-Points Detections for Changes in Variance
ChangepointTestingChange Point Estimation for Clustered Signals
changerChange R Package Name
ChannelAttributionMarkov Model for the Online Multi-Channel Attribution Problem
ChannelAttributionAppShiny Web Application for the Multichannel Attribution Problem
Chaos010-1 Test for Chaos
ChaosGameChaos Game
ChargeTransportCharge Transfer Rates and Charge Carrier Mobilities
charlatanMake Fake Data
chartqlSimplified Language for Plots and Charts
CHCNCanadian Historical Climate Network
chebDiscrete Linear Chebyshev Approximation
chebpolMultivariate Interpolation
checkargCheck the Basic Validity of a (Function) Argument
CheckDigitCalculate and verify check digits
checkLuhnChecks if a Number is Valid Using the Luhn Algorithm
checkmateFast and Versatile Argument Checks
checkpointInstall Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
checkrCheck the Properties of Common R Objects
cheddarAnalysis and Visualisation of Ecological Communities
cheeseTools for Intuitive and Flexible Statistical Analysis Workflows
chemCalCalibration Functions for Analytical Chemistry
chemmodlabA Cheminformatics Modeling Laboratory for Fitting and Assessing Machine Learning Models
chemometricsMultivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
ChemometricsWithRChemometrics with R - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
ChemoSpecExploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
ChemoSpec2DExploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy
ChemoSpecUtilsFunctions Supporting Packages ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D
cherryMultiple Testing Methods for Exploratory Research
CHFFClosest History Flow Field Forecasting for Bivariate Time Series
chiThe Chi Distribution
chi2x3wayPartitioning Chi-Squared and Tau Index for Three-Way Contingency Tables
chicaneCapture Hi-C Analysis Engine
childesrAccessing the 'CHILDES' Database
childhoodmortalityCalculating Childhood Mortality Rates
childsdsData and Methods Around Reference Values in Pediatrics
ChillModelsProcessing Chill and Heat Models for Temperate Fruit Trees
chillRStatistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
chinese.miscMiscellaneous Tools for Chinese Text Mining and More
chipPCRToolkit of Helper Functions to Pre-Process Amplification Data
ChIPtestNonparametric Methods for Identifying Differential Enrichment Regions with ChIP-Seq Data
chisq.posthoc.testA Post Hoc Analysis for Pearson's Chi-Squared Test for Count Data
chlorpromazineRConvert Antipsychotic Doses to Chlorpromazine Equivalents
CHMMCoupled Hidden Markov Models
chngptEstimation and Hypothesis Testing for Threshold Regression
CHNOSZThermodynamic Calculations and Diagrams for Geochemistry
ChocoLattesProcessing Data from Lattes CV Files
choiceDesDesign Functions for Choice Studies
ChoiceModelRChoice Modeling in R
choleraAmend, Augment and Aid Analysis of John Snow's Cholera Map
CholWishartCholesky Decomposition of the Wishart Distribution
choplumpChoplump tests
chopthinThe Chopthin Resampler
ChoRChordalysis R Package
chordsEstimation in Respondent Driven Samples
choroplethrSimplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
choroplethrAdmin1Contains an Administrative-Level-1 Map of the World
choroplethrMapsContains Maps Used by the 'choroplethr' Package
chorrrdsMusic Chords Extraction
chromerInterface to Chromosome Counts Database API
chromoMapInteractive Visualization and Mapping of Chromosomes
chromoRAnalysis of chromosomal interactions data (correction, segmentation and comparison)
chronChronological Objects which can Handle Dates and Times
CHsharpChoi and Hall Style Data Sharpening
chunkedChunkwise Text-File Processing for 'dplyr'
chunkRRead Tables in Chunks
CIAAWconsensusIsotope Ratio Meta-Analysis
CIEEEstimating and Testing Direct Effects in Directed Acyclic Graphs using Estimating Equations
CIFsmryWeighted summary of cumulative incidence functions
ciftiToolbox for Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative ('CIFTI') Files
CIMCompositional Impact of Migration
cimirInterface to the CIMIS Web API
cinCausal Inference for Neuroscience
CINIDCurculionidae INstar IDentification
CINNADeciphering Central Informative Nodes in Network Analysis
cinterpolateInterpolation From C
CIplotFunctions to Plot Confidence Interval
cirCentered Isotonic Regression and Dose-Response Utilities
circglmbayesBayesian Analysis of a Circular GLM
circlizeCircular Visualization
CircMLEMaximum Likelihood Analysis of Circular Data
CircNNTSRStatistical Analysis of Circular Data using Nonnegative Trigonometric Sums (NNTS) Models
CircOutlierDetection of Outliers in Circular-Circular Regression
CircSpaceTimeSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Model for Circular Data
CircStatsCircular Statistics, from "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001)
circularCircular Statistics
CircularDDMCircular Drift-Diffusion Model
circumplexAnalysis and Visualization of Circular Data
cIRTChoice Item Response Theory
CISECommon and Individual Structure Explained for Multiple Graphs
citCausal Inference Test
CITANCITation ANalysis Toolpack
citbcmstCIT Breast Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
citccmstCIT Colon Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
CiteAn RStudio Addin to Insert BibTex Citation in Rmarkdown Documents
citecorpClient for the Open Citations Corpus
ciToolsConfidence or Prediction Intervals, Quantiles, and Probabilities for Statistical Models
citr'RStudio' Add-in to Insert Markdown Citations
CityPlotVisualization of structure and contents of a database
CityWaterBalanceTrack Flows of Water Through an Urban System
ciuupiConfidence Intervals Utilizing Uncertain Prior Information
civisR Client for the 'Civis data science API'
CJAMPCopula-Based Joint Analysis of Multiple Phenotypes
cjointAMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
ck37rChris Kennedy's R Toolkit
ckanrClient for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') API
CKATComposite Kernel Association Test for Pharmacogenetics Studies
CKLRTComposite Kernel Machine Regression Based on Likelihood Ratio Test
Ckmeans.1d.dpOptimal, Fast, and Reproducible Univariate Clustering
CLACritical Line Algorithm in Pure R
CladdisMeasuring Morphological Diversity and Evolutionary Tempo
cladoRcppC++ Implementations of Phylogenetic Cladogenesis Calculations
clamClassical Age-Depth Modelling of Cores from Deposits
clampSegIdealisation of Patch Clamp Recordings
ClamRTime Series Modeling for Climate Change Proxies
clarifaiAccess to Clarifai API
classFunctions for Classification
ClassComparisonClasses and Methods for "Class Comparison" Problems on Microarrays
ClassDiscoveryClasses and Methods for "Class Discovery" with Microarrays or Proteomics
classGraphConstruct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies
classifierplotsGenerates a Visualization of Classifier Performance as a Grid of Diagnostic Plots
classiflyExplore classification models in high dimensions
classiFuncClassification of Functional Data
classIntChoose Univariate Class Intervals
classyfireRR Interface to the ClassyFire RESTful API
cld2Google's Compact Language Detector 2
cld3Google's Compact Language Detector 3
cleanFast and Easy Data Cleaning
CleanBSequencesClean Biological Sequences
cleancallC Resource Cleanup via Exit Handlers
cleandataTo Inspect and Manipulate Data; and to Keep Track of This Process
cleanEHRThe Critical Care Clinical Data Processing Tools
cleanerRHow to Handle your Missing Data
cleangeoCleaning Geometries from Spatial Objects
cleanNLPA Tidy Data Model for Natural Language Processing
cleanrHelps You to Code Cleaner
clereSimultaneous Variables Clustering and Regression
clesprComposite Likelihood Estimation for Spatial Data
clhsConditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling
cliHelpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces
cliappCreate Rich Command Line Applications
ClickClustModel-Based Clustering of Categorical Sequences
ClickClustContMixtures of Continuous Time Markov Models
clickRFix Data and Create Report Tables from Different Objects
clickstreamAnalyzes Clickstreams Based on Markov Chains
clifroEasily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
CliftLRDComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting Estimators of the Hurst Exponent for Irregularly Sampled Time Series
clikcorrCensoring Data and Likelihood-Based Correlation Estimation
climateStabilityEstimating Climate Stability from Climate Model Data
climatolClimate Tools (Series Homogenization and Derived Products)
climbeRCalculate Average Minimal Depth of a Maximal Subtree for 'ranger' Package Forests
ClimClassClimate Classification According to Several Indices
climdex.pcicPCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
ClimDownClimate Downscaling Library for Daily Climate Model Output
climeConstrained L1-minimization for Inverse (covariance) Matrix Estimation
climextRemesTools for Analyzing Climate Extremes
ClimIndClimate Indices
ClimMobToolsTools for Crowdsourcing Citizen Science in Agriculture
ClimProjDiagsSet of Tools to Compute Various Climate Indices
climwinClimate Window Analysis
clinDRSimulation and Analysis Tools for Clinical Dose Response Modeling
clinfunClinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions
ClinicalTrialSummarySummary Measures for Clinical Trials with Survival Outcomes
clinPKClinical Pharmacokinetics Toolkit
ClinReportStatistical Reporting for Scientific Publications, Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials
clinsigClinical Significance Functions
clinUtiDNAClinical Utility of DNA Testing
cliprRead and Write from the System Clipboard
CliquePercolationClique Percolation for Networks
clisymbolsUnicode Symbols at the R Prompt
CLMEConstrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
clogitboostBoosting Conditional Logit Model
clogitL1Fitting Exact Conditional Logistic Regression with Lasso and Elastic Net Penalties
clogitLassoSparse Conditional Logistic Regression for Matched Studies
CloneSeekerSeeking and Finding Clones in Copy Number and Sequencing Data
CLONETv2Clonality Estimates in Tumor
clordrComposite Likelihood Inference and Diagnostics for Replicated Spatial Ordinal Data
cloudmlInterface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform
cloudSimplifieRFetch Data from Amazon AWS
cloudUtilCloud Utilization Plots
clpAPIR Interface to C API of COIN-or Clp
clrCurve Linear Regression via Dimension Reduction
clrdagConstrained Likelihood Ratio Tests for a Directed Acyclic Graph
CLSOCPA smoothing Newton method SOCP solver
clttoolsCentral Limit Theorem Experiments (Theoretical and Simulation)
clubSandwichCluster-Robust (Sandwich) Variance Estimators with Small-Sample Corrections
clueCluster Ensembles
ClueRCluster Evaluation
cluesClustering Method Based on Local
cluscovClustered Covariate Regression
clusrankWilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Clustered Data
ClussClusterSimultaneous Detection of Clusters and Cluster-Specific Genes in High-Throughput Transcriptome Data
clust.bin.pairStatistical Methods for Analyzing Clustered Matched Pair Data
ClustBlockClustering of Datasets
clustcurvDetermining Groups in Multiples Curves
clustDRMClustering Dose-Response Curves and Fitting Appropriate Models to Them
clustEffClusters of Effects Curves in Quantile Regression Models
cluster"Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
cluster.datasetsCluster Analysis Data Sets
Cluster.OBeuCluster Analysis 'OpenBudgets.eu'
ClusterBootstrapAnalyze Clustered Data with Generalized Linear Models using the Cluster Bootstrap
clusterCritClustering Indices
clusteredinterferenceCausal Effects from Observational Studies with Clustered Interference
ClusteredMutationsLocation and Visualization of Clustered Somatic Mutations
clusterflyExplore clustering interactively using R and GGobi
clusterGenerationRandom Cluster Generation (with Specified Degree of Separation)
clusterGenomicsIdentifying clusters in genomics data by recursive partitioning
clusterhapClustering Genotypes in Haplotypes
clustering.sc.dpOptimal Distance-Based Clustering for Multidimensional Data with Sequential Constraint
clusterlabFlexible Gaussian Cluster Simulator
clustermqEvaluate Function Calls on HPC Schedulers (LSF, SGE, SLURM, PBS/Torque)
clusternomicsIntegrative Clustering for Heterogeneous Biomedical Datasets
clusternorA Parallel Clustering Non-Uniform Memory Access ('NUMA') Optimized Package
clusterPowerPower Calculations for Cluster-Randomized and Cluster-Randomized Crossover Trials
ClusterRGaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans, K-Medoids and Affinity Propagation Clustering
ClusterRankTestRank Tests for Clustered Data
clusterReproReproducibility of Gene Expression Clusters
clusterSEsCalculate Cluster-Robust p-Values and Confidence Intervals
clusterSimSearching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
ClusterStabilityAssessment of Stability of Individual Objects or Clusters in Partitioning Solutions
clustertendCheck the Clustering Tendency
clustevalEvaluation of Clustering Algorithms
ClustGeoHierarchical Clustering with Spatial Constraints
ClustImputeK-means clustering with build-in missing data imputation
clustMDModel Based Clustering for Mixed Data
clustMixTypek-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
ClustMMDDVariable Selection in Clustering by Mixture Models for Discrete Data
ClustOfVarClustering of Variables
clustRcompaREasy Interface for Clustering a Set of Documents and Exploring Group- Based Patterns
clustrdMethods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering
clustreeVisualise Clusterings at Different Resolutions
clustringrCluster Strings by Edit-Distance
CLUSTShinyInteractive Document for Working with Cluster Analysis
clustsigSignificant Cluster Analysis
ClustVarLVClustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
clustvarselVariable Selection for Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
ClusVisGaussian-Based Visualization of Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
clvCluster Validation Techniques
clValidValidation of Clustering Results
cmaesCovariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy
cmaesrCovariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
CMatchingMatching Algorithms for Causal Inference with Clustered Data
CMCCronbach-Mesbah Curve
cmceComputer Model Calibration for Deterministic and Stochastic Simulators
cmenetBi-Level Selection of Conditional Main Effects
CMFCollective matrix factorization
CMLSConstrained Multivariate Least Squares
cmmCategorical Marginal Models
cmmrCEU Mass Mediator RESTful API
cmnaComputational Methods for Numerical Analysis
cmoceanBeautiful Colour Maps for Oceanography
CMPControlControl Charts for Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
CMplotCircle Manhattan Plot
cmpprocessFlexible Modeling of Count Processes
cmprskSubdistribution Analysis of Competing Risks
cmprskQRAnalysis of Competing Risks Using Quantile Regressions
cmrutilsMisc Functions of the Center for Mathematical Research
cmsafTools for CM SAF NetCDF Data
CMShinyInteractive Document for Working with Confusion Matrix
cmvnormThe Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
cnaCausal Modeling with Coincidence Analysis
cnaOptOptimizing Consistency and Coverage in Configurational Causal Modeling
cnbdistrConditional Negative Binomial Distribution
cncaGUICanonical Non-Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis in R
CNLTregComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting for Signal Denoising
CNLTtsaComplex-Valued Wavelet Lifting for Univariate and Bivariate Time Series Analysis
cnmlcdMaximum Likelihood Estimation of a Log-Concave Density Function
CNOGproCopy Numbers of Genes in prokaryotes
cNORMContinuous Norming
CNprepPre-process DNA Copy Number (CN) Data for Detection of CN Events
CNullFast Algorithms for Frequency-Preserving Null Models in Ecology
CNVScopeA Versatile Toolkit for Copy Number Variation Relationship Data Analysis and Visualization
coalaA Framework for Coalescent Simulation
coalescentMCMCMCMC Algorithms for the Coalescent
coalitionsBayesian "Now-Cast" Estimation of Event Probabilities in Multi-Party Democracies
coarseDataToolsAnalysis of Coarsely Observed Data
cobaltCovariate Balance Tables and Plots
cobiclustBiclustering via Latent Block Model Adapted to Overdispersed Count Data
COBRANonlinear Aggregation of Predictors
cobsConstrained B-Splines (Sparse Matrix Based)
cocktailApp'shiny' App to Discover Cocktails
CoClustCopula Based Cluster Analysis
COCONUTCOmbat CO-Normalization Using conTrols (COCONUT)
cocorComparing Correlations
cocoregExtract Shared Variation in Collections of Data Sets Using Regression Models
cocorrespCo-Correspondence Analysis Methods
cocronStatistical Comparisons of Two or more Alpha Coefficients
codaOutput Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC
coda.baseA Basic Set of Functions for Compositional Data Analysis
codadiagsMarkov chain Monte Carlo burn-in based on "bridge" statistics
CodataGSGenomic Prediction Using SNP Codata
cOdeAutomated C Code Generation for 'deSolve', 'bvpSolve'
codebookAutomatic Codebooks from Metadata Encoded in Dataset Attributes
CodeDependsAnalysis of R Code for Reproducible Research and Code Comprehension
codemetarGenerate 'CodeMeta' Metadata for R Packages
codepMultiscale Codependence Analysis
codetoolsCode Analysis Tools for R
codifiedProduce Standard/Formalized Demographics Tables
CoDiNACo-Expression Differential Network Analysis
codingMatricesAlternative Factor Coding Matrices for Linear Model Formulae
codynCommunity Dynamics Metrics
coefficientalphaRobust Coefficient Alpha and Omega with Missing and Non-Normal Data
coefplotPlots Coefficients from Fitted Models
coenoclinerCoenocline Simulation
coenoflexGradient-Based Coenospace Vegetation Simulator
coexistSpecies coexistence modeling and analysis
cofadContrast Analyses for Factorial Designs
cofeatureRGenerate Cofeature Matrices
CoFRAComplete Functional Regulation Analysis
cogaConvolution of Gamma Distributions
cogmaprCognitive Mapping Tools Based on Coding of Textual Sources
cohorttoolsCohort Data Analyses
coilContextualization and Evaluation of COI-5P Barcode Data
CoImpCopula Based Imputation Method
coinConditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
coindeskrAccess 'CoinDesk' Bitcoin Price Index API
coinmarketcaprGet Cryptocurrencies Market Cap Prices from Coin Market Cap
CoinMinDSimultaneous Confidence Interval for Multinomial Proportion
CoinprofileCoincident Profile
cointmonitoRConsistent Monitoring of Stationarity and Cointegrating Relationships
cointRegParameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression
coldCount Longitudinal Data
colfConstrained Optimization on Linear Function
CollapsABELGeneralized CDH (GCDH) Analysis
CollapseLevelsCollapses Levels, Computes Information Value and WoE
collapsibleTreeInteractive Collapsible Tree Diagrams using 'D3.js'
collateralQuickly Evaluate Captured Side Effects
collectArgsQuickly and Neatly Collect Arguments from One Environment to Pass to Another
collectionsHigh Performance Container Data Types
CollessLikeDistribution and Percentile of Sackin, Cophenetic and Colless-Like Balance Indices of Phylogenetic Trees
collidrCheck for Namespace Collisions with Other Packages and Functions on CRAN
CollocInferCollocation Inference for Dynamic Systems
collpcmCollapsed Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Networks
collUtilsAuxiliary Package for Package 'CollapsABEL'
colmozzieDengue Cases and Climate Variables in Colombo Sri Lanka
colocColocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits
colocalizationNormalized Spatial Intensity Correlation
colocalizedClusters of Colocalized Sequences
colocrConduct Co-Localization Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Images
colordistanceDistance Metrics for Image Color Similarity
coloredICAImplementation of Colored Independent Component Analysis and Spatial Colored Independent Component Analysis
colorednoiseSimulate Temporally Autocorrelated Populations
colorfindrExtract Colors from Windows BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG Format Images
colorfulVennPlotPlot and add custom coloring to Venn diagrams for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional data
colorhcplotColorful Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
colormapColor Palettes using Colormaps Node Module
ColorPaletteColor Palettes Generator
colorpatchOptimized Rendering of Fold Changes and Confidence Values
colorrColor Palettes for EPL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL Teams
colorRampsBuilds color tables
colorscienceColor Science Methods and Data
colorspaceA Toolbox for Manipulating and Assessing Colors and Palettes
colorSpecColor Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data
colortoolsTools for colors in a Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) color model
colourloversR Client for the COLOURlovers API
colourpickerA Colour Picker Tool for Shiny and for Selecting Colours in Plots
colourvaluesAssigns Colours to Values
colourvisionColour Vision Models
colrFunctions to Select and Rename Data
coltCommand-Line Color Themes
comatCreates Co-Occurrence Matrices of Spatial Data
comatoAnalysis of Concept Maps and Concept Landscapes
COMBATA Combined Association Test for Genes using Summary Statistics
COMBIASynergy/Antagonism Analyses of Drug Combinations
combinatcombinatorics utilities
CombinePortfolioEstimation of Optimal Portfolio Weights by Combining Simple Portfolio Strategies
CombinePValueCombine a Vector of Correlated p-values
CombinSConstruction Methods of some Series of PBIB Designs
combiterCombinatorics Iterators
CombMSCCombined Model Selection Criteria
comclimCommunity Climate Statistics
cometExactTestExact Test from the Combinations of Mutually Exclusive Alterations (CoMEt) Algorithm
comfFunctions for Thermal Comfort Research
ComICSComputational Methods for Immune Cell-Type Subsets
commandrCommand pattern in R
CommEcolCommunity Ecology Analyses
commentrPrint Nicely Formatted Comments for Use in Script Files
CommonJavaJarsUseful Libraries for Building a Java Based GUI under R
commonmarkHigh Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R
commonsMathJAR Files of the Apache Commons Mathematics Library
CommonTrendExtract and plot common trends from a cointegration system. Calculate P-value for Johansen Statistics
CommTComparative Phylogeographic Analysis using the Community Tree Framework
CommunityCorrelogramEcological Community Correlogram
comorbidityComputing Comorbidity Scores
Comp2ROCCompare Two ROC Curves that Intersect
compactrCreates empty plots with compact axis notation
compareComparing Objects for Differences
compareCCompare Two Correlated C Indices with Right-censored Survival Outcome
CompareCausalNetworksInterface to Diverse Estimation Methods of Causal Networks
compareDFDo a Git Style Diff of the Rows Between Two Dataframes with Similar Structure
compareGroupsDescriptive Analysis by Groups
compareODMcomparison of medical forms in CDISC ODM format
comparerCompare Output and Run Time
CompareTestsCorrect for Verification Bias in Diagnostic Accuracy & Agreement
comparisonMultivariate likelihood ratio calculation and evaluation
compasConformational Manipulations of Protein Atomic Structures
compboostC++ Implementation of Component-Wise Boosting
CompDistMultisection Composite Distributions
compeirEvent-specific incidence rates for competing risks data
compendiumdbTools for Retrieval and Storage of Functional Genomics Data
comperankRanking Methods for Competition Results
comperesManage Competition Results
competitiontoolboxA Graphical User Interface for Antitrust and Trade Practitioners
compHclustComplementary Hierarchical Clustering
CompindComposite Indicators Functions
completejourneyRetail Shopping Data
complexityCalculate the Proportion of Permutations in Line with an Informative Hypothesis
complexplusFunctions of Complex or Real Variable
complmrobRobust Linear Regression with Compositional Data as Covariates
CompLognormalFunctions for actuarial scientists
compoissonConway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
COMPoissonRegConway-Maxwell Poisson (COM-Poisson) Regression
CompositionalCompositional Data Analysis
compositionsCompositional Data Analysis
compound.CoxUnivariate Feature Selection and Compound Covariate for Predicting Survival
CompoundingComputing Continuous Distributions
CompQuadFormDistribution Function of Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables
CompRPaired Comparison Data Analysis
CompRandFldComposite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
comprehenrList Comprehensions
compstatrTools for St. Louis Crime Data
compute.esCompute Effect Sizes
comtradrInterface with the United Nations Comtrade API
con2aqiCalculate the AQI from Pollutant Concentration
ConakeContinuous Associated Kernel Estimation
concatenateHuman-Friendly Text from Unknown Strings
concavemanA Very Fast 2D Concave Hull Algorithm
conclustPairwise Constraints Clustering
ConConPiWiFunOptimisation with Continuous Convex Piecewise (Linear and Quadratic) Functions
concordanceProduct Concordance
concregConcordance Regression
concurveComputes and Plots Consonance (Confidence) Intervals, P-Values, and S-Values to Form Consonance and Surprisal Functions
condApproximate Conditional Inference for Logistic and Loglinear Models
condformatConditional Formatting in Data Frames
condGEEParameter estimation in conditional GEE for recurrent event gap times
CondIndTestsNonlinear Conditional Independence Tests
condirComputation of P Values and Bayes Factors for Conditioning Data
conditionzControl How Many Times Conditions are Thrown
condMVNormConditional Multivariate Normal Distribution
CONDOPCondition-Dependent Operon Predictions
CondRegCondition Number Regularized Covariance Estimation
condSURVEstimation of the Conditional Survival Function for Ordered Multivariate Failure Time Data
conduscoQuery-Driven Pipeline Execution and Query Templates
condvisConditional Visualization for Statistical Models
condvis2Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
coneprojPrimal or Dual Cone Projections with Routines for Constrained Regression
confVisualization and Analysis of Statistical Measures of Confidence
conf.designConstruction of factorial designs
confidenceConfidence Estimation of Environmental State Classifications
configManage Environment Specific Configuration Values
ConfigParserPackage to Parse an INI File, Including Variable Interpolation
configrAn Implementation of Parsing and Writing Configuration File (JSON/INI/YAML/TOML)
configuralMultivariate Profile Analysis
confinterpretDescriptive Interpretations of Confidence Intervals
ConfIntVarianceConfidence Interval for the Univariate Population Variance without Normality Assumption
conflictedAn Alternative Conflict Resolution Strategy
conformalClassificationTransductive and Inductive Conformal Predictions for Classification Problems
ConfoundedMetaSensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding in Meta-Analyses
confoundrDiagnostics for Confounding of Time-Varying and Other Joint Exposures
confreqConfigural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-Linear Modeling
confSAMEstimates and Bounds for the False Discovery Proportion, by Permutation
congressbrDownloads, Unpacks and Tidies Legislative Data from the Brazilian Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies
CongreveLamsdell2016Distance Metrics for Trees Generated by Congreve and Lamsdell
conicfitAlgorithms for Fitting Circles, Ellipses and Conics Based on the Work by Prof. Nikolai Chernov
conicsPlot Conics
ConigraveFlexible Tools for Multiple Imputation
conjointAn Implementation of Conjoint Analysis Method
ConjointChecksA package to check the cancellation axioms of conjoint measurement
connectionsIntegrates with the 'RStudio' Connections Pane and 'pins'
ConnMatToolsTools for Working with Connectivity Data
conover.testConover-Iman Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
conquestrAn R Front End for 'ACER ConQuest'
ConRComputation of Parameters Used in Preliminary Assessment of Conservation Status
CONSConsonance Analysis Module
ConSplinePartial Linear Least-Squares Regression using Constrained Splines
ConsRankCompute the Median Ranking(s) According to the Kemeny's Axiomatic Approach
constantsReference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty
constellationIdentify Event Sequences Using Time Series Joins
constrainedKrigingConstrained, Covariance-Matching Constrained and Universal Point or Block Kriging
conStructModels Spatially Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure
contactCreating Contact and Social Networks
containerDeque, Set, and Dict - R6 Based Container Classes with Iterators
ContaminatedMixtClustering and Classification with the Contaminated Normal
contextualSimulation and Analysis of Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Policies
contfracContinued Fractions
contingBayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables
contoureRContouring of Non-Regular Three-Dimensional Data
ContourFunctionsCreate Contour Plots from Data or a Function
contrastA Collection of Contrast Methods
contributionA Tiny Contribution Table Generator Based on 'ggplot2'
controlA Control Systems Toolbox
controlTestQuantile Comparison for Two-Sample Right-Censored Survival Data
ConvergenceClubsFinding Convergence Clubs
ConvergenceConceptsSeeing Convergence Concepts in Action
convertGraphConvert Graphical Files Format
convertrConvert Between Units
convevolAnalysis of Convergent Evolution
convexjlrDisciplined Convex Programming in R using 'Convex.jl'
conveyIncome Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples
convoSPATConvolution-Based Nonstationary Spatial Modeling
cooccurProbabilistic Species Co-Occurrence Analysis in R
cooccurNetCo-Occurrence Network
coopCo-Operation: Fast Covariance, Correlation, and Cosine Similarity Operations
CoopGameImportant Concepts of Cooperative Game Theory
coopProductGameCooperative Aspects of Linear Production Programming Problems
cooptreesCooperative aspects of optimal trees in weighted graphs
CoordinateCleanerAutomated Cleaning of Occurrence Records from Biological Collections
copBasicGeneral Bivariate Copula Theory and Many Utility Functions
copCARFitting the copCAR Regression Model for Discrete Areal Data
CopCTSCopula-Based Semiparametric Analysis for Time Series Data with Detection Limits
copeCoverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets
coppeCosenzaRCOPPE-Cosenza Fuzzy Hierarchy Model
coprimarySample Size Calculation for Two Primary Time-to-Event Endpoints in Clinical Trials
copulaMultivariate Dependence with Copulas
Copula.MarkovCopula-Based Estimation and Statistical Process Control for Serially Correlated Time Series
Copula.Markov.survivalCopula Markov Model with Dependent Censoring
Copula.survAssociation Analysis of Bivariate Survival Data Based on Copulas
CopulaCenRCopula-Based Regression Models for Bivariate Censored Data
copulaDataData Sets for Copula Modeling
CopulaDTACopula Based Bivariate Beta-Binomial Model for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
copulaedasEstimation of Distribution Algorithms Based on Copulas
CopulaREMADACopula Mixed Models for Multivariate Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
CopyDetectComputing Response Similarity Indices for Multiple-Choice Tests
coRankingCo-Ranking Matrix
CorbiCollection of Rudimentary Bioinformatics Tools
CorBinGenerate High-Dimensional Binary Data with Correlation Structures
corclassCorrelational Class Analysis
cordCommunity Estimation in G-Models via CORD
CorDiffSet-Based Differential Covariance Testing for Genomics
cordilleraCalculation of the OPTICS Cordillera
CORECores of Recurrent Events
coreCTProgrammatic Analysis of Sediment Cores Using Computed Tomography Imaging
CoreGxClasses and Functions to Serve as the Basis for Other 'Gx' Packages
corehunterMulti-Purpose Core Subset Selection
CORElearnClassification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
coreNLPWrappers Around Stanford CoreNLP Tools
coreSimCore Functionality for Simulating Quantities of Interest from Generalised Linear Models
coreTDTTDT for compound heterozygous and recessive models
corHMMAnalysis of Binary Character Evolution
corkscrewPreprocessor for Data Modeling
corlinkRecord Linkage, Incorporating Imputation for Missing Agreement Patterns, and Modeling Correlation Patterns Between Fields
CORMThe Clustering of Regression Models Method
CornerstoneRCollection of Scripts for Interface Between 'Cornerstone' and 'R'
cornetElastic Net with Dichotomised Outcomes
coroICAConfounding Robust Independent Component Analysis for Noisy and Grouped Data
corpcorEfficient Estimation of Covariance and (Partial) Correlation
corporaStatistics and Data Sets for Corpus Frequency Data
CorporaCoCoCorpora Co-Occurrence Comparison
corporaexplorerA 'Shiny' App for Exploration of Text Collections
CoRpowerPower Calculations for Assessing Correlates of Risk in Clinical Efficacy Trials
corpusText Corpus Analysis
corpustoolsManaging, Querying and Analyzing Tokenized Text
corr2DImplementation of 2D Correlation Analysis in R
CorrBinNonparametrics with Clustered Binary and Multinomial Data
corrcoverageCorrecting the Coverage of Credible Sets from Bayesian Genetic Fine Mapping
corrDNAFinding Associations in Position-Wise Aligned DNA Sequence Dataset
correctedAUCCorrecting AUC for Measurement Error
CorrectedFDRCorrecting False Discovery Rates
CorrectOverloadedPeaksCorrect Overloaded Peaks from GC-APCI-MS Data
corregpFunctions and Methods for Correspondence Regression
correlationfunnelSpeed Up Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with the Correlation Funnel
correlbinomCorrelated Binomial Probabilities
CorrelplotA collection of functions for graphing correlation matrices
corrgramPlot a Correlogram
CorrMixedEstimate Correlations Between Repeatedly Measured Endpoints (E.g., Reliability) Based on Linear Mixed-Effects Models
corrplotVisualization of a Correlation Matrix
corrrCorrelations in R
CorrToolBoxModeling Correlational Magnitude Transformations in Discretization Contexts
corsetArbitrary Bounding of Series and Time Series Objects
corTestRobust Tests for Equal Correlation
cortoInference of Gene Regulatory Networks
corToolsTools for processing data after a Genome Wide Association Study
corxCreate and Format Correlation Matrices
cosaBound Constrained Optimal Sample Allocation
COSINECOndition SpecIfic sub-NEtwork
cosinorTools for estimating and predicting the cosinor model
cosinor2Extended Tools for Cosinor Analysis of Rhythms
cosmoFnsFunctions for cosmological distances, times, luminosities, etc
CoSMoSComplete Stochastic Modelling Solution
cossoFit Regularized Nonparametric Regression Models Using COSSO Penalty
COSTCopula-Based Semiparametric Models for Spatio-Temporal Data
costatTime Series Costationarity Determination
costsensitiveCost-Sensitive Multi-Class Classification
CosWThe CosW Distribution
cotramCount Transformation Models
cotrendConsistent Co-Trending Rank Selection
couchDBConnect to and Work with CouchDB Databases
COUNTFunctions, Data and Code for Count Data
countcolorsLocates and Counts Pixels Within Color Range(s) in Images
CounterfactualEstimation and Inference Methods for Counterfactual Analysis
countfitteRComprehensive Automatized Evaluation of Distribution Models for Count Data
countgmifsDiscrete Response Regression for High-Dimensional Data
countHMMPenalized Estimation of Flexible Hidden Markov Models for Time Series of Counts
CountrFlexible Univariate Count Models Based on Renewal Processes
countrycodeConvert Country Names and Country Codes
CountsEPPMMean and Variance Modeling of Count Data
countToFPKMConvert Counts to Fragments per Kilobase of Transcript per Million (FPKM)
countTransformersTransform Counts in RNA-Seq Data Analysis
countyfloodsQuantify United States County-Level Flood Measurements
countytimezonesConvert from UTC to Local Time for United States Counties
countyweatherCompiles Meterological Data for U.S. Counties
COUSCOusA Residue-Residue Contact Detecting Method
covafillrLocal Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models
covatestTests on Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions
covBMBrownian Motion Processes for 'nlme'-Models
coveffectsplotProduce Forest Plots to Visualize Covariate Effects
covequalTest for Equality of Covariance Matrices
covfefeCovfefy Any Word, Sentence or Speech
covLCALatent Class Models with Covariate Effects on Underlying and Measured Variables
covrTest Coverage for Packages
covregA simultaneous regression model for the mean and covariance
covRobustRobust Covariance Estimation via Nearest Neighbor Cleaning
CovSelModel-Free Covariate Selection
CovSelHighModel-Free Covariate Selection in High Dimensions
covsepTests for Determining if the Covariance Structure of 2-Dimensional Data is Separable
covTestRCovariance Matrix Tests
CovToolsStatistical Tools for Covariance Analysis
cowbellPerforms Segmented Linear Regression on Two Independent Variables
cowplotStreamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
cowsayMessages, Warnings, Strings with Ascii Animals
CoxBoostCox models by likelihood based boosting for a single survival endpoint or competing risks
coxedDuration-Based Quantities of Interest for the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
coxintervalCox-Type Models for Interval-Censored Data
coxmeMixed Effects Cox Models
coxmegCox Mixed-Effects Model for Genome-Wide Association Studies
coxphfCox Regression with Firth's Penalized Likelihood
CoxPhLbAnalyzing Right-Censored Length-Biased Data
coxphMICSparse Estimation of Cox Proportional Hazards Models via Approximated Information Criterion
coxphSGDStochastic Gradient Descent log-Likelihood Estimation in Cox Proportional Hazards Model
coxphwWeighted Estimation in Cox Regression
CoxPlusCox Regression (Proportional Hazards Model) with Multiple Causes and Mixed Effects
CoxRidgeCox Models with Dynamic Ridge Penalties
coxrobustRobust Estimation in Cox Model
coxrtCox Proportional Hazards Regression for Right-Truncated Data
coxseiFitting a CoxSEI Model
CPConditional Power Calculations
cp4pCalibration Plot for Proteomics
cpaConfirmatory Path Analysis through the d-sep tests
CPATChange Point Analysis Tests
CPBayesBayesian Meta Analysis for Studying Cross-Phenotype Genetic Associations
cpcaMethods to perform Common Principal Component Analysis (CPCA)
cpcensChangepoint Analysis using Censored Time Series Data
cPCGEfficient and Customized Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving System of Linear Equations
cpdComplex Pearson Distributions
CPEConcordance Probability Estimates in Survival Analysis
CpGassocAssociation Between Methylation and a Phenotype of Interest
CpGFilterCpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients
cpkClinical Pharmacokinetics
cplexAPIR Interface to C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX
cplmCompound Poisson Linear Models
cplotsPlots for Circular Data
cpmSequential and Batch Change Detection Using Parametric and Nonparametric Methods
CPMCGLMCorrection of the P-Value after Multiple Coding in Generalized Linear Models
CPPComposition of Probabilistic Preferences (CPP)
cppRoutingFast Implementation of Dijkstra Algorithm
cprControl Polygon Reduction
CprobThe Conditional Probability Function of a Competing Event
cprrFunctions for Working with Danish CPR Numbers
CPsurvNonparametric Change Point Estimation for Survival Data
cpsurvsimSimulating Survival Data from Change-Point Hazard Distributions
cptClassification Permutation Test
cptcity'cpt-city' Colour Gradients
cptecAn Interface to the 'CPTEC/INPE' API
cqcrAccess 'Care Quality Commission' Data
cqrRegQuantile, Composite Quantile Regression and Regularized Versions
cquadConditional Maximum Likelihood for Quadratic Exponential Models for Binary Panel Data
CRPower Calculation for Weighted Log-Rank Tests in Cure Rate Models
cr17Testing Differences Between Competing Risks Models and Their Visualisations
CRACCosmology R Analysis Code
cramerMultivariate Nonparametric Cramer-Test for the Two-Sample-Problem
crankCompleting Ranks
cranlikeTools for 'CRAN'-Like Repositories
cranlogsDownload Logs from the 'RStudio' 'CRAN' Mirror
cranlyPackage Directives and Collaboration Networks in CRAN
CRANsearcherRStudio Addin for Searching Packages in CRAN Database Based on Keywords
crantasticVarious R tools for http://crantastic.org/
crassmatConditional Random Sampling Sparse Matrices
crawlFit Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models to Animal Movement Data
crayonColored Terminal Output
crblocksCategorical Randomized Block Data Analysis
crchCensored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
CREAMClustering of Genomic Regions Analysis Method
credentialsTools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials
CreditMetricsFunctions for calculating the CreditMetrics risk model
creditmodelToolkit for Credit Modeling
CreditRiskEvaluation of Credit Risk with Structural and Reduced Form Models
credsubsCredible Subsets
creduleCredit Default Swap Functions
creggSimple Conjoint Tidying, Analysis, and Visualization
cRegulomeObtain and Visualize Regulome-Gene Expression Correlations in Cancer
CRFConditional Random Fields
crfsuiteConditional Random Fields for Labelling Sequential Data in Natural Language Processing
cricketrAnalyze Cricketers and Cricket Teams Based on ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru
crimCVGroup-Based Modelling of Longitudinal Data
crimedataAccess Crime Data from the Open Crime Database
crimelinkageStatistical Methods for Crime Series Linkage
crispFits a Model that Partitions the Covariate Space into Blocks in a Data- Adaptive Way
CRMContinual Reassessment Method (CRM) for Phase I Clinical Trials
crminerFetch 'Scholary' Full Text from 'Crossref'
crmnCCMN and other noRMalizatioN methods for metabolomics data
crmPackObject-Oriented Implementation of CRM Designs
crnDownloads and Builds datasets for Climate Reference Network
crochetImplementation Helper for '[' and '[<-' of Custom Matrix-Like Types
cromwellDashboardA Dashboard to Visualize Scientific Workflows in 'Cromwell'
croneStructural Crystallography in 1d
cronRSchedule R Scripts and Processes with the 'cron' Job Scheduler
cropGraphics Cropping Tool
cropdatapeOpen Data of Agricultural Production of Crops of Peru
CropDetectRCrop Row Detector
CrossClusteringA Partial Clustering Algorithm
crossdesConstruction of Crossover Designs
crossmatchThe Cross-match Test
CrossoverAnalysis and Search of Crossover Designs
crossRegConfidence intervals for crossover points of two simple regression lines
crossrunJoint Distribution of Number of Crossings and Longest Run
CrossScreeningCross-Screening in Observational Studies that Test Many Hypotheses
crosstalkInter-Widget Interactivity for HTML Widgets
CrossVAVerbal Autopsy Data Transformation for InSilicoVA and InterVA5 Algorithms
crossvalGeneric Functions for Cross Validation
CrossValidateClasses and Methods for Cross Validation of "Class Prediction" Algorithms
crosswalkrRename and Encode Data Frames Using External Crosswalk Files
crossword.rGenerating Crosswords from Word Lists
crovConstrained Regression Model for an Ordinal Response and Ordinal Predictors
crp.CSFPCreditRisk+ Portfolio Model
CRPClusteringBayesian Nonparametric Chinese Restaurant Process Clustering with Entropy
crqaCross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
crqanlpCross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Dynamic Natural Language Processing
crrpPenalized Variable Selection in Competing Risks Regression
crrSCCompeting risks regression for Stratified and Clustered data
crrstepStepwise Covariate Selection for the Fine & Gray Competing Risks Regression Model
crsCategorical Regression Splines
crseEventStudyA Robust and Powerful Test of Abnormal Stock Returns in Long-Horizon Event Studies
crskdiagDiagnostics for Fine and Gray Model
crsnlsNonlinear Regression Parameters Estimation by 'CRS4HC' and 'CRS4HCe'
crsoCancer Rule Set Optimization ('crso')
crsraTidying and Analyzing 'Coursera' Research Export Data
crtestsClassification and Regression Tests
CRTgeeDRDoubly Robust Inverse Probability Weighted Augmented GEE Estimator
CRTSizeSample Size Estimation Functions for Cluster Randomized Trials
crulHTTP Client
crunchCrunch.io Data Tools
crunchyShiny Apps on Crunch
crutsInterface to Climatic Research Unit Time-Series Version 3.21 Data
CRWRMChanging the Reference Group without Re-Running the Model
CrypticIBDcheckIdentifying Cryptic Relatedness in Genetic Association Studies
cryptoCryptocurrency Market Data
CryptRndTestStatistical Tests for Cryptographic Randomness
crystCalculate the Relative Crystallinity of Starch by XRD and FTIR
csaboundsBounds on Distributional Treatment Effect Parameters
csamplingFunctions for Conditional Simulation in Regression-Scale Models
CsChangeTesting for Change in C-Statistic
CScloneBayesian Nonparametric Modeling in R
CSeqpatFrequent Contiguous Sequential Pattern Mining of Text
CSESACRISPR-Based Salmonella Enterica Serotype Analyzer
CSFAConnectivity Scores with Factor Analysis
cshapesThe CShapes Dataset and Utilities
csnClosed Skew-Normal Distribution
cspCorrelates of State Policy Data Set in R
csrplusMethods to Test Hypotheses on the Distribution of Spatial Point Processes
csSAMcsSAM - cell-specific Significance Analysis of Microarrays
cssToolsCognitive Social Structure Tools
cstabSelection of Number of Clusters via Normalized Clustering Instability
cstarSubstantive significance testing for regression estimates and marginal effects
CSToolsAssessing Skill of Climate Forecasts on Seasonal-to-Decadal Timescales
csvRead and Write CSV Files with Selected Conventions
csvreadFast Specialized CSV File Loader
csvyImport and Export CSV Data with a YAML Metadata Header
CTAShinyInteractive Application for Working with Contingency Tables
cthreshERContinuous Threshold Expectile Regression
ctlCorrelated Trait Locus (CTL) Mapping in R
CTMA Text Mining Toolkit for Chinese Document
ctmcdEstimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
ctmcmoveModeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
ctmleCollaborative Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
ctmmContinuous-Time Movement Modeling
ctqrCensored and Truncated Quantile Regression
ctrdataRetrieve and Analyze Clinical Trials in Public Registers
CTREThresholding Bursty Time Series
ctrlGeneAssess the Stability of Candidate Housekeeping Genes
ctsContinuous Time Autoregressive Models
ctsemContinuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
CTShinyInteractive Document for Working with Classification Tree Analysis
CTTClassical Test Theory Functions
CTTinShinyShiny Interface for the CTT Package
CTTShinyClassical Test Theory via Shiny
ctvCRAN Task Views
CUBA Class of Mixture Models for Ordinal Data
cubatureAdaptive Multivariate Integration over Hypercubes
cubeviewView 3D Raster Cubes Interactively
cubfitsCodon Usage Bias Fits
cubingRubik's Cube Solving
CubistRule- And Instance-Based Regression Modeling
CUFFCharles's Utility Function using Formula
cultevoTools, Measures and Statistical Tests for Cultural Evolution
CUMPAnalyze Multivariate Phenotypes by Combining Univariate Results
cumplyrExtends ddply to allow calculation of cumulative quantities
cumSegChange Point Detection in Genomic Sequences
cumstatsCumulative Descriptive Statistics
cumulocityrClient for the 'Cumulocity' API
curlA Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
currentSurvivalEstimation of CCI and CLFS Functions
curryPartial Function Application with %<%, %-<%, and %><%
cursoryA Cursory Look at Variables
curstatCIConfidence Intervals for the Current Status Model
curvecompMultiple Curve Comparisons Using Parametric Bootstrap
curveDepthTukey Curve Depth and Distance in the Space of Curves
curvHDRFiltering of Flow Cytometry Samples
cuspCusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood
CustomerScoringMetricsEvaluation Metrics for Customer Scoring Models Depending on Binary Classifiers
customizedTrainingCustomized Training for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
customLayoutArrange Elements on the R's Drawing Area or Inside the PowerPoint's Slide
customstepsCustomizable Higher-Order Recipe Step Functions
cusumCumulative Sum (CUSUM) Charts for Monitoring of Hospital Performance
CUSUMdesignCompute Decision Interval and Average Run Length for CUSUM Charts
cutoffRCUTOFF: A Spatio-temporal Imputation Method
cutpointrDetermine and Evaluate Optimal Cutpoints in Binary Classification Tasks
CutpointsOEHROptimal Equal-HR Method to Find Two Cutpoints for U-Shaped Relationships in Cox Model
cuttlefish.modelAn R package to perform LPUE standardization and stock assessment of the English Channel cuttlefish stock using a two-stage biomass model
cvarCompute Expected Shortfall and Value at Risk for Continuous Distributions
cvAUCCross-Validated Area Under the ROC Curve Confidence Intervals
CVcalibrationEstimation of the Calibration Equation with Error-in Observations
cvcqvCoefficient of Variation (CV) with Confidence Intervals (CI)
cvcrandEfficient Design and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials
CVDColor Vision Deficiencies
cvequalityTests for the Equality of Coefficients of Variation from Multiple Groups
cvGEECross-Validated Predictions from GEE
CVglassoLasso Penalized Precision Matrix Estimation
cvmgofCramer-von Mises Goodness-of-Fit Tests
cvmsCross-Validation for Model Selection
cvq2Calculate the predictive squared correlation coefficient
CVRCanonical Variate Regression
CVSTFast Cross-Validation via Sequential Testing
CVThreshLevel-Dependent Cross-Validation Thresholding
cvToolsCross-validation tools for regression models
CVTuningCovRegularized Estimators of Covariance Matrices with CV Tuning
cvxbiclustrConvex Biclustering Algorithm
cvxclustrSplitting methods for convex clustering
CVXRDisciplined Convex Optimization
cwbtoolsTools to create, modify and manage 'CWB' Corpora
cwhmiscMiscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools
cwmCluster Weighted Models by EM algorithm
cxhullConvex Hull
cxxfunplusextend cxxfunction by saving the dynamic shared objects
cyanoFilterCyanobacteria Population Identification for Flow Cytometry
cycleRtoolsTools for Cycling Data Analysis
cyclestreetsCycle Routing and Data for Cycling Advocacy
cyclocompCyclomatic Complexity of R Code
CyclopsCyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis
cymruservicesQuery 'Team Cymru' 'IP' Address, Autonomous System Number ('ASN'), Border Gateway Protocol ('BGP'), Bogon and 'Malware' Hash Data Services
cyphidCycle and Phase Identification for mastication data
cyphrHigh Level Encryption Wrappers
cystiSimAgent-Based Model for Taenia_solium Transmission and Control
CytobankAPICytobank API Wrapper for R
CytobankAPIstatsComputes Signaling and Population Stats for Cytometry Data on Cytobank using 'CytobankAPI'
CytobankBridgeRBridging and Extending the CytobankAPI Package in R to the Cytobank Web Application
cytoDivCytometric diversity indices
cytofanPlot Fan Plots for Cytometry Data using 'ggplot2'
cytometreeAutomated Cytometry Gating and Annotation
D3GBInteractive Genome Browser with R
d3heatmapInteractive Heat Maps Using 'htmlwidgets' and 'D3.js'
d3NetworkTools for creating D3 JavaScript network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from R
D3partitionRInteractive Charts of Nested and Hierarchical Data with 'D3.js'
d3plusSeamless 'D3Plus' Integration
d3r'd3.js' Utilities for R
d3TreeCreate Interactive Collapsible Trees with the JavaScript 'D3' Library
DAAGData Analysis and Graphics Data and Functions
DAAGbioData Sets and Functions, for Demonstrations with Expression Arrays and Gene Sequences
DAAGxtrasData Sets and Functions, supplementary to DAAG
daaremDamped Anderson Acceleration with Epsilon Monotonicity for Accelerating EM-Like Monotone Algorithms
dabestrData Analysis using Bootstrap-Coupled Estimation
DACCalculating Data Agreement Criterion Scores to Rank Experts Based on Their Beliefs
DACFData Analysis with Ceiling and/or Floor Data
dadThree-Way / Multigroup Data Analysis Through Densities
daeFunctions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
daewrDesign and Analysis of Experiments with R
daffDiff, Patch and Merge for Data.frames
DAFOTDetector of Active Flow on a Tree
dafsData analysis for forensic scientists
dagittyGraphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models
dagRR functions for directed acyclic graphs
DAIMEEffects of Changing Deposition Rates
DAISIEDynamical Assembly of Islands by Speciation, Immigration and Extinction
DAKSData Analysis and Knowledge Spaces
DALEXDescriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations
DALEX2Descriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations
DALEXtraExtension for 'DALEX' Package
dalmatianAutomating the Fitting of Double Linear Mixed Models in 'JAGS'
DALYThe DALY Calculator - Graphical User Interface for Probabilistic DALY Calculation in R
damData Analysis Metabolomics
DamiaNNNeural Network Numerai
DAMiscDave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
DAMOCLESDynamic Assembly Model of Colonization, Local Extinction and Speciation
damrInterface to Drosophila Activity Monitor System Result Files
damsDams in the United States from the National Inventory of Dams (NID)
DandEFADandelion Plot for R-Mode Exploratory Factor Analysis
dang'Dang' Associated New Goodies
daniDesign and Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials
DAPDiscriminant Analysis via Projections
dapr'purrr'-Like Apply Functions Over Input Elements
DarkThe Analysis of Dark Adaptation Data
DarkDivEstimating Probabilistic Dark Diversity
darkskyTools to Work with the 'Dark Sky' 'API'
dartRImporting and Analysing SNP and Silicodart Data Generated by Genome-Wide Restriction Fragment Analysis
dartsStatistical Tools to Analyze Your Darts Game
dashboardInteractive Data Visualization with D3.js
DasstTools for Reading, Processing and Writing 'DSSAT' Files
datTools for Data Manipulation
data.tableExtension of 'data.frame'
data.treeGeneral Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure
data.worldFunctions and Add-Ins for Working with 'data.world' Data Sets and Projects
Data2LDFunctional Data Analysis with Linear Differential Equations
DatabaseConnectorConnecting to Various Database Platforms
DatabaseConnectorJarsJAR Dependencies for the 'DatabaseConnector' Package
DatabionicSwarmSwarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering
datacheckTools for Checking Data Consistency
DataCleanData Cleaning
DataCombineTools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets
dataCompareRCompare Two Data Frames and Summarise the Difference
datadigestCreate an Interactive Data Summary
datadogrR Client for 'Datadog' API
datadrDivide and Recombine for Large, Complex Data
DataEntryMake it Easier to Enter Questionnaire Data
dataesgobrAccess and Use Spain Government's API
DataExplorerAutomate Data Exploration and Treatment
dataframes2xlsWrite Data Frames to Xls Files
datafsmEstimating Finite State Machine Models from Data
DataGraphExport Data from R so DataGraph can Read it
DataLoaderImport Multiple File Types
dataMaidA Suite of Checks for Identification of Potential Errors in a Data Frame as Part of the Data Screening Process
datamapA system for mapping foreign objects to R variables and environments
datamapsCreate Interactive Web Maps with the 'JavaScript Datamaps' Library
datamartUnified access to your data sources
dataMetaCreate and Append a Data Dictionary for an R Dataset
dataonderivativesEasily Source Publicly Available Data on Derivatives
dataoneR Interface to the DataONE REST API
datapackA Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources
datapackage.rData Package 'Frictionless Data'
DataPackageRConstruct Reproducible Analytic Data Sets as R Packages
datapastaR Tools for Data Copy-Pasta
dataPreparationAutomated Data Preparation
dataQualityRPerforms variable level data quality checks and generates summary statistics
dataRetrievalRetrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrologic and Water Quality Data
datariumData Bank for Statistical Analysis and Visualization
datarobot'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API
datasauRusDatasets from the Datasaurus Dozen
dataseriesSwitzerland's Data Series in One Place
datasets.loadInterface for Loading Datasets
DataSpaceRInterface to 'the CAVD DataSpace'
DatAssimData Assimilation
datasteprAn Implementation of a SAS-Style Data Step
datastructuresImplementation of Core Data Structures
datasusAn Interface to DATASUS System
datautilsTimestamps and Advanced Plotting
dataverseClient for Dataverse 4 Repositories
dataviewData and Workspace Browser for Terminals
DataVisualizationsVisualizations of High-Dimensional Data
DataVizData Visualisation Using an HTML Page and 'D3.js'
dateFunctions for Handling Dates
datetimeNominal Dates, Times, and Durations
datetimeutilsUtilities for Dates and Times
DATforDCEMRIDeconvolution Analysis Tool for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
datoramarInterface to the 'Datorama' API
datosTraduce al Español Varios Conjuntos de Datos de Práctica
datr'Dat' Protocol Interface
datrProfileColumn Profile for Tables and Datasets
daveFunctions for "Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology"
DaviesThe Davies Quantile Function
dawaiDiscriminant Analysis with Additional Information
daymetrInterface to the 'Daymet' Web Services
dbartsDiscrete Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Sampler
dbConnectProvides a graphical user interface to connect with databases that use MySQL
dbEmpLikeGOFGoodness-of-fit and two sample comparison tests using sample entropy
dbEmpLikeNormTest for joint assessment of normality
DBESTDetecting Breakpoints and Estimating Segments in Trend
dbfakerA Tool to Ensure the Validity of Database Writes
DBfitA Double Bootstrap Method for Analyzing Linear Models with Autoregressive Errors
dbflobrRead and Write Files to SQLite Databases
DBGSAmethods of distance-based gene set functional enrichment analysis
DBHCSequence Clustering with Discrete-Output HMMs
DBIR Database Interface
DBItestTesting 'DBI' Back Ends
DBKGradDiscrete Beta Kernel Graduation of Mortality Data
dblcensCompute the NPMLE of distribution from doubly censored data
dblrDiscrete Boosting Logistic Regression
dbmssDistance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures
dbparser'DrugBank' Database XML Parser
dbplotSimplifies Plotting Data Inside Databases
dbplyrA 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
dbscanDensity Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms
dbstatsDistance-Based Statistics
dbxA Fast, Easy-to-Use Database Interface
dc3netInferring Condition-Specific Networks via Differential Network Inference
DCADynamic Correlation Analysis for High Dimensional Data
DCchoiceAnalyzing Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Data
DCDDifferential Community Detection in Paired Biological Networks
DCEMClustering for Multivariate and Univariate Data Using Expectation Maximization Algorithm
dcemriS4A Package for Image Analysis of DCE-MRI (S4 Implementation)
DCGData Cloud Geometry (DCG): Using Random Walks to Find Community Structure in Social Network Analysis
DCGLDifferential Co-expression Analysis and Differential Regulation Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
dcGORAnalysis of Ontologies and Protein Domain Annotations
DChaosChaotic Time Series Analysis
dChipIOMethods for Reading dChip Files
DCLClaims Reserving under the Double Chain Ladder Model
dcloneData Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods
dclustDivisive Hierarchical Clustering
DClusterFunctions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases
DClustermModel-Based Detection of Disease Clusters
DCMData Converter Module
dcminfoInformation Matrix for Diagnostic Classification Models
dcmleHierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning
dcmodifyModify Data Using Externally Defined Modification Rules
DCODEList Linear n-Peptide Constraints for Overlapping Protein Regions
dCovTSDistance Covariance and Correlation for Time Series Analysis
dcurverUtility Functions for Davidian Curves
dcvConventional Cross-validation statistics for climate-growth model
ddalphaDepth-Based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
DDDDiversity-Dependent Diversification
ddeSolve Delay Differential Equations
DDHFmVariance Stabilization by Data-Driven Haar-Fisz (for Microarrays)
ddivData Driven I-v Feature Extraction
DDMDeath Registration Coverage Estimation
DDoutlierDistance & Density-Based Outlier Detection
ddpcaDiagonally Dominant Principal Component Analysis
ddpcrAnalysis and Visualization of Droplet Digital PCR in R and on the Web
DDPGPSurvDDP-GP Survival Analysis
DDPNADisease-Related Differential Proteins and Co-Expression Network Analysis
DDRTreeLearning Principal Graphs with DDRTree
ddsPLSData-Driven Sparse Partial Least Squares Robust to Missing Samples for Mono and Multi-Block Data Sets
ddstData Driven Smooth Tests
deadbandStatistical Deadband Algorithms Comparison
dealLearning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
deamerDeconvolution density estimation with adaptive methods for a variable prone to measurement error
deaRConventional and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis
deBInferBayesian Inference for Differential Equations
debugmeDebug R Packages
debugrDebug Tool to Watch Objects/Expressions While Running an R Script
DECIDEDEComposition of Indirect and Direct Effects
decidoBindings for 'Mapbox' Ear Cutting Triangulation Library
decisionStatistical Decision Analysis
DecisionAnalysisImplementation of Multi Objective Decision Analysis
decisionSupportQuantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty
deckglAn R Interface to 'deck.gl'
DeclareDesignDeclare and Diagnose Research Designs
decodeDifferential Co-Expression and Differential Expression Analysis
decoderDecode Coded Variables to Plain Text and the Other Way Around
decomposedPSFTime Series Prediction with PSF and Decomposition Methods (EMD and EEMD)
decomprGlobal-Value-Chain Decomposition
deconDeconvolution Estimation in Measurement Error Models
deconstructSigsIdentifies Signatures Present in a Tumor Sample
deconvolveREmpirical Bayes Estimation Strategies
DecorateRFit and Deploy DECORATE Trees
DeducerA Data Analysis GUI for R
DeducerPlugInExampleDeducer Plug-in Example
DeducerPlugInScalingReliability and factor analysis plugin
DeducerSpatialDeducer for spatial data analysis
DeducerSurvivalAdd Survival Dialogue to Deducer
DeducerTextDeducer GUI for Text Data
deducorrectDeductive Correction, Deductive Imputation, and Deterministic Correction
deductiveData Correction and Imputation Using Deductive Methods
deepboostDeep Boosting Ensemble Modeling
deepgmmDeep Gaussian Mixture Models
deeplrInterface to the 'DeepL' Translation API
deepnetdeep learning toolkit in R
deepNNDeep Learning
DEEPRDirichlet-multinomial Evolutionary Event Profile Randomization (DEEPR) test
DEEVDDensity Estimation for Extreme Value Distribution
defaultChange the Default Arguments in R Functions
defineCreate FDA-Style Data and Program Definitions
deflateBRDeflate Nominal Brazilian Reais
deformulaIntegration of One-Dimensional Functions with Double Exponential Formulas
deGradInferParameter Inference for Systems of Differential Equation
degreenetModels for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks
deisotoperDetection of Isotope Pattern of a Mass Spectrometric Measurement
DelaporteStatistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
DelayedEffect.DesignSample Size and Power Calculations using the APPLE and SEPPLE Methods
deldirDelaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
DeLoreanEstimates Pseudotimes for Single Cell Expression Data
deltEstimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions
DeltaMeasure of Agreement Between Two Raters
deltaPlotRIdentification of Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF) using Angoff's Delta Plot Method
deltarCalculation of Delta R Values
DELTDDensity Estimation by Life Time Distributions
DemerelateFunctions to Calculate Relatedness on Diploid Genetic Data
DEMEticsEvaluating the genetic differentiation between populations based on Gst and D values
demiDifferential Expression from Multiple Indicators
demingDeming, Theil-Sen, Passing-Bablock and Total Least Squares Regression
DemoDecompDecompose Demographic Functions
demogRAnalysis of Age-Structured Demographic Models
demoGraphicProviding Demographic Table with the P-Value, Standardized Mean Difference Value
demographyForecasting Mortality, Fertility, Migration and Population Data
demoKdeKernel Density Estimation for Demonstration Purposes
DEMOVADEvelopment (of Multi-Linear QSPR/QSAR) MOdels VAlidated using Test Set
demuOptimal Design Emulators via Point Processes
dendextendExtending 'dendrogram' Functionality in R
dendroextrasExtra Functions to Cut, Label and Colour Dendrogram Clusters
dendrometeRAnalyzing Dendrometer Data
DendroSyncA Set of Tools for Calculating Spatial Synchrony Between Tree-Ring Chronologies
dendroToolsLinear and Nonlinear Methods for Analyzing Daily and Monthly Dendroclimatological Data
DendSerDendrogram seriation: ordering for visualisation
dendsortModular Leaf Ordering Methods for Dendrogram Nodes
DengueRTParameter Estimates and Real-Time Prediction of a Single Dengue Outbreak
denoiSeqDifferential Expression Analysis Using a Bottom-Up Model
denoiseRRegularized Low Rank Matrix Estimation
denovolyzeRStatistical Analyses of De Novo Genetic Variants
denproVisualization of Multivariate Functions, Sets, and Data
denseFLMMFunctional Linear Mixed Models for Densely Sampled Data
Density.T.HoldOutDensity.T.HoldOut: Non-combinatorial T-estimation Hold-Out for density estimation
densityClustClustering by Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks
DensParcorrDens-Based Method for Partial Correlation Estimation in Large Scale Brain Networks
densratioDensity Ratio Estimation
denstripDensity Strips and Other Methods for Compactly Illustrating Distributions
denvaxSimple Dengue Test and Vaccinate Cost Thresholds
DEoptimGlobal Optimization by Differential Evolution
DEoptimRDifferential Evolution Optimization in Pure R
depend.truncationStatistical Methods for the Analysis of Dependently Truncated Data
DepLogoDependency Logo
DEploidDeconvolute Mixed Genomes with Unknown Proportions
depmixDependent Mixture Models
depmixS4Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4
depthNonparametric Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
depth.plotMultivariate Analogy of Quantiles
DepthProcStatistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
depthToolsDepth Tools Package
dequerStacks, Queues, and 'Deques' for R
DeRezende.FerreiraZero Coupon Yield Curve Modelling
DerivSymbolic Differentiation
derivmktsFunctions and R Code to Accompany Derivatives Markets
DESDiscrete Event Simulation
descManipulate DESCRIPTION Files
descomponerSeasonal Adjustment by Frequency Analysis
descrDescriptive Statistics
describedataMiscellaneous Descriptive Functions
DescribeDisplayAn Interface to the 'DescribeDisplay' 'GGobi' Plugin
describerDescribe Data in R Using Common Descriptive Statistics
DescriptiveStats.OBeuDescriptive Statistics 'OpenBudgets.eu'
descriptrGenerate Descriptive Statistics
descstatsrDescriptive Univariate Statistics
desctableProduce Descriptive and Comparative Tables Easily
DescToolsTools for Descriptive Statistics
DescToolsAddInsInteractive Functions to be Used as Shortcuts in 'RStudio'
deseasonalizeOptimal deseasonalization for geophysical time series using AR fitting
designGGComputational tool for designing genetical genomics experiments
designGLMMFinding Optimal Block Designs for a Generalised Linear Mixed Model
DesignLibraryLibrary of Research Designs
designmatchMatched Samples that are Balanced and Representative by Design
desiRDesirability Functions for Ranking, Selecting, and Integrating Data
desirabilityFunction Optimization and Ranking via Desirability Functions
desireDesirability functions in R
DESnowballBagging with Distance-based Regression for Differential Gene Expression Analyses
deSolveSolvers for Initial Value Problems of Differential Equations ('ODE', 'DAE', 'DDE')
desplotPlotting Field Plans for Agricultural Experiments
DETRepresentation of DET Curve with Confidence Intervals
detailsCreate Details HTML Tag for Markdown and Package Documentation
detectAnalyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error
detectorDetect Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
detectRUNSDetect Runs of Homozygosity and Runs of Heterozygosity in Diploid Genomes
deTestSetTest Set for Differential Equations
DetMCDImplementation of the DetMCD Algorithm (Robust and Deterministic Estimation of Location and Scatter)
detpackDensity Estimation and Random Number Generation with Distribution Element Trees
DetRSuite of Deterministic and Robust Algorithms for Linear Regression
detrendeRStart the detrendeR Graphical User Interface (GUI)
detrendrDetrend Images
deTSTissue-Specific Enrichment Analysis
DetSelA Computer Program to Detect Markers Responding to Selection
detzrcrCompare Detrital Zircon Suites
devEMFEMF Graphics Output Device
devFuncClear and Condense Argument Check for User-Defined Functions
DEVisA Differential Expression Analysis Toolkit for Visual Analytics and Data Aggregation
devoidA Graphic Device that Does Nothing
Devore7Data sets from Devore's "Prob and Stat for Eng (7th ed)"
devRateQuantify the Relationship Between Development Rate and Temperature in Ectotherms
devtoolsTools to Make Developing R Packages Easier
DevTreatRulesDevelop Treatment Rules with Observational Data
dexterData Management and Analysis of Tests
dexterguiA Graphical User Interface for Dexter
dexterMSTCML Calibration of Multi Stage Tests
df2jsonConvert a dataframe to JSON
dfadjustDegrees of Freedom Adjustment for Robust Standard Errors
dfcombPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for Combination Studies
dfCompareCompare Two Dataframes and Return Adds, Changes, and Deletes
dfConnDynamic Functional Connectivity Analysis
dfcrmDose-Finding by the Continual Reassessment Method
dfexploreExplore data.frames by plotting NA and classes of each variable
DFITDifferential Functioning of Items and Tests
dfmetaMeta-Analysis of Phase I Dose-Finding Early Clinical Trials
dfmtaPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for MTA
dfoptimDerivative-Free Optimization
DforestDecision Forest
dfpedExtrapolation and Bridging of Adult Information in Early Phase Dose-Finding Paediatrics Studies
dfphase1Phase I Control Charts (with Emphasis on Distribution-Free Methods)
dfpkBayesian Dose-Finding Designs using Pharmacokinetics (PK) for Phase I Clinical Trials
dgaCapture-Recapture Estimation using Bayesian Model Averaging
dGAselIDGenetic Algorithm with Incomplete Dominance for Feature Selection
DGCADifferential Gene Correlation Analysis
dggridRDiscrete Global Grids
dglmDouble Generalized Linear Models
DGLMExtPoisDouble Generalized Linear Models Extending Poisson Regression
DGMDynamic Graphical Models
dgmbSimulating Data for PLS Mode B Structural Models
dgoDynamic Estimation of Group-Level Opinion
dgodataData for the 'dgo' Package
dgofDiscrete Goodness-of-Fit Tests
DGVM3D3D Forest Simulation Visualization Tool
DHARMaResidual Diagnostics for Hierarchical (Multi-Level / Mixed) Regression Models
dhgaDifferential Hub Gene Analysis
dhglmDouble Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
dhhA Heavy-Headed Distribution
DHS.ratesCalculates Demographic Indicators
dHSICIndependence Testing via Hilbert Schmidt Independence Criterion
diDeficit Index (DI)
diagisDiagnostic Plot and Multivariate Summary Statistics of Weighted Samples from Importance Sampling
diagmetaMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies with Several Cutpoints
diagonalsBlock Diagonal Extraction or Replacement
diagramFunctions for Visualising Simple Graphs (Networks), Plotting Flow Diagrams
DiagrammeRGraph/Network Visualization
DiagrammeRsvgExport DiagrammeR Graphviz Graphs as SVG
DiallelAnalysisRDiallel Analysis with R
dialrParse, Format, and Validate International Phone Numbers
dialrjarsRequired 'libphonenumber' jars for the 'dialr' Package
dialsTools for Creating Tuning Parameter Values
diapltBeads Summary Plot of Ranges
diceCalculate probabilities of various dice-rolling events
DiceDesignDesigns of Computer Experiments
DiceEvalConstruction and Evaluation of Metamodels
DiceKrigingKriging Methods for Computer Experiments
DiceOptimKriging-Based Optimization for Computer Experiments
diceRDiverse Cluster Ensemble in R
DiceViewPlot Methods for Computer Experiments Design and Surrogate
dichromatColor Schemes for Dichromats
dicionariosIBGEDictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE
DIconvexFinding Patterns of Monotonicity and Convexity in Data
didTreatment Effects with Multiple Periods and Groups
DidacticBoostA Simple Implementation and Demonstration of Gradient Boosting
DiderotBibliographic Network Analysis
didrooRFMCompute Recency Frequency Monetary Scores for your Customer Data
diefMetrics for Continuous Efficiency
dielectricDefines some physical constants and dielectric functions commonly used in optics, plasmonics
diezeitR Interface to the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
DIFboostDetection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models by Boosting Techniques
difconetDifferential Coexpressed Networks
DiffCorrAnalyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data
diffdeppropCalculates Confidence Intervals for two Dependent Proportions
diffdfDataframe Difference Tool
diffeeFast and Scalable Learning of Sparse Changes in High-Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Model Structure
diffeqrSolving Differential Equations (ODEs, SDEs, DDEs, DAEs)
diffeRMetrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps or Pairs of Variables
diffIRTDiffusion IRT Models for Response and Response Time Data
diffmanDetect Differentiation Problems
diffMeanVarDetecting Gene Probes with Different Means or Variances Between Two Groups
diffMeshGPMulti-Fidelity Computer Experiments Using the Tuo-Wu-Yu Model
DiffNetDetection of Statistically Significant Changes in Complex Biological Networks
diffobjDiffs for R Objects
diffprivEasy Differential Privacy
diffrDisplay Differences Between Two Files using Codediff Library
diffrprojectsProjects for Text Version Comparison and Analytics in R
diffrprojectswidgetVisualization for 'diffrprojects'
diffusionForecast the Diffusion of New Products
diffusionMapDiffusion Map
DiffusionRgqdInference and Analysis for Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
DiffusionRimpInference and Analysis for Diffusion Processes via Data Imputation and Method of Lines
DiffusionRjgqdInference and Analysis for Jump Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
diffusrNetwork Diffusion Algorithms
DIFlassoA Penalty Approach to Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models
difNLRDIF and DDF Detection by Non-Linear Regression Models
difRCollection of Methods to Detect Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF)
DIFtreeItem Focussed Trees for the Identification of Items in Differential Item Functioning
digestCreate Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
Digiroo2An application programming interface for generating null models of social contacts based on individuals' space use
digitalPCREstimate Copy Number for Digital PCR
digitizeUse Data from Published Plots in R
dilsData-Informed Link Strength. Combine multiple-relationship networks into a single weighted network. Impute (fill-in) missing network links
DIMEDIME (Differential Identification using Mixture Ensemble)
DIMORADiffusion Models R Analysis
dimRedA Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
dinaBayesian Estimation of DINA Model
dinamicDiNAMIC A Method To Analyze Recurrent DNA Copy Number Aberrations in Tumors
dineqDecomposition of (Income) Inequality
dintA Toolkit for Year-Quarter, Year-Month and Year-Isoweek Dates
DiPhiSeqRobust Tests for Differential Dispersion and Differential Expression in RNA-Sequencing Data
DiPsDirectional Penalties for Optimal Matching in Observational Studies
diptestHartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected
DIRECTBayesian Clustering of Multivariate Data Under the Dirichlet-Process Prior
DirectedClusteringDirected Weighted Clustering Coefficient
DirectEffectsEstimating Controlled Direct Effects for Explaining Causal Findings
DirectionalDirectional Statistics
directlabelsDirect Labels for Multicolor Plots
directotreeCreates an Interactive Tree Structure of a Directory
directPADirection Analysis for Pathways and Kinases
DirectStandardisationAdjusted Means and Proportions by Direct Standardisation
dirichletprocessBuild Dirichlet Process Objects for Bayesian Modelling
DirichletRegDirichlet Regression in R
dirmcmcDirectional Metropolis Hastings Algorithm
dirmultEstimation in Dirichlet-Multinomial distribution
discfrailCox Models for Time-to-Event Data with Nonparametric Discrete Group-Specific Frailties
discgolfDiscourse API Client
dischargeFourier Analysis of Discharge Data
disclapDiscrete Laplace Exponential Family
disclapmixDiscrete Laplace Mixture Inference using the EM Algorithm
discoDiscordance and Concordance of Transcriptomic Responses
discordFunctions for Discordant Kinship Modeling
discoveRExploratory Data Analysis System
discretecdAlgorithmCoordinate-Descent Algorithm for Learning Sparse Discrete Bayesian Networks
DiscreteFDRMultiple Testing Procedures with Adaptation for Discrete Tests
DiscreteInverseWeibullDiscrete Inverse Weibull Distribution
DiscreteLaplaceDiscrete Laplace Distributions
discreteMTPMultiple testing procedures for discrete test statistics
DiscreteQvalueImproved q-Values for Discrete Uniform and Homogeneous Tests
discreteRVCreate and Manipulate Discrete Random Variables
DiscreteWeibullDiscrete Weibull Distributions (Type 1 and 3)
discretizationData preprocessing, discretization for classification
discrimModel Wrappers for Discriminant Analysis
discrimARTsDiscrimination of Alternative Reproductive Tactics (ARTs)
DiscriMinerTools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis
discSurvDiscrete Time Survival Analysis
diseasemappingModelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
DisHetEstimate the Gene Expression Levels and Component Proportions of the Normal, Stroma (Immune) and Tumor Components of Bulk Tumor Samples
DisimForMixedCalculate Dissimilarity Matrix for Dataset with Mixed Attributes
DisImpactCalculates Disproportionate Impact When Binary Success Data are Disaggregated by Subgroups
disk.frameLarger-than-RAM Disk-Based Data Manipulation Framework
diskImageRA Pipeline to Analyze Resistance and Tolerance from Drug Disk Diffusion Assays
dismoSpecies Distribution Modeling
disparityfilterDisparity Filter Algorithm for Weighted Networks
dispmodModelling Dispersion in GLM
disposablesCreate Disposable R Packages for Testing
dispRityMeasuring Disparity
disseverSpatial Downscaling using the Dissever Algorithm
DiSSModFitting Sample Selection Models for Discrete Response Variables
dissUtilsUtilities for making pairwise comparisons of multivariate data
DistanceDistance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation
distance.sample.sizeCalculates Study Size Required for Distance Sampling
distancesTools for Distance Metrics
distantiaAssessing Dissimilarity Between Multivariate Time Series
DistatisRDiSTATIS Three Way Metric Multidimensional Scaling
distcompComputations over Distributed Data without Aggregation
distcreteDiscrete Distribution Approximations
distdichoRDistributional Method for the Dichotomisation of Continuous Outcomes
distdrawrDownload Occurrence Data of Vascular Plants in Germany from the FLORKART Database
distfree.crDistribution-Free Confidence Region
distill'R Markdown' Format for Scientific and Technical Writing
distilleryMethod Functions for Confidence Intervals and to Distill Information from an Object
distoUnified Interface to Distance, Dissimilarity, Similarity Matrices
distoryDistance Between Phylogenetic Histories
distrObject Oriented Implementation of Distributions
distr6The Complete R6 Probability Distributions Interface
distrDocDocumentation for 'distr' Family of R Packages
distreg.visFramework for the Visualization of Distributional Regression Models
distrEllipseS4 Classes for Elliptically Contoured Distributions
distrExExtensions of Package 'distr'
DISTRIBFour Essential Functions for Statistical Distributions Analysis: A New Functional Approach
DistributionOptimizationDistribution Optimization
distributions3Probability Distributions as S3 Objects
DistributionTestPowerful Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on the Likelihood Ratio
DistributionUtilsDistribution Utilities
distrModObject Oriented Implementation of Probability Models
distromDistributed Multinomial Regression
distrrEstimate and Manage Empirical Distributions
distrRmetricsDistribution Classes for Distributions from Rmetrics
distrSimSimulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'
distrTeachExtensions of Package 'distr' for Teaching Stochastics/Statistics in Secondary School
distrTEstEstimation and Testing Classes Based on Package 'distr'
distTailsA Collection of Full Defined Distribution Tails
disttoolsDistance Object Manipulation Tools
divagisProvides tools for quality checks of georeferenced plant species accessions
divDynDiversity Dynamics using Fossil Sampling Data
DivEDiversity Estimator
diveMoveDive Analysis and Calibration
diverseDiversity Measures for Complex Systems
diversitreeComparative 'Phylogenetic' Analyses of Diversification
diveRsityA Comprehensive, General Purpose Population Genetics Analysis Package
DiversityOccupancyBuilding Diversity Models from Multiple Species Occupancy Models
divestGet Images Out of DICOM Format Quickly
DivMeltHRM Diversity Assay Analysis Tool
divoTools for Analysis of Diversity and Similarity in Biological Systems
dixonNearest Neighbour Contingency Table Analysis
dixonTestDixon's Ratio Test for Outlier Detection
diyarMultistage Record Linkage and Case Definition for Epidemiological Analysis
DJLDistance Measure Based Judgment and Learning
dkanrClient for the 'DKAN' API
dkDNADiffusion Kernels on a Set of Genotypes
dLagMTime Series Regression Models with Distributed Lag Models
DLASSOImplementation of Adaptive or Non-Adaptive Differentiable Lasso and SCAD Penalties in Linear Models
dlbayesUse Dirichlet Laplace Prior to Solve Linear Regression Problem and Do Variable Selection
dlibAllow Access to the 'Dlib' C++ Library
dlmBayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
dlmapDetection Localization Mapping for QTL
DLMtoolData-Limited Methods Toolkit
dlnmDistributed Lag Non-Linear Models
dlookrTools for Data Diagnosis, Exploration, Transformation
dlsemDistributed-Lag Linear Structural Equation Models
dlstatsDownload Stats of R Packages
dmaDynamic Model Averaging
dmacsMeasurement Nonequivalence Effect Size Calculator
dmaiDivisia Monetary Aggregates Index
dmlDistance Metric Learning in R
dmmDyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data
DMMFDaily Based Morgan-Morgan-Finney (DMMF) Soil Erosion Model
dModDynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation in ODE Models
DMRMarkDMR Detection by Non-Homogeneous Hidden Markov Model from Methylation Array Data
DMRnetDelete or Merge Regressors Algorithms for Linear and Logistic Model Selection and High-Dimensional Data
dmtDependency Modeling Toolkit
dmutateMutate Data Frames with Random Variates
DMwRFunctions and data for "Data Mining with R"
DMwR2Functions and Data for the Second Edition of "Data Mining with R"
DNAseqtestGenerating and Testing DNA Sequences
DNAtoolsTools for Analysing Forensic Genetic DNA Data
DnEDistribution and Equation
dnetIntegrative Analysis of Omics Data in Terms of Network, Evolution and Ontology
DNetFinderEstimating Differential Networks under Semiparametric Gaussian Graphical Models
dngDistributions and Gradients
DNLCDifferential Network Local Consistency Analysis
DNMFDiscriminant Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
dnrSimulate Dynamic Networks using Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) Family
doData Operator
DOBADAnalysis of Discretely Observed Linear Birth-and-Death(-and-Immigration) Markov Chains
dobinDimension Reduction for Outlier Detection
dobsonData from the GLM Book by Dobson and Barnett
doByGroupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Contrasts, Utilities
dockerfilerEasy Dockerfile Creation from R
docoptCommand-Line Interface Specification Language
docopulaeOptimal Designs for Copula Models
docstringProvides Docstring Capabilities to R Functions
documairAutomatic Documentation for R packages
documentRun 'roxygen2' on (Chunks of) Single Code Files
documenterDocuments Files
docuSignrConnect to 'DocuSign' API
docxtoolsTools for R Markdown to Docx Documents
docxtractrExtract Data Tables and Comments from 'Microsoft' 'Word' Documents
DodgeAcceptance Sampling Ideas Originated by H.F. Dodge
dodgrDistances on Directed Graphs
DODRDetection of Differential Rhythmicity
DoE.baseFull Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
DoE.MIParrayCreation of Arrays by Mixed Integer Programming
DoE.multi.responseConstruct Multi-Response Experimental Designs
DoE.wrapperWrapper Package for Design of Experiments Functionality
DoEstRareRare Variant Association Test Based on Position Density Estimation
doexThe One-Way Heteroscedastic ANOVA Tests
doFutureA Universal Foreach Parallel Adapter using the Future API of the 'future' Package
doMCForeach Parallel Adaptor for 'parallel'
DominanceA Package to Calculate and Visualize Dominance Hierarchies
dominanceanalysisDominance Analysis
dominoR Console Bindings for the 'Domino Command-Line Client'
doMPIForeach Parallel Adaptor for the Rmpi Package
donutNearest Neighbour Search with Variables on a Torus
doParallelForeach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package
doRedisForeach parallel adapter for the rredis package
doremiDynamics of Return to Equilibrium During Multiple Inputs
doRNGGeneric Reproducible Parallel Backend for 'foreach' Loops
DOSDesign of Observational Studies
DOS2Design of Observational Studies, Companion to the Second Edition
dosearchCausal Effect Identification from Multiple Incomplete Data Sources
DoseFindingPlanning and Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments
doSNOWForeach Parallel Adaptor for the 'snow' Package
dosresmetaMultivariate Dose-Response Meta-Analysis
dostatsCompute Statistics Helper Functions
DOTRender and Export DOT Graphs in R
DoTCDistribution of Typicality Coefficients
dotCall64Enhanced Foreign Function Interface Supporting Long Vectors
dotdotEnhanced Assignment Operator to Overwrite or Grow Objects
dotenvLoad Environment Variables from '.env'
dotwhiskerDot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Results
doubcensSurvivor Function Estimation for Doubly Interval-Censored Failure Time Data
double.truncationAnalysis of Doubly-Truncated Data
DoubleConeTest Against Parametric Regression Function
DoubleExpSeqDifferential Exon Usage Test for RNA-Seq Data via Empirical Bayes Shrinkage of the Dispersion Parameter
DOvalidationKernel Hazard Estimation with Best One-Sided and Double One-Sided Cross-Validation
DowdFunctions Ported from 'MMR2' Toolbox Offered in Kevin Dowd's Book Measuring Market Risk
downloaderDownload Files over HTTP and HTTPS
downscaleDownscaling Species Occupancy
downscaledlDownscale of RS Images using Deep Learning
downsizeA Tool to Downsize Large Workflows for Testing
dpaDynamic Path Approach
dparserPort of 'Dparser' Package
DPBBMDirichlet Process Beta-Binomial Mixture
dpcidDifferential Partial Correlation IDentification
dpcRDigital PCR Analysis
dpglassoPrimal Graphical Lasso
DpitDistribution Pitting
dplRDendrochronology Program Library in R
dplRConConcordance for Dendroclimatology
dplyrA Grammar of Data Manipulation
dplyr.teradataA 'Teradata' Backend for 'dplyr'
dplyrAssistRStudio Addin for Teaching and Learning Data Manipulation Using 'dplyr'
dpmixsimDirichlet Process Mixture Model Simulation for Clustering and Image Segmentation
dpmrData Package Manager for R
DPPInference of Parameters of Normal Distributions from a Mixture of Normals
DPQDensity, Probability, Quantile ('DPQ') Computations
dprintPrint Tabular Data to Graphics Device
DPtreeDirichlet-Based Polya Tree
dqrngFast Pseudo Random Number Generators
dqshinyEnhance Shiny Apps with Customizable Modules
drMethods for Dimension Reduction for Regression
dr4plDose Response Data Analysis using the 4 Parameter Logistic (4pl) Model
DRAFTDisease Rapid Analysis and Forecasting Tool
dragonDeep Time Redox Analysis of the Geobiology Ontology Network
dragonkingStatistical Tools to Identify Dragon Kings
dragulaRDrag and Drop Elements in 'Shiny' using 'Dragula Javascript Library'
drakeA Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale
DramaAnalysisAnalysis of Dramatic Texts
drat'Drat' R Archive Template
drawWrapper Functions for Producing Graphics
DRaWRDiscriminative Random Walk with Restart
DRAYLComputation of Rayleigh Densities of Arbitrary Dimension
DrBatsData Representation: Bayesian Approach That's Sparse
drcAnalysis of Dose-Response Curves
DREGARRegularized Estimation of Dynamic Linear Regression in the Presence of Autocorrelated Residuals (DREGAR)
drfitDose-Response Data Evaluation
drgeeDoubly Robust Generalized Estimating Equations
DRHotNetDifferential Risk Hotspots in a Linear Network
DriftBurstHypothesisCalculates the Test-Statistic for the Drift Burst Hypothesis
drifterConcept Drift and Concept Shift Detection for Predictive Models
driftRDrift Correcting Water Quality Data
DrillRR Driver for Apache Drill
DrImputeImputing Dropout Events in Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data
DrInsightDrug Repurposing: Integration and Systematic Investigation of Genomic High Throughput Data
DRIPDiscontinuous Regression and Image Processing
drLumiMultiplex Immunoassays Data Analysis
drmdelDual Empirical Likelihood Inference under Density Ratio Models in the Presence of Multiple Samples
DRomicsDose Response for Omics
dropRAnalyze Drop Out of an Experiment or Survey
droptestSimulates LOX Drop Testing
DRRDimensionality Reduction via Regression
drsmoothDose-Response Modeling with Smoothing Splines
drtmleDoubly-Robust Nonparametric Estimation and Inference
DrugClustImplementation of a Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Drugs Side Effects
drugComboDrug Interaction Modeling Based on Loewe Additivity Following Harbron's Approach
drumrTurn R into a Drum Machine
dsDescriptive Statistics
ds4psyData Science for Psychologists
dsaSeasonal Adjustment of Daily Time Series
DSAIDEDynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology
DSAIRMDynamical Systems Approach to Immune Response Modeling
dsampleDiscretization-Based Direct Random Sample Generation
DSBayesBayesian subgroup analysis in clinical trials
dseDynamic Systems Estimation (Time Series Package)
DSLDistributed Storage and List
dslabsData Science Labs
dsliceDynamic Slicing
dsmDensity Surface Modelling of Distance Sampling Data
dsmodelsA Language to Facilitate Simulation and Visualization of Two-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
DSpatSpatial Modelling for Distance Sampling Data
dsrCompute Directly Standardized Rates, Ratios and Differences
dsrTestTests and Confidence Intervals on Directly Standardized Rates for Several Methods
dssdDistance Sampling Survey Design
DSsimDistance Sampling Simulations
dstUsing the Theory of Belief Functions
DstarMAnalyze Two Choice Reaction Time Data with the D*M Method
dstatConditional Sensitivity Analysis for Matched Observational Studies
DStreeRecursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees
dSVADirect Surrogate Variable Analysis
DSviaDRMExploring Disease Similarity in Terms of Dysfunctional Regulatory Mechanisms
DTA Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
dtablesSimplifying Descriptive Frequencies and Statistics
dtangleCell Type Deconvolution from Gene Expressions
DTATDose Titration Algorithm Tuning
DTAXGDiagnostic Test Assessment in the Absence of Gold Standard
DTComPairComparison of Binary Diagnostic Tests in a Paired Study Design
DtDDistance to Default
DTDADoubly truncated data analysis
DTDA.cifDoubly Truncated Data Analysis, Cumulative Incidence Functions
DTDA.niDoubly Truncated Data Analysis, Non Iterative
dtiAnalysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Data
DTKDunnett-Tukey-Kramer Pairwise Multiple Comparison Test Adjusted for Unequal Variances and Unequal Sample Sizes
DTMCPackSuite of functions related to discrete-time discrete-state Markov Chains
dtpDynamic Panel Threshold Model
dtpcrmDose Transition Pathways for Continual Reassessment Method
dtplyrData Table Back-End for 'dplyr'
DTREstimation and Comparison of Dynamic Treatment Regimes
dtreeDecision Trees
DTRlearn2Statistical Learning Methods for Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes
DTRregDTR Estimation and Inference via G-Estimation, Dynamic WOLS, Q-Learning, and Dynamic Weighted Survival Modeling (DWSurv)
DTSgA Class for Working with Time Series Based on 'data.table' and 'R6' with Largely Optional Reference Semantics
dttDiscrete Trigonometric Transforms
dttr2Manipulate Dates, DateTimes and Times
dtwDynamic Time Warping Algorithms
DTWBIImputation of Time Series Based on Dynamic Time Warping
dtwclustTime Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance
dtwSatTime-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis
DTWUMIImputation of Multivariate Time Series Based on Dynamic Time Warping
duawranglrSecurely Wrangle Dataset According to Data Usage Agreement
dubUnpacking Assignment for Lists via Pattern Matching
duckduckrSimple Client for the DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API
dummiesCreate dummy/indicator variables flexibly and efficiently
dummyAutomatic Creation of Dummies with Support for Predictive Modeling
dunn.testDunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
DunnettTestsSoftware implementation of step-down and step-up Dunnett test procedures
dupiRBayesian inference from count data using discrete uniform priors
durmodMixed Proportional Hazard Competing Risk Model
DVHmetricsAnalyze Dose-Volume Histograms and Check Constraints
dvmiscConvenience Functions, Moving Window Statistics, and Graphics
dwapiA Client for 'data.world' REST API
DWDLargeRFast Algorithms for Large Scale Generalized Distance Weighted Discrimination
dwdradarRead Binary Radar Files from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)
DWLassoDegree Weighted Lasso
dwlmDoubly Weighted Linear Model
DWregParametric Regression for Discrete Response
dyadsDyadic Network Analysis
dydeaDetection of Chaotic and Regular Intervals in the Data
dygraphsInterface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library
DykstraQuadratic Programming using Cyclic Projections
DYMDid You Mean?
dynTime Series Regression
dynamacDynamic Simulation and Testing for Single-Equation ARDL Models
DynamicDistributionDynamically visualized probability distributions and their moments
DynamicGPModelling and Analysis of Dynamic Computer Experiments
dynamichazardDynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models
dynamicTreeCutMethods for Detection of Clusters in Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
dynamoFit a Stochastic Dynamical Array Model to Array Data
DynaRankRInferring Longitudinal Dominance Hierarchies
dynatopmodelImplementation of the Dynamic TOPMODEL Hydrological Model
dynaTreeDynamic Trees for Learning and Design
dynBiplotGUIFull Interactive GUI for Dynamic Biplot in R
DynClustDenoising and clustering for dynamical image sequence (2D or 3D)+T
dyncompComplexity of Short and Coarse-Grained Time Series
dynCorrDynamic Correlation Package
dyndimredDimensionality Reduction Methods in a Common Format
dynetNLAResistanceResisting Neighbor Label Attack in a Dynamic Network
dynfrailFitting Dynamic Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
dyniaFit Dynamic Intervention Model
dynlmDynamic Linear Regression
DynNomVisualising Statistical Models using Dynamic Nomograms
dynOmicsFast Fourier Transform to Identify Associations Between Time Course Omics Data
dynpanelDynamic Panel Data Models
dynparamCreating Meta-Information for Parameters
dynpredCompanion Package to "Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis"
dynprogDynamic Programming Domain-Specific Language
dynrDynamic Modeling in R
dynRBDynamic Range Boxes
dynsbmDynamic Stochastic Block Models
dynsimDynamic Simulations of Autoregressive Relationships
dynsurvDynamic Models for Survival Data
DynTxRegimeMethods for Estimating Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes
dynutilsCommon Functionality for the 'dynverse' Packages
dynwrapRepresenting and Inferring Single-Cell Trajectories
DySeqFunctions for Dyadic Sequence Analyses
DZEXPMEstimation and Prediction of Skewed Spatial Processes
e1071Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien
E4toolsManagement and Processing Tools for Data Produced by the Empatica E4
eafPlots of the Empirical Attainment Function
EagleMultiple Locus Association Mapping on a Genome-Wide Scale
EAinferenceEstimator Augmentation and Simulation-Based Inference
eAnalyticsDynamic Web-Based Analytics for the Energy Industry
earlygatingProperties of Bayesian Early Gating Designs
earlyREstimation of Transmissibility in the Early Stages of a Disease Outbreak
earlywarningsEarly Warning Signals Toolbox for Detecting Critical Transitions in Timeseries
earthMultivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
earthtideParallel Implementation of 'ETERNA 3.40' for Prediction and Analysis of Earth Tides
earthtonesDerive a Color Palette from a Particular Location on Earth
EasyABCEfficient Approximate Bayesian Computation Sampling Schemes
easyAHPAnalytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
easyalluvialGenerate Alluvial Plots with a Single Line of Code
easyanovaAnalysis of Variance and Other Important Complementary Analyses
easyCODACompositional Data Analysis in Practice
easycsvLoad Multiple 'csv' and 'txt' Tables
easyDesAn Easy Way to Descriptive Analysis
EasyMARKUtility functions for working with mark-recapture data
EasyMxEasy Model-Builder Functions for 'OpenMx'
easyNCDFTools to Easily Read/Write NetCDF Files into/from Multidimensional R Arrays
easynlsEasy Nonlinear Model
easypackagesEasy Loading and Installing of Packages
easypowerSample Size Estimation for Experimental Designs
easyPSIDReading, Formatting, and Organizing the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)
easyPubMedSearch and Retrieve Scientific Publication Records from PubMed
easyregEasy Regression
easySdcTableEasy Interface to the Statistical Disclosure Control Package 'sdcTable'
easySVGAn Easy SVG Basic Elements Generator
easyVerificationEnsemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets
ebaElimination-by-Aspects Models
ebalEntropy reweighting to create balanced samples
EBASSSample Size Calculation Method for Cost-Effectiveness Studies Based on Expected Value of Perfect Information
EbayesThreshEmpirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods
ebdbNetEmpirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
EBENEmpirical Bayesian Elastic Net
ebGenotypingGenotyping and SNP Detection using Next Generation Sequencing Data
EBglmnetEmpirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
ebimetagenomicsEBI Metagenomics Portal
ebirdstAccess and Analyze eBird Status and Trends Data
EBMAforecastEnsemble BMA Forecasting
ebmcEnsemble-Based Methods for Class Imbalance Problem
EBPRSDerive Polygenic Risk Score Based on Emprical Bayes Theory
EBrankEmpirical Bayes Ranking
ebregImplementation of the Empirical Bayes Method
ebSNPGenotyping and SNP calling using single-sample next generation sequencing data
ecbProgrammatic Access to the European Central Bank's Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)
ECctmcSimulation from Endpoint-Conditioned Continuous Time Markov Chains
ecdElliptic Lambda Distribution and Option Pricing Model
EcdatData Sets for Econometrics
ecdfHTEmpirical CDF for Heavy Tailed Data
ecespaFunctions for Spatial Point Pattern Analysis
ECFsupEqual Covariance Functions Testing by L2-Norm and Sup-Norm
EcfunFunctions for Ecdat
ECGofTestDxA Goodness-of-Fit Test for Elliptical Distributions with Diagnostic Capabilities
ECharts2ShinyEmbedding Interactive Charts Generated with ECharts Library into Shiny Applications
echarts4rCreate Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 4
eChemSimulations for Electrochemistry Experiments
echo.findFinding Rhythms Using Extended Circadian Harmonic Oscillators (ECHO)
echogramEchogram Visualisation and Analysis
echorAccess EPA 'ECHO' Data
ecipexEfficient calculation of fine structure isotope patterns via Fourier transforms of simplex-based elemental models
ECLRMCEnsemble Correlation-Based Low-Rank Matrix Completion
eclustEnvironment Based Clustering for Interpretable Predictive Models in High Dimensional Data
ecmBuild Error Correction Models
ecmwfrInterface to 'ECMWF' and 'CDS' Data Web Services
ecoEcological Inference in 2x2 Tables
ecodistDissimilarity-Based Functions for Ecological Analysis
ecoengineProgrammatic Interface to the Web Service Methods Provided by UC Berkeley's Natural History Data
EcoGeneticsManagement and Exploratory Analysis of Spatial Data in Landscape Genetics
EcohydmodEcohydrological Modelling
EcoHydRologyA Community Modeling Foundation for Eco-Hydrology
EcoIndREcological Indicators
ECoLComplexity Measures for Supervised Problems
ecolMod"A practical guide to ecological modelling - using R as a simulation platform"
ecolotteryCoalescent-Based Simulation of Ecological Communities
EconDemandGeneral Analysis of Various Economics Demand Systems
econetEstimation of Parameter-Dependent Network Centrality Measures
EcoNetGenSimulate and Sample from Ecological Interaction Networks
econetworkAnalyzing Ecological Networks
economiccomplexityMethods Used in the Economic Complexity Literature
econullnetrNull Model Analysis for Ecological Networks
ecoregEcological Regression using Aggregate and Individual Data
ecoseriesAn R Interface to Brazilian Central Bank and Sidra APIs and the IPEA Data
ecosimToolbox for Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
EcoSimRNull Model Analysis for Ecological Data
ECOSolveREmbedded Conic Solver in R
ecospaceSimulating Community Assembly and Ecological Diversification Using Ecospace Frameworks
ecospatSpatial Ecology Miscellaneous Methods
ecotoxAnalysis of Ecotoxicology
ecotoxicologyMethods for Ecotoxicology
EcoTrophEcoTroph R package
ecovalProcedures for Ecological Assessment of Surface Waters
EcoVirtualSimulation of Ecological Models
ecpNon-Parametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
ecrEvolutionary Computation in R
ectotempQuantitative Estimates of Small Ectotherm Temperature Regulation Effectiveness
ed50Estimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
ed50simulationEstimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
EDAEnergy Decomposition Analysis
eda4treeRExperimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement
edarfExploratory Data Analysis using Random Forests
edccEconomic Design of Control Charts
edciEdge Detection and Clustering in Images
eddiGet Evaporative Demand Drought Index Raster Data
edeaRExploratory and Descriptive Event-Based Data Analysis
edeREmail Data Extraction Using R
edesignMaximum Entropy Sampling
edfRead Data from European Data Format (EDF and EDF+) Files
EDFIREstimating Discrimination Factors
edfReaderReading EDF(+) and BDF(+) Files
edfunCreating Empirical Distribution Functions
edgarPlatform for EDGAR Filing Management and Textual Analysis
edgarWebRSEC Filings Access
edgebundleRCircle Plot with Bundled Edges
edgeCorrSpatial Edge Correction
edgeRunMore Powerful Unconditional Testing of Negative Binomial Means for Digital Gene Expression Data
EDISONNetwork Reconstruction and Changepoint Detection
editData'RStudio' Addin for Editing a 'data.frame'
EditImputeContSimultaneous Edit-Imputation for Continuous Microdata
editrulesParsing, Applying, and Manipulating Data Cleaning Rules
eDMADynamic Model Averaging with Grid Search
EDMeasureEnergy-Based Dependence Measures
EDREstimation of the Effective Dimension Reduction ('EDR') Space
edrGraphicalToolsProvides Tools for Dimension Reduction Methods
edstanStan Models for Item Response Theory
EdSurveyAnalysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data
educineqCompute and Decompose Inequality in Education
eechidnaExploring Election and Census Highly Informative Data Nationally for Australia
eefAnalyticsAnalysing Education Trials
eegkitToolkit for Electroencephalography Data
eegkitdataData for package eegkit
eelExtended Empirical Likelihood
EEMRead and Preprocess Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Data
eemRTools for Pre-Processing Emission-Excitation-Matrix (EEM) Fluorescence Data
eeptoolsConvenience Functions for Education Data
eesimSimulate and Evaluate Time Series for Environmental Epidemiology
EFA.MRFADimensionality Assessment Using Minimum Rank Factor Analysis
EFAutilitiesUtility Functions for Exploratory Factor Analysis
EFDRWavelet-Based Enhanced FDR for Detecting Signals from Complete or Incomplete Spatially Aggregated Data
effectFusionBayesian Effect Fusion for Categorical Predictors
EffectLiteRAverage and Conditional Effects
effectRPredicts Oomycete Effectors
effectsEffect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, and Other Models
effectsizescrIndices for Single-Case Research
EffectsRelBaselineTest changes of a grouped response relative to baseline
EffectStarsVisualization of Categorical Response Models
EffectStars2Effect Stars
EffectTreatPrediction of Therapeutic Success
EfficientMaxEigenpairEfficient Initials for Computing the Maximal Eigenpair
efflogThe Causal Effects for a Causal Loglinear Model
effsizeEfficient Effect Size Computation
efreadrRead European Eddy Fluxes CSV Files
EFSTool for Ensemble Feature Selection
eftsHigh-Level Functions to Read and Write Ensemble Forecast Time Series in netCDF
egaError Grid Analysis
EGAnetExploratory Graph Analysis - A Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data Using Network Psychometrics
egcmEngle-Granger Cointegration Models
eggExtensions for 'ggplot2': Custom Geom, Custom Themes, Plot Alignment, Labelled Panels, Symmetric Scales, and Fixed Panel Size
eggCountsHierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
egorImport and Analyse Ego-Centered Network Data
egoTERGMEstimation of Ego-Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models via Expectation Maximization (EM)
EGRETExploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends
EGRETciExploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends Confidence Intervals
eGSTLeveraging eQTLs to Identify Individual-Level Tissue of Interest for a Complex Trait
ehaEvent History Analysis
ehelpEnhanced Help to Enable "Docstring"-Comments in Users Functions
eHOFExtended HOF (Huisman-Olff-Fresco) Models
EHRElectronic Health Record (EHR) Data Processing and Analysis Tool
EHRtemporalVariabilityDelineating Temporal Dataset Shifts in Electronic Health Records
eiEcological Inference
eiaAPI Wrapper for 'US Energy Information Administration' Open Data
EIAdataR Wrapper for the Energy Information Administration (EIA) API
eiCompareCompares EI, Goodman, RxC Estimates
eigeninvGenerates (dense) matrices that have a given set of eigenvalues
eigenmodelSemiparametric Factor and Regression Models for Symmetric Relational Data
eigenprcompComputes confidence intervals for principal components
eikosogramsThe Picture of Probability
EILAEfficient Inference of Local Ancestry
eiPackEcological Inference and Higher-Dimension Data Management
eiPartialIDEcological Regression with Partial Identification
eiveAn Algorithm for Reducing Errors-in-Variable Bias in Simple Linear Regression
eivtoolsMeasurement Error Modeling Tools
eiwildEcological Inference with individual and aggregate data
EIXExplain Interactions in 'XGBoost'
eixportExport Emissions to Atmospheric Models
EKMCMCMCMC Procedures for Estimating Enzyme Kinetics Constants
ELTwo-sample Empirical Likelihood
EL2SurvEmpirical Likelihood (EL) for Comparing Two Survival Functions
elassoEnhanced Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator Regression Model
ElastHReplicar metodologia de SPE/MF para calculo de elasticidade de receita
elasticGeneral Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'
elasticIsingIsing Network Estimation using Elastic Net and k-Fold Cross-Validation
elasticnetElastic-Net for Sparse Estimation and Sparse PCA
elasticsearchrA Lightweight Interface for Interacting with Elasticsearch from R
elecCollection of Functions for Statistical Election Audits
elec.stratFunctions for election audits using stratified random samples
EleChemrElectrochemical Reactions Simulation
electEstimation of Life Expectancies Using Multi-State Models
electionsUSA Presidential Elections Data
electionsBRR Functions to Download and Clean Brazilian Electoral Data
electivityAlgorithms for Electivity Indices
electoralAllocating Seats Methods and Party System Scores
elementRAn Framework for Reducing Elemental LAICPMS Data from Solid Structures
ElemStatLearnData Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: "The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction" by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani and Jerome Friedman
elevatrAccess Elevation Data from Various APIs
elexrLoad Associated Press Election Results with Elex
elfDistrKumaraswamy Complementary Weibull Geometric (Kw-CWG) Probability Distribution
elhmcSampling from a Empirical Likelihood Bayesian Posterior of Parameters Using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
ELISAtoolsELISA Data Analysis with Batch Correction
elitismEquipment for Logarithmic and Linear Time Stepwise Multiple Hypothesis Testing
elliplotEllipse Summary Plot of Quantiles
ellipseFunctions for Drawing Ellipses and Ellipse-Like Confidence Regions
ellipsisTools for Working with ...
ellipticWeierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions
elmNNRcppThe Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm
ELMRExtreme Machine Learning (ELM)
ELMSOImplementation of the Efficient Large-Scale Online Display Advertising Algorithm
eloElo Ratings
EloChoicePreference Rating for Visual Stimuli Based on Elo Ratings
EloOptimizedOptimized Elo Rating Method for Obtaining Dominance Ranks
EloRatingAnimal Dominance Hierarchies by Elo Rating
elrmExact Logistic Regression via MCMC
ElstonStewartElston-Stewart Algorithm
ELTExperience Life Tables
ELYPEmpirical Likelihood Analysis for the Cox Model and Yang-Prentice (2005) Model
EM.FuzzyEM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Non-Precise Information
EMAEasy Microarray Data Analysis
EMAtoolsData Management Tools for Real-Time Monitoring/Ecological Momentary Assessment Data
emax.glmGeneral Tools for Building GLM Expectation-Maximization Models
embaEnsemble Boolean Model Biomarker Analysis
EMbCExpectation-Maximization Binary Clustering
embedExtra Recipes for Encoding Categorical Predictors
EmbedSOMFast Embedding Guided by Self-Organizing Map
embryogrowthTools to Analyze the Thermal Reaction Norm of Embryo Growth
EMCEvolutionary Monte Carlo (EMC) algorithm
EmcdfComputation and Visualization of Empirical Joint Distribution (Empirical Joint CDF)
EMClusterEM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
EMDEmpirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectral Analysis
emdbookSupport Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"
emdiEstimating and Mapping Disaggregated Indicators
emdistEarth Mover's Distance
emgExponentially Modified Gaussian (EMG) Distribution
emhawkesExponential Multivariate Hawkes Model
emIRTEM Algorithms for Estimating Item Response Theory Models
EmissVVehicular Emissions by Top-Down Methods
EmiStatREmissions and Statistics in R for Wastewater and Pollutants in Combined Sewer Systems
EMLRead and Write Ecological Metadata Language Files
emldEcological Metadata as Linked Data
eMLEloglinFitting log-Linear Models in Sparse Contingency Tables
emmaEvolutionary model-based multiresponse approach
EMMAgeoEnd-Member Modelling of Grain-Size Data
emme2Read and Write to an EMME/2 databank
emmeansEstimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means
EMMIXcskewFitting Mixtures of CFUST Distributions
EMMIXgeneA Mixture Model-Based Approach to the Clustering of Microarray Expression Data
EMMIXmfaMixture Models with Component-Wise Factor Analyzers
EMMIXskewThe EM Algorithm and Skew Mixture Distribution
EMMLiA Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Analysis of Modularity
EMMREMLFitting Mixed Models with Known Covariance Structures
emoaEvolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms
emojifontEmoji and Font Awesome in Graphics
emonTools for Environmental and Ecological Survey Design
emovEye Movement Analysis Package for Fixation and Saccade Detection
EMPExpected Maximum Profit Classification Performance Measure
empicharEvaluates the Empirical Characteristic Function for Multivariate Samples
EmpiricalCalibrationRoutines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates
empiricalFDR.DESeq2Simulation-Based False Discovery Rate in RNA-Seq
emplikEmpirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data
emplik2Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Two Samples with Censored Data
emsEpimed Solutions Collection for Data Editing, Analysis, and Benchmark of Health Units
EMSaovThe Analysis of Variance with EMS
EMSCExtended Multiplicative Signal Correction
EMSHSEM Algorithm for Bayesian Shrinkage Approach with Structural Information Incorporated
EMSNMEM Algorithm for Sigmoid Normal Model
emstreeRTools for Fast Computing and Plotting Euclidean Minimum Spanning Trees
EMTExact Multinomial Test: Goodness-of-Fit Test for Discrete Multivariate data
emulatorBayesian Emulation of Computer Programs
emuRMain Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System
EMVSThe Expectation-Maximization Approach to Bayesian Variable Selection
enaRTools for Ecological Network Analysis
encPortable Tools for 'UTF-8' Character Data
EncDNAEncoding of Nucleotide Sequences into Numeric Feature Vectors
encodeRepresent Ordered Lists and Pairs as Strings
encryptrEasily Encrypt and Decrypt Data Frame/Tibble Columns or Files using RSA Public/Private Keys
endogenousClassical Simultaneous Equation Models
endogMNPR Package for Fitting Multinomial Probit Models with Endogenous Selection
endorseBayesian Measurement Models for Analyzing Endorsement Experiments
endtoendTransmissions and Receptions in an End to End Network
energyE-Statistics: Multivariate Inference via the Energy of Data
EnergyOnlineCPMDistribution Free Multivariate Control Chart Based on Energy Test
energyrData Published by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
enetLTSRobust and Sparse Methods for High Dimensional Linear and Logistic Regression
eNetXplorerQuantitative Exploration of Elastic Net Families for Generalized Linear Models
englishTranslate Integers into English
EngrExptData sets from "Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation"
engsoccerdataEnglish and European Soccer Results 1871-2016
ENiRGEcological Niche in R and GRASS
ENMevalAutomated Runs and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models
ENmiscNeuwirth miscellaneous
enplsEnsemble Partial Least Squares Regression
enrichRProvides an R Interface to 'Enrichr'
enrichvsEnrichment assessment of virtual screening approaches
enrichwithMethods to Enrich R Objects with Extra Components
EnsCatClustering of Categorical Data
EnsembleBaseExtensible Package for Parallel, Batch Training of Base Learners for Ensemble Modeling
ensembleBMAProbabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging
EnsembleCVExtensible Package for Cross-Validation-Based Integration of Base Learners
ensembleMOSEnsemble Model Output Statistics
EnsemblePCRegExtensible Package for Principal-Component-Regression-Based Heterogeneous Ensemble Meta-Learning
EnsemblePenRegExtensible Classes and Methods for Penalized-Regression-Based Integration of Base Learners
ensembleppEnsemble Postprocessing Data Sets
ensembleREnsemble Models in R
ensrElastic Net SearcheR
ensurerEnsure Values at Runtime
entropartEntropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
entropyEstimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities
EntropyEstimationEstimation of Entropy and Related Quantities
EntropyExplorerTools for Exploring Differential Shannon Entropy, Differential Coefficient of Variation and Differential Expression
EntropyMCMCMCMC Simulation and Convergence Evaluation using Entropy and Kullback-Leibler Divergence Estimation
envalysisMiscellaneous Functions for Environmental Analyses
EnvCptDetection of Structural Changes in Climate and Environment Time Series
envDocumentDocument the R Working Environment
enveomics.RVarious Utilities for Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics
enviGCMSGC/LC-MS Data Analysis for Environmental Science
enviPatIsotope Pattern, Profile and Centroid Calculation for Mass Spectrometry
enviPickPeak Picking for High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data
enviremGeneration of ENVIREM Variables
EnviroPRAEnvironmental Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tools
EnviroStatStatistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes
envlpasterEnveloping the Aster Model
envnamesTrack User-Defined Environment Names
EnvNicheRNiche Estimation
EnvStatsPackage for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
eofficeExport or Graph and Tables to 'Microsoft' Office and Import Figures and Tables
epadeEasy Plots
epandistStatistical Functions for the Censored and Uncensored Epanechnikov Distribution
epanet2toolkitCall 'EPANET' Functions to Simulate Pipe Networks
epanetReaderRead Epanet Files into R
ePCREnsemble Penalized Cox Regression for Survival Prediction
ephArgentina's Permanent Household Survey Data and Manipulation Utilities
EpiA Package for Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology
epibasixElementary Epidemiological Functions for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
epicontactsHandling, Visualisation and Analysis of Epidemiological Contacts
EpiContactTraceEpidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
EpiCurvePlot an Epidemic Curve
epidataTools to Retrieve Economic Policy Institute Data Library Extracts
epiDisplayEpidemiological Data Display Package
EpiDynamicsDynamic Models in Epidemiology
EpiEstimEstimate Time Varying Reproduction Numbers from Epidemic Curves
epiflowsPredicting Disease Spread from Flow Data
epiGWASRobust Methods for Epistasis Detection
EpiILMSpatial and Network Based Individual Level Models for Epidemics
EpiILMCTContinuous Time Distance-Based and Network-Based Individual Level Models for Epidemics
epimdrFunctions and Data for "Epidemics: Models and Data in R"
EpiModelMathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics
epinetEpidemic/Network-Related Tools
epiphyAnalysis of Plant Disease Epidemics
epiRTools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
EpiReportEpidemiological Report
episcanScan Pairwise Epistasis
episensrBasic Sensitivity Analysis of Epidemiological Results
episheetRothman's Episheet
EpiSignalDetectionSignal Detection Analysis
episodeEstimation with Penalisation in Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
episplineDensityDensity Estimation with Soft Information by Exponential Epi-splines
epistasisDetecting Epistatic Selection with Partially Observed Genotype Data
EpiStatsTools for Epidemiologists
EpistemicGameTheoryConstructing an Epistemic Model for the Games with Two Players
epitabFlexible Contingency Tables for Epidemiology
epitoolsEpidemiology Tools
epitrixSmall Helpers and Tricks for Epidemics Analysis
EplotPlotting longitudinal series
eplusrA Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'
eplyApply a Function Over Expressions
epocEndogenous Perturbation Analysis of Cancer
eposEpilepsy Ontology Similarities
eprEasy Polynomial Regression
epsiwalExact Post Selection Inference with Applications to the Lasso
epubrRead EPUB File Metadata and Text
epxToRImport 'Epidata' XML Files '.epx'
eq5dMethods for Calculating 'EQ-5D' Utility Index Scores
EQLExtended-Quasi-Likelihood-Function (EQL)
eqn2svgCreate an SVG-Based Mathematical Formula
eqs2lavaanEQS Output Conversion to lavaan Functions
eqtlTools for analyzing eQTL experiments: A complementary to Karl Broman's 'qtl' package for genome-wide analysis
equalCovsTesting the Equality of Two Covariance Matrices
Equalden.HDTesting the Equality of a High Dimensional Set of Densities
equaltestMIExamine Measurement Invariance via Equivalence Testing and Projection Method
equateObserved-Score Linking and Equating
equateIRTIRT Equating Methods
equateMultipleEquating of Multiple Forms
equivalenceProvides Tests and Graphics for Assessing Tests of Equivalence
equivalenceTestEquivalence Test for the Means of Two Normal Distributions
EQUIVNONINFTesting for Equivalence and Noninferiority
equivUMPUniformly Most Powerful Invariant Tests of Equivalence
equSALearning High-Dimensional Graphical Models
erahAutomated Spectral Deconvolution, Alignment, and Metabolite Identification in GC/MS-Based Untargeted Metabolomics
erboostNonparametric Multiple Expectile Regression via ER-Boost
ercvFitting Tails by the Empirical Residual Coefficient of Variation
ererEmpirical Research in Economics with R
ergmFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks
ergm.countFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks with Count Edges
ergm.egoFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data
ergm.rankFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Rank-Order Relational Data
ergm.usertermsUser-specified Terms for the statnet Suite of Packages
ergMarginsProcess Analysis for Exponential Random Graph Models
ergmharrisLocal Health Department network data set
erhcvEqui-Rank Hierarchical Clustering Validation
eRmExtended Rasch Modeling
ERPSignificance Analysis of Event-Related Potentials Data
erp.easyEvent-Related Potential (ERP) Data Exploration Made Easy
erpREvent-related potentials (ERP) analysis, graphics and utility functions
errCustomizable Object Sensitive Messages
errintBuilds Error Intervals
erroristAutomatically Search Errors or Warnings
errorizerFunction Errorizer
errorlocateLocate Errors with Validation Rules
errorsUncertainty Propagation for R Vectors
ERSAExploratory Regression 'Shiny' App
eRTG3DEmpirically Informed Random Trajectory Generation in 3-D
ESEdge Selection
es.difCompute Effect Sizes of the Difference
esaBcvEstimate Number of Latent Factors and Factor Matrix for Factor Analysis
esaddleExtended Empirical Saddlepoint Density Approximation
esapsIndicators of Electoral Systems and Party Systems
escEffect Size Computation for Meta Analysis
esDesignAdaptive Enrichment Designs with Sample Size Re-Estimation
eSDMEnsemble Tool for Predictions from Species Distribution Models
ESEAESEA: Discovering the Dysregulated Pathways based on Edge Set Enrichment Analysis
eseisEnvironmental Seismology Toolbox
ESGESG - A package for asset projection
ESGtoolkitToolkit for the simulation of financial assets and interest rates models
eshrinkShrinkage for Effect Estimation
ESKNNEnsemble of Subset of K-Nearest Neighbours Classifiers for Classification and Class Membership Probability Estimation
esmiscMisc Functions of Eduard Szöcs
esmprepData Preparation During and After the Use of the Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM)
esquisseExplore and Visualize Your Data Interactively
esregJoint Quantile and Expected Shortfall Regression
essHistThe Essential Histogram
essurveyDownload Data from the European Social Survey on the Fly
estatapiR Interface to e-Stat API
EstCRMCalibrating Parameters for the Samejima's Continuous IRT Model
ESTEREfficient Sequential Testing with Evidence Ratios
EstHerEstimation of Heritability in High Dimensional Sparse Linear Mixed Models using Variable Selection
estimabilityTools for Assessing Estimability of Linear Predictions
EstimateGroupNetworkPerform the Joint Graphical Lasso and Selects Tuning Parameters
EstimationToolsMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Probability Functions from Data Sets
estimatrFast Estimators for Design-Based Inference
estmeansdEstimating the Sample Mean and Standard Deviation from Commonly Reported Quantiles in Meta-Analysis
EstMixTumor Clones Percentage Estimations
estoutEstimates Output
estprodEstimation of Production Functions
EstSimPDMPEstimation and Simulation for PDMPs
estudy2An Implementation of Parametric and Nonparametric Event Study
esvisVisualization and Estimation of Effect Sizes
etableEasy Table
ETASModeling Earthquake Data Using 'ETAS' Model
etasFLPMixed FLP and ML Estimation of ETAS Space-Time Point Processes
ETCEquivalence to control
etherInteraction with the 'Ethereum' Blockchain
ethnobotanyRCalculate Quantitative Ethnobotany Indices
EthSEQEthnicity Annotation from Whole Exome Sequencing Data
etlExtract-Transform-Load Framework for Medium Data
ETLUtilsUtility Functions to Execute Standard Extract/Transform/Load Operations (using Package 'ff') on Large Data
etmEmpirical Transition Matrix
etmaEpistasis Test in Meta-Analysis
etrunctComputes Moments of Univariate Truncated t Distribution
eulerianeulerian: A package to find eulerian paths from graphs
eulerrArea-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Ellipses
europepmcR Interface to the Europe PubMed Central RESTful Web Service
europopHistorical Populations of European Cities, 1500-1800
EurosarcBayesBayesian Single Arm Sample Size Calculation Software
eurostatTools for Eurostat Open Data
ev.trawlExtreme Value Trawls
evaExtreme Value Analysis with Goodness-of-Fit Testing
EvalEstDynamic Systems Estimation - Extensions
evaluateParsing and Evaluation Tools that Provide More Details than the Default
EvaluationMeasuresCollection of Model Evaluation Measure Functions
evaluatorQuantified Risk Assessment Toolkit
EValueSensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding or Selection Bias in Observational Studies and Meta-Analyses
EvapotranspirationModelling Actual, Potential and Reference Crop Evapotranspiration
evclassEvidential Distance-Based Classification
evclustEvidential Clustering
EvCombREvidence Combination in R
evdFunctions for Extreme Value Distributions
evdbayesBayesian Analysis in Extreme Value Theory
eventEvent History Procedures and Models
eventdataREvent Data Repository
EventDetectREvent Detection Framework
eventIntervalSequential Event Interval Analysis
eventsStore and manipulate event data
EventStudyEvent Study Analysis
evianEvidential Analysis of Genetic Association Data
evidenceAnalysis of Scientific Evidence Using Bayesian and Likelihood Methods
evidenceFactorsReporting Tools for Sensitivity Analysis of Evidence Factors in Observational Studies
evirExtreme Values in R
evmixExtreme Value Mixture Modelling, Threshold Estimation and Boundary Corrected Kernel Density Estimation
evobiRComparative and Population Genetic Analyses
evolqgTools for Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
EvolutionaryGamesImportant Concepts of Evolutionary Game Theory
evolvabilityCalculation of Evolvability Parameters
EvomorphEvolutionary Morphometric Simulation
evoperEvolutionary Parameter Estimation for 'Repast Simphony' Models
EvoRAGEvolutionary Rates Across Gradients
evt0Mean of order p, peaks over random threshold Hill and high quantile estimates
evtclassExtreme Value Theory for Open Set Classification - GPD and GEV Classifiers
evtreeEvolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Trees
EWEdgeworth Expansion
EWGoFGoodness-of-Fit Tests for the Exponential and Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions
ewocEscalation with Overdose Control
EWOC2Escalation with Overdose Control using 2 Drug Combinations
ExactUnconditional Exact Test
exact2x2Exact Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 Tables
exactciExact P-Values and Matching Confidence Intervals for Simple Discrete Parametric Cases
ExactCIdiffInductive Confidence Intervals for the difference between two proportions
exactextractrFast Extraction from Raster Datasets using Polygons
exactLoglinTestMonte Carlo Exact Tests for Log-linear models
exactmetaExact fixed effect meta analysis
exactRankTestsExact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests
exampletestrHelp for Writing Unit Tests Based on Function Examples
examsAutomatic Generation of Exams in R
ExceedanceToolsConfidence regions for exceedance sets and contour lines
exceedProbConfidence Intervals for Exceedance Probability
excel.linkConvenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel
excelRA Wrapper of the 'JavaScript' Library 'jExcel'
excerptrExcerpt Structuring Comments from Your Code File and Set a Table of Contents
ExcessMassExcess Mass Calculation and Plots
exConInteractive Exploration of Contour Data
excursionsExcursion Sets and Contour Credibility Regions for Random Fields
exdexEstimation of the Extremal Index
exifRead EXIF Metadata from JPEGs
exifrEXIF Image Data in R
exiftoolrExifTool Functionality from R
ExomeDepthCalls Copy Number Variants from Targeted Sequence Data
exp2fluxConvert Gene EXPression Data to FBA FLUXes
ExPanDaRExplore Panel Data Interactively
expandFunctionsFeature Matrix Builder
expandsExpanding Ploidy and Allele-Frequency on Nested Subpopulations
ExpDEModular Differential Evolution for Experimenting with Operators
ExpDesExperimental Designs
ExpDes.ptPacote Experimental Designs (Portuguese)
experimentR Package for Designing and Analyzing Randomized Experiments
expertModeling without data using expert opinion
expintExponential Integral and Incomplete Gamma Function
ExplainPredictionExplanation of Predictions for Classification and Regression Models
explorInteractive Interfaces for Results Exploration
exploreSimplifies Exploratory Data Analysis
exploreRTools for Quickly Exploring Data
expmMatrix Exponential, Log, 'etc'
exportStreamlined Export of Graphs and Data Tables
exposeMultiple Effect Estimation of Chemicals in Environmental Epidemiology
ExPositionExploratory Analysis with the Singular Value Decomposition
exppSpatial Analysis of Extra-Pair Paternity
exppermComputing Expectations and Marginal Likelihoods for Permutations
ExpRepExperiment Repetitions
exprsoRapid Deployment of Machine Learning Algorithms
expSBMAn Exponential Stochastic Block Model for Interaction Lengths
expsmoothData Sets from "Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing"
expssTables, Labels and Some Useful Functions from Spreadsheets and 'SPSS' Statistics
expstudiesCalculate Exposures, Assign Records to Intervals
exptestTests for Exponentiality
exreportFast, Reliable and Elegant Reproducible Research
EXRQExtreme Regression of Quantiles
exsicConvenience Functions for Botanists to Create Specimens Indices
extdplyrData Manipulation Extensions of 'Dplyr' and 'Tidyr'
exteriorMatchConstructs the Exterior Match from Two Matched Control Groups
extfunnelAdditional Funnel Plot Augmentations
extlassoMaximum penalized likelihood estimation with extended lasso penalty
ExtMallowsAn Extended Mallows Model and Its Hierarchical Version for Ranked Data Aggregation
extraBinomialExtra-binomial approach for pooled sequencing data
ExtractTrainDataExtract Values from Raster
extraDistrAdditional Univariate and Multivariate Distributions
extrafontTools for using fonts
extrafontdbPackage for holding the database for the extrafont package
extraTreesExtremely Randomized Trees (ExtraTrees) Method for Classification and Regression
ExtremalDepExtremal Dependence Models
ExtremeBoundsExtreme Bounds Analysis (EBA)
extremefitEstimation of Extreme Conditional Quantiles and Probabilities
extremeIndexForecast Verification for Extreme Events
extRemesExtreme Value Analysis
extremeStatExtreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation
extremevaluesUnivariate Outlier Detection
extremisStatistics of Extremes
extremogramEstimation of Extreme Value Dependence for Time Series Data
extWeibQuantEstimate Lower Extreme Quantile with the Censored Weibull MLE and Censored Weibull Mixture
exuberEconometric Analysis of Explosive Time Series
eyelinkerImport ASC Files from EyeLink Eye Trackers
eyetrackingEyetracking Helper Functions
eyetrackingREye-Tracking Data Analysis
eyeTrackROrganising and Analysing Eye-Tracking Data
ezEasy Analysis and Visualization of Factorial Experiments
ezcoxEasily Process a Batch of Cox Models
ezecEasy Interface to Effective Concentration Calculations
ezglmselects significant non-additive interaction between two variables using fast GLM implementation
ezknitrAvoid the Typical Working Directory Pain When Using 'knitr'
ezpickrEasy Data Import Using GUI File Picker and Seamless Communication Between an Excel and R
ezplotFunctions for Common Chart Types
ezsimprovide an easy to use framework to conduct simulation
EZtuneTunes AdaBoost, Support Vector Machines, and Gradient Boosting Machines
fabCIFAB Confidence Intervals
fableForecasting Models for Tidy Time Series
fabletoolsCore Tools for Packages in the 'fable' Framework
fabMixOverfitting Bayesian Mixtures of Factor Analyzers with Parsimonious Covariance and Unknown Number of Components
fabricatrImagine Your Data Before You Collect It
faceFast Covariance Estimation for Sparse Functional Data
facebook.S4Access to Facebook API V2 via a Set of S4 Classes
facerecAn Interface for Face Recognition
facilitationA C++ Framework for Plant-Plant Interaction IBMs
FacPadBayesian Sparse Factor Analysis model for the inference of pathways responsive to drug treatment
FactMixtAnalysisFactor Mixture Analysis with covariates
FACTMLEMaximum Likelihood Factor Analysis
FactoClassCombination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
factoextraExtract and Visualize the Results of Multivariate Data Analyses
FactoInvestigateAutomatic Description of Factorial Analysis
FactoMineRMultivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
factoptdFactorial Optimal Designs for Two-Colour cDNA Microarray Experiments
factorcptSimultaneous Change-Point and Factor Analysis
factorExDesign and Analysis for Factorial Experiments
factorial2x2Design and Analysis of 2x2 Factorial Trial
factorMergerThe Merging Path Plot
factorplotGraphical Presentation of Simple Contrasts
factorQRBayesian quantile regression factor models
FactorsRIdentification of the Factors Affecting Species Richness
factorstochvolBayesian Estimation of (Sparse) Latent Factor Stochastic Volatility Models
factoryBuild Function Factories
FactoshinyPerform Factorial Analysis from 'FactoMineR' with a Shiny Application
factualRthin wrapper for the Factual.com server API
FADAVariable Selection for Supervised Classification in High Dimension
FAdistDistributions that are Sometimes Used in Hydrology
FahrmeirData from the Book "Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models", First Edition, by Ludwig Fahrmeir and Gerhard Tutz
failFile Abstraction Interface Layer (FAIL)
fairnessAlgorithmic Fairness Metrics
faisalconjointFaisal Conjoint Model: A New Approach to Conjoint Analysis
fakemakeMock the Unix Make Utility
fakeRSimulates Data from a Data Frame of Different Variable Types
falconFinding Allele-Specific Copy Number in Next-Generation Sequencing Data
falconxFinding Allele-Specific Copy Number in Whole-Exome Sequencing Data
fam.recriskFamilial Recurrence Risk
fam2rFrom 'Familias' to R
fameInterface for FAME Time Series Database
FamEventFamily Age-at-Onset Data Simulation and Penetrance Estimation
FamiliasProbabilities for Pedigrees Given DNA Data
FAMILYA Convex Formulation for Modeling Interactions with Strong Heredity
FAmleMaximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimation of Univariate Probability Distributions
FAMoSA Flexible Algorithm for Model Selection
famSKATRCFamily Sequence Kernel Association Test for Rare and Common Variants
FAMTFactor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : simultaneous tests under dependence in high-dimensional data
fancPenalized Likelihood Factor Analysis via Nonconvex Penalty
fANCOVANonparametric Analysis of Covariance
fancycutA Fancy Version of 'base::cut'
fanplotVisualisation of Sequential Probability Distributions Using Fan Charts
fansiANSI Control Sequence Aware String Functions
FAOSTATDownload Data from the FAOSTAT Database of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
faoutlierInfluential Case Detection Methods for Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Models
farModelization for Functional AutoRegressive Processes
farawayFunctions and Datasets for Books by Julian Faraway
FARDEEPFast and Robust Deconvolution of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte from Expression Profiles using Least Trimmed Squares
farffA Faster 'ARFF' File Reader and Writer
FarmSelectFactor Adjusted Robust Model Selection
FarmTestFactor Adjusted Robust Multiple Testing
farverVectorised Colour Conversion and Comparison
FASegJoint Segmentation of Correlated Time Series
fAsianOptionsRmetrics - EBM and Asian Option Valuation
fasjemA Fast and Scalable Joint Estimator for Learning Multiple Related Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models
fAssetsRmetrics - Analysing and Modelling Financial Assets
fastImplementation of the Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test (FAST)
fastaFast Adaptive Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithm
fastAdaboosta Fast Implementation of Adaboost
FastBandCholFast Estimation of a Covariance Matrix by Banding the Cholesky Factor
fastclimeA Fast Solver for Parameterized LP Problems, Constrained L1 Minimization Approach to Sparse Precision Matrix Estimation and Dantzig Selector
fastclusterFast Hierarchical Clustering Routines for R and 'Python'
fastcmhSignificant Interval Discovery with Categorical Covariates
fastcmprskFine-Gray Regression via Forward-Backward Scan
fastcoxLasso and Elastic-Net Penalized Cox's Regression in High Dimensions Models using the Cocktail Algorithm
fastdigestFast, Low Memory-Footprint Digests of R Objects
fastDummiesFast Creation of Dummy (Binary) Columns and Rows from Categorical Variables
fasterasterRaster Image Processing and Vector Recognition
fasterElasticNetAn Amazing Fast Way to Fit Elastic Net
fasterizeFast Polygon to Raster Conversion
FastGaSPFast and Exact Computation of Gaussian Stochastic Process
fastGHQuadFast 'Rcpp' Implementation of Gauss-Hermite Quadrature
fastglmFast and Stable Fitting of Generalized Linear Models using 'RcppEigen'
FastGPEfficiently Using Gaussian Processes with Rcpp and RcppEigen
fastGraphFast Drawing and Shading of Graphs of Statistical Distributions
FastHCSFastHCS Robust Algorithm for Principal Component Analysis
fastHICAHierarchical Independent Component Analysis: a Multi-Scale Sparse Non-Orthogonal Data-Driven Basis
fastICAFastICA Algorithms to Perform ICA and Projection Pursuit
FastImputationLearn from Training Data then Quickly Fill in Missing Data
fastJTEfficient Jonckheere-Terpstra Test Statistics for Robust Machine Learning and Genome-Wide Association Studies
FastKMA Fast Multiple-Kernel Method Based on a Low-Rank Approximation
FastKNNFast k-Nearest Neighbors
fastLinkFast Probabilistic Record Linkage with Missing Data
FastLZeroSpikeInferenceFast Nonconvex Deconvolution of Calcium Imaging Data
fastMFast Computation of Multivariate M-Estimators
fastmapFast Implementation of a Key-Value Store
fastmaRchingFast Marching Method for Modelling Evolving Boundaries
fastmatchFast match() function
fastNaiveBayesExtremely Fast Implementation of a Naive Bayes Classifier
fastnetLarge-Scale Social Network Analysis
FastPCSFastPCS Robust Fit of Multivariate Location and Scatter
fastpseudoFast Pseudo Observations
fastqcrQuality Control of Sequencing Data
fastRFoundations and Applications of Statistics Using R
fastR2Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R (2nd Edition)
FastRCSFits the FastRCS Robust Multivariable Linear Regression Model
fastrtext'fastText' Wrapper for Text Classification and Word Representation
FastRWebFast Interactive Framework for Web Scripting Using R
FastSFFast Structural Filtering
fastSOMFast Calculation of Spillover Measures
fastTextRAn Interface to the 'fastText' Library
fasttimeFast Utility Function for Time Parsing and Conversion
fat2LpolyTwo-Locus Family-Based Association Test with Polytomous Outcome
FateIDQuantification of Fate Bias in Multipotent Progenitors
FatTailsRKiener Distributions and Fat Tails in Finance
fauxpasHTTP Error Helpers
favnumsA Dataset of Favourite Numbers
FAwRFunctions and Datasets for "Forest Analytics with R"
fbarAn Extensible Approach to Flux Balance Analysis
fBasicsRmetrics - Markets and Basic Statistics
fbatiGene by Environment Interaction and Conditional Gene Tests for Nuclear Families
FBFsearchAlgorithm for Searching the Space of Gaussian Directed Acyclic Graph Models Through Moment Fractional Bayes Factors
FBNFISH Based Normalization and Copy Number inference of SNP microarray data
fBondsRmetrics - Pricing and Evaluating Bonds
fbRadsAnalyzing and Managing Facebook Ads from R
fbRanksAssociation Football (Soccer) Ranking via Poisson Regression
fbrocFast Algorithms to Bootstrap Receiver Operating Characteristics Curves
fcStandard Evaluation-Based Multivariate Function Composition
fcdFused Community Detection
fCertificatesBasics of Certificates and Structured Products Valuation
FCGRFatigue Crack Growth in Reliability
fChangeChange Point Analysis in Functional Data
fclustFuzzy Clustering
fcmInference of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs)
FCMapperFuzzy Cognitive Mapping
fCopulaeRmetrics - Bivariate Dependence Structures with Copulae
fcrFunctional Concurrent Regression for Sparse Data
fcrosA Method to Search for Differentially Expressed Genes and to Detect Recurrent Chromosomal Copy Number Aberrations
FCSlibA Collection of Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy Methods
fcukThe Ultimate Helper for Clumsy Fingers
FDMeasuring functional diversity (FD) from multiple traits, and other tools for functional ecology
fdaFunctional Data Analysis
fda.uscFunctional Data Analysis and Utilities for Statistical Computing
fdadensityFunctional Data Analysis for Density Functions by Transformation to a Hilbert Space
fdakmaFunctional Data Analysis: K-Mean Alignment
fdaMixedFunctional Data Analysis in a Mixed Model Framework
fdANOVAAnalysis of Variance for Univariate and Multivariate Functional Data
fdapaceFunctional Data Analysis and Empirical Dynamics
fdaPDEFunctional Data Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; Statistical Analysis of Functional and Spatial Data, Based on Regression with Partial Differential Regularizations
fdasrvfElastic Functional Data Analysis
fdatestInterval Testing Procedure for Functional Data
FDboostBoosting Functional Regression Models
fdcovAnalysis of Covariance Operators
FDGcopulasMultivariate Dependence with FDG Copulas
fdm2idData Mining and R Programming for Beginners
fDMADynamic Model Averaging and Dynamic Model Selection for Continuous Outcomes
fdqForest Data Quality
fdrciPermutation-Based FDR Point and Confidence Interval Estimation
fdrDiscreteNullFalse Discovery Rate Procedures Under Discrete and Heterogeneous Null Distributions
FDRregFalse discovery rate regression
FDRsampsizeCompute Sample Size that Meets Requirements for Average Power and FDR
FDRSegFDR-Control in Multiscale Change-Point Segmentation
fdrtoolEstimation of (Local) False Discovery Rates and Higher Criticism
fdsFunctional Data Sets
fdthFrequency Distribution Tables, Histograms and Polygons
FeaLectScores Features for Feature Selection
feastsFeature Extraction And Statistics for Time Series
featherR Bindings to the Feather 'API'
featureLocal Inferential Feature Significance for Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation
featurefinderFeature Finder
FeatureHashingCreates a Model Matrix via Feature Hashing with a Formula Interface
featuresFeature Extraction for Discretely-Sampled Functional Data
featuretoolsRInteract with the 'Python' Module 'Featuretools'
featurizerSome Helper Functions that Help Create Features from Data
febrFree Brazilian Repository for Open Soil Data
fechnerFechnerian Scaling of Discrete Object Sets
FedDataFunctions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
federalregisterClient Package for the U.S. Federal Register API
fedregsText Analysis of the US Code of Federal Regulations
fedreporterInterface to Federal 'RePORTER' API
FeedbackTSAnalysis of Feedback in Time Series
feedeRRead RSS/Atom Feeds from R
feisrEstimating Fixed Effects Individual Slope Models
felpFunctional Help for Functions, Objects, and Packages
fenceUsing Fence Methods for Model Selection
FENmlmFixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models
FEprovideRFixed Effects Logistic Model with High-Dimensional Parameters
fergmEstimation and Fit Assessment of Frailty Exponential Random Graph Models
fermicatsRFermi Large Area Telescope Catalogs
fetchRCalculate Wind Fetch
fExoticOptionsRmetrics - Pricing and Evaluating Exotic Option
fExpressCertificatesStructured Products Valuation for ExpressCertificates/Autocallables
fExtremesRmetrics - Modelling Extreme Events in Finance
ffMemory-Efficient Storage of Large Data on Disk and Fast Access Functions
ffbaseBasic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'
FFDFreedom from Disease
FFieldForce field simulation for a set of points
ffmanovaFifty-Fifty MANOVA
ffmetadataAccess to Fragile Families Metadata
ffstreamForgetting Factor Methods for Change Detection in Streaming Data
FFTreesGenerate, Visualise, and Evaluate Fast-and-Frugal Decision Trees
fftwFast FFT and DCT Based on the FFTW Library
fftwtoolsWrapper for 'FFTW3' Includes: One-Dimensional Univariate, One-Dimensional Multivariate, and Two-Dimensional Transform
fgacGeneralized Archimedean Copula
FGalgorithmFlury and Gautschi algorithms
fGarchRmetrics - Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedastic Modelling
fgdrUtilities for Fundamental Geo-Spatial Data
fgeoAnalyze Forest Diversity and Dynamics
fgeo.analyzeAnalyze ForestGEO Data
fgeo.plotPlot ForestGEO Data
fgeo.toolImport and Manipulate ForestGEO Data
fgeo.xAccess Small ForestGEO Datasets For Examples
fgmPartial Separability and Functional Gaussian Graphical Models
FgmutilsForest Growth Model Utilities
fgofFast Goodness-of-fit Test
fgptFloating Grid Permutation Technique
FGSGFeature Grouping and Selection Over an Undirected Graph
fguiFunction GUI
FHDIFractional Hot Deck and Fully Efficient Fractional Imputation
fhidataStructural Data for Norway
FHtestTests for Right and Interval-Censored Survival Data Based on the Fleming-Harrington Class
FIProvide functions for forest inventory calculations
FIACHRetrospective Noise Control for fMRI
fiberLDFiber Length Determination
ficFocused Information Criteria for Model Comparison
fICAClassical, Reloaded and Adaptive FastICA Algorithms
fieldRSRemote Sensing Field Work Tools
fieldsTools for Spatial Data
FieldSimRandom Fields (and Bridges) Simulations
fieryA Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework
filehashSimple Key-Value Database
filehashSQLiteSimple key-value database using SQLite
filelockPortable File Locking
filematrixFile-Backed Matrix Class with Convenient Read and Write Access
filenamerEasy Management of File Names
fileplyrChunk Processing or Split-Apply-Combine on Delimited Files and Distributed Dataframes
filesEffective File Navigation from the R Console
filesstringsHandy File and String Manipulation
FILESTFine-Level Structure Simulator
fillingMatrix Completion, Imputation, and Inpainting Methods
fillrFill Missing Values in Vectors
fImportRmetrics - Importing Economic and Financial Data
finalfitQuickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling
FinAnaFinancial Analysis and Regression Diagnostic Analysis
FinancialInstrumentFinancial Instrument Model Infrastructure and Meta-Data
FinancialMathFinancial Mathematics for Actuaries
FinAsymClassifies implicit trading activity from market quotes and computes the probability of informed trading
FinCalTime Value of Money, Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
finchParse Darwin Core Files
FinCovRegularizationCovariance Matrix Estimation and Regularization for Finance
FindAllRootsFind all root(s) of the equation and Find root(s) of the equation by dichotomy
FindItFinding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
findpythonFunctions to Find an Acceptable Python Binary
findRFind Code Snippets, R Scripts, R Markdown, PDF and Text Files with Pattern Matching
findviewsA View Generator for Multidimensional Data
FinePopFine-Scale Population Analysis
fingerprintFunctions to Operate on Binary Fingerprint Data
fingerProSediment Source Fingerprinting
fingertipschartsProduce Charts that you See on the Fingertips Website
fingertipsRFingertips Data for Public Health
finiteruinprobComputation of the Probability of Ruin Within a Finite Time Horizon
finreportrFinancial Data from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
FinTSCompanion to Tsay (2005) Analysis of Financial Time Series
fipeAccess to Average Purchase Price of Vehicles in Brazil
FiREFinder of Rare Entities (FiRE)
firebehavioRPrediction of Wildland Fire Behavior and Hazard
fishdataA Small Collection of Fish Population Datasets
FisherEMThe FisherEM Algorithm to Simultaneously Cluster and Visualize High-Dimensional Data
fisheyeRFisheye and Hyperbolic-space-alike Interactive Visualization Tools in R
FisHiCalIterative FISH-based Calibration of Hi-C Data
fishkirkko2015Dataset of Measurements of Fish Species at Kirkkojarvi Lake, Finland
fishmethodsFishery Science Methods and Models
fishModFits Poisson-Sum-of-Gammas GLMs, Tweedie GLMs, and Delta Log-Normal Models
fishmovePrediction of Fish Movement Parameters
FishRespAnalytical Tool for Aquatic Respirometry
fishtreeInterface to the Fish Tree of Life API
fishualizeColor Palettes Based on Fish Species
FisProFuzzy Inference System Design and Optimization
FITTranscriptomic Dynamics Models in Field Conditions
fit.modelsCompare Fitted Models
fit4NMNONMEM platform
FitARSubset AR Model Fitting
FitARMAFit ARMA or ARIMA Using Fast MLE Algorithm
fitbitScraperScrapes Data from Fitbit
fitdcGarmin FIT File Decoder
fitdistrplusHelp to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
fitDRCFitting Density Ratio Classes
fitODBODModeling Over Dispersed Binomial Outcome Data Using BMD and ABD
fitplcFit Hydraulic Vulnerability Curves
fitPolyGenotype Calling for Bi-Allelic Marker Assays
FITSioFITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Utilities
fitteRFit Hundreds of Theoretical Distributions to Empirical Data
fitTetrafitTetra is an R package for assigning tetraploid genotype scores
FitUltDFit Univariate Mixed and Usual Distributions
fiturFit Univariate Distributions
fivethirtyeightData and Code Behind the Stories and Interactives at 'FiveThirtyEight'
FixedPointAlgorithms for Finding Fixed Point Vectors of Functions
fixedTimeEventsThe Distribution of Distances Between Discrete Events in Fixed Time
fixerapiAn R Client for the "Fixer.io" Currency API
fixestFast Fixed-Effects Estimations
FixSeqMTPFixed Sequence Multiple Testing Procedures
fizzbuzzRFizz Buzz Implementation
FKFFast Kalman Filter
flaccoFeature-Based Landscape Analysis of Continuous and Constrained Optimization Problems
flagrImplementation of Flag Aggregation
flamFits Piecewise Constant Models with Data-Adaptive Knots
FLAMEA Fast Large-Scale Almost Matching Exactly Approach to Causal Inference
flamingosFunctional Latent Data Models for Clustering Heterogeneous Curves ('FLaMingos')
flanFLuctuation ANalysis on Mutation Models
flareFamily of Lasso Regression
flarsFunctional LARS
flashClustImplementation of optimal hierarchical clustering
flashlightShed Light on Black Box Machine Learning Models
flatrTransforms Contingency Tables to Data Frames, and Analyses Them
flatxmlTools for Working with XML Files as R Dataframes
flexclustFlexible Cluster Algorithms
flexdashboardR Markdown Format for Flexible Dashboards
FlexDirTools to Work with the Flexible Dirichlet Distribution
FlexGAMGeneralized Additive Models with Flexible Response Functions
flexmetFlexible Latent Trait Metrics using the Filtered Monotonic Polynomial Item Response Model
flexmixFlexible Mixture Modeling
flexmixNLFinite Mixture Modeling of Generalized Nonlinear Models
FlexParamCurveTools to Fit Flexible Parametric Curves
flexPMFlexible Parametric Models for Censored and Truncated Data
flexrsurvFlexible Relative Survival Analysis
FlexScanFlexible Scan Statistics
flexsurvFlexible Parametric Survival and Multi-State Models
flexsurvcureFlexible Parametric Cure Models
flextableFunctions for Tabular Reporting
FlickrAPIAccess to Flickr API
flifoDon't Get Stuck with Stacks in R
flightplanningUAV Flight Planning
FLightRReconstruct Animal Paths from Solar Geolocation Loggers Data
flipMultivariate Permutation Tests
flippantDithionite Scramblase Assay Analysis
flipscoresRobust Testing in GLMs
FLLatFused Lasso Latent Feature Model
float32-Bit Floats
flobrConvert Files to and from Binary Objects (BLOBs)
flockProcess Synchronization Using File Locks
floodStatistical Methods for the (Regional) Analysis of Flood Frequency
FloodMapperCross-Scale Flooding Prediction under Heavy Precipitation
floraTools for Interacting with the Brazilian Flora 2020
FlowCArFlow Network Construction and Analysis
flowDivCytometric Diversity Indices from Gated Data
flowerTools for characterizing flowering traits
flowfieldForecasts future values of a univariate time series
flowrStreamlining Design and Deployment of Complex Workflows
FlowRegEnvCostThe Environmental Costs of Flow Regulation
flowsFlow Selection and Analysis
FlowScreenDaily Streamflow Trend and Change Point Screening
FLRFuzzy Logic Rule Classifier
flsaPath Algorithm for the General Fused Lasso Signal Approximator
FLSSSMining Rigs for Specialized Subset Sum, Multi-Subset Sum, Multidimensional Subset Sum, Multidimensional Knapsack, Generalized Assignment Problems
FluMoDLInfluenza-Attributable Mortality with Distributed-Lag Models
fluoSurvEstimate Insect Survival from Fluorescence Data
FluryData Sets from Flury, 1997
fluxFlux rate calculation from dynamic closed chamber measurements
fluxwebEstimate Energy Fluxes in Food Webs
flyioRead or Write any Format from Anywhere
fmaData Sets from "Forecasting: Methods and Applications" by Makridakis, Wheelwright & Hyndman (1998)
FMAdistFrequentist Model Averaging Distribution
fmbasicsFinancial Market Building Blocks
FMCFactorial Experiments with Minimum Level Changes
fmcmcA friendly MCMC framework
fmdatesFinancial Market Date Calculations
FMEA Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability and Monte Carlo Analysis
FMPFiltered Monotonic Polynomial IRT Models
FMradioFactor Modeling for Radiomics Data
fmriAnalysis of fMRI Experiments
fmriqaFunctional MRI Quality Assurance Routines
fmrsVariable Selection in Finite Mixture of AFT Regression and FMR
fmsbFunctions for Medical Statistics Book with some Demographic Data
FMsmsnRegRegression Models with Finite Mixtures of Skew Heavy-Tailed Errors
FMStableFinite Moment Stable Distributions
fMultivarRmetrics - Analysing and Modeling Multivariate Financial Return Distributions
FNNFast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms and Applications
fNonlinearRmetrics - Nonlinear and Chaotic Time Series Modelling
fobagreedy variable selection
focusedMDSFocused, Interactive Multidimensional Scaling
foghornSummarize CRAN Check Results in the Terminal
foieGrasFit Continuous-Time State-Space and Latent Variable Models for Filtering Argos Satellite (and Other) Telemetry Data and Estimating Movement Behaviour
folderfunCreates and Manages Folder Functions for Portable Large-Scale R Analysis
fontBitstreamVeraFonts with 'Bitstream Vera Fonts' License
fontcmComputer Modern font for use with extrafont package
fontHindAdditional 'ggplot2' Themes Using 'Hind' Fonts
fontLiberationLiberation Fonts
fontMPlusAdditional 'ggplot2' Themes Using 'M+' Fonts
fontquiverSet of Installed Fonts
foodingraphFood Network Inference and Visualization
foodwebvisualisation and analysis of food web networks
foolboxFunction Manipulation Toolbox
fOptionsRmetrics - Pricing and Evaluating Basic Options
foramsForaminifera and Community Ecology Analyses
forcatsTools for Working with Categorical Variables (Factors)
foreachProvides Foreach Looping Construct
ForeCAForecastable Component Analysis
forecastForecasting Functions for Time Series and Linear Models
ForecastCombForecast Combination Methods
ForecastCombinationsForecast Combinations
ForecastFrameworkA Basis for Modular Model Creation
forecastHybridConvenient Functions for Ensemble Time Series Forecasts
forecastMLTime Series Forecasting with Machine Learning Methods
forecastSNSTSForecasting for Stationary and Non-Stationary Time Series
forecThetaForecasting Time Series by Theta Models
foreignRead Data Stored by 'Minitab', 'S', 'SAS', 'SPSS', 'Stata', 'Systat', 'Weka', 'dBase', ...
forensicStatistical Methods in Forensic Genetics
forensimStatistical tools for the interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures
foreSIGHTSystems Insights from Generation of Hydroclimatic Timeseries
forestChangeComputing Essential Biodiversity Variables from Global Forest Change Data
forestControlApproximate False Positive Rate Control in Selection Frequency for Random Forest
ForestFitStatistical Modelling with Applications in Forestry
forestFloorVisualizes Random Forests with Feature Contributions
ForestGapRTropical Forest Gaps Analysis
forestHESForest Health Evaluation System at the Forest Stand Level in China
forestinventoryDesign-Based Global and Small-Area Estimations for Multiphase Forest Inventories
forestmangrFunctions for Forest Mensuration and Management
forestmodelForest Plots from Regression Models
forestplotAdvanced Forest Plot Using 'grid' Graphics
forestrEcosystem and Canopy Structural Complexity Metrics from LiDAR
forestRKImplements the Forest-R.K. Algorithm for Classification Problems
forestSASForest Spatial Structure Analysis Systems
ForestToolsAnalyzing Remotely Sensed Forest Data
foretellProjecting Customer Retention Based on Fader and Hardie Probability Models
forgeCasting Values into Shape
ForImpImputation of Missing Values Through a Forward Imputation Algorithm
ForITFunctions from the 2nd Italian Forest Inventory (INFC)
FormalSeriesElementary arithemtic in formal series rings
formatRFormat R Code Automatically
formattableCreate 'Formattable' Data Structures
FormulaExtended Model Formulas
formula.toolsProgrammatic Utilities for Manipulating Formulas, Expressions, Calls, Assignments and Other R Objects
formulaicDynamic Generation and Quality Checks of Formula Objects
formulizeAdd Formula Interfaces to Modelling Functions
fortunesR Fortunes
forwardRobust Analysis using Forward Search
forwardsData from Surveys Conducted by Forwards
ForwardSearchForward Search using asymptotic theory
fossilPalaeoecological and Palaeogeographical Analysis Tools
FossilSimSimulation of Fossil and Taxonomy Data
fotoFourier Transform Textural Ordination
FourgametePFourGamete Test
fourierinComputes Numeric Fourier Integrals
fourPNOBayesian 4 Parameter Item Response Model
FourScoresA Game for Human vs. Human or Human vs. AI
fpaSpatio-Temporal Fixation Pattern Analysis
fpcFlexible Procedures for Clustering
fpcaRestricted MLE for Functional Principal Components Analysis
FPCA2DTwo Dimensional Functional Principal Component Analysis
FPCA3DThree Dimensional Functional Component Analysis
fpCompareReliable Comparison of Floating Point Numbers
FPDclusteringPD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering
fpeekCheck Text Files Content at a Glance
fpestEstimating Finite Population Total
fpmoutliersFrequent Pattern Mining Outliers
fpopSegmentation using Optimal Partitioning and Function Pruning
fPortfolioRmetrics - Portfolio Selection and Optimization
fpowComputing the noncentrality parameter of the noncentral F distribution
fppData for "Forecasting: principles and practice"
fpp2Data for "Forecasting: Principles and Practice" (2nd Edition)
fpp3Data for "Forecasting: Principles and Practice" (3rd Edition)
fptdApproxApproximation of First-Passage-Time Densities for Diffusion Processes
FPVTesting Hypotheses via Fuzzy P-Value in Fuzzy Environment
fracdiffFractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
fracprolifFraction Proliferation via a Quiescent Growth Model
fractalA Fractal Time Series Modeling and Analysis Package
fractaldimEstimation of fractal dimensions
FractalParameterEstimationSimulation and Parameter Estimation of Randomized Sierpinski Carpets using the p-p-p-q-Model
fractalrockGenerate fractal time series with non-normal returns distribution
FRACTIONNumeric number into fraction
fractionalVulgar Fractions in R
fragilityindexFragility Index
FragmanFragment Analysis in R
frailtyEMFitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
frailtyHLFrailty Models via Hierarchical Likelihood
frailtypackGeneral Frailty Models: Shared, Joint and Nested Frailty Models with Prediction; Evaluation of Failure-Time Surrogate Endpoints
frailtySurvGeneral Semiparametric Shared Frailty Model
frairTools for Functional Response Analysis
frambgrowthSimulation of the Growth of Framboidal and Sunflower Pyrite
Frames2Estimation in Dual Frame Surveys
francDetect the Language of Text
FRAPOFinancial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Optimisation with R
frapplotAutomatic Data Processing and Visualization for FRAP
frbsFuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Classification and Regression Tasks
FRCCFast Regularized Canonical Correlation Analysis
fredrAn R Client for the 'FRED' API
freealgThe Free Algebra
freegroupThe Free Group
freeknotsplinesAlgorithms for Implementing Free-Knot Splines
FreeSortRFree Sorting Data Analysis
freestatsStatistical algorithms used in common data mining course
freesurferWrapper Functions for 'Freesurfer'
freesurferformatsRead and Write 'FreeSurfer' Neuroimaging File Formats
freetypeharfbuzzDeterministic Computation of Text Box Metrics
fRegressionRmetrics - Regression Based Decision and Prediction
FRegSigComFunctional Regression using Signal Compression Approach
FREQFREQ: Estimate population size from capture frequencies
freqdistFrequency Distribution
freqdomFrequency Domain Based Analysis: Dynamic PCA
freqdom.fdaFunctional Time Series: Dynamic Functional Principal Components
freqparcoordNovel Methods for Parallel Coordinates
FreqProfFrequency Profiles Computing and Plotting
frequencyEasy Frequency Tables
frequencyConnectednessSpectral Decomposition of Connectedness Measures
frequentdirectionsImplementation of Frequent-Directions Algorithm for Efficient Matrix Sketching
FRESA.CADFeature Selection Algorithms for Computer Aided Diagnosis
freshCreate Custom 'Bootstrap' Themes to Use in 'Shiny'
FrF2Fractional Factorial Designs with 2-Level Factors
FrF2.catlg128Catalogues of resolution IV 128 run 2-level fractional factorials up to 33 factors that do have 5-letter words
FRKFixed Rank Kriging
fRLRFit Repeated Linear Regressions
frmRegression Analysis of Fractional Responses
frmhetRegression Analysis of Fractional Responses Under Unobserved Heterogeneity
frmpdRegression Analysis of Panel Fractional Responses
frmqaThe Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution, Related Distributions and Their Applications in Finance
fromoFast Robust Moments
frontierStochastic Frontier Analysis
frontilesPartial Frontier Efficiency Analysis
frostPrediction of Minimum Temperature for Frost Forecasting in Agriculture
frostrR Client to MET Norway's 'Frost' API
frtFull Randomization Test
fsCross-Platform File System Operations Based on 'libuv'
FSASimple Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
FSAdataData to Support Fish Stock Assessment ('FSA') Package
fsbrainManaging and Visualizing Brain Surface Data
fscaretAutomated Feature Selection from 'caret'
fsdaRRobust Data Analysis Through Monitoring and Dynamic Visualization
FSelectorSelecting Attributes
FSelectorRcpp'Rcpp' Implementation of 'FSelector' Entropy-Based Feature Selection Algorithms with a Sparse Matrix Support
fsiaImport and Analysis of OMR Data from FormScanner
FSInteractFast Searches for Interactions
fslrWrapper Functions for 'FSL' ('FMRIB' Software Library) from Functional MRI of the Brain ('FMRIB')
FSMUMIImputation of Time Series Based on Fuzzy Logic
fsoFuzzy Set Ordination
fSRMSocial Relations Analyses with Roles ("Family SRM")
fssemRFused Sparse Structural Equation Models to Jointly Infer Gene Regulatory Network
fstLightning Fast Serialization of Data Frames for R
FstabilityCalculate Feature Stability
fsthetFst-Heterozygosity Smoothed Quantiles
FSTpackageUnified Sequence-Based Association Tests Allowing for Multiple Functional Annotation Scores
ftDKA Wrapper for the API of the Danish Parliament
FTICRMSPrograms for Analyzing Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Data
ftnonparFeatures and Strings for Nonparametric Regression
fTradingRmetrics - Trading and Rebalancing Financial Instruments
ftsR Interface to 'tslib' (a Time Series Library in C++)
ftsaFunctional Time Series Analysis
ftsspecSpectral Density Estimation and Comparison for Functional Time Series
fueleconomyEPA fuel economy data
fugeRFUzzy GEnetic, a machine learning algorithm to construct prediction model based on fuzzy logic
fugueSensitivity Analysis Optimized for Matched Sets of Varied Sizes
fullfactFull Factorial Breeding Analysis
fulltextFull Text of 'Scholarly' Articles Across Many Data Sources
funUse R for Fun
funbarRFFungal Species Identification using DNA Barcode with Random Forest
funchirConvenience Functions by Michael Chirico
FunChisqModel-Free Functional Chi-Squared and Exact Tests
FunClusterFunctional Profiling of Microarray Expression Data
FuncMapHive Plots of R Package Function Calls
functionalCurry, Compose, and other higher-order functions
FunctionalNetworksAn algorithm for gene and gene set network inference
functoolsFunctional Programming in R
funcyFunctional Clustering Algorithms
funDataAn S4 Class for Functional Data
funFEMClustering in the Discriminative Functional Subspace
fungiblePsychometric Functions from the Waller Lab
funHDDCUnivariate and Multivariate Model-Based Clustering in Group-Specific Functional Subspaces
funiqueA Faster Unique Function
fUnitRootsRmetrics - Modelling Trends and Unit Roots
funLBMModel-Based Co-Clustering of Functional Data
funModelingExploratory Data Analysis and Data Preparation Tool-Box
FunnelPlotRFunnel Plots for Indirectly-Standardised Ratios
funnelRFunnel Plots for Proportion Data
funrSimple Utility Providing Terminal Access to all R Functions
funrarFunctional Rarity Indices Computation
funregFunctional Regression for Irregularly Timed Data
FUNTAFunctional Tangential Angle Pseudo-Depth
funtimesFunctions for Time Series Analysis
furnitureFurniture for Quantitative Scientists
furrrApply Mapping Functions in Parallel using Futures
fusedestBlock Splitting Algorithm for Estimation with Fused Penalty Functions
fuserFused Lasso for High-Dimensional Regression over Groups
fusionclustClustering and Feature Screening using L1 Fusion Penalty
FusionLearnFusion Learning
futile.anyA Tiny Utility Providing Polymorphic Operations
futile.loggerA Logging Utility for R
futile.matrixRandom Matrix Generation and Manipulation
futile.optionsFutile Options Management
futile.paradigmA framework for working in a functional programming paradigm in R
futilityInterim Analysis of Operational Futility in Randomized Trials with Time-to-Event Endpoints and Fixed Follow-Up
futureUnified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone
future.applyApply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures
future.BatchJobsA Future API for Parallel and Distributed Processing using BatchJobs
future.batchtoolsA Future API for Parallel and Distributed Processing using 'batchtools'
future.callrA Future API for Parallel Processing using 'callr'
futureheatwavesFind, Characterize, and Explore Extreme Events in Climate Projections
fuzzrFuzz-Test R Functions
Fuzzy.p.valueComputing Fuzzy p-Value
FuzzyAHP(Fuzzy) AHP Calculation
fuzzyFDRExact calculation of fuzzy decision rules for multiple testing
fuzzyforestFuzzy Forests
fuzzyjoinJoin Tables Together on Inexact Matching
FuzzyLPFuzzy Linear Programming
FuzzyMCDMMulti-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Fuzzy Data
FuzzyNumbersTools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers
FuzzyNumbers.Ext.2Apply Two Fuzzy Numbers on a Monotone Function
FuzzyRFuzzy Logic Toolkit for R
fuzzyRankTestsFuzzy Rank Tests and Confidence Intervals
fuzzyregFuzzy Linear Regression
fuzzySimFuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions
FuzzyStatProbFuzzy Stationary Probabilities from a Sequence of Observations of an Unknown Markov Chain
FuzzyStatTraStatistical Methods for Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
FuzzyToolkitUoNType 1 Fuzzy Logic Toolkit
fuzzywuzzyRFuzzy String Matching
FWDselectSelecting Variables in Regression Models
fwi.fbpFire Weather Index System and Fire Behaviour Prediction System Calculations
fwsimFisher-Wright Population Simulation
fxregimeExchange Rate Regime Analysis
fxtractFeature Extraction from Grouped Data
fyUtilities for Financial Years
g.dataDelayed-Data Packages
G1DBNA package performing Dynamic Bayesian Network inference
g2fFind and Fill Gaps in Metabolic Networks
G2SdGrain-Size Statistics and Description of Sediment
g3vizInteractively Visualize Genetic Mutation Data using a Lollipop-Diagram
GAGenetic Algorithms
GAabbreviateAbbreviating Items Measures using Genetic Algorithms
GABiFramework for Generalized Subspace Pattern Mining
GADGAD: Analysis of variance from general principles
GADAGA Genetic Algorithm for Learning Directed Acyclic Graphs
GaDiFPTFirst Passage Time Simulation for Gaussian Diffusion Processes
GADMToolsEasy Use of 'GADM' Maps
gafitGenetic Algorithm for Curve Fitting
gaiahGenetic and Isotopic Assignment Accounting for Habitat Suitability
gainMLMachine Learning-Based Analysis of Potential Power Gain from Passive Device Installation on Wind Turbine Generators
gainsLift (Gains) Tables and Charts
GAIPEGraphical Extension with Accuracy in Parameter Estimation (GAIPE)
galgoGenetic Algorithms for Multivariate Statistical Models from Large-Scale Functional Genomics Data
galtsGenetic Algorithms and C-Steps Based LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) Estimation
gamGeneralized Additive Models
gamaGenetic Approach to Maximize Clustering Criterion
gamairData for 'GAMs: An Introduction with R'
gambinFit the Gambin Model to Species Abundance Distributions
GAMBoostGeneralized linear and additive models by likelihood based boosting
gamboostLSSBoosting Methods for 'GAMLSS'
gamboostMSMEstimating multistate models using gamboost()
gamclassFunctions and Data for a Course on Modern Regression and Classification
gamCopulaGeneralized Additive Models for Bivariate Conditional Dependence Structures and Vine Copulas
GAMensApplies GAMbag, GAMrsm and GAMens Ensemble Classifiers for Binary Classification
gameofthronesPalettes Inspired in the TV Show "Game of Thrones"
gamesStatistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models
gamesGAGenetic Algorithm for Sequential Symmetric Games
GameTheoryCooperative Game Theory
GameTheoryAllocationTools for Calculating Allocations in Game Theory
gamlrGamma Lasso Regression
gamlssGeneralised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
gamlss.addExtra Additive Terms for GAMLSS Models
gamlss.censFitting an Interval Response Variable Using ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
gamlss.countKinfGenerating and Fitting K-Inflated 'discrete gamlss.family' Distributions
gamlss.dataGAMLSS Data
gamlss.demoDemos for GAMLSS
gamlss.distDistributions for Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
gamlss.infFitting Mixed (Inflated and Adjusted) Distributions
gamlss.mxFitting Mixture Distributions with GAMLSS
gamlss.nlFitting non linear parametric GAMLSS models
gamlss.spatialSpatial Terms in Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape Models
gamlss.trGenerating and Fitting Truncated ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
gamlss.utilGAMLSS Utilities
gamlssbssnBimodal Skew Symmetric Normal Distribution
gamm4Generalized Additive Mixed Models using 'mgcv' and 'lme4'
gamm4.testComparing Nonlinear Curves and Surface Estimations by Semiparametric Methods
gammSliceGeneralized Additive Mixed Model Analysis via Slice Sampling
gamregRobust and Sparse Regression via Gamma-Divergence
gamRRCalculate the RR for the GAM
gamselFit Regularization Path for Generalized Additive Models
ganalyticsInteract with 'Google Analytics'
GANPAGene Association Network-based Pathway Analysis
GANPAdataThe GANPA Datasets Package
gapGenetic Analysis Package
gap.datasetsDatasets for 'gap'
GAparsimonySearching Parsimony Models with Genetic Algorithms
gapfillFill Missing Values in Satellite Data
gapmapFunctions for Drawing Gapped Cluster Heatmap with ggplot2
gapminderData from Gapminder
GARAuthorize and Request Google Analytics Data
gargleUtilities for Working with Google APIs
garrayGeneralized Array Arithmetic for Ragged Arrays with Named Margins
GASGeneralized Autoregressive Score Models
gaselectGenetic Algorithm (GA) for Variable Selection from High-Dimensional Data
gasfluxesGreenhouse Gas Flux Calculation from Chamber Measurements
gastemptAnalyzing Gastric Emptying from MRI or Scintigraphy
gastonGenetic Data Handling (QC, GRM, LD, PCA) & Linear Mixed Models
gatepointsEasily Gate or Select Points on a Scatter Plot
GauProGaussian Process Fitting
gausscovThe Gaussian Covariate Method for Variable Selection
gaussDiffDifference measures for multivariate Gaussian probability density functions
gaussfactsThe Greatest Mathematician Since Antiquity
GaussianHMM1dInference, Goodness-of-Fit and Forecast for Univariate Gaussian Hidden Markov Models
gaussquadCollection of functions for Gaussian quadrature
gazepathParse Eye-Tracking Data into Fixations
gbGeneralize Lambda Distribution and Generalized Bootstrapping
GB2Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind: Properties, Likelihood, Estimation
GB2groupEstimation of the Generalised Beta Distribution of the Second Kind from Grouped Data
gbfsInterface with General Bikeshare Feed Specification Files
GBJGeneralized Berk-Jones Test for Set-Based Inference in Genetic Association Studies
gbmGeneralized Boosted Regression Models
gbm2sasConvert GBM Object Trees to SAS Code
gbpA Bin Packing Problem Solver
gbRdUtilities for processing Rd objects and files
gbs2ploidyInference of Ploidy from (Genotyping-by-Sequencing) GBS Data
gbtsHyperparameter Search for Gradient Boosted Trees
gbutilsSimulation of Real and Complex Numbers and Small Programming Utilities
GCAI.biasGuided Correction Approach for Inherited bias (GCAI.bias)
GCalciumA Data Manipulation and Analysis Package for Calcium Indicator Data
GCalignRSimple Peak Alignment for Gas-Chromatography Data
gCatGraph-based two-sample tests for categorical data
gcbd'GPU'/CPU Benchmarking in Debian-Based Systems
GCDGlobal Charcoal Database
gcdnetLASSO and Elastic Net (Adaptive) Penalized Least Squares, Logistic Regression, HHSVM, Squared Hinge SVM and Expectile Regression using a Fast GCD Algorithm
gceriskGeneralized Competing Event Model
gcForestDeep Forest Model
gciteGoogle Citation Parser
gcKrigAnalysis of Geostatistical Count Data using Gaussian Copulas
gclusClustering Graphics
gcmrGaussian Copula Marginal Regression
gconcordConcord method for Graphical Model Selection
gcookbookData for "R Graphics Cookbook"
GCPMGeneralized Credit Portfolio Model
GDGeographical Detectors
GDAdataDatasets for the Book Graphical Data Analysis with R
gdalcubesEarth Observation Data Cubes from Satellite Image Collections
gdalUtilitiesWrappers for 'GDAL' Utilities Executables
gdalUtilsWrappers for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Utilities
gdataVarious R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation
GDAtoolsA Toolbox for the Analysis of Categorical Data in Social Sciences, and Especially Geometric Data Analysis
gDefragGraph-Based Landscape De-Fragmentation
GDELTtoolsDownload, slice, and normalize GDELT data
gdimapGeneralized Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
GDINAThe Generalized DINA Model Framework
gdistanceDistances and Routes on Geographical Grids
gdmGeneralized Dissimilarity Modeling
gdmpGenomic Data Management
gdnsTools to Work with Google's 'DNS-over-HTTPS' ('DoH') 'API'
gdpcGeneralized Dynamic Principal Components
gdsDescriptive Statistics of Grouped Data
gdtoolsUtilities for Graphical Rendering
gearGeostatistical Analysis in R
GeDSGeometrically Designed Spline Regression
geeGeneralized Estimation Equation Solver
gee4Generalised Estimating Equations (GEE/WGEE) using 'Armadillo' and S4
GEEaSPUAdaptive Association Tests for Multiple Phenotypes using Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE)
geecureMarginal Proportional Hazards Mixture Cure Models with Generalized Estimating Equations
geeMSolve Generalized Estimating Equations
GEEmediateMediation Analysis for Generalized Linear Models Using the Difference Method
geepackGeneralized Estimating Equation Package
geesmvModified Variance Estimators for Generalized Estimating Equations
geexAn API for M-Estimation
geigenCalculate Generalized Eigenvalues, the Generalized Schur Decomposition and the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix Pair with Lapack
geigerAnalysis of Evolutionary Diversification
GEintMisspecified Models for Gene-Environment Interaction
gelnetGeneralized Elastic Nets
gemlogFile Conversion for 'Gem Infrasound Logger'
gemma2GEMMA Multivariate Linear Mixed Model
gemsGeneralized Multistate Simulation Model
gemtcNetwork Meta-Analysis Using Bayesian Methods
gen2stageGeneralized Two-Stage Designs for Phase II Single-Arm Studies
genalgR Based Genetic Algorithm
GenAlgoClasses and Methods to Use Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection
genasisGlobal ENvironmental ASsessment Information System (GENASIS) computational tools
genBaRcodeAnalysis and Visualization Tools for Genetic Barcode Data
genBartGenerate 'BART' File
GenBinomAppsClopper-Pearson Confidence Interval and Generalized Binomial Distribution
gencveGeneral Cross Validation Engine
gendataGenerate and Modify Synthetic Datasets
genderPredict Gender from Names Using Historical Data
genderBRPredict Gender from Brazilian First Names
gendistGenerated Probability Distribution Models
GENEAclassifySegmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data
GENEAreadPackage for Reading Binary Files
GeneBookMulti-Types Gene ID Converting/Annotating
GeneClusterNetGene Expression Clustering and Gene Network
GeneCycleIdentification of Periodically Expressed Genes
GeneFPackage for Generalized F-statistics
geneHummusA Pipeline to Define Gene Families in Legumes and Beyond
geneListPieProfiling a gene list into GOslim or KEGG function pie
genemodelGene Model Plotting in R
GeneNetModeling and Inferring Gene Networks
geneNetBPBelief Propagation in Genotype-Phenotype Networks
genepiGenetic Epidemiology Design and Inference
genepopPopulation Genetic Data Analysis Using Genepop
generalCorrGeneralized Correlations and Plausible Causal Paths
generalhoslemGoodness of Fit Tests for Logistic Regression Models
GeneralisedCovarianceMeasureTest for Conditional Independence Based on the Generalized Covariance Measure (GCM)
GeneralizedHyperbolicThe Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
GeneralizedUmatrixCredible Visualization for Two-Dimensional Projections of Data
GeneralOaxacaBlinder-Oaxaca Decomposition for Generalized Linear Model
generatorGenerate Data Containing Fake Personally Identifiable Information
genericsCommon S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting
geneSignatureFinderA Gene-signatures finder tools
GenEstGeneralized Mortality Estimator
genesysrGenesys PGR Client
geneticsPopulation Genetics
GeneticSubsetterIdentify Favorable Subsets of Germplasm Collections
GeNetItSpatial Graph-Theoretic Genetic Gravity Modelling
GenForImpThe Forward Imputation: A Sequential Distance-Based Approach for Imputing Missing Data
genieA New, Fast, and Outlier Resistant Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
genioGenetics Input/Output Functions
geniusEasily Access Song Lyrics from Genius.com
geniusrTools for Working with the 'Genius' API
GenKernFunctions for generating and manipulating binned kernel density estimates
genlassoPath Algorithm for Generalized Lasso Problems
GENLIBGenealogical Data Analysis
genlogisGeneralized Logistic Distribution
GENMETAImplements Generalized Meta-Analysis Using Iterated Reweighted Least Squares Algorithm
geno2proteoFinding the DNA and Protein Sequences of Any Genomic or Proteomic Loci
genoddsGeneralized Odds Ratios
genogeographerMethods for Analysing Forensic Ancestry Informative Markers
genomeplot'Plot genome wide values for all chromosomes'
genomic.autocorrModels Dealing with Spatial Dependency in Genomic Data
GenomicMatingEfficient Breeding by Genomic Mating
genomicperCircular Genomic Permutation using Gwas p-Values of Association
GenomicToolsCollection of Tools for Genomic Data Analysis
GenomicTools.fileHandlerFile Handlers for Genomic Data Analysis
genoPlotRPlot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps
GenOrdSimulation of Discrete Random Variables with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions
GenoScanA Genome-Wide Scan Statistic Framework for Whole-Genome Sequence Data Analysis
genotypeRSNP Genotype Marker Design and Analysis
genpathmoxGeneralized Pathmox Approach Segmentation Tree Analysis
genpwrPower Calculations Under Genetic Model Misspecification
genridgeGeneralized Ridge Trace Plots for Ridge Regression
GenSAGeneralized Simulated Annealing
gensembleGeneralized Ensemble Methods
gensphereGeneralized Spherical Distributions
genSurvGenerating Multi-State Survival Data
gensvmA Generalized Multiclass Support Vector Machine
GenTagGenerate Color Tag Sequences
genvarAn Imperative Library for Data Manipulation
GenWinSpline Based Window Boundaries for Genomic Analyses
geoaxeSplit 'Geospatial' Objects into Pieces
geoBayesAnalysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
GeoBoxplotGeographic Box Plot
geobrLoads Shapefiles of Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil
geoCountAnalysis and Modeling for Geostatistical Count Data
GeoDEA geometrical Approach to Differential expression and gene-set enrichment
geodetectorStratified Heterogeneity Measure, Dominant Driving Force Detection, Interaction Relationship Investigation
geodistFast, Dependency-Free Geodesic Distance Calculations
geoelectrics3D-Visualization of Geoelectric Resistivity Measurement Profiles
geofacet'ggplot2' Faceting Utilities for Geographical Data
geofdSpatial Prediction for Function Value Data
geoGAMSelect Sparse Geoadditive Models for Spatial Prediction
GeoGenetixQuantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation
geogridTurn Geospatial Polygons into Regular or Hexagonal Grids
geohashToolsTools for Working with Geohashes
geojsonClasses for 'GeoJSON'
geojsonioConvert Data from and to 'GeoJSON' or 'TopoJSON'
geojsonlintTools for Validating 'GeoJSON'
geojsonRA GeoJson Processing Toolkit
geojsonsfGeoJSON to Simple Feature Converter
geoknifeWeb-Processing of Large Gridded Datasets
GeoLightAnalysis of Light Based Geolocator Data
GEOmapTopographic and Geologic Mapping
geomapdataData for topographic and Geologic Mapping
GeomComb(Geometric) Forecast Combination Methods
geomedbFunctions for Fetching 'GeOMe-db' Data
geomergeGeospatial Data Integration
geometaTools for Reading and Writing ISO/OGC Geographic Metadata
geometrGenerate and Modify Interoperable Geometric Shapes
geometryMesh Generation and Surface Tessellation
geomnetNetwork Visualization in the 'ggplot2' Framework
GeoMongoGeospatial Queries Using 'PyMongo'
geomorphGeometric Morphometric Analyses of 2D/3D Landmark Data
geonamesInterface to the "Geonames" Spatial Query Web Service
geonapi'GeoNetwork' API R Interface
geonetworkGeographic Networks
geoops'GeoJSON' Topology Calculations and Operations
geoparserInterface to the Geoparser.io API for Identifying and Disambiguating Places Mentioned in Text
geophysGeophysics, Continuum Mechanics, Gravity Modeling
geoRAnalysis of Geostatistical Data
GeoRangeCalculating Geographic Range from Occurrence Data
geoRglmA Package for Generalised Linear Spatial Models
georobRobust Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data
geosampleConstruction of Geostatistical Sampling Designs
geosapiGeoServer REST API R Interface
geoscaleGeological Time Scale Plotting
geosedSmallest Enclosing Disc for Latitude and Longitude Points
geospacomFacilitate Generating of Distance Matrices Used in Package 'spacom' and Plotting Data on Maps
geosparkBring Local Sf to Spark
geoSpectralClasses and Methods for Working with Spectral Data with Space-Time Attributes
geosphereSpherical Trigonometry
geosptGeostatistical Analysis and Design of Optimal Spatial Sampling Networks
geosptdbSpatio-Temporal; Inverse Distance Weighting and Radial Basis Functions with Distance-Based Regression
geostatspGeostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes
GeoTcgaDataProcessing various types of data on GEO and TCGA
geotechGeotechnical Engineering
geotoolsGeo tools
geotoolsRTools to Improve the Use of Geostatistic
geotopbricksAn R Plug-in for the Distributed Hydrological Model GEOtop
geovizElevation and GPS Data Visualisation
geozoningZoning Methods for Spatial Data
geozooZoo of Geometric Objects
gepafGoogle Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format
GERGMEstimation and Fit Diagnostics for Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models
germanpollsGerman Polling Data
GerminaRGermination Indices and Graphics for Seed Germination in Ecophysiological Studies
germinationmetricsSeed Germination Indices and Curve Fitting
gertSimple Git Client for R
gescaGeneralized Structured Component Analysis (GSCA)
GESEGene-Based Segregation Test
gestaltTools for Making and Combining Functions
gestateGeneralised Survival Trial Assessment Tool Environment
GESTrGene Expression State Transformation
GETGlobal Envelopes
GetBCBDataImports Datasets from BCB (Central Bank of Brazil) using Its Official API
getCRUCLdata'CRU' 'CL' v. 2.0 Climatology Client
GetDFPDataReading Annual Financial Reports from Bovespa's DFP, FRE and FCA System
GetHFDataDownload and Aggregate High Frequency Trading Data from Bovespa
gethrAccess to Ethereum-Based Blockchains Through Geth Nodes
getlandsatGet Landsat 8 Data from Amazon Public Data Sets
GetLattesDataReading Bibliometric Data from Lattes Platform
getMetGet Meteorological Data for Hydrologic Models
getmstatisticQuantifying Systematic Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis
getoptC-Like 'getopt' Behavior
GetoptLongParsing Command-Line Arguments and Variable Interpolation
getPassMasked User Input
getProxyGet Free Proxy IP and Port
GetQuandlDataFast and Cached Import of Data from 'Quandl' Using the 'json API'
GetRGetR: Calculate Guttman error trees in R
getsGeneral-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling and Indicator Saturation Methods
getspresSPRE Statistics for Exploring Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis
getTBinRAccess and Summarise World Health Organisation Tuberculosis data
GetTDDataGet Data for Brazilian Bonds (Tesouro Direto)
gettzGet the Timezone Information
GEVcdnGEV Conditional Density Estimation Network
GEVStableGarchARMA-GARCH/APARCH Models with GEV and Stable Distributions
GExMapA visual, intuitive, easy to use software giving access to a new type of information buried into your microarray data
gexpGenerator of Experiments
GFAGroup Factor Analysis
gfcanalysisTools for Working with Hansen et al. Global Forest Change Dataset
GFDTests for General Factorial Designs
GFEGross Flows Estimation under Complex Surveys
gferGreen Finance and Environmental Risk
GFGM.copulaGeneralized Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Copula
gfmRImplements Group Fused Multinomial Regression
GFORCEClustering and Inference Procedures for High-Dimensional Latent Variable Models
gfoRmulaParametric G-Formula
gg.gapDefine Segments in y-Axis for 'ggplot2'
ggallinGrab Bag of 'ggplot2' Functions
ggalluvialAlluvial Diagrams in 'ggplot2'
GGallyExtension to 'ggplot2'
ggaltExtra Coordinate Systems, 'Geoms', Statistical Transformations, Scales and Fonts for 'ggplot2'
gganimateA Grammar of Animated Graphics
ggasymAsymmetric Matrix Plotting in 'ggplot2'
ggbeeswarmCategorical Scatter (Violin Point) Plots
ggBubblesMini Bubble Plots for Comparison of Discrete Data with 'ggplot2'
ggbuildrSave Incremental Builds of Plots
ggChernoffChernoff Faces for 'ggplot2'
ggconfSimpler Appearance Modification of 'ggplot2'
ggcorrplotVisualization of a Correlation Matrix using 'ggplot2'
ggdagAnalyze and Create Elegant Directed Acyclic Graphs
ggdarkDark Mode for 'ggplot2' Themes
ggdemetra'ggplot2' Extension for Seasonal and Trading Day Adjustment with 'RJDemetra'
ggdendroCreate Dendrograms and Tree Diagrams Using 'ggplot2'
ggdistributeA 'ggplot2' Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions
ggdmcCognitive Models
ggeGenotype Plus Genotype-by-Environment Biplots
GGEBiplotGUIInteractive GGE Biplots in R
GGEBiplotsGGE Biplots with 'ggplot2'
ggeditInteractive 'ggplot2' Layer and Theme Aesthetic Editor
ggeffectsCreate Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects for 'ggplot' from Model Outputs
ggenealogyVisualization Tools for Genealogical Data
ggethoVisualisation of High-Throughput Behavioural (i.e. Ethomics) Data
ggExtraAdd Marginal Histograms to 'ggplot2', and More 'ggplot2' Enhancements
ggfanSummarise a Distribution Through Coloured Intervals
ggfittextFit Text Inside a Box in 'ggplot2'
ggfocusFocus on Specific Factor Levels in your ggplot()
ggforceAccelerating 'ggplot2'
ggformulaFormula Interface to the Grammar of Graphics
ggfortifyData Visualization Tools for Statistical Analysis Results
gggenesDraw Gene Arrow Maps in 'ggplot2'
ggghostCapture the Spirit of Your 'ggplot2' Calls
ggguitarUtilities for Creating Guitar Tablature
gghalfnormCreate a Half Normal Plot Using 'ggplot2'
gghalvesCompose Half-Half Plots Using Your Favourite Geoms
gghighlightHighlight Lines and Points in 'ggplot2'
ggimageUse Image in 'ggplot2'
gginferenceVisualise the Results of Inferential Statistics using 'ggplot2'
gginnardsExplore the Innards of 'ggplot2' Objects
GGIRRaw Accelerometer Data Analysis
ggiraphMake 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive
ggiraphExtraMake Interactive 'ggplot2'. Extension to 'ggplot2' and 'ggiraph'
ggjoyJoyplots in 'ggplot2'
gglassoGroup Lasso Penalized Learning Using a Unified BMD Algorithm
gglogoGeom for Logo Sequence Plots
ggloopCreate 'ggplot2' Plots in a Loop
gglorenzPlotting Lorenz Curve with the Blessing of 'ggplot2'
ggmFunctions for graphical Markov models
ggmapSpatial Visualization with ggplot2
ggmcmcTools for Analyzing MCMC Simulations from Bayesian Inference
GGMMMixture Gaussian Graphical Models
ggmosaicMosaic Plots in the 'ggplot2' Framework
ggmrGeneralized Gauss Markov Regression
GGMridgeGaussian Graphical Models Using Ridge Penalty Followed by Thresholding and Reestimation
ggmsaPlot Multiple Sequence Alignment using 'ggplot2'
GGMselectGaussian Graphs Models Selection
ggmullerCreate Muller Plots of Evolutionary Dynamics
ggnetworkGeometries to Plot Networks with 'ggplot2'
ggnewscaleMultiple Fill and Color Scales in 'ggplot2'
ggnormalviolinA 'ggplot2' Extension to Make Normal Violin Plots
ggpageCreates Page Layout Visualizations
ggparallelVariations of Parallel Coordinate Plots for Categorical Data
ggparliamentParliament Plots
ggparty'ggplot' Visualizations for the 'partykit' Package
ggperiodicEasy Plotting of Periodic Data with 'ggplot2'
ggplot.multistatsMultiple Summary Statistics for Binned Stats/Geometries
ggplot2Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
ggplot2moviesMovies Data
ggplotAssist'RStudio' Addin for Teaching and Learning 'ggplot2'
ggplotguiCreate Ggplots via a Graphical User Interface
ggplotifyConvert Plot to 'grob' or 'ggplot' Object
ggpmiscMiscellaneous Extensions to 'ggplot2'
ggPMX'ggplot2' Based Tool to Facilitate Diagnostic Plots for NLME Models
ggpointdensityA Cross Between a 2D Density Plot and a Scatter Plot
ggpolVisualizing Social Science Data with 'ggplot2'
ggpolypathPolygons with Holes for the Grammar of Graphics
ggpubr'ggplot2' Based Publication Ready Plots
ggpvalAnnotate Statistical Tests for 'ggplot2'
ggQCQuality Control Charts for 'ggplot'
ggQQunifCompare Big Datasets to the Uniform Distribution
ggquickedaQuickly Explore Your Data Using 'ggplot2' and 'table1' Summary Tables
ggquiverQuiver Plots for 'ggplot2'
ggRandomForestsVisually Exploring Random Forests
ggraphAn Implementation of Grammar of Graphics for Graphs and Networks
ggraptRAllows Interactive Visualization of Data Through a Web Browser GUI
ggraspGaussian-Based Genome Representative Selector with Prioritization
ggrepelAutomatically Position Non-Overlapping Text Labels with 'ggplot2'
ggResidpanelPanels and Interactive Versions of Diagnostic Plots using 'ggplot2'
ggridgesRidgeline Plots in 'ggplot2'
ggROCpackage for roc curve plot with ggplot2
ggroupsPedigree and Genetic Groups
ggsciScientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes for 'ggplot2'
ggseas'stats' for Seasonal Adjustment on the Fly with 'ggplot2'
ggseqlogoA 'ggplot2' Extension for Drawing Publication-Ready Sequence Logos
ggsignifSignificance Brackets for 'ggplot2'
ggsnNorth Symbols and Scale Bars for Maps Created with 'ggplot2' or 'ggmap'
ggsoccerPlot Soccer Event Data
ggsolvencyiiA 'ggplot2'-Plot of Composition of Solvency II SCR: SF and IM
ggsomNew Data Visualisations for SOMs Cluster
ggspatialSpatial Data Framework for ggplot2
ggspectraExtensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra
ggstanceHorizontal 'ggplot2' Components
ggstatsplot'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details
ggswissmapsOffers Various Swiss Maps as Data Frames and 'ggplot2' Objects
ggternAn Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams
ggThemeAssistAdd-in to Customize 'ggplot2' Themes
ggthemesExtra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'
ggTimeSeriesTime Series Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
GGUMGeneralized Graded Unfolding Model
ggupsetCombination Matrix Axis for 'ggplot2' to Create 'UpSet' Plots
ggVennDiagramA 'ggplot2' Implement of Venn Diagram
ggversaGraficas Versatiles Con 'ggplot2'
ggvisInteractive Grammar of Graphics
ggvoronoiVoronoi Diagrams and Heatmaps with 'ggplot2'
ggwordcloudA Word Cloud Geom for 'ggplot2'
gh'GitHub' 'API'
GhatQuantifying Evolution and Selection on Complex Traits
ghibliStudio Ghibli Colour Palettes
GHQpGauss Hermite Quadrature with pruning
GHSGraphical Horseshoe MCMC Sampler Using Data Augmented Block Gibbs Sampler
ghypA Package on Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution and Its Special Cases
gibbleGeometry Decomposition
gibbs.metNaive Gibbs Sampling with Metropolis Steps
GibbsACOVGibbs Sampler for One-Way Mixed-Effects ANOVA and ANCOVA Models
GifiMultivariate Analysis with Optimal Scaling
gifskiHighest Quality GIF Encoder
giftiReads in 'Neuroimaging' 'GIFTI' Files with Geometry Information
GIFTrGIFT Questions Format Generator from Dataframes
GIGrvgRandom Variate Generator for the GIG Distribution
GillespieSSAGillespie's Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (SSA)
GillespieSSA2Gillespie's Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Impatient People
gimGeneralized Integration Model
gimmeGroup Iterative Multiple Model Estimation
gimmeToolsSupplemental Tools for the 'gimme' R Package
gimmsDownload and Process GIMMS NDVI3g Data
GiNAHigh Throughput Phenotyping
GiniDistanceA New Gini Correlation Between Quantitative and Qualitative Variables
GiniWegNegComputing the Gini-Based Coefficients for Weighted and Negative Attributes
gIPFrmGeneralized Iterative Proportional Fitting for Relational Models
giphyrR Interface to the Giphy API
GiRaFGibbs Random Fields Analysis
GISToolsSome further GIS capabilities for R
gistrWork with 'GitHub' 'Gists'
git2rProvides Access to Git Repositories
git2rdataStore and Retrieve Data.frames in a Git Repository
gitgadgetRstudio Addin for Version Control and Assignment Management using Git
githubinstallA Helpful Way to Install R Packages Hosted on GitHub
gitignoreCreate Useful .gitignore Files for your Project
gitlabrAccess to the Gitlab API
gitlinkAdd 'Git' Links to Your Web Based Assets
gitterQuantification of Pinned Microbial Cultures
givitiRThe GiViTI Calibration Test and Belt
gjamGeneralized Joint Attribute Modeling
GJRMGeneralised Joint Regression Modelling
gkg-and-k and g-and-h Distribution Functions
GK2011Gaines and Kuklinski (2011) Estimators for Hybrid Experiments
gkmSVMGapped-Kmer Support Vector Machine
glacierSMBMGlacier Surface Mass Balance Model
glamlassoPenalization in Large Scale Generalized Linear Array Models
glancedataGenerate tables and plots to get summaries of data
glarmaGeneralized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average Models
glassdoorInterface to 'Glassdoor' API
glassoGraphical Lasso: Estimation of Gaussian Graphical Models
glassoFastFast Graphical LASSO
glbaGeneral Linear Ballistic Accumulator Models
glcmCalculate Textures from Grey-Level Co-Occurrence Matrices (GLCMs)
gldEstimation and Use of the Generalised (Tukey) Lambda Distribution
GLDEXFitting Single and Mixture of Generalised Lambda Distributions (RS and FMKL) using Various Methods
GLDregFit GLD Regression Model and GLD Quantile Regression Model to Empirical Data
gldrmGeneralized Linear Density Ratio Models
GLIDEGlobal and Individual Tests for Direct Effects
glinternetLearning Interactions via Hierarchical Group-Lasso Regularization
gllmGeneralised log-Linear Model
gllvmGeneralized Linear Latent Variable Models
glm.deploy'C' and 'Java' Source Code Generator for Fitted Glm Objects
glm.predictPredicted Values and Discrete Changes for GLM
glm2Fitting Generalized Linear Models
glmaagAdaptive LASSO and Network Regularized Generalized Linear Models
GLMaSPUAn Adaptive Test on High Dimensional Parameters in Generalized Linear Models
glmbbAll Hierarchical or Graphical Models for Generalized Linear Model
glmBfpBayesian Fractional Polynomials for GLMs
glmcFitting Generalized Linear Models Subject to Constraints
glmdiscDiscretization and Grouping for Logistic Regression
glmdmR Code for Simulation of GLMDM
glmertreeGeneralized Linear Mixed Model Trees
glmgraphGraph-Constrained Regularization for Sparse Generalized Linear Models
glmlepFit GLM with LEP-Based Penalized Maximum Likelihood
glmmGeneralized Linear Mixed Models via Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation
GLMMadaptiveGeneralized Linear Mixed Models using Adaptive Gaussian Quadrature
glmmbootBootstrap Resampling for Mixed Effects and Plain Models
glmmEPGeneralized Linear Mixed Model Analysis via Expectation Propagation
glmmfieldsGeneralized Linear Mixed Models with Robust Random Fields for Spatiotemporal Modeling
glmmLassoVariable Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models by L1-Penalized Estimation
glmmMLGeneralized Linear Models with Clustering
GLMMRRGeneralized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) for Binary Randomized Response Data
glmmsrFit a Generalized Linear Mixed Model
glmmTMBGeneralized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder
glmnetLasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
glmnetcrFit a Penalized Constrained Continuation Ratio Model for Predicting an Ordinal Response
glmnetUtilsUtilities for 'Glmnet'
GLMpackData and Code to Accompany Generalized Linear Models, 2nd Edition
glmpathL1 Regularization Path for Generalized Linear Models and Cox Proportional Hazards Model
glmpathcrFit a Penalized Continuation Ratio Model for Predicting an Ordinal Response
glmpcaDimension Reduction of Non-Normally Distributed Data
GLMsDataGeneralized Linear Model Data Sets
GlmSimulatoRCreates Ideal Data for Generalized Linear Models
glmtlpTruncated Lasso Regularized Generalized Linear Models
glmtreeLogistic Regression Trees
glmultiModel Selection and Multimodel Inference Made Easy
glmvsdVariable Selection Deviation Measures and Instability Tests for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
glmxGeneralized Linear Models Extended
globalboosttestTesting the additional predictive value of high-dimensional data
GlobalDevianceGlobal Deviance Permutation Tests
GlobalFitBi-Level Optimization of Metabolic Network Models
globalGSAGlobal Gene-Set Analysis for Association Studies
GlobalOptionsGenerate Functions to Get or Set Global Options
globalOptTestsObjective functions for benchmarking the performance of global optimization algorithms
globalsIdentify Global Objects in R Expressions
globePlot 2D and 3D Views of the Earth, Including Major Coastline
glogisFitting and Testing Generalized Logistic Distributions
glpkAPIR Interface to C API of GLPK
glrtGeneralized Logrank Tests for Interval-censored Failure Time Data
gLRTHGenome-Wide Association and Linkage Analysis under Heterogeneity
GLSEGraphical Least Square Estimation
GLSMEGeneralized Least Squares with Measurement Error
glueInterpreted String Literals
gluvarproGlucose Variability Measures from Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data
gmaGranger Mediation Analysis
GMACGenomic Mediation Analysis with Adaptive Confounding Adjustment
gmailrAccess the 'Gmail' 'RESTful' API
GmAMiscGianmarco Alberti Miscellaneous
gmapsdistanceDistance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps
gmatSimulation of Graphical Correlation Matrices
GMCMFast Estimation of Gaussian Mixture Copula Models
gMCPGraph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures
gmDatabaseAccessing a Geometallurgical Database with R
GMDHShort Term Forecasting via GMDH-Type Neural Network Algorithms
GMDH2Binary Classification via GMDH-Type Neural Network Algorithms
GMDHregRegression using GMDH Algorithms
GmedianGeometric Median, k-Median Clustering and Robust Median PCA
gmediationMediation Analysis for Multiple and Multi-Stage Mediators
gmetaMeta-Analysis via a Unified Framework of Confidence Distribution
gmfdInference and Clustering of Functional Data
GmiscDescriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
GMKMcharlieUnsupervised Gaussian Mixture and Minkowski K-Means
gmmGeneralized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood
GMMATGeneralized Linear Mixed Model Association Tests
GMMBoostLikelihood-based Boosting for Generalized mixed models
gmnlMultinomial Logit Models with Random Parameters
gmodelsVarious R Programming Tools for Model Fitting
gMOIP'2D and 3D plots of linear mathematical programming models'
gmpMultiple Precision Arithmetic
GMSEGeneralised Management Strategy Evaluation Simulator
GMSimputeGeneralized Mass Spectrum Missing Peaks Abundance Imputation
gmtInterface Between GMT Map-Making Software and R
gmvarkitEstimate Gaussian Mixture Vector Autoregressive Model
gMWTGeneralized Mann-Whitney Type Tests
GNARMethods for Fitting Network Time Series Models
GNEComputation of Generalized Nash Equilibria
gnFitGoodness of Fit Test for Continuous Distribution Functions
gnlmGeneralized Nonlinear Regression Models
gnmGeneralized Nonlinear Models
gnmfGeneralized Non-negative Matrix Factorization Based on Renyi Divergence
gnnGenerative Neural Networks
gnormGeneralized Normal/Exponential Power Distribution
gnumericRead Data from Files Readable by 'gnumeric'
goevegFunctions for Community Data and Ordinations
gofastrFast DocumentTermMatrix and TermDocumentMatrix Creation
gofCopulaGoodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulae
goffdaGoodness-of-Fit Tests for Functional Data
GoFKernelTesting Goodness-of-Fit with the Kernel Density Estimator
GofKmtKhmaladze Martingale Transformation Goodness-of-Fit Test
gofMCGoodness of Fit Noise Analysis Using Monte Carlo Techniques
GOFShinyInteractive Document for Working with Goodness of Fit Analysis
goftTests of Fit for some Probability Distributions
goftestClassical Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Univariate Distributions
goftteGoodness-of-Fit for Time-to-Event Data
GOGANPAGO-Functional-Network-based Gene-Set-Analysis
gogarchGeneralized Orthogonal GARCH (GO-GARCH) models
goldiGene Ontology Label Discernment and Identification
golemA Framework for Robust Shiny Applications
gommsGLM-Based Ordination Method
GoodmanKruskalAssociation Analysis for Categorical Variables
goodpracticeAdvice on R Package Building
googleAnalyticsRGoogle Analytics API into R
googleAuthRAuthenticate and Create Google APIs
googleCloudStorageRInterface with Google Cloud Storage API
googleCloudVisionRAccess to 'Google Cloud Vision' API for Image Recognition, OCR and Labeling
googleComputeEngineRR Interface with Google Compute Engine
googledriveAn Interface to Google Drive
googleformrCollect Data Programmatically by POST Methods to Google Forms
GoogleKnowledgeGraphRRetrieve Information from 'Google Knowledge Graph' API
googleLanguageRCall Google's 'Natural Language' API, 'Cloud Translation' API, 'Cloud Speech' API and 'Cloud Text-to-Speech' API
googlenlpAn Interface to Google's Cloud Natural Language API
googlePolylinesEncoding Coordinates into 'Google' Polylines
googlePrintrConnect to 'Google Cloud Print' API
googlePublicDataWorking with Google's 'Public Data Explorer' DSPL Metadata Files
googlerGoogle from the R Console
googlesheetsManage Google Spreadsheets from R
googleVisR Interface to Google Charts
googlewayAccesses Google Maps APIs to Retrieve Data and Plot Maps
GOplotVisualization of Functional Analysis Data
GORCureFit Generalized Odds Rate Mixture Cure Model with Interval Censored Data
goricGeneralized Order-Restricted Information Criterion
govdownGOV.UK Style Templates for R Markdown
govStatJPNfunctions to get public survey data in Japan
gowerGower's Distance
gpairsgpairs: The Generalized Pairs Plot
GParetoGaussian Processes for Pareto Front Estimation and Optimization
GPArotationGPA Factor Rotation
GPBGeneralized Poisson Binomial Distribution
gPCABatch Effect Detection via Guided Principal Components Analysis
gpclibGeneral Polygon Clipping Library for R
GPCMlassoDifferential Item Functioning in Generalized Partial Credit Models
GPCSIVGPCSIV, Generalized Principal Component of Symbolic Interval variables
gpDDEGeneral Profiling Method for Delay Differential Equation
gPdtestBootstrap goodness-of-fit test for the generalized Pareto distribution
GPFDAApply Gaussian Process in Functional data analysis
GPfitGaussian Processes Modeling
gpgGNU Privacy Guard for R
GPGameSolving Complex Game Problems using Gaussian Processes
GpGpFast Gaussian Process Computation Using Vecchia's Approximation
gpk100 Data Sets for Statistics Education
gplmGeneralized Partial Linear Models (GPLM)
gplotsVarious R Programming Tools for Plotting Data
GPLTRGeneralized Partially Linear Tree-Based Regression Model
GPMGaussian Process Modeling of Multi-Response and Possibly Noisy Datasets
gpmapAnalysing and plotting genotype-phenotype maps
GPoMGeneralized Polynomial Modelling
GPoM.FDLyapuLyapunov Exponents and Kaplan-Yorke Dimension
gppmGaussian Process Panel Modeling
gprA Minimalistic package to apply Gaussian Process in R
GPrankGaussian Process Ranking of Multiple Time Series
GPRMortalityGaussian Process Regression for Mortality Rates
gProfileRInterface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolkit
gprofiler2Interface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolset
GPSCDFGeneralized Propensity Score Cumulative Distribution Function
gptkGaussian Processes Tool-Kit
gpuRGPU Functions for R Objects
GPvamMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Multiple Membership Mixed Models Used in Value-Added Modeling
gqlr'GraphQL' Server in R
gquadPrediction of G Quadruplexes and Other Non-B DNA Motifs
GraceGraph-Constrained Estimation and Hypothesis Tests
gradDescentGradient Descent for Regression Tasks
gradeBinary Grading functions for R
gradeRHelps Grade Assignment Submissions that are R Scripts
gradientPickerD3Interactive Color Gradient Picker Using 'htmlwidgets' and the Modified JS Script 'jquery-gradient-picker'
gRainGraphical Independence Networks
grainchangerMoving-Window and Direct Data Aggregation
grainscapeLandscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks
gramEvolGrammatical Evolution for R
GrammRGraphical Representation and Modeling of Metagenomic Reads
GRANBaseCreating Continuously Integrated Package Repositories from Manifests
GRANCoreClasses and Methods for 'GRANBase'
grangersInference on Granger-Causality in the Frequency Domain
granovaGraphical Analysis of Variance
granovaGGGraphical Analysis of Variance Using ggplot2
GRAPEGene-Ranking Analysis of Pathway Expression
grapesMake Binary Operators
gRapfaAcyclic Probabilistic Finite Automata
graph4lgBuild Graphs for Landscape Genetics Analysis
GrapheRA Multi-Platform GUI for Drawing Customizable Graphs in R
grapheratorA Modular Multi-Step Graph Generator
GraphFactorNetwork Topology of Intravariable Clusters with Intervariable Links
graphframesInterface for 'GraphFrames'
graphicalVARGraphical VAR for Experience Sampling Data
graphicsQCQuality Control for Graphics in R
graphkernelsGraph Kernels
graphlayoutsAdditional Layout Algorithms for Network Visualizations
graphonA Collection of Graphon Estimation Methods
GraphPCAGraphical Tools of Histogram PCA
graphqlA GraphQL Query Parser
graphscanCluster Detection with Hypothesis Free Scan Statistic
graphTweetsVisualise Twitter Interactions
GrassmannOptimGrassmann Manifold Optimization
gratiaGraceful 'ggplot'-Based Graphics and Other Functions for GAMs Fitted Using 'mgcv'
graticuleMeridional and Parallel Lines for Maps
grattanAustralian Tax Policy Analysis
gravityEstimation Methods for Gravity Models
gRbaseA Package for Graphical Modelling in R
gRcInference in Graphical Gaussian Models with Edge and Vertex Symmetries
GRCdataParameter Inference and Optimal Designs for Grouped and/or Right-Censored Count Data
grecGRadient-Based RECognition of Spatial Patterns in Environmental Data
GreedyEPLGreedy Expected Posterior Loss
GreedyExperimentalDesignGreedy Experimental Design Construction
GreedyExperimentalDesignJARsGreedyExperimentalDesign JARs
GreedySBTMGreedy Stochastic Block Transition Models
greenclustCombine Categories Using Greenacre's Method
GregRegression Helper Functions
gremlinMixed-Effects REML Incorporating Generalized Inverses
grenAdaptive Group-Regularized Logistic Elastic Net Regression
greportGraphical Reporting for Clinical Trials
gretaSimple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R
gretelGeneralized Path Analysis for Social Networks
grexGene ID Mapping for Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Data
greyboxToolbox for Model Building and Forecasting
greyzoneSurvFit a Grey-Zone Model with Survival Data
grfGeneralized Random Forests
gridBaseIntegration of base and grid graphics
gridBezierBezier Curves in 'grid'
gridDebugDebugging 'grid' Graphics
gridExtraMiscellaneous Functions for "Grid" Graphics
gridGeometryPolygon Geometry in 'grid'
gridGraphicsRedraw Base Graphics Using 'grid' Graphics
gridGraphvizDrawing Graphs with 'grid'
gridsampleTools for Grid-Based Survey Sampling Design
gridsamplerA Simulation Tool to Determine the Required Sample Size for Repertory Grid Studies
gridSVGExport 'grid' Graphics as SVG
GriegSmithUses Grieg-Smith method on 2 dimentional spatial data
gRimGraphical Interaction Models
grImportImporting Vector Graphics
grImport2Importing 'SVG' Graphics
GrimRCalculate Optical Parameters from Spindle Stage Measurements
grippGeneral Inverse Problem Platform
grnnGeneral regression neural network
GROANGenomic Regression Workbench
grocGeneralized Regression on Orthogonal Components
gromovlabGromov-Hausdorff Type Distances for Labeled Metric Spaces
GroupComparisonsPaired/Unpaired Parametric/Non-Parametric Group Comparisons
groupdata2Creating Groups from Data
groupedRegression Analysis of Grouped and Coarse Data
groupedstatsGrouped Statistical Analyses in a Tidy Way
groupedSurvEfficient Estimation of Grouped Survival Models Using the Exact Likelihood Function
groupICAIndependent Component Analysis for Grouped Data
groupRemMapRegularized Multivariate Regression for Identifying Master Predictors Using the GroupRemMap Penalty
GroupSeqA GUI-Based Program to Compute Probabilities Regarding Group Sequential Designs
groupsubsetselectionGroup Subset Selection
GroupTestMultiple Testing Procedure for Grouped Hypotheses
groveWavelet Functional ANOVA Through Markov Groves
growfunctionsBayesian Non-Parametric Dependent Models for Time-Indexed Functional Data
growthMultivariate Normal and Elliptically-Contoured Repeated Measurements Models
growthcurverSimple Metrics to Summarize Growth Curves
growthmodelsNonlinear Growth Models
growthPhenoPlotting, Smoothing and Growth Trait Extraction for Longitudinal Data
growthrateBayesian reconstruction of growth velocity
growthratesEstimate Growth Rates from Experimental Data
grplassoFitting User-Specified Models with Group Lasso Penalty
grplassocatStandardization for Group Lasso Models with Categorical Predictors
grpregRegularization Paths for Regression Models with Grouped Covariates
grpregOverlapPenalized Regression Models with Overlapping Grouped Covariates
grpSLOPEGroup Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation
grpssGroup Screening and Selection
GrpStringPatterns and Statistical Differences Between Two Groups of Strings
GRPtestsGoodness-of-Fit Tests in High-Dimensional GLMs
grrAlternative Implementations of Base R Functions
GRS.testGRS Test for Portfolio Efficiency, Its Statistical Power Analysis, and Optimal Significance Level Calculation
grtGeneral Recognition Theory
GRToTools for the Analysis of Gutenberg-Richter Distributions of Earthquake Magnitudes
GSAGene Set Analysis
GSAfisherCombinedGene Set Analysis with Fisher Combined Method
GSAgmGene Set Analysis using the Gamma Method
gsalibUtility Functions For GATK
GSAQGene Set Analysis with QTL
gsarimaTwo functions for Generalized SARIMA time series simulation
gsbDesignGroup Sequential Bayes Design
gscaLCAGeneralized Structure Component Analysis- Latent Class Analysis
gscountsGroup Sequential Designs with Negative Binomial Outcomes
gsDesignGroup Sequential Design
GSERobust Estimation in the Presence of Cellwise and Casewise Contamination and Missing Data
gsEasyGene Set Enrichment Analysis in R
GSEDGroup Sequential Enrichment Design
gSegGraph-Based Change-Point Detection (g-Segmentation)
gSEMSemi-Supervised Generalized Structural Equation Modeling
gsetGroup Sequential Design in Equivalence Studies
gsgCalculation of selection coefficients
gsheetDownload Google Sheets Using Just the URL
GSIFGlobal Soil Information Facilities
gslWrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
gsloidGlobal Sea Level and Oxygen Isotope Data
GSMGamma Shape Mixture
gsmoothrSmoothing tools
GSMXMultivariate Genomic Selection
GSODRGlobal Surface Summary of the Day ('GSOD') Weather Data Client
GSparOGroup Sparse Optimization
gsrsbGroup Sequential Refined Secondary Boundary
gssGeneral Smoothing Splines
GSSEGenotype-Specific Survival Estimation
gstarGeneralized Space-Time Autoregressive Model
gstatSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation
gStreamGraph-Based Sequential Change-Point Detection for Streaming Data
gsubfnUtilities for Strings and Function Arguments
gswGibbs Sea Water Functions
GsymPointEstimation of the Generalized Symmetry Point, an Optimal Cutpoint in Continuous Diagnostic Tests
gsynthGeneralized Synthetic Control Method
gt4irevalGeneralizability Theory for Information Retrieval Evaluation
gtableArrange 'Grobs' in Tables
gtcorrCalculate efficiencies of group testing algorithms with correlated responses
gteGeneralized Turnbull's Estimator
gTestsGraph-Based Two-Sample Tests
gtfsrouterRouting with GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) Data
gtheoryApply Generalizability Theory with R
gtoolsVarious R Programming Tools
gtopGame-Theoretically OPtimal (GTOP) Reconciliation Method
gtrendsRPerform and Display Google Trends Queries
gtsummaryPresentation-Ready Data Summary and Analytic Result Tables
gtWASGenome and Transcriptome Wide Association Study
gtxGenetics ToolboX
guardianapiAccess 'The Guardian' Newspaper Open Data API
GuardianRThe Guardian API Wrapper
GuerryMaps, data and methods related to Guerry (1833) "Moral Statistics of France"
guessAdjust Estimates of Learning for Guessing
GuessCompxEmpirically Estimates Algorithm Complexity
GUIDEGUI for DErivatives in R
GUIgemsGraphical User Interface for Generalized Multistate Simulation Model
GUILDSImplementation of Sampling Formulas for the Unified Neutral Model of Biodiversity and Biogeography, with or without Guild Structure
GUIProfilerGraphical User Interface for Rprof()
gumbelThe Gumbel-Hougaard Copula
GUniFracGeneralized UniFrac Distances
gunitConverts Conductance Units
gunsalesStatistical Analysis of Monthly Background Checks of Gun Purchases
gustaveA User-Oriented Statistical Toolkit for Analytical Variance Estimation
gutenbergrDownload and Process Public Domain Works from Project Gutenberg
GUTSFast Calculation of the Likelihood of a Stochastic Survival Model
GVARXPerform Stationary Global Vector Autoregression Estimation and Inference
gvcGlobal Value Chains Tools
gvcm.catRegularized Categorical Effects/Categorical Effect Modifiers/Continuous/Smooth Effects in GLMs
gvcRGenotypic Variance Components
gvlmaGlobal Validation of Linear Models Assumptions
GWAFGenome-Wide Association/Interaction Analysis and Rare Variant Analysis with Family Data
GWASbyClusterIdentifying Significant SNPs in Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) via Clustering
GWASExactHWExact Hardy-Weinburg testing for Genome Wide Association Studies
GWASinlpsNonlocal Prior Based Iterative SNP Selection Tool for Genome-Wide Association Studies
GWASinspectorComprehensive and Easy to Use Quality Control of GWAS Results
gwdegreeA Shiny App to Aid Interpretation of Geometrically-Weighted Degree Estimates in Exponential Random Graph Models
gwerGeographically Weighted Elliptical Regression
gwerAMControlling the genome-wide type I error rate in association mapping experiments
GWEXMulti-Site Stochastic Models for Daily Precipitation and Temperature
gwfaGeographically Weighted Fractal Analysis
GWGCalculation of probabilities for inadequate and excessive gestational weight gain
gWidgetsgWidgets API for Building Toolkit-Independent, Interactive GUIs
gWidgets2Rewrite of gWidgets API for Simplified GUI Construction
gWidgets2RGtk2Implementation of gWidgets2 for the RGtk2 Package
gWidgets2tcltkToolkit Implementation of gWidgets2 for tcltk
gWidgetsRGtk2Toolkit Implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2
gWidgetstcltkToolkit implementation of gWidgets for tcltk package
GWLelastGeographically Weighted Logistic Elastic Net Regression
GWmodelGeographically-Weighted Models
gWQSGeneralized Weighted Quantile Sum Regression
gWQSRSGeneralized Weighted Quantile Sum Regression Random Subset
GWRMGeneralized Waring Regression Model for Count Data
gwrpvrGenome-Wide Regression P-Value (Gwrpv)
gwrrFits geographically weighted regression models with diagnostic tools
GWSDATGroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT)
gwsemGenome-Wide Structural Equation Modeling
GWsignifEstimating Genome-Wide Significance for Whole Genome Sequencing Studies, Either Single SNP Tests or Region-Based Tests
GxMMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Gene-by-Measured Environment Interaction Models
gymProvides Access to the OpenAI Gym API
gyriqKinship-Adjusted Survival SNP-Set Analysis
h2oR Interface for 'H2O'
h2o4gpuInterface to 'H2O4GPU'
h5Interface to the 'HDF5' Library
haarfiszSoftware to perform Haar Fisz transforms
hablarNon-Astonishing Results in R
HACEstimation, Simulation and Visualization of Hierarchical Archimedean Copulae (HAC)
HACSimIterative Extrapolation of Species' Haplotype Accumulation Curves
HaDeXAnalysis and Visualisation of Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Data
HadoopStreamingUtilities for using R scripts in Hadoop streaming
hagisAnalysis of Plant Pathogen Pathotype Complexities, Distributions and Diversity
hailRead HYDRA Rainfall Data
halfcirclePlot Halfcircle Diagram
hamletHierarchical Optimal Matching and Machine Learning Toolbox
handlrConvert Among Citation Formats
HandTill2001Multiple Class Area under ROC Curve
handyplotsHandy Plots
hansHaversines are not Slow
hansardProvides Easy Downloading Capabilities for the UK Parliament API
HAP.RORRecursive Organizer (ROR)
hapassocInference of Trait Associations with SNP Haplotypes and Other Attributes using the EM Algorithm
HapiInference of Chromosome-Length Haplotypes Using Genomic Data of Single Gamete Cells
HaplinAnalyzing Case-Parent Triad and/or Case-Control Data with SNP Haplotypes
haplo.statsStatistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous
haploRQuery 'HaploReg', 'RegulomeDB'
haploReconstructReconstruction of Haplotype-Blocks from Time Series Data
HaploSimFunctions to simulate haplotypes
haplotyperTool for Clustering Genotypes in Haplotypes
haplotypesManipulating DNA Sequences and Estimating Unambiguous Haplotype Network with Statistical Parsimony
happybiRthdayCalculate Upcoming Birthday Dates of Github Repos
happytimeTwo Games to Relieve the Boredom
hapsimHaplotype Data Simulation
HardyWeinbergStatistical Tests and Graphics for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
HARModelHeterogeneous Autoregressive Models
harmonicmeanpHarmonic Mean p-Values and Model Averaging by Mean Maximum Likelihood
HarmonicRegressionHarmonic Regression to One or more Time Series
harrietrWrangle Phylogenetic Distance Matrices and Other Utilities
harrypotterPalettes Generated from All "Harry Potter" Movies
HARtoolsRead HTTP Archive ('HAR') Data
Harvest.TreeHarvest the Classification Tree
hashFull Feature Implementation of Hash/Associated Arrays/Dictionaries
hashFunctionA collection of non-cryptographic hash functions
hashidsGenerate Short Unique YouTube-Like IDs (Hashes) from Integers
hashmapThe Faster Hash Map
hashrHash R Objects to Integers Fast
hasseDiagramDrawing Hasse Diagram
havenImport and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files
hawkesHawkes process simulation and calibration toolkit
hazerIdentifying Foggy and Cloudy Images by Quantifying Haziness
hazusDamage functions from FEMA's HAZUS software for use in modeling financial losses from natural disasters
hBayesDMHierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks
hbbrHierarchical Bayesian Benefit-Risk Assessment Using Discrete Choice Experiment
HBglmHierarchical Bayesian Regression for GLMs
hbimHill/Bliss Independence Model for Combination Vaccines
hbmHierarchical Block Matrix Analysis
hbmemHierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Recognition Memory
hbsaeHierarchical Bayesian Small Area Estimation
HBSTMHierarchical Bayesian Space-Time models for Gaussian space-time data
HBV.IANIGLADecoupled Hydrological Model for Research and Education Purposes
hcandersenrH.C. Andersens Fairy Tales
hccHidden correlation check
hcciInterval estimation for the parameters of linear models with heteroskedasticity (Wild Bootstrap)
HCDHierarchical Community Detection by Recursive Partitioning
hchinamapMapping China and Its Provinces
HCmodelSetsRegression with a Large Number of Potential Explanatory Variables
hcpChange Point Estimation for Regression with Heteroscedastic Data
HCRCausal Discovery from Discrete Data using Hidden Compact Representation
HCTCalculates Significance Criteria and Power for a Single Arm Trial
HCTRHigher Criticism Tuned Regression
hctrialUsing Historical Controls for Designing Phase II Clinical Trials
hdaHeteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis
hdbinsegChange-Point Analysis of High-Dimensional Time Series via Binary Segmentation
hdbmHigh Dimensional Bayesian Mediation Analysis
HDCIHigh Dimensional Confidence Interval Based on Lasso and Bootstrap
HDclassifHigh Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering
HDclustClustering High Dimensional Data with Hidden Markov Model on Variable Blocks
HDcpDetectDetect Change Points in Means of High Dimensional Data
HDDesignSample Size Calculation for High Dimensional Classification Study
hddplotUse Known Groups in High-Dimensional Data to Derive Scores for Plots
hddtoolsHydrological Data Discovery Tools
hdf5rInterface to the 'HDF5' Binary Data Format
hdfqlrInterface to 'HDFql' API
HDGLMTests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
hdiHigh-Dimensional Inference
HDIntervalHighest (Posterior) Density Intervals
hdlmFitting High Dimensional Linear Models
hdmHigh-Dimensional Metrics
HDMDStatistical Analysis Tools for High Dimension Molecular Data (HDMD)
hdmeHigh-Dimensional Regression with Measurement Error
HDMTA Multiple Testing Procedure for High-Dimensional Mediation Hypotheses
hdnomBenchmarking and Visualization Toolkit for Penalized Cox Models
HDoutliersLeland Wilkinson's Algorithm for Detecting Multidimensional Outliers
hdpcaPrincipal Component Analysis in High-Dimensional Data
HDPenRegHigh-Dimensional Penalized Regression
hdrcdeHighest Density Regions and Conditional Density Estimation
hdsHazard Discrimination Summary
HDtestHigh Dimensional Hypothesis Testing for Mean Vectors, Covariance Matrices, and White Noise of Vector Time Series
HDtweedieThe Lasso for the Tweedie's Compound Poisson Model Using an IRLS-BMD Algorithm
healthcareaiTools for Healthcare Machine Learning
healthforumScrape Patient Forum Data
heatexHeat exchange calculations during physical activity
heatmap.plusHeatmap with more sensible behavior
heatmap3An Improved Heatmap Package
heatmapFitFit Statistic for Binary Dependent Variable Models
heatmaplyInteractive Cluster Heat Maps Using 'plotly'
heatwaveRDetect Heatwaves and Cold-Spells
heavyRobust Estimation Using Heavy-Tailed Distributions
hedgehogProperty-Based Testing
heemodMarkov Models for Health Economic Evaluations
heimsDecode and Validate HEIMS Data from Department of Education, Australia
helixvisVisualize Alpha-Helical Peptide Sequences
HellCorThe Hellinger Correlation
hellnoProviding 'stringsAsFactors=FALSE' Variants of 'data.frame()' and 'as.data.frame()'
helloJavaWorldHello Java World
helminthRAccess London Natural History Museum Host-Helminth Record Database
HelpersMGTools for Environmental Analyses, Ecotoxicology and Various R Functions
helsinkiR Tools for Helsinki Open Data
HEMDAGHierarchical Ensemble Methods for Directed Acyclic Graphs
heplotsVisualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
hereA Simpler Way to Find Your Files
hergmHierarchical Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
heritabilityMarker-Based Estimation of Heritability Using Individual Plant or Plot Data
HeritSeqHeritability of Gene Expression for Next-Generation Sequencing
hermiteGeneralized Hermite Distribution
heroSandwich Smoother
hesimHealth-Economic Simulation Modeling and Decision Analysis
het.testWhite's Test for Heteroskedasticity
hetGPHeteroskedastic Gaussian Process Modeling and Design under Replication
HETOPMLE and Bayesian Estimation of Heteroskedastic Ordered Probit (HETOP) Model
hettHeteroscedastic t-Regression
hettxFisherian and Neymanian Methods for Detecting and Measuring Treatment Effect Variation
heuristicaHeuristics Including Take the Best and Unit-Weight Linear
heuristicsmineRDiscovery of Process Models with the Heuristics Miner
hexbinHexagonal Binning Routines
hexStickerCreate Hexagon Sticker in R
HextractoRIntegrated Tool for Hairping Extraction of RNA Sequences
hextriHexbin Plots with Triangles
hexViewViewing Binary Files
hflightsFlights that departed Houston in 2011
hgamHigh-dimensional Additive Modelling
hglassoLearning graphical models with hubs
hglmHierarchical Generalized Linear Models
hglm.dataData for the 'hglm' Package
hgmHolonomic Gradient Method and Gradient Descent
HGNChelperIdentify and Correct Invalid HGNC Human Gene Symbols and MGI Mouse Gene Symbols
HGSLHeterogeneous Group Square-Root Lasso
hgutilsCollection of Utility Functions
HHStatistical Analysis and Data Display: Heiberger and Holland
HHGHeller-Heller-Gorfine Tests of Independence and Equality of Distributions
hhh4contactsAge-Structured Spatio-Temporal Models for Infectious Disease Counts
hhiCalculate and Visualize the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
hhtThe Hilbert-Huang Transform: Tools and Methods
HISimulation from distributions supported by nested hyperplanes
HiCblockSystematic Analysis of Architectural Proteins and Functional Elements in Blocking Long-Range Contacts Between Loci
HiCfeatMultiple Logistic Regression for 3D Chromatin Domain Border Analysis
HiCglmiProbing Factor-Dependent Long-Range Contacts using Regression with Higher-Order Interaction Terms
HiClimRHierarchical Climate Regionalization
HiCsegDetection of domains in HiC data
hiddenfThe All-Configurations, Maximum-Interaction F-Test for Hidden Additivity
HiddenMarkovHidden Markov Models
HiDimDAHigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis
hier.partHierarchical Partitioning
hierarchicalDSFunctions to Perform Hierarchical Analysis of Distance Sampling Data
hierarchicalSetsSet Data Visualization Using Hierarchies
hierbandConvex Banding of the Covariance Matrix
hierDiversityHierarchical Multiplicative Partitioning of Complex Phenotypes
HierDpartPartitioning Hierarchical Diversity and Differentiation Across Metrics and Scales, from Genes to Ecosystems
hierfstatEstimation and Tests of Hierarchical F-Statistics
hierNetA Lasso for Hierarchical Interactions
HierOA graphical user interface for calculating power and sample size for hierarchical data
hiertestConvex Hierarchical Testing of Interactions
HIestHybrid index estimation
highcharterA Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library
highD2popTwo-Sample Tests for Equality of Means in High Dimension
HighDimOutOutlier Detection Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data
highfrequencyTools for Highfrequency Data Analysis
highlightSyntax Highlighter
highlightHTMLHighlight HTML Text and Tables
highmeanTwo-Sample Tests for High-Dimensional Mean Vectors
highrSyntax Highlighting for R Source Code
highriskzoneDetermining and Evaluating High-Risk Zones
highSCREENHigh-Throughput Screening for Plate Based Assays
highTtestSimultaneous Critical Values for t-Tests in Very High Dimensions
higradStatistical Inference for Online Learning and Stochastic Approximation via HiGrad
hilldivIntegral Analysis of Diversity Based on Hill Numbers
hillmakeRPerform occupancy analysis
hillRDiversity Through Hill Numbers
HiLMMEstimation of Heritability in Linear Mixed Models
HIMAHigh-Dimensional Mediation Analysis
hindexSimulating the Development of h-Index Values
hindexcalculatorH-Index Calculator using Data from a Web of Science (WoS) Citation Report
hintTools for hypothesis testing based on Hypergeometric Intersection distributions
hiPODhierarchical Pooled Optimal Design
hipreadRead Hierarchical Fixed Width Files
HiResTECNon-Targeted Fluxomics on High-Resolution Mass-Spectrometry Data
hIRTHierarchical Item Response Theory Models
hisseHidden State Speciation and Extinction
HistDataData Sets from the History of Statistics and Data Visualization
HistDAWassHistogram-Valued Data Analysis
histmdlA Most Informative Histogram-Like Model
histogramConstruction of Regular and Irregular Histograms with Different Options for Automatic Choice of Bins
HistogramToolsUtility Functions for R Histograms
historydataData Sets for Historians
histryEnhanced Command History Tracking for R Sessions and Dynamic Documents
hitHierarchical Inference Testing
hitandrun"Hit and Run" and "Shake and Bake" for Sampling Uniformly from Convex Shapes
HIV.LifeTablesHIV calibrated model life tables for countries with generalized HIV epidemics
hiveHadoop InteractiVE
HiveR2D and 3D Hive Plots for R
HK80Conversion Tools for HK80 Geographical Coordinate System
hkclusteringEnsemble Clustering using K Means and Hierarchical Clustering
hkevpSpatial Extreme Value Analysis with the Hierarchical Model of Reich and Shaby (2012)
hkex.apiAPI to Retrieve Data from Hong Kong Stock Exchange
HKprocessHurst-Kolmogorov Process
HLMdiagDiagnostic Tools for Hierarchical (Multilevel) Linear Models
HLSMHierarchical Latent Space Network Model
HMBHierarchical Model-Based Estimation Approach
HMDHFDplusRead Human Mortality Database and Human Fertility Database Data from the Web
hmeasureThe H-Measure and Other Scalar Classification Performance Metrics
hmiHierarchical Multiple Imputation
HmiscHarrell Miscellaneous
hmlassoLasso with High Missing Rate
HMMHMM - Hidden Markov Models
hmm.discnpHidden Markov Models with Discrete Non-Parametric Observation Distributions
HMMContHidden Markov Model for Continuous Observations Processes
HMMcopulaMarkov Regime Switching Copula Models Estimation and Goodness of Fit
HMMEsolverA Fast Solver for Henderson Mixed Model Equation via Row Operations
HMMextra0sHidden Markov Models with Extra Zeros
hmmhddHidden Markov Models for High Dimensional Data
hmmmHierarchical Multinomial Marginal Models
HMMmlselectDetermine the Number of States in Hidden Markov Models via Marginal Likelihood
HMMpaAnalysing Accelerometer Data Using Hidden Markov Models
HMPHypothesis Testing and Power Calculations for Comparing Metagenomic Samples from HMP
HMPTreesStatistical Object Oriented Data Analysis of RDP-Based Taxonomic Trees from Human Microbiome Data
HMRFlux Estimation with Static Chamber Data
hmsPretty Time of Day
HmscHierarchical Model of Species Communities
hmstimer'hms' Based Timer
HMVDGroup Association Test using a Hidden Markov Model
hNMFHierarchical Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
hnpHalf-Normal Plots with Simulation Envelopes
hoaHigher Order Likelihood Inference
hoardeRCollect and Retrieve Annotation Data for Various Genomic Data Using Different Webservices
hoardrManage Cached Files
hogsvdRHigher-Order Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
holdemTexas Holdem Simulator
HolidaysHoliday and Half-Day Data, for Use with the 'TimeWarp' Package
holodeckA Tidy Interface for Simulating Multivariate Data
homalsGifi Methods for Optimal Scaling
homeRUseful Functions for Building Physics
HomericDoughnut Plots
hommelMethods for Closed Testing with Simes Inequality, in Particular Hommel's Method
homologeneQuick Access to Homologene and Gene Annotation Updates
homomorpheRHomomorphic Computations in R
homtestHomogeneity tests for Regional Frequency Analysis
hopbyhopTransmissions and Receptions in a Hop by Hop Network
hopitHierarchical Ordered Probit Models with Application to Reporting Heterogeneity
horizonHorizon Search Algorithm
HoRMSupplemental Functions and Datasets for "Handbook of Regression Methods"
hornpaHorn's (1965) Test to Determine the Number of Components/Factors
horseruleFlexible Non-Linear Regression with the HorseRule Algorithm
horseshoeImplementation of the Horseshoe Prior
hot.deckMultiple Hot-Deck Imputation
HotDeckImputationHot Deck Imputation Methods for Missing Data
HotellingHotelling's T^2 Test and Variants
hotspotSoftware Hotspot Analysis
hotspotsHot Spots
housingDataU.S. Housing Data from 2008 to 2016
howmanyA lower bound for the number of correct rejections
hpaDistributions Hermite Polynomial Approximation
hpackedbubbleCreate Split Packed Bubble Charts
HPbayesHeligman Pollard mortality model parameter estimation using Bayesian Melding with Incremental Mixture Importance Sampling
hpcwldHigh Performance Cluster Models Based on Kiefer-Wolfowitz Recursion
hpiRHouse Price Indexes
hpoPlotFunctions for Plotting HPO Terms
hqmiscMiscellaneous convenience functions and dataset
hqregRegularization Paths for Lasso or Elastic-Net Penalized Huber Loss Regression and Quantile Regression
hRToolkit for Data Analytics in Human Resources
hrbrthemesAdditional Themes, Theme Components and Utilities for 'ggplot2'
hrIPWHazard Ratio Estimation using Cox Model Weighted by the Estimated Propensity Score
HRMHigh-Dimensional Repeated Measures
HRQoLHealth Related Quality of Life Analysis
HRWDatasets, Functions and Scripts for Semiparametric Regression Supporting Harezlak, Ruppert & Wand (2018)
HSHomogenous Segmentation for Spatial Lines Data
HSARHierarchical Spatial Autoregressive Model
HSAURA Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (1st Edition)
HSAUR2A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)
HSAUR3A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)
hsdarManage, Analyse and Simulate Hyperspectral Data
HSDiCHomogeneity and Sparsity Detection Incorporating Prior Constraint Information
hSDMHierarchical Bayesian Species Distribution Models
hsicCCACanonical Correlation Analysis based on Kernel Independence Measures
hsmA Path-Based BCD for Proximal Function of Latent Group Lasso
hsmmHidden Semi Markov Models
hsphasePhasing, Pedigree Reconstruction, Sire Imputation and Recombination Events Identification of Half-sib Families Using SNP Data
HSPORHidden Smooth Polynomial Regression for Rupture Detection
HSROCMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy when Reference Test is Imperfect
hsstanHierarchical Shrinkage Stan Models for Biomarker Selection
HSSVDBiclustering with Heterogeneous Variance
htdpHorizontal Time Dependent Positioning
HTLRBayesian Logistic Regression with Heavy-Tailed Priors
htm2txtConvert Html into Text
htmltabAssemble Data Frames from HTML Tables
htmlTableAdvanced Tables for Markdown/HTML
htmltidyTidy Up and Test XPath Queries on HTML and XML Content
htmltoolsTools for HTML
HTMLUtilsFacilitates Automated HTML Report Creation
htmlwidgetsHTML Widgets for R
htreeHistorical Tree Ensembles for Longitudinal Data
htsHierarchical and Grouped Time Series
HTSClusterClustering High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing (HTS) Data
HTSSIPHigh Throughput Sequencing of Stable Isotope Probing Data Analysis
httkHigh-Throughput Toxicokinetics
httpcacheQuery Cache for HTTP Clients
httpcode'HTTP' Status Code Helper
httping'Ping' 'URLs' to Time 'Requests'
httpRequestBasic HTTP Request
httptestA Test Environment for HTTP Requests
httpuvHTTP and WebSocket Server Library
httrTools for Working with URLs and HTTP
huesDistinct Colours Palettes Based on 'iwanthue'
hugeHigh-Dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation
HUMcompute HUM value and visualize ROC curves
humanFormatHuman-friendly formatting functions
humaniformatA Parser for Human Names
humanizeCreate Values for Human Consumption
humanleagueSynthetic Population Generator
humidityCalculate Water Vapor Measures from Temperature and Dew Point
hunspellHigh-Performance Stemmer, Tokenizer, and Spell Checker
HURDATHurricane Re-Analysis Project
hurdlrZero-Inflated and Hurdle Modelling Using Bayesian Inference
hurricaneexposureExplore and Map County-Level Hurricane Exposure in the United States
hutilsMiscellaneous R Functions and Aliases
hutilscppMiscellaneous Functions in C++
huxtableEasily Create and Style Tables for LaTeX, HTML and Other Formats
HW.pvalTesting Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium for Multiallelic Genes
hwdeModels and Tests for Departure from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium and Independence Between Loci
HWEBayesBayesian investigation of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium via estimation and testing
HWEintrinsicObjective Bayesian Testing for the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem
hwordcloudRendering Word Clouds
hwriterHTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format
hwwntestTests of White Noise using Wavelets
HWxtestExact Tests for Hardy-Weinberg Proportions
hybridEnsembleBuild, Deploy and Evaluate Hybrid Ensembles
HybridFSA Hybrid Filter-Wrapper Feature Selection Method
hybridHclustHybrid Hierarchical Clustering
HybridMCImplementation of the Hybrid Monte Carlo and Multipoint Hybrid Monte Carlo sampling techniques
hybridModelsStochastic Hybrid Models in Dynamic Networks
HydeNetHybrid Bayesian Networks Using R and JAGS
hydraHyperbolic Embedding
hydroAppsTools and models for hydrological applications
hydrogeoGroundwater Data Presentation and Interpretation
hydroGOFGoodness-of-Fit Functions for Comparison of Simulated and Observed Hydrological Time Series
hydrolinksHydrologic Network Linking Data and Tools
HydroMeR codes for estimating water retention and infiltration model parameters using experimental data
hydroPSOParticle Swarm Optimisation, with Focus on Environmental Models
hydroscoperInterface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrometeorological Information
hydrostatsHydrologic Indices for Daily Time Series Data
hydroTSMTime Series Management, Analysis and Interpolation for Hydrological Modelling
hyfoHydrology and Climate Forecasting
hyper.fitGeneric N-Dimensional Hyperplane Fitting with Heteroscedastic Covariant Errors and Intrinsic Scatter
hyper2The Hyperdirichlet Distribution, Mark 2
HyperbolicDistThe hyperbolic distribution
hypercubeOrganizing Data in a Hypercube
hypergateMachine Learning of Hyperrectangular Gating Strategies for High-Dimensional Cytometry
hypergeaHypergeometric Tests
hypergeoThe Gauss Hypergeometric Function
HypergeoMatHypergeometric Function of a Matrix Argument
hypersampleplanAttribute Sampling Plan with Exact Hypergeometric Probabilities using Chebyshev Polynomials
hyperSMURFHyper-Ensemble Smote Undersampled Random Forests
hyperSpecWork with Hyperspectral Data, i.e. Spectra + Meta Information (Spatial, Time, Concentration, ...)
hypervolumeHigh Dimensional Geometry and Set Operations Using Kernel Density Estimation, Support Vector Machines, and Convex Hulls
HyPhyMacroevolutionary phylogentic analysis of species trees and gene trees
hypothesestestConfidence Intervals and Tests of Statistical Hypotheses
hypothesisrWrapper for the 'Hypothes.is' Web Annotation Service
hyprHypothesis Matrix Translation
HyRiMMulticriteria Risk Management using Zero-Sum Games with Vector-Valued Payoffs that are Probability Distributions
HYRISKHybrid Methods for Addressing Uncertainty in RISK Assessments
hysteresisTools for Modeling Rate-Dependent Hysteretic Processes and Ellipses
hzarHybrid Zone Analysis using R
IAbinPlotting N-T Plane for Decision on Performing an Interim Analysis
iAdaptTwo-Stage Adaptive Dose-Finding Clinical Trial Design
iadfAnalysis of Intra Annual Density Fluctuations
iaiInterface to 'Interpretable AI' Modules
IalsaSynthesisSynthesizing Information Across Collaborating Research
IAPWS95Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam
iarmItem Analysis in Rasch Models
IASDModel Selection for Index of Asymmetry Distribution
IATCleaning and Visualizing Implicit Association Test (IAT) Data
IATanalyticsCompute Effect Sizes and Reliability for Implicit Association Test (IAT) Data
IATScoreScoring Algorithm for the Implicit Association Test (IAT)
IATscoresImplicit Association Test Scores Using Robust Statistics
iBATCGHIntegrative Bayesian Analysis of Transcriptomic and CGH Data
IBCF.MTMEItem Based Collaborative Filtering for Multi-Trait and Multi-Environment Data
ibdIncomplete Block Designs
IBDhaploRtoolsFunctions for the Analysis of IBD Haplo Output
IBDLabelsConvert Between Different IBD-State Labelling Schemes
ibdregRegression Methods for IBD Linkage With Covariates
IBDsimSimulation of Chromosomal Regions Shared by Family Members
ibeemdIrregular-lattice based ensemble empirical mode decomposition
ibeliefBelief Function Implementation
ibmIndividual Based Models in R
ibmcraftrToolkits to Develop Individual-Based Models in Infectious Disease
ibmdbRIBM in-Database Analytics for R
ibmsunburstGenerate Personality Insights Sunburst Diagrams
IbootIboot: iterated bootstrap tests and confidence sets
ibrIterative Bias Reduction
iBreakDownModel Agnostic Instance Level Variable Attributions
IBrokersR API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation
ibsIntegral of B-Spline Functions
iBSTImproper Bagging Survival Tree
ic.inferInequality Constrained Inference in Linear Normal Situations
iC10A Copy Number and Expression-Based Classifier for Breast Tumours
iC10TrainingDataTraining Datasets for iC10 Package
IC2Inequality and Concentration Indices and Curves
ic50Standardized high-throughput evaluation of cell-based compound screens
icaIndependent Component Analysis
ICAFFImperialist Competitive Algorithm
ical'iCalendar' Parsing
icamixEstimation of ICA Mixture Models
ICAMSIn-depth Characterization and Analysis of Mutational Signatures ('ICAMS')
ICAODOptimal Designs for Nonlinear Models
icapcaMixed ICA/PCA
iCARHIntegrative Conditional Autoregressive Horseshoe Model
icarusCalibrates and Reweights Units in Samples
ICBayesBayesian Semiparametric Models for Interval-Censored Data
ICCFacilitating Estimation of the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient
ICC.Sample.SizeCalculation of Sample Size and Power for ICC
ICcalibCox Model with Interval-Censored Starting Time of a Covariate
iccbetaMultilevel Model Intraclass Correlation for Slope Heterogeneity
ICCbinFacilitates Clustered Binary Data Generation, and Estimation of Intracluster Correlation Coefficient (ICC) for Binary Data
ICcforestAn Ensemble Method for Interval-Censored Survival Data
icdComorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes
icd.dataInternational Classifcation of Diseases (ICD) Data
ICD10gmMetadata Processing for the German Modification of the ICD-10 Coding System
icdGLMEM by the Method of Weights for Incomplete Categorical Data in Generlized Linear Models
ICDSIdentification of Cancer Dysfunctional Subpathway by Integrating DNA Methylation, Copy Number Variation, and Gene Expression Data
ICEIterated Conditional Expectation
ICEboxIndividual Conditional Expectation Plot Toolbox
IceCastApply Statistical Post-Processing to Improve Sea Ice Predictions
ICEinferIncremental Cost-Effectiveness Inference using Two Unbiased Samples
iCellRAnalyzing High-Throughput Single Cell Sequencing Data
icemeltParameter Estimation in Linear Transformation Model with Interval-Censored Data and Covariate Measurement Error
icenRegRegression Models for Interval Censored Data
icensBKLAccompanion to the Book on Interval Censoring by Bogaerts, Komarek, and Lesaffre
icensmisStudy Design and Data Analysis in the Presence of Error-Prone Diagnostic Tests and Self-Reported Outcomes
icesAdviceFunctions Related to ICES Advice
icesDatrasDATRAS Trawl Survey Database Web Services
icesSAGStock Assessment Graphs Database Web Services
icesTAFFunctions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework
icesVocabICES Vocabularies Database Web Services
ICGEEstimation of number of clusters and identification of atypical units
ICGORFit Generalized Odds Rate Hazards Model with Interval Censored Data
iCiteRA Minimal Wrapper Around NIH's 'iCite' API
iClickA Button-Based GUI for Financial and Economic Data Analysis
iClusterIntegrative clustering of multiple genomic data types
icmmEmpirical Bayes Variable Selection via ICM/M Algorithm
ICODSData Analysis for ODS and Case-Cohort Designs with Interval-Censoring
icosaGlobal Triangular and Penta-Hexagonal Grids Based on Tessellated Icosahedra
icpsrdataReproducible Data Retrieval from the ICPSR Archive
icrCompute Krippendorff's Alpha
ICRanksSimultaneous Confidence Intervals for Ranks
icRSFA Modified Random Survival Forest Algorithm
ICSTools for Exploring Multivariate Data via ICS/ICA
ICSNPTools for Multivariate Nonparametrics
ICSOutlierOutlier Detection Using Invariant Coordinate Selection
ICSShinyICS via a Shiny Application
ICsurvA package for semiparametric regression analysis of interval-censored data
icswInverse Compliance Score Weighting
ICtestEstimating and Testing the Number of Interesting Components in Linear Dimension Reduction
ICVIndirect Cross-Validation (ICV) for Kernel Density Estimation
idarIndividual Diversity-Area Relationships
idbgR debugger
idbrR Interface to the US Census Bureau International Data Base API
IDCardUpdate Chinese ID Card Number to Eighteen Digits
IDEIntegro-Difference Equation Spatio-Temporal Models
idealstanGeneralized IRT Ideal Point Models with 'Stan'
ideamdbEasy Manipulation of IDEAM's Climatological Data
idefixEfficient Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments
idemInference in Randomized Controlled Trials with Death and Missingness
idendr0Interactive Dendrograms
identityJacquard Condensed Coefficients of Identity
ideqBayesian Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Models, Including the Integrodifference Equation Model
iderVarious Methods for Estimating Intrinsic Dimension
IDetectIsolate-Detect Methodology for Multiple Change-Point Detection
IDFEstimation and Plotting of IDF Curves
iDINGOIntegrative Differential Network Analysis in Genomics
idiogramFISHIdiograms with Marks and Karyotype Indices
idmIncremental Decomposition Methods
IDmeasurerAssessment of Individual Identity in Animal Signals
IDminingIntrinsic Dimension for Data Mining
idmodelrInfectious Disease Model Library and Utilities
idmTPregRegression Model for Progressive Illness Death Data
iDOSIntegrated Discovery of Oncogenic Signatures
IDPmisc'Utilities of Institute of Data Analyses and Process Design (www.zhaw.ch/idp)'
IDPSurvivalImprecise Dirichlet Process for Survival Analysis
idrIrreproducible discovery rate
idsGenerate Random Identifiers
IDSpatialStatsEstimate Global Clustering in Infectious Disease
idx2rConvert Files to and from IDX Format to Vectors, Matrices and Arrays
iDynoRR Analysis package for iDynoMiCS Simulation Results
ie2miscIrucka Embry's Miscellaneous USGS Functions
iECATIntegrating External Controls into Association Test
ieeeroundFunctions to set and get the IEEE rounding mode
iemiscIrucka Embry's Miscellaneous Functions
iemiscdataIrucka Embry's Miscellaneous Data Collection
iemisctextIrucka Embry's Miscellaneous Text Collection
ifaIndependent Factor Analysis
iFadAn integrative factor analysis model for drug-pathway association inference
ifaToolsToolkit for Item Factor Analysis with 'OpenMx'
ifctoolsItalian Fiscal Code ('Codice Fiscale') Utilities
IFPIdentifying Functional Polymorphisms
ifsIterated Function Systems
ifultoolsInsightful Research Tools
ig.vancouver.2014.topcolourInstagram 2014 Vancouver Top Colour Dataset
iGassoStatistical Tests and Utilities for Genetic Association
igateGuided Analytics for Testing Manufacturing Parameters
IGGInverse Gamma-Gamma
IgorRRead Binary Files Saved by 'Igor Pro' (Including 'Neuromatic' Data)
IGPInterchangeable Gaussian Process Models
igraphNetwork Analysis and Visualization
igraphdataA Collection of Network Data Sets for the 'igraph' Package
igraphinshinyUse 'shiny' to Demo 'igraph'
igraphtosoniaConvert iGraph graps to SoNIA .son files
iGSEAIntegrative Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Approaches
iheatmaprInteractive, Complex Heatmaps
ihpdrDownload Data from the International House Price Database
ihsInverse Hyperbolic Sine Distribution
IHSEPInhomogeneous Self-Exciting Process
iilassoIndependently Interpretable Lasso
IISDatasets to Accompany Wolfe and Schneider - Intuitive Introductory Statistics
ijtiffComprehensive TIFF I/O with Full Support for 'ImageJ' TIFF Files
iki.dataclimConsistency, Homogeneity and Summary Statistics of Climatological Data
ilcLee-Carter Mortality Models using Iterative Fitting Algorithms
ILSInterlaboratory Study
IMOrthogonal Moment Analysis
IMAGEIntegrated Methylation QTL Mapping and Allele-Specific Analysis
imageDataAids in Processing and Plotting Data from a Lemna-Tec Scananalyzer
imagefluencyImage Statistics Based on Processing Fluency
imagefxExtract Features from Images
imagerImage Processing Library Based on 'CImg'
imagerExtraExtra Image Processing Library Based on 'imager'
IMaGESIndependent Multiple-Sample Greedy Equivalence Search Implementation
imageviewerSimple 'htmlwidgets' Image Viewer with WebGL Brightness/Contrast
imagineIMAGing engINE, Tools for Application of Image Filters to Data Matrices
ImaginRDelimit and Characterize Color Phenotype of the Pearl Oyster
IMakItem Maker
ImapInteractive Mapping
imbalancePreprocessing Algorithms for Imbalanced Datasets
imdbapiGet Movie, Television Data from the 'imdb' Database
iMediateLikelihood Methods for Mediation Analysis
IMFDataR Interface for International Monetary Fund(IMF) Data API
imfrDownload Data from the International Monetary Fund's Data API
imgpalrCreate Color Palettes from Images
imgrecImage Recognition
imguRAn Imgur.com API Client Package
imgwPolish Meteorological and Hydrological Data
IMIFAInfinite Mixtures of Infinite Factor Analysers and Related Models
IMISIncreamental Mixture Importance Sampling
imlInterpretable Machine Learning
IMmailgunSend Emails using 'Mailgun'
immerItem Response Models for Multiple Ratings
ImmigrateIterative Max-Min Entropy Margin-Maximization with Interaction Terms for Feature Selection
immuneSIMTunable Simulation of B- And T-Cell Receptor Repertoires
IMPInteractive Model Performance Evaluation
imp4pImputation for Proteomics
IMPACTThe Impact of Items
ImpactIVIdentifying Causal Effect for Multi-Component Intervention Using Instrumental Variable Method
impimpImprecise Imputation for Statistical Matching
implicitMeasuresComputes the Scores for Different Implicit Measures
implyrR Interface for Apache Impala
importAn Import Mechanism for R
importarEnables Importing/Loading of Packages or Functions While Creating an Alias for Them
ImportExportImport and Export Data
importinegiDownload and Manage Open Data from INEGI
imprProbEstMinimum distance estimation in an imprecise probability model
imptreeClassification Trees with Imprecise Probabilities
imputeLCMDA collection of methods for left-censored missing data imputation
imputeMDRThe Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) Analysis for Incomplete Data
imputeMissingsImpute Missing Values in a Predictive Context
imputeMultiImputation Methods for Multivariate Multinomial Data
imputePSFImpute Missing Data in Time Series Data with PSF Based Method
imputeRA General Multivariate Imputation Framework
ImputeRobustRobust Multiple Imputation with Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
imputeTestbenchTest Bench for the Comparison of Imputation Methods
imputeTSTime Series Missing Value Imputation
imputeYnImputing the Last Largest Censored Observation(s) Under Weighted Least Squares
iMRMCMulti-Reader, Multi-Case Analysis Methods (ROC, Agreement, and Other Metrics)
imsigImmune Cell Gene Signatures for Profiling the Microenvironment of Solid Tumours
IMTestInformation Matrix Test for Generalized Partial Credit Models
IMWatsonChat with Watson's Assistant API
in2extRemesInto the extRemes Package
inaparcInitialization Algorithms for Partitioning Cluster Analysis
inarmixMixture models for longitudinal count data
inbreedRAnalysing Inbreeding Based on Genetic Markers
incaInteger Calibration
incadataRecognize and Handle Data in Formats Used by Swedish Cancer Centers
INCATomeInternal Control Analysis of Translatome Studies by Microarrays
IncDTWIncremental Calculation of Dynamic Time Warping
incgraphIncremental Graphlet Counting for Network Optimisation
incidenceCompute, Handle, Plot and Model Incidence of Dated Events
incRAnalysis of Incubation Data
inctoolsIncidence Estimation Tools
IncucyteDRCDose Response Curves from Incucyte Proliferation Assays
indelmissInsertion Deletion Analysis While Accounting for Possible Missing Data
IndependenceTestsNonparametric tests of independence between random vectors
IndepTestNonparametric Independence Tests Based on Entropy Estimation
IndexConstructionIndex Construction for Time Series Data
IndexNumberIndex Numbers in Social Sciences
IndexNumRIndex Number Calculation
IndianTaxCalcIndian Income Tax Calculator
indicspeciesRelationship Between Species and Groups of Sites
indirectElicitation of Independent Conditional Means Priors for Generalised Linear Models
INDperformEvaluation of Indicator Performances for Assessing Ecosystem States
IndTestPPTests of Independence Between Point Processes in Time
inegiRIntegrate INEGI’s (Mexican Stats Office) API with R
ineqMeasuring Inequality, Concentration, and Poverty
ineqJDInequality Joint Decomposition
iNEXTInterpolation and Extrapolation for Species Diversity
iNextPDInterpolation and Extrapolation for Phylogenetic Diversity
InfDimInfine-dimensional model (IDM) to analyse phenotypic variation in growth trajectories
inferTidy Statistical Inference
inferenceFunctions to extract inferential values of a fitted model object
InferenceSMRInference about the standardized mortality ratio when evaluating the effect of a screening program on survival
inferferenceMethods for Causal Inference with Interference
inferrInferential Statistics
InfiniumPurifyEstimate and Account for Tumor Purity in Cancer Methylation Data Analysis
infixBasic Infix Binary Operators
InflationCore Inflation
inflectionFinds the Inflection Point of a Curve
influence.METools for Detecting Influential Data in Mixed Effects Models
influence.SEMCase Influence in Structural Equation Models
influenceRSoftware Tools to Quantify Structural Importance of Nodes in a Network
influxdbrR Interface to InfluxDB
infoDecompuTEInformation Decomposition of Two-Phase Experiments
InformationData Exploration with Information Theory (Weight-of-Evidence and Information Value)
InformationValuePerformance Analysis and Companion Functions for Binary Classification Models
InformativeCensoringMultiple Imputation for Informative Censoring
informRSequence Statistics for Relational Event Models
infotheoInformation-Theoretic Measures
InfoTradCalculates the Probability of Informed Trading (PIN)
infraAn Infrastructure Proxy Function
infraFDTD.assistIO Help for infraFDTD Model
InfusionInference Using Simulation
infutilInformation Utility
ingredientsEffects and Importances of Model Ingredients
iniRead and Write '.ini' Files
injectoRR Dependency Injection
InjurySeverityScoreTranslate ICD-9 into Injury Severity Score
INLABMABayesian Model Averaging with INLA
inlabruSpatial Inference using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation
INLAMSMMultivariate Spatial Models with 'INLA'
inlineFunctions to Inline C, C++, Fortran Function Calls from R
inlmiscMiscellaneous Functions for the USGS INL Project Office
iNOTEIntegrative Network Omnibus Total Effect Test
inpdfrAnalyse Text Documents Using Ecological Tools
inplaceIn-place Operators for R
InPositionInference Tests for ExPosition
insectInformatic Sequence Classification Trees
insideRODEinsideRODE includes buildin functions with deSolve solver and C/FORTRAN interfaces to nlme, together with compiled codes
insightEasy Access to Model Information for Various Model Objects
InSilicoVAProbabilistic Verbal Autopsy Coding with 'InSilicoVA' Algorithm
insolSolar Radiation
InspectChangepointHigh-Dimensional Changepoint Estimation via Sparse Projection
inspectdfInspection, Comparison and Visualisation of Data Frames
inspectrPerform Basic Checks of Dataframes
INSPIREInferring Shared Modules from Multiple Gene Expression Datasets with Partially Overlapping Gene Sets
install.loadCheck, Install and Load CRAN & USGS GRAN Packages
installrUsing R to Install Stuff on Windows OS (Such As: R, 'Rtools', 'RStudio', 'Git', and More!)
instaRAccess to Instagram API via R
insuranceDataA Collection of Insurance Datasets Useful in Risk Classification in Non-life Insurance
insuranceratingAnalytic Insurance Rating Techniques
intamapProcedures for Automated Interpolation
intamapInteractiveInteractive Add-on Functionality for 'intamap'
intccrSemiparametric Competing Risks Regression under Interval Censoring
intcensROCFast Spline Function Based Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimator for AUC Estimation of Interval Censored Survival Data
IntClustIntegration of Multiple Data Sets with Clustering Techniques
intdagReconstruction of a Directed Acyclic Graph with Interventions
integIRTyIntegrating Multiple Modalities of High Throughput Assays Using Item Response Theory
integrAn Implementation of Interaction Graphs of Aleks Jakulin
IntegrateBsIntegration for B-Spline
IntegratedJMJoint Modeling of the Gene-Expression and Bioassay Data, Taking Care of the Effect Due to a Fingerprint Feature
IntegratedMRFIntegrated Prediction using Uni-Variate and Multivariate Random Forests
intensity.analysisIntensity of Change for Comparing Categorical Maps from Sequential Intervals
inteParetoIntegrative Analysis of RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq Data
InteractTests for marginal interactions in a 2 class response model
interactionsComprehensive, User-Friendly Toolkit for Probing Interactions
interactionTestCalculates Critical Test Statistics to Control False Discovery Rates in Marginal Effects Plots
InteractiveIGraphinteractive network analysis and visualization
InteratrixCompute Chi-Square Measures with Corrections
intercureCure Rate Estimators for Interval Censored Data
interepInteraction Analysis of Repeated Measure Data
InterfaceqPCRGUI to Analyse qPCR Results after PMA Treatment or not
interferenceCIExact Confidence Intervals in the Presence of Interference
interflexMultiplicative Interaction Models Diagnostics and Visualization
interfrInterference Color Charts for Polarized Light Microscopy
intergraphCoercion Routines for Network Data Objects
interimScheduling Interim Analyses in Clinical Trials
interimAppApp for Scheduling Interim Analyses in Clinical Trials
interlineaRImporting Interlinearized Corpora and Dictionaries as Produced by Descriptive Linguistics Software
internetarchiveAn API Client for the Internet Archive
interpInterpolation Methods
interplotPlot the Effects of Variables in Interaction Terms
InterpolInterpolation of amino acid sequences
Interpol.THourly interpolation of multiple temperature daily series
interpretFit Interpretable Models and Explain Blackbox Machine Learning
InterpretMSSpectrumInterpreting High Resolution Mass Spectra
interpretRBinary Classifier and Regression Model Interpretation Functions
InterSIMSimulation of Inter-Related Genomic Datasets
InterVA4Replicate and Analyse 'InterVA4'
InterVA5Replicate and Analyse 'InterVA5'
intervalWeighted Logrank Tests and NPMLE for interval censored data
intervalsTools for Working with Points and Intervals
IntervalSurgeonOperating on Integer-Bounded Intervals
intervcompHypothesis Testing Using the Overlapping Interval Estimates
interventionalDBNInterventional Inference for Dynamic Bayesian Networks
intkrigeA Numerical Implementation of Interval-Valued Kriging
IntLikNumerical Integration for Integrated Likelihood
IntNMFIntegrative Clustering of Multiple Genomic Dataset
intooObject Oriented Extensions
inTreesInterpret Tree Ensembles
intRegGOFIntegrated Regression Goodness of Fit
IntrinioStockAPIWrapper for the 'Intrinio Stock API'
intrinsicDimensionIntrinsic Dimension Estimation
introgressmethods for analyzing introgression between divergent lineages
intrvalRelational Operators for Intervals
intRvalsAnalysis of Time-Ordered Event Data with Missed Observations
intsurvIntegrative Survival Modeling
intsurvbinSurvival and Binary Data Integration
intsvyInternational Assessment Data Manager
intubateInterface to Popular R Functions for Data Science Pipelines
inumInterval and Enum-Type Representation of Vectors
InvariantCausalPredictionInvariant Causal Prediction
InvasionCorrectionInvasion Correction
invctrInfix Functions For Vector Operations
inventorizeInventory Analytics and Cost Calculations
InventorymodelInventory Models
inverseRegexReverse Engineers Regular Expression Patterns for R Objects
investrInverse Estimation/Calibration Functions
invgammaThe Inverse Gamma Distribution
invGaussThreshold regression that fits the (randomized drift) inverse Gaussian distribution to survival data
invLTInversion of Laplace-Transformed Functions
ioA Unified Framework for Input-Output Operations in R
ioanalysisInput Output Analysis
IOHanalyzerData Analysis Part of 'IOHprofiler'
ioncopyCalling Copy Number Alterations in Amplicon Sequencing Data
ionflowsCalculate the Number of Required Flows for Semiconductor Sequencing
ionrTest for Indifference of Indicator
iopsychMethods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
iosmoothFunctions for Smoothing with Infinite Order Flat-Top Kernels
iotablesImporting and Manipulating Symmetric Input-Output Tables
iotoolsI/O Tools for Streaming
ipcTools for Message Passing Between Processes
IPCAPSIterative Pruning to Capture Population Structure
ipcwswitchInverse Probability of Censoring Weights to Deal with Treatment Switch in Randomized Clinical Trials
IPDFileCheckBasic Functions to Check the Readability, Consistency, and Content of an Individual Participant/Patient Data File from a Randomised Controlled Trial
ipdmetaTools for subgroup analyses with multiple trial data using aggregate statistics
ipdwSpatial Interpolation by Inverse Path Distance Weighting
ipeadatarAPI Wrapper for 'Ipeadata'
IPECRoot Mean Square Curvature Calculation
ipflassoIntegrative Lasso with Penalty Factors
ipfpFast Implementation of the Iterative Proportional Fitting Procedure in C
ipfrList Balancing for Reweighting and Population Synthesis
ipftIndoor Positioning Fingerprinting Toolset
iplotsiPlots - interactive graphics for R
IPMpackBuilds and analyses Integral Projection Models (IPMs)
IPMRFIntervention in Prediction Measure (IPM) for Random Forests
IPPPInhomogeneous Poisson Point Processes
ipptoolboxIPP Toolbox
ipredImproved Predictors
ipriorRegression Modelling using I-Priors
ipsInterfaces to Phylogenetic Software in R
iptmnetrInterface to the 'iPTMnet' API
IPtoCountryConvert IP Addresses to Country Names or Full Location with Geoplotting
iptoolsManipulate, Validate and Resolve 'IP' Addresses
ipumsrRead 'IPUMS' Extract Files
ipwEstimate Inverse Probability Weights
IPWboxplotAdapted Boxplot to Missing Observations
ipwCoxCSVInverse Probability Weighted Cox Model with Corrected Sandwich Variance
ipwErrorYInverse Probability Weighted Estimation of Average Treatment Effect with Misclassified Binary Outcome
IPWsurvivalPropensity Score Based Adjusted Survival Curves and Corresponding Log-Rank Statistic
IQCCImproved Quality Control Charts
iqLearnInteractive Q-Learning
iraceIterated Racing for Automatic Algorithm Configuration
iRafNetIntegrative Random Forest for Gene Regulatory Network Inference
IRATERA R Interface for the Instantaneous RATEs (IRATE) Model
ircorCorrelation Coefficients for Information Retrieval
IRdisplay'Jupyter' Display Machinery
iRefRiRefIndex Manager
iRegressionRegression Methods for Interval-Valued Variables
iReproReproducibility for Interval-Censored Data
IrescaleCalculate and Scale Moran's I
iRFiterative Random Forests
irgInstantaneous Rate of Green Up
IrishDirectoratesA Dynamic Bipartite Latent Space Model to Analyse Irish Companies' Boards from 2003 to 2013
IRISMustangMetricsStatistics and Metrics for Seismic Data
IRISSeismicClasses and Methods for Seismic Data Analysis
IRkernelNative R Kernel for the 'Jupyter Notebook'
irlbaFast Truncated Singular Value Decomposition and Principal Components Analysis for Large Dense and Sparse Matrices
IROmissImputation Regularized Optimization Algorithm
irrVarious Coefficients of Interrater Reliability and Agreement
irrCACComputing Chance-Corrected Agreement Coefficients (CAC)
IrregLongAnalysis of Longitudinal Data with Irregular Observation Times
irregulAR1Functions for Irregularly Sampled AR(1) Processes
irrICCIntraclass Correlations for Quantifying Inter-Rater Reliability
irrNACoefficients of Interrater Reliability - Generalized for Randomly Incomplete Datasets
irtDemoItem Response Theory Demo Collection
irtoysA Collection of Functions Related to Item Response Theory (IRT)
irtplayEvaluation of Model-Data Fit in Item Response Theory (IRT) and Useful Functions Related to IRT
irtProbUtilities and Probability Distributions Related to Multidimensional Person Item Response Models
irtreesEstimation of Tree-Based Item Response Models
irtreliabilityItem Response Theory Reliability
IRTShinyItem Response Theory via Shiny
isa2The Iterative Signature Algorithm
ISATExtract Cell Density and Nearest Distance Based on 'PerkinElmer InForm' Software Output
ISBFIterative Selection of Blocks of Features - ISBF
ISCO08ConveRsionsConverts ISCO-08 to Job Prestige Scores, ISCO-88 and Job Name
isdalsProvides datasets for Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences
iSDMInvasive Species Distribution Modelling
isdparserParse 'NOAA' Integrated Surface Data Files
ISEtoolsTools for Ion Selective Electrodes
IsingFitFitting Ising Models Using the ELasso Method
isingLenzMCMonte Carlo for Classical Ising Model
IsingSamplerSampling Methods and Distribution Functions for the Ising Model
islandStochastic Island Biogeography Theory Made Easy
islassoThe Induced Smoothed Lasso
ISLRData for an Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
ISMInterpretive Structural Modelling (ISM)
ismevAn Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
isniIndex of Local Sensitivity to Nonignorability
isnullptrCheck if an 'externalptr' is a Null Pointer
IsoFunctions to Perform Isotonic Regression
isobandGenerate Isolines and Isobands from Regularly Spaced Elevation Grids
isocatIsotope Clustering and Assignment Tools
IsoCIConfidence intervals for current status data based on transformations and bootstrap
isocirIsotonic Inference for Circular Data
ISOcodesSelected ISO Codes
IsoGeneOrder-Restricted Inference for Microarray Experiments
isopamIsopam (Clustering)
isopatCalculation of isotopic pattern for a given molecular formula
isophIsotonic Proportional Hazards Model
IsoplotRStatistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
ISOpureRDeconvolution of Tumour Profiles
IsoriXIsoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using Mixed Models
IsoSpecRThe IsoSpec Algorithm
isotoneActive Set and Generalized PAVA for Isotone Optimization
isotonic.penPenalized Isotonic Regression in one and two dimensions
IsotopeRStable Isotope Mixing Model
ISOweekWeek of the year and weekday according to ISO 8601
ispdIncomplete Split-Plot Designs
isqgIn Silico Quantitative Genetics
ISR3Iterative Sequential Regression
istacrObtaining Open Data from Instituto Canario De Estadistica (ISTAC) API
iSTATSA Graphical Interface to Perform STOCSY Analyses on NMR Data
isvaIndependent Surrogate Variable Analysis
ISwRIntroductory Statistics with R
italyThe Italian Survey on Household and Wealth, 2008 and 2010
itanItem Analysis for Multiple Choice Tests
itcSegmentIndividual Tree Crowns Segmentation
itemanalysisClassical Test Theory Item Analysis
iteRatesParametric rate comparison
iteratorsProvides Iterator Construct
iterLapApproximate Probability Densities by Iterated Laplace Approximations
iterpcEfficient Iterator for Permutations and Combinations
itertoolsIterator Tools
itertools2itertools2: Functions creating iterators for efficient looping
ITGMIndividual Tree Growth Modeling
ITNrAnalysis of the International Trade Network
iTOPInferring the Topology of Omics Data
itreeTools for classification and regression trees, with an emphasis on interpretability
ITRLearnStatistical Learning for Individualized Treatment Regime
ITRSelectVariable Selection for Optimal Individualized Dynamic Treatment Regime
its.analysisRunning Interrupted Time Series Analysis
itsadugInterpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs
itsmrTime Series Analysis Using the Innovations Algorithm
itunesrAccess iTunes App Store Ratings and Reviews using R
IUPSIncorporating Uncertainties in Propensity Scores
ivaInstrumental Variable Analysis in Case-Control Association Studies
ivdescProfiling Compliers and Non-Compliers for Instrumental Variable Analysis
ivfixedInstrumental fixed effect panel data model
ivmodelStatistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Model
ivmteInstrumental Variables: Extrapolation by Marginal Treatment Effects
ivpackInstrumental Variable Estimation
ivpanelInstrumental Panel Data Models
ivprobitInstrumental Variables Probit Model
ivregEXCreate Independent Evidence in IV Analyses and Do Sensitivity Analysis in Regression and IV Analysis
ivtoolsInstrumental Variables
ivxRobust Econometric Inference
iWeigRegImproved methods for causal inference and missing data problems
iWISAWavelet-Based Index of Storm Activity
jaathaSimulation-Based Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation
jaccardTest Similarity Between Binary Data using Jaccard/Tanimoto Coefficients
jackJack, Zonal, and Schur Polynomials
jackalopeA Swift, Versatile Phylogenomic and High-Throughput Sequencing Simulator
jackknifeKMEJackknife Estimates of Kaplan-Meier Estimators or Integrals
jackstrawStatistical Inference for Unsupervised Learning
JacobiEigenClassical Jacobi Eigenvalue Algorithm
jacpopJaccard Index for Population Structure Identification
JADEBlind Source Separation Methods Based on Joint Diagonalization and Some BSS Performance Criteria
jaggRSupporting Files and Functions for the Book Bayesian Modelling with 'JAGS'
jagsUIA Wrapper Around 'rjags' to Streamline 'JAGS' Analyses
JAGUARJoint Analysis of Genotype and Group-Specific Variability Using a Novel Score Test Approach to Map Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL)
JamendoRAccess to 'Jamendo' API
james.analysisAnalysis Tools for the 'JAMES' Framework
janeaustenrJane Austen's Complete Novels
janitorSimple Tools for Examining and Cleaning Dirty Data
jaodDirectory of Open Access Journals Client
jarbesJust a Rather Bayesian Evidence Synthesis
JASPARR modules for JASPAR databases: a collection of transcription factor DNA-binding preferences, modeled as matrices
JavaGDJava Graphics Device
JBToolsMisc Small Tools and Helper Functions for Other Code of J. Buttlar
jcextExtended Classification of Weather Types
jcolorsColors Palettes for R and 'ggplot2', Additional Themes for 'ggplot2'
jcpJoint Change Point Detection
JdmbsMonte Carlo Option Pricing Algorithms for Jump Diffusion Models with Correlational Companies
jdx'Java' Data Exchange for 'R' and 'rJava'
jeekA Fast and Scalable Joint Estimator for Integrating Additional Knowledge in Learning Multiple Related Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models
jenkinsSimple Jenkins Client
jetpackA Friendly Package Manager
jetsetOne-to-One Gene-Probeset Mapping for Affymetrix Human Microarrays
JFETools and GUI for Analyzing Data of Just Finance and Econometrics
JGEEJoint Generalized Estimating Equation Solver
JGLPerforms the Joint Graphical Lasso for Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation on Multiple Classes
JGRJava GUI for R
jiebaRChinese Text Segmentation
jiebaRDChinese Text Segmentation Data for jiebaR Package
jipApproxApproximate Inclusion Probabilities for Survey Sampling
jjbBalamuta Miscellaneous
jlctreeJoint Latent Class Trees for Joint Modeling of Time-to-Event and Longitudinal Data
JMJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
JMbayesJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data under a Bayesian Approach
jmcmJoint Mean-Covariance Models using 'Armadillo' and S4
JMcmprskJoint Models for Longitudinal Measurements and Competing Risks Failure Time Data
jmdemFitting Joint Mean and Dispersion Effects Models
JMdesignJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data - Power Calculation
jmdlJoint Mean-Correlation Regression Approach for Discrete Longitudinal Data
jmetrikTools for Interacting with 'jMetrik'
JMIJackknife Mutual Information
JmiscJulian Miscellaneous Function
jmotifTime Series Analysis Toolkit Based on Symbolic Aggregate Dicretization, i.e. SAX
jmuOutlierPermutation Tests for Nonparametric Statistics
jmvThe 'jamovi' Analyses
jmvconnectConnect to the 'jamovi' Statistical Spreadsheet
jmvcoreDependencies for the 'jamovi' Framework
jocreJoint Confidence Regions
JohnsonJohnson Transformation
joineRJoint Modelling of Repeated Measurements and Time-to-Event Data
joineRmetaJoint Modelling for Meta-Analytic (Multi-Study) Data
joineRMLJoint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal Data and Time-to-Event Outcomes
joinetMultivariate Elastic Net Regression
joint.CoxJoint Frailty-Copula Models for Tumour Progression and Death in Meta-Analysis
JointAIJoint Analysis and Imputation of Incomplete Data
jointDiagJoint Approximate Diagonalization of a Set of Square Matrices
jointMeanCovJoint Mean and Covariance Estimation for Matrix-Variate Data
JointModelSemiparametric Joint Models for Longitudinal and Counting Processes
JointNetsEnd-to-End Sparse Gaussian Graphical Model Simulation, Estimation, Visualization, Evaluation and Application
jointNmixJoint N-Mixture Models for Site-Associated Species
jointPmRisk estimation using the joint probability method
jointsegJoint Segmentation of Multivariate (Copy Number) Signals
joinXLPerform Joins or Minus Queries on 'Excel' Files
jomoMultilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
JOPJoint Optimization Plot
JoSAEUnit-Level and Area-Level Small Area Estimation
josaplayAdd Josa Based on Previous Letter in Korean
joseJavaScript Object Signing and Encryption
JOUSBoostImplements Under/Oversampling for Probability Estimation
jpegRead and write JPEG images
JPENCovariance and Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation Using Joint Penalty
jpmeshUtilities for Japanese Mesh Code
jpndistrictCreate Japanese Administration Area and Office Maps
JQLJump Q-Learning for Individualized Interval-Valued Dose Rule
jqrClient for 'jq', a 'JSON' Processor
jrcExchange Commands Between R and 'JavaScript'
JRFJoint Random Forest (JRF) for the Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Related Networks
jrichJack-Knife Support for Evolutionary Distinctiveness Indices I and W
jrtItem Response Theory Modeling and Scoring for Judgment Data
jrvFinanceBasic Finance; NPV/IRR/Annuities/Bond-Pricing; Black Scholes
jsTools for Working with JavaScript in R
jSDMJoint Species Distribution Models
jskmKaplan-Meier Plot with 'ggplot2'
JSMSemiparametric Joint Modeling of Survival and Longitudinal Data
JSmediationMediation Analysis Using Joint Significance
jsmodule'RStudio' Addins and 'Shiny' Modules for Medical Research
json64A 'Base64' Encode/Decode Package with Support for JSON Output/Input and UTF-8
jSonarRjSonar Analytics Platform API for R
jsonifyConverts 'R' Objects to Javascript Object Notation (JSON)
jsonldJSON for Linking Data
jsonliteA Robust, High Performance JSON Parser and Generator for R
jsonstatInterface to 'JSON-stat'
jsonvalidateValidate 'JSON'
jsr223A 'Java' Platform Integration for 'R' with Programming Languages 'Groovy', 'JavaScript', 'JRuby' ('Ruby'), 'Jython' ('Python'), and 'Kotlin'
jstableCreate Tables from Different Types of Regression
jstorRead Data from JSTOR/DfR
jsTreeCreate Interactive Trees with the 'jQuery' 'jsTree' Plugin
jtGWASEfficient Jonckheere-Terpstra Test Statistics
jtoolsAnalysis and Presentation of Social Scientific Data
jtransJohnson Transformation for Normality
jubileeForecasting Long-Term Growth of the U.S. Stock Market and Business Cycles
JuliaFractal Image Data Generator
JuliaCallSeamless Integration Between R and 'Julia'
JumpTestFinancial Jump Detection
junctionsThe Breakdown of Genomic Ancestry Blocks in Hybrid Lineages
JuniperKernelKernel for 'Jupyter'
junrAccess Open Data Through the 'Junar' API
justifierHuman and Machine-Readable Justifications and Justified Decisions Based on 'YAML'
jvcoordsPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA) and Whitening
jvnVaRValue at Risk
JWileymiscMiscellaneous Utilities and Functions
jwutilTools for Data Manipulation and Testing
kableExtraConstruct Complex Table with 'kable' and Pipe Syntax
kaderKernel Adaptive Density Estimation and Regression
kamilaMethods for Clustering Mixed-Type Data
kangar00Kernel Approaches for Nonlinear Genetic Association Regression
KANTPackage to identify and sort genes overexpressed
kantorovichKantorovich Distance Between Probability Measures
kaosEncoding of Sequences Based on Frequency Matrix Chaos Game Representation
kaphomTest the Homogeneity of Kappa Statistics
KappaGUIAn R-Shiny Application for Calculating Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa
kappalabNon-Additive Measure and Integral Manipulation Functions
kappaSizeSample Size Estimation Functions for Studies of Interobserver Agreement
KappaVCalculates "vectorial Kappa", an index of congruence between patchy mosaics
kapsK-Adaptive Partitioning for Survival data
karaokeRemove Vocals from a Song
KarsTSAn Interface for Microclimate Time Series Analysis
KATforDCEMRIKinetic Analysis and Visualization of DCE-MRI Data
kayadataKaya Identity Data for Nations and Regions
kazaamTools for Tall Distributed Matrices
KbMvtSkewKhattree-Bahuguna's Univariate and Multivariate Skewness
kcirtk-Cube Thurstonian IRT Models
kcpRSKernel Change Point Detection on the Running Statistics
KCSKNNShinyK-Nearest Neighbour Classifier
KCSNBShinyNaive Bayes Classifier
kde1dUnivariate Kernel Density Estimation
kdecopulaKernel Smoothing for Bivariate Copula Densities
kdensityKernel Density Estimation with Parametric Starts and Asymmetric Kernels
kdetreesNonparametric method for identifying discordant phylogenetic trees
kdevineMultivariate Kernel Density Estimation with Vine Copulas
kdistK-Distribution and Weibull Paper
kdtoolsTools for Working with Multidimensional Data
KDVizKnowledge Domain Visualization
keddKernel Estimator and Bandwidth Selection for Density and Its Derivatives
keepArrays with Better Control over Dimension Dropping
kehraCollect, Assemble and Model Air Pollution, Weather and Health Data
kelvinCalculate Solutions to the Kelvin Differential Equation using Bessel Functions
KendallKendall rank correlation and Mann-Kendall trend test
kendallRandomWalksSimulate and Visualize Kendall Random Walks and Related Distributions
KENDLKernel-Smoothed Nonparametric Methods for Environmental Exposure Data Subject to Detection Limits
KenSynKnowledge Synthesis in Agriculture - From Experimental Network to Meta-Analysis
kequateThe Kernel Method of Test Equating
kerasR Interface to 'Keras'
kerasformulaA High-Level R Interface for Neural Nets
kerasRR Interface to the Keras Deep Learning Library
kerdiestNonparametric kernel estimation of the distribution function. Bandwidth selection and estimation of related functions
KEREExpectile Regression in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
kergpGaussian Process Laboratory
kernDeepStackNetKernel Deep Stacking Networks
kerndwdDistance Weighted Discrimination (DWD) and Kernel Methods
kernelbootSmoothed Bootstrap and Random Generation from Kernel Densities
kernelFactoryKernel Factory: An Ensemble of Kernel Machines
KernelheapingKernel Density Estimation for Heaped and Rounded Data
KernelKnnKernel k Nearest Neighbors
kernelPSIPost-Selection Inference for Nonlinear Variable Selection
kernelTDAStatistical Learning with Kernel for Persistence Diagrams
kernhazKernel Estimation of Hazard Function in Survival Analysis
kernlabKernel-Based Machine Learning Lab
kernplusA Kernel Regression-Based Multidimensional Wind Turbine Power Curve
kernscrKernel Machine Score Test for Semi-Competing Risks
KernSmoothFunctions for Kernel Smoothing Supporting Wand & Jones (1995)
KernSmoothIRTNonparametric Item Response Theory
kexpmvMatrix Exponential using Krylov Subspace Routines
KeyboardSimulatorKeyboard and Mouse Input Simulation for Windows OS
keyholderStore Data About Rows
keyplayerLocating Key Players in Social Networks
keypressWait for a Key Press in a Terminal
keyringAccess the System Credential Store from R
keyringrDecrypt Passwords from Gnome Keyring, Windows Data Protection API and macOS Keychain
KFASKalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
kfdaKernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis
kfigrIntegrated Code Chunk Anchoring and Referencing for R Markdown Documents
KFKSDSKalman Filter, Smoother and Disturbance Smoother
kgcKoeppen-Geiger Climatic Zones
KGodeKernel Based Gradient Matching for Parameter Inference in Ordinary Differential Equations
kgschartKGS Rank Graph Parser
khromaColour Schemes for Scientific Data Visualization
kidney.epiKidney Functions: Clinical and Epidemiological
kimiscKirill's Miscellaneous Functions
kin.cohortAnalysis of Kin-Cohort Studies
kineticFFramework for the Analysis of Kinetic Visual Field Data
kinship2Pedigree Functions
kirby21.baseExample Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
kirby21.fmriExample Functional Imaging Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
kirby21.t1Example T1 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
kissmiga Keep It Simple Species Migration Model
kitagawaSpectral Response of Water Wells to Harmonic Strain and Pressure Signals
kiwisRA Wrapper for Querying KISTERS 'WISKI' Databases via the 'KiWIS' API
kknnWeighted k-Nearest Neighbors
klaRClassification and Visualization
klassRClassifications and Codelists for Statistics Norway
klausuRMultiple Choice Test Evaluation
klinLinear equations with Kronecker structure
klustRD3 Dynamic Cluster Visualizations
km.ciConfidence intervals for the Kaplan-Meier estimator
kmcKaplan-Meier Estimator with Constraints for Right Censored Data – a Recursive Computational Algorithm
kmconfbandKaplan-Meier Simultaneous Confidence Band for the Survivor Function
kmcudaR'Yingyang' K-Means and K-NN using NVIDIA CUDA
KMDAKernel-Based Metabolite Differential Analysis
kmedDistance-Based K-Medoids
kmerFast K-Mer Counting and Clustering for Biological Sequence Analysis
kmeRsK-Mers Similarity Score Matrix
KMgeneGene-Based Association Analysis for Complex Traits
kmiKaplan-Meier Multiple Imputation for the Analysis of Cumulative Incidence Functions in the Competing Risks Setting
kmlK-Means for Longitudinal Data
kml3dK-Means for Joint Longitudinal Data
kmlcovClustering longitudinal data using the likelihood as a metric of distance
kmlShapeK-Means for Longitudinal Data using Shape-Respecting Distance
kmodRK-Means with Simultaneous Outlier Detection
KMsurvData sets from Klein and Moeschberger (1997), Survival Analysis
KnapsackSamplingGenerate Feasible Samples of a Knapsack Problem
knitcitationsCitations for 'Knitr' Markdown Files
knitLatex'Knitr' Helpers - Mostly Tables
knitrA General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R
knitrBootstrap'knitr' Bootstrap Framework
knitrProgressBarProvides Progress Bars in 'knitr'
knn.covertreeAn Accurate kNN Implementation with Multiple Distance Measures
knncatNearest-neighbor Classification with Categorical Variables
knnGardenMulti-distance based k-Nearest Neighbors
knnIndepIndependence tests and benchmarks
knnpTime Series Prediction using K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm (Parallel)
KNNShinyInteractive Document for Working with KNN Analysis
knockoffThe Knockoff Filter for Controlled Variable Selection
KnoemaInterface to the Knoema API
knorNon-Uniform Memory Access ('NUMA') Optimized, Parallel K-Means
knotRKnot Diagrams using Bezier Curves
KnowBRDiscriminating Well Surveyed Spatial Units from Exhaustive Biodiversity Databases
KnowGRRFKnowledge-Based Guided Regularized Random Forest
kntnrR Client for 'kintone' API
KODAMAKnowledge Discovery by Accuracy Maximization
kofdataGet Data from the 'KOF Datenservice' API
kofnGAA Genetic Algorithm for Fixed-Size Subset Selection
KOGMWUFunctional Summary and Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data
kohonenSupervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
kokudosuuchiR Interface to 'Kokudo Suuchi' API
kolmimAn Improved Evaluation of Kolmogorov's Distribution
komadownR Markdown Templates for the 'KOMA-Script' Classes
komaletterSimple yet Flexible Letters via the 'KOMA-Script LaTeX Bundle'
konfoundQuantify the Robustness of Causal Inferences
KoNLPKorean NLP Package
KONPsurvKONP Tests: Powerful K-Sample Tests for Right-Censored Data
koRpusAn R Package for Text Analysis
koRpus.lang.enLanguage Support for 'koRpus' Package: English
koselVariable Selection by Revisited Knockoffs Procedures
KoulMdeKoul's Minimum Distance Estimation in Linear Regression and Autoregression Model by Coordinate Descent Algorithm
KpartCubic Spline Fitting with Knot Selection
kpcalgKernel PC Algorithm for Causal Structure Detection
kpeaksDetermination of K Using Peak Counts of Features for Clustering
kpmtKnown Population Median Test
kpodclustrMethod for Clustering Partially Observed Data
KraljicMatrixA Quantified Implementation of the Kraljic Matrix
kriensContinuation Passing Style Development
KRIGSpatial Statistic with Kriging
krigeGeospatial Kriging with Metropolis Sampling
krigingOrdinary Kriging
KrigInvKriging-Based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments
KRISKeen and Reliable Interface Subroutines for Bioinformatic Analysis
KRLSKernel-Based Regularized Least Squares
krmKernel Based Regression Models
KRMMKernel Ridge Mixed Model
ksKernel Smoothing
kSamplesK-Sample Rank Tests and their Combinations
KScorrectLilliefors-Corrected Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Tests
KSDGoodness-of-Fit Tests using Kernelized Stein Discrepancy
KSEAappKinase-Substrate Enrichment Analysis
kselectionSelection of K in K-Means Clustering
KSgeneralComputing P-Values of the K-S Test for (Dis)Continuous Null Distribution
ksNNK* Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
KSPMKernel Semi-Parametric Models
ksrliveIdentify Kinase Substrate Relationships Using Dynamic Data
kstKnowledge Space Theory
kStatisticsUnbiased Estimators for Cumulant Products
kstIOKnowledge Space Theory Input/Output
kstMatrixBasic Functions in Knowledge Space Theory Using Matrix Representation
ktaucentersRobust Clustering Procedures
KTensorGraphsCo-Tucker3 Analysis of Two Sequences of Matrices
ktsolveConfigurable Function for Solving Families of Nonlinear Equations
ktspairk-Top Scoring Pairs for Microarray Classification
kubikCubic Hermite Splines
kuiper.2sampTwo-Sample Kuiper Test
kulifeDatasets and functions from the (now non-existing) Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen
kutilsProject Management Tools
kvhRead/Write Files in Key-Value-Hierarchy Format
kwb.hantushCalculation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin
kyotilUtility Functions for Statistical Analysis Report Generation and Monte Carlo Studies
kzaKolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filters
kzfsMulti-Scale Motions Separation with Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Periodogram Signals
kzftKolmogorov-Zurbenko Fourier Transform and Applications
kzsKolmogorov-Zurbenko Spatial Smoothing and Applications
l0araSparse Generalized Linear Model with L0 Approximation for Feature Selection
L0LearnFast Algorithms for Best Subset Selection
l1kdeconvDeconvolution for LINCS L1000 Data
L1packRoutines for L1 Estimation
l2boostFriedman's Boosting Algorithm for Regularized Linear Regression
labdsvOrdination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology
label.switchingRelabelling MCMC Outputs of Mixture Models
labeledLoopLabeled Loop
labelingAxis Labeling
labelledManipulating Labelled Data
labelmachineMake Labeling of R Data Sets Easy
labelrankPredicting Rankings of Labels
labelVectorLabel Attributes for Atomic Vectors
LabourMarketAreasIdentification, Tuning, Visualisation and Analysis of Labour Market Areas
LabRSLaboratorio di "Ricerca Sociale con R"
labstatRLibreria Del Laboratorio Di Statistica Con R
labstatsData Sets for the Book "Experimental Design for Laboratory Biologists"
lacmLatent Autoregressive Count Models
lactcurvesLactation Curve Parameter Estimation
lacunaritycovarianceGliding Box Lacunarity and Other Metrics for 2D Random Closed Sets
LadRRoutines for Fit, Inference and Diagnostics in LAD Models
laekenEstimation of Indicators on Social Exclusion and Poverty
laercioDuncan test, Tukey test and Scott-Knott test
LaFFast Access to Large ASCII Files
laggedClasses and Methods for Lagged Objects
LAGOSNEInterface to the Lake Multi-Scaled Geospatial and Temporal Database
laGPLocal Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
lagsarlmtreeSpatial Lag Model Trees
LagSequentialLag-Sequential Categorical Data Analysis
LahmanSean 'Lahman' Baseball Database
LakeMetabolizerTools for the Analysis of Ecosystem Metabolism
lakemorphoLake Morphometry Metrics
laketempsLake Temperatures Collected by Situ and Satellite Methods from 1985-2009
LAMSome Latent Variable Models
lambda.rModeling Data with Functional Programming
lambda.toolsTools for Modeling Data with Functional Programming
Lambda4Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients
LambertWProbabilistic Models to Analyze and Gaussianize Heavy-Tailed, Skewed Data
lammeLog-Analytic Methods for Multiplicative Effects
lamWLambert-W Function
LANDDLiquid Association for Network Dynamics Detection
landestLandmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect
landpredLandmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome
landsatRadiometric and topographic correction of satellite imagery
landsat8Landsat 8 Imagery Rescaled to Reflectance, Radiance and/or Temperature
landscapemetricsLandscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns
landscapeRCategorical Landscape Simulation Facility
landscapetoolsLandscape Utility Toolbox
landsepiLandscape Epidemiology and Evolution
LangevinLangevin Analysis in One and Two Dimensions
languagelayeRAccess the 'languagelayer' API
languageRAnalyzing Linguistic Data: A Practical Introduction to Statistics
languageserverLanguage Server Protocol
lans2rWork with Look at NanoSIMS Data in R
LaplaceDeconvLaplace Deconvolution with Noisy Discrete Non-Equally Spaced Observations on a Finite Time Interval
LaplacesDemonComplete Environment for Bayesian Inference
larHistory of labour relations package
LARFLocal Average Response Functions for Instrumental Variable Estimation of Treatment Effects
largeListSerialization Interface for Large List Objects
larsLeast Angle Regression, Lasso and Forward Stagewise
lass0Lasso-Zero for (High-Dimensional) Linear Regression
lasso2L1 Constrained Estimation aka ‘lasso’
LassoBacktrackingModelling Interactions in High-Dimensional Data with Backtracking
lassopvNonparametric P-Value Estimation for Predictors in Lasso
lassoscoreHigh-Dimensional Inference with the Penalized Score Test
lassoshootingL1 regularized regression (Lasso) solver using the Cyclic Coordinate Descent algorithm aka Lasso Shooting
LassoSIRSparsed Sliced Inverse Regression via Lasso
latdiagDraws Diagrams Useful for Checking Latent Scales
latentnetLatent Position and Cluster Models for Statistical Networks
laterUtilities for Scheduling Functions to Execute Later with Event Loops
LateralityFunctions to Calculate Common Laterality Statistics in Primatology
latex2expUse LaTeX Expressions in Plots
latexpdfConvert Tables to PDF or PNG
latteInterface to 'LattE' and '4ti2'
latticeTrellis Graphics for R
latticeDensityDensity Estimation and Nonparametric Regression on Irregular Regions
LatticeDesignLattice-Based Space-Filling Designs
latticeExtraExtra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
LatticeKrigMultiresolution Kriging Based on Markov Random Fields
lavaLatent Variable Models
lava.tobitLatent Variable Models with Censored and Binary Outcomes
lavaanLatent Variable Analysis
lavaan.shinyLatent Variable Analysis with Shiny
lavaan.surveyComplex Survey Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
lavaanPlotPath Diagrams for Lavaan Models via DiagrammeR
lavaSearch2Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable Framework
LavashLava Estimation for the Sum of Sparse and Dense Signals
lawnClient for 'Turfjs' for 'Geospatial' Analysis
lawstatTools for Biostatistics, Public Policy, and Law
laxLoglikelihood Adjustment for Extreme Value Models
lazyLazy Learning for Local Regression
lazyDataA LazyData Facility
lazyevalLazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation
lazyrasterGenerate Raster Data Lazily from 'GDAL'
lazyrmdRender R Markdown Outputs Lazily
lazysqlLazy SQL Programming
lazytradeLearn Computer and Data Science using Algorithmic Trading
lazyWeaveLaTeX Wrappers for R Users
lbaLatent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data
lbfgsLimited-memory BFGS Optimization
lbfgsb3Limited Memory BFGS Minimizer with Bounds on Parameters
lbfgsb3cLimited Memory BFGS Minimizer with Bounds on Parameters with optim() 'C' Interface
lbiassurvLength-biased correction to survival curve estimation
LBLGXELogistic Bayesian Lasso for Rare (or Common) Haplotype Association
lbregLog-Binomial Regression with Constrained Optimization
LBSPRLength-Based Spawning Potential Ratio
LCALocalised Co-Dependency Analysis
LCAextendLatent Class Analysis (LCA) with Familial Dependence in Extended Pedigrees
LCAvarselVariable Selection for Latent Class Analysis
lccLongitudinal Concordance Correlation
lcdaLatent Class Discriminant Analysis
LCFLinear Combination Fitting
LCFdataData sets for package “LMERConvenienceFunctions”
lclGWASEfficient Estimation of Discrete-Time Multivariate Frailty Model Using Exact Likelihood Function for Grouped Survival Data
LCMCRBayesian Non-Parametric Latent-Class Capture-Recapture
lcmmExtended Mixed Models Using Latent Classes and Latent Processes
lconnectSimple Tools to Compute Landscape Connectivity Metrics
lcopulaLiouville Copulas
LCoxA Tool for Selecting Genes Related to Survival Outcomes using Longitudinal Gene Expression Data
lcpmOrdinal Outcomes: Generalized Linear Models with the Log Link
lctoolsLocal Correlation, Spatial Inequalities, Geographically Weighted Regression and Other Tools
lcyanalysisStock Data Analysis Functions
ldaCollapsed Gibbs Sampling Methods for Topic Models
lda.sviFit Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models using Stochastic Variational Inference
ldamatchSelection of Statistically Similar Research Groups
ldatLarge Data Sets
LDATSLatent Dirichlet Allocation Coupled with Time Series Analyses
ldatuningTuning of the Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models Parameters
LDAvisInteractive Visualization of Topic Models
ldbodLocal Density-Based Outlier Detection
ldboundsLan-DeMets Method for Group Sequential Boundaries
LDcorSVLinkage Disequilibrium Corrected by the Structure and the Relatedness
LDheatmapGraphical Display of Pairwise Linkage Disequilibria Between SNPs
ldhmmHidden Markov Model for Financial Time-Series Based on Lambda Distribution
LDlinkRAn R Package for Calculating Linkage Disequilibrium
LDODFinding Locally D-optimal optimal designs for some nonlinear and generalized linear models
LDPDProbability of Default Calibration
ldrMethods for likelihood-based dimension reduction in regression
LDRToolsTools for Linear Dimension Reduction
LDtestsExact tests for Linkage Disequilibrium and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
leabRaThe Artificial Neural Networks Algorithm Leabra
leaderClusterLeader Clustering Algorithm
LeafAreaRapid Digital Image Analysis of Leaf Area
leafem'leaflet' Extensions for 'mapview'
leafletCreate Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library
leaflet.esri'ESRI' Bindings for the 'leaflet' Package
leaflet.extrasExtra Functionality for 'leaflet' Package
leaflet.minichartsMini Charts for Interactive Maps
leaflet.opacityOpacity Controls for Leaflet Maps
leaflet.providersLeaflet Providers
leafletCNAn R Gallery for China and Other Geojson Choropleth Map in Leaflet
leaflethexHexbin Layers for 'Leaflet' Maps
leafletRInteractive Web-Maps Based on the Leaflet JavaScript Library
leafpmLeaflet Map Plugin for Drawing and Editing
leafpopInclude Tables, Images and Graphs in Leaflet Pop-Ups
leafRCalculates the Leaf Area Index (LAD) and Other Related Functions
leafSTARSilhouette to Area Ratio of Tilted Surfaces
leafsyncSmall Multiples for Leaflet Web Maps
leanpubr'Leanpub' API Interface
LEANRFinds "Local Subnetworks" Within an Interaction Network which Show Enrichment for Differentially Expressed Genes
LEAPConstructing Gene Co-Expression Networks for Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data Using Pseudotime Ordering
LEAPFrOGLikelihood Estimation of Admixture in Parents From Offspring Genotypes
leapplatent effect adjustment after primary projection
leapsRegression Subset Selection
LeArEstBorder and Area Estimation of Data Measured with Additive Error
LearnBayesFunctions for Learning Bayesian Inference
LearnGeomLearning Plane Geometry
learningrData and Functions to Accompany the Book "Learning R"
LearningRlabStatistical Learning Functions
learNNExamples of Neural Networks
learnPopGenPopulation Genetic Simulations & Numerical Analysis
learnrInteractive Tutorials for R
learnrbookDatasets for Aphalo's "Learn R" Book
learnstatsAn Interactive Environment for Learning Statistics
ledgerUtilities for Importing Data from Plain Text Accounting Files
leerSIECyLRead Data from the SIE
lefsePhylogenetic and Functional Analyses for Ecology
LEGITLatent Environmental & Genetic InTeraction (LEGIT) Model
legocolorsOfficial Lego Color Palettes
leidenR Implementation of Leiden Clustering Algorithm
leivBivariate Linear Errors-In-Variables Estimation
LeLogicielRFunctions and datasets to accompany the book "Le logiciel R: Maitriser le langage, Effectuer des analyses statistiques" (French)
LeMaRnsLength-Based Multispecies Analysis by Numerical Simulation
lemonFreshing Up your 'ggplot2' Plots
LendingClubA Lending Club API Wrapper
lensesElegant Data Manipulation with Lenses
leriAccess Landscape Evaporative Response Index Raster Data
lero.leroGenerate 'Lero Lero' Quotes
lessRLess Code, More Results
lestVectorised Nested if-else Statements Similar to CASE WHEN in 'SQL'
lestatA Package for Learning Statistics
letsRTools for Data Handling and Analysis in Macroecology
lexiconLexicons for Text Analysis
lexiconPTLexicons for Portuguese Text Analysis
LexisNexisToolsWorking with Files from 'LexisNexis'
LexisPlotRPlot Lexis Diagrams for Demographic Purposes
lexRankrExtractive Summarization of Text with the LexRank Algorithm
lfactorsFactors with Levels
lfdaLocal Fisher Discriminant Analysis
LFDR.MLEEstimation of the Local False Discovery Rates by Type II Maximum Likelihood Estimation
LFDREmpiricalBayesEstimating Local False Discovery Rates Using Empirical Bayes Methods
lfeLinear Group Fixed Effects
lflLinguistic Fuzzy Logic
lfstatCalculation of Low Flow Statistics for Daily Stream Flow Data
lgLocally Gaussian Distributions: Estimation and Methods
lgaTools for linear grouping analysis (LGA)
lgarchSimulation and Estimation of Log-GARCH Models
lgcpLog-Gaussian Cox Process
LGEWISTests for Genetic Association/Gene-Environment Interaction in Longitudinal Studies
lgrA Fully Featured Logging Framework
lgrdataExample Datasets for a Learning Guide to R
LGRFSet-Based Tests for Genetic Association in Longitudinal Studies
lgtdlA Set of Methods for Longitudinal Data Objects
LHDLatin Hypercube Designs (LHDs) Algorithms
lhmixrFit Sex-Specific Life History Models with Missing Classifications
lhsLatin Hypercube Samples
liaysonLinking Singe-Cell Transcriptomes Atween Contemporary Subpopulation Genomes
libcoinLinear Test Statistics for Permutation Inference
LiblineaRLinear Predictive Models Based on the 'LIBLINEAR' C/C++ Library
LiblineaR.ACFLinear Classification with Online Adaptation of Coordinate Frequencies
LibraLinearized Bregman Algorithms for Generalized Linear Models
librarianInstall, Update, Load Packages from CRAN, 'GitHub', and 'Bioconductor' in One Step
librarysnapshotLibrary Snapshot for Packages and Dependencies in Use by Current Session
libsocRead, Create and Write 'PharmML' Standard Output (so) XML Files
libstableRFast and Accurate Evaluation, Random Number Generation and Parameter Estimation of Skew Stable Distributions
LICORSLight Cone Reconstruction of States - Predictive State Estimation From Spatio-Temporal Data
lidRAirborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization for Forestry Applications
lifecontingenciesFinancial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies
lifecourseQuantification of Lifecourse Fluidity
lifecycleManage the Life Cycle of your Package Functions
LifeHistLife History Models of Individuals
lifelogrLife Logging
LifeTablesTwo-Parameter HMD Model Life Table System
liftCompute the Top Decile Lift and Plot the Lift Curve
liftLRDWavelet Lifting Estimators of the Hurst Exponent for Regularly and Irregularly Sampled Time Series
liftrContainerize R Markdown Documents for Continuous Reproducibility
ligerLightweight Iterative Geneset Enrichment
LightningRTools for Communication with Lightning-Viz Server
lightsoutImplementation of the 'Lights Out' Puzzle Game
LIHNPSDPoisson Subordinated Distribution
likelihoodMethods for Maximum Likelihood Estimation
likelihoodAsyFunctions for Likelihood Asymptotics
likelihoodExploreLikelihood Exploration
likeLTDTools to Evaluate DNA Profile Evidence
likertAnalysis and Visualization Likert Items
lilikoiMetabolomics Personalized Pathway Analysis Tool
lilliesEstimation of Life Years Lost
LilRhinoFor Implementation of Feed Reduction, Learning Examples, NLP and Code Management
LIMLinear Inverse Model examples and solution methods
limeLocal Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations
limitplotJitter/CI Plot with Ordered Points Below the Limit of Detection
limSolveSolving Linear Inverse Models
lin.evalPerform Polynomial Evaluation of Linearity
linbinBinning and Plotting of Linearly Referenced Data
LinCalStatic Univariate Frequentist and Bayesian Linear Calibration
LindenmayeRFunctions to Explore L-Systems (Lindenmayer Systems)
lindiaAutomated Linear Regression Diagnostic
LindleyPowerSeriesLindley Power Series Distribution
LindleyRThe Lindley Distribution and Its Modifications
linear.toolsManipulate Formulas and Evaluate Marginal Effects
linearOrderingMethods of Linear Ordering of Data
linearQLinear Algorithm for Simulating Quantiles in Multiscale Change-Point Segmentation Problem
LinearRegressionMDEMinimum Distance Estimation in Linear Regression Model
linemapLine Maps
lineqGPRGaussian Process Regression Models with Linear Inequality Constraints
linERRLinear Excess Relative Risk Model
lineupLining Up Two Sets of Measurements
lingtypologyLinguistic Typology and Mapping
linguisticsdownEasy Linguistics Document Writing with R Markdown
link2GILinking Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Other Command Line Tools
LinkageMapViewPlot Linkage Group Maps with Quantitative Trait Loci
linkcommTools for Generating, Visualizing, and Analysing Link Communities in Networks
LinkedGASPLinked Emulator of a Coupled System of Simulators
LinkedMatrixColumn-Linked and Row-Linked Matrices
linkimLinkage information based genotype imputation method
linkpredictionLink Prediction Methods
linkR3D Lever and Linkage Mechanism Modeling
linkspotterBivariate Correlations Calculation and Visualization
linl'linl' is not 'Letter'
linLIRlinear Likelihood-based Imprecise Regression
linpkGenerate Concentration-Time Profiles from Linear PK Systems
linprogLinear Programming / Optimization
LinRegInteractiveInteractive Interpretation of Linear Regression Models
LINselectSelection of Linear Estimators
lintoolsManipulation of Linear Systems of (in)Equalities
lintrA 'Linter' for R Code
LipidMSLipid Annotation for LC-MS/MS DIA Data
LipidMSdata'LipidMS' Data
liqueueRImplements Queue, PriorityQueue and Stack Classes
liquidSVMA Fast and Versatile SVM Package
liraLInear Regression in Astronomy
lisaColor Palettes from Color Lisa
lispList-processing à la SRFI-1
lisrelToRImport output from LISREL into R
listStatistical Methods for the Item Count Technique and List Experiment
listarraysA Toolbox for Working with R Arrays in a Functional Programming Style
listdtrList-Based Rules for Dynamic Treatment Regimes
listenvEnvironments Behaving (Almost) as Lists
LIStestTests of independence based on the Longest Increasing Subsequence
listlessConvert Lists to Tidy Data Frames
listviewer'htmlwidget' for Interactive Views of R Lists
listWithDefaultsList with Defaults
liteqLightweight Portable Message Queue Using 'SQLite'
litteRLitter Analysis
littlerR at the Command-Line via 'r'
liuregLiu Regression with Liu Biasing Parameters and Statistics
liveLocal Interpretable (Model-Agnostic) Visual Explanations
livechatRR Wrapper for LiveChat REST API
ljrLogistic Joinpoint Regression
llamaLeveraging Learning to Automatically Manage Algorithms
llbayesiregThe L-Logistic Bayesian Regression
lleLocally linear embedding
lllcrcLocal Log-linear Models for Capture-Recapture
LLMLogit Leaf Model Classifier for Binary Classification
llogisticThe L-Logistic Distribution
LLSRData Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems using R
lm.betaAdd Standardized Regression Coefficients to lm-Objects
lm.brLinear Model with Breakpoint
lmbootBootstrap in Linear Models
lmdsLandmark Multi-Dimensional Scaling
lme4Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4
lmecLinear Mixed-Effects Models with Censored Responses
lmem.qtlerLinear Mixed Effects Models for QTL Mapping for Multienvironment and Multitrait Analysis
lmeNBCompute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Negative Binomial Model
lmeNBBayesCompute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Flexible Bayesian Negative Binomial Model
lmensspLinear Mixed Effects Models with Non-Stationary Stochastic Processes
LMERConvenienceFunctionsModel Selection and Post-hoc Analysis for (G)LMER Models
lmerTestTests in Linear Mixed Effects Models
lmeSplinesAdd smoothing spline modelling capability to nlme
LMestGeneralized Latent Markov Models
lmeVarCompTesting for a Subset of Variance Components in Linear Mixed Models
lmfFunctions for estimation and inference of selection in age-structured populations
LMfilteRFilter Methods for Parameter Estimation in Linear Regression Models
lmforFunctions for Forest Biometrics
lmmLinear Mixed Models
lmmenLinear Mixed Model Elastic Net
lmmlassoLinear mixed-effects models with Lasso
lmmotMultiple Ordinal Tobit (MOT) Model
lmmparParallel Linear Mixed Model
lmmsLinear Mixed Effect Model Splines for Modelling and Analysis of Time Course Data
lmodel2Model II Regression
lmomcoL-Moments, Censored L-Moments, Trimmed L-Moments, L-Comoments, and Many Distributions
LmomentsL-Moments and Quantile Mixtures
lmomPi(Precipitation) Frequency Analysis and Variability with L-Moments from 'lmom'
lmomRFARegional Frequency Analysis using L-Moments
lmPermPermutation Tests for Linear Models
lmQCMAn Algorithm for Gene Co-Expression Analysis
lmregData and Functions Used in Linear Models and Regression with R: An Integrated Approach
lmridgeLinear Ridge Regression with Ridge Penalty and Ridge Statistics
lmSubsetsExact Variable-Subset Selection in Linear Regression
lmSupportSupport for Linear Models
lmtestTesting Linear Regression Models
lmvarLinear Regression with Non-Constant Variances
lmvizA Package to Visualize Linear Models Features and Play with Them
LN0SCIsSimultaneous CIs for Ratios of Means of Log-Normal Populations with Zeros
LncFinderLncRNA Identification and Analysis Using Heterologous Features
LncModPredicting Modulator and Functional/Survival Analysis
LncPathIdentifying the Pathways Regulated by LncRNA Sets of Interest
LNIRTLogNormal Response Time Item Response Theory Models
loaLattice Options and Add-Ins
loadrCleaner Workspaces with Shared Variable Environments
lobstrVisualize R Data Structures with Trees
LocalControlNonparametric Methods for Generating High Quality Comparative Effectiveness Evidence
LocalControlStrategyLocal Control Strategy for Robust Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data
localgaussEstimating Local Gaussian Parameters
localICELocal Individual Conditional Expectation
localIVEstimation of Marginal Treatment Effects using Local Instrumental Variables
localModelLIME-Based Explanations with Interpretable Inputs Based on Ceteris Paribus Profiles
localsolverR API to LocalSolver
locfdrComputes Local False Discovery Rates
LocFDRPoisFunctions for Performing Local FDR Estimation when Null and Alternative are Poisson
locfitLocal Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation
locitsTest of Stationarity and Localized Autocovariance
Lock5DataDatasets for "Statistics: UnLocking the Power of Data"
Lock5withRDatasets for 'Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data'
locpolKernel Local Polynomial Regression
locStraFast Implementation of (Local) Population Stratification Methods
loderDependency-Free Access to PNG Image Files
lodGWASGenome-Wide Association Analysis of a Biomarker Accounting for Limit of Detection
lodiLimit of Detection Imputation for Single-Pollutant Models
loeLocal Ordinal Embedding
log4rA Simple Logging System for R, Based on 'log4j'
LOGANLog File Analysis in International Large-Scale Assessments
logbinRelative Risk Regression Using the Log-Binomial Model
LogConcDEADLog-Concave Density Estimation in Arbitrary Dimensions
logconcensMaximum likelihood estimation of a log-concave density based on censored data
logcondensEstimate a Log-Concave Probability Density from Iid Observations
logcondens.modeCompute MLE of Log-Concave Density on R with Fixed Mode, and Perform Inference for the Mode
logcondiscrEstimate a Log-Concave Probability Mass Function from Discrete i.i.d. Observations
loggerA Lightweight, Modern and Flexible Logging Utility
loggingR Logging Package
loggitEffortless Exception Logging
loggleLocal Group Graphical Lasso Estimation
logiBinBinning Variables to Use in Logistic Regression
LOGICOILLOGICOIL: multi-state prediction of coiled-coil oligomeric state
logihistCombined Graphs for Logistic Regression
logistfFirth's Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression
logistic4pLogistic Regression with Misclassification in Dependent Variables
LogisticDxDiagnostic Tests for Models with a Binomial Response
logisticPCABinary Dimensionality Reduction
logisticRRAdjusted Relative Risk from Logistic Regression
LogitNetInfer network based on binary arrays using regularized logistic regression
logitnormFunctions for the Logitnormal Distribution
logKDEComputing Log-Transformed Kernel Density Estimates for Positive Data
loglognormDouble log normal distribution functions
logmultLog-Multiplicative Models, Including Association Models
lognormFunctions for the Lognormal Distribution
logNormReglog Normal Linear Regression
logOfGammaNatural Logarithms of the Gamma Function for Large Values
LogrankALogrank Test for Aggregated Survival Data
LogrankPowerLog-Rank Test Power Calculation
logsplineRoutines for Logspline Density Estimation
lokernKernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidth
lologLatent Order Logistic Graph Models
lombLomb-Scargle Periodogram
LongCARTRecursive Partitioning for Longitudinal Profiles Using Baseline Covariates
longCatEDAPackage for Plotting Categorical Longitudinal and Time-Series Data
longclustModel-Based Clustering and Classification for Longitudinal Data
longitudinalAnalysis of Multiple Time Course Data
longitudinalcascadeLongitudinal Cascade
longitudinalDataLongitudinal Data
longmemoStatistics for Long-Memory Processes (Book Jan Beran), and Related Functionality
LongMemoryTSLong Memory Time Series
longpowerSample Size Calculations for Longitudinal Data
longROCTime-Dependent Prognostic Accuracy with Multiply Evaluated Bio Markers or Scores
longRPart2Recursive Partitioning of Longitudinal Data
longurlExpand Short URLs
looEfficient Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation and WAIC for Bayesian Models
lookupTableLook-Up Tables using S4
loonInteractive Statistical Data Visualization
loon.dataData Used to Illustrate 'Loon' Functionality
looploop decomposition of weighted directed graphs for life cycle analysis, providing flexbile network plotting methods, and analyzing food chain properties in ecology
LoopAnalystA Collection of Tools to Conduct Levins' Loop Analysis
looprUses an Archive to Amend Previous Stages of a Pipe using Current Output
loose.rockTools for Survival Analysis and Data Science
lordifLogistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT
lorecLOw Rand and sparsE Covariance matrix estimation
lorentzThe Lorentz Transform in Relativistic Physics
loriImputation of Count Data using Side Information
LOSTMissing Morphometric Data Simulation and Estimation
LotkasLawRuns Lotka's Law which is One of the Special Applications of Zipf's Law
lotriA Simple Way to Specify Symmetric, Block Diagonal Matrices
lowmemtkmeansLow Memory Use Trimmed K-Means
LowRankQPLow Rank Quadratic Programming
LowWAFOMNXLow WAFOM Niederreiter-Xing Sequence
LowWAFOMSobolLow WAFOM Sobol Sequence
LPBkgDetecting New Signals under Background Mismodelling
lpbrimLP-BRIM Bipartite Modularity
lpcLassoed Principal Components for Testing Significance of Features
LPCMLocal Principal Curve Methods
lpdensityLocal Polynomial Density Estimation and Inference
LPGraphNonparametric Smoothing of Laplacian Graph Spectra
lpintLocal polynomial estimators of intensity function or its derivatives
lpirfsLocal Projections Impulse Response Functions
LPKsampleLP Nonparametric High Dimensional K-Sample Comparison
lplyr'dplyr' Verbs for Lists and Other Verbs for Data Frames
LPMLinear Parametric Models Applied to Hydrological Series
lpmeNonparametric Estimation of Measurement Error Models
LPmergeMerging Linkage Maps by Linear Programming
lpmodelerModeler for linear programs (LP) and mixed integer linear programs (MILP)
LPowerCalculates Power, Sample Size, or Detectable Effect for Longitudinal Analyses
LPRelevanceRelevance-Integrated Statistical Inference Engine
lpridgeLocal Polynomial (Ridge) Regression
LPSLinear Predictor Score, for Binary Inference from Multiple Continuous Variables
lpSolveInterface to 'Lp_solve' v. 5.5 to Solve Linear/Integer Programs
lpSolveAPIR Interface to 'lp_solve' Version
LPStimeSeriesLearned Pattern Similarity and Representation for Time Series
LPTimeLP Nonparametric Approach to Non-Gaussian Non-Linear Time Series Modelling
LPWCLag Penalized Weighted Correlation for Time Series Clustering
lqmmLinear Quantile Mixed Models
lqrRobust Linear Quantile Regression
LRcontrastDose Response Signal Detection under Model Uncertainty
lrequireSources an R "Module" with Caching & Encapsulation, Returning Exported Vars
lrgsLinear Regression by Gibbs Sampling
lrmestDifferent Types of Estimators to Deal with Multicollinearity
LRQMMFitting Linear Quantile Regression Mixed Models
LRTHA Likelihood Ratio Test Accounting for Genetic Heterogeneity
LS2WLocally Stationary Two-Dimensional Wavelet Process Estimation Scheme
LS2WstatA Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for LS2W Processes
lsaLatent Semantic Analysis
LSAfunApplied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions
LSAmitRDaten, Beispiele und Funktionen zu 'Large-Scale Assessment mit R'
lsasimFunctions to Facilitate the Simulation of Large-Scale Assessment Data
lsbclustLeast-Squares Bilinear Clustering for Three-Way Data
lsbsBandwidth Selection for Level Sets and HDR Estimation
LSCLocal Statistical Complexity - Automatic Pattern Discovery in Spatio-Temporal Data
LSDLots of Superior Depictions
LSDinterfaceReading LSD Results (.res) Files
LSDsensitivitySensitivity Analysis Tools for LSD
lsdvLeast square dummy variable regression
lseiSolving Least Squares or Quadratic Programming Problems under Equality/Inequality Constraints
lshorthThe Length of the Shorth
lslLatent Structure Learning
lslxSemi-Confirmatory Structural Equation Modeling via Penalized Likelihood or Least Squares
lsmEstimation of the log Likelihood of the Saturated Model
lsmeansLeast-Squares Means
LSMonteCarloAmerican options pricing with Least Squares Monte Carlo method
lspartitionNonparametric Estimation and Inference Procedures using Partitioning-Based Least Squares Regression
LSPFPLysate and Secretome Peptide Feature Plotter
lsplineLinear Splines with Convenient Parametrisations
lsplsLS-PLS Models
lsplsGlmClassification using LS-PLS for Logistic Regression
lsrCompanion to "Learning Statistics with R"
LSRSLand Surface Remote Sensing
lss2The Accelerated Failure Time Model to Right Censored Data Based on Least-Squares Principle
ltableEasy to Make (Lazy) Tables
ltbayesSimulation-Based Bayesian Inference for Latent Traits of Item Response Models
ltmLatent Trait Models under IRT
ltmixLeft-Truncated Mixtures of Gamma, Weibull, and Lognormal Distributions
ltmleLongitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
LTPDvarLTPD and AOQL Plans for Acceptance Sampling Inspection by Variables
LTRPerform LTR analysis on microarray data
LTRCtreesSurvival Trees to Fit Left-Truncated and Right-Censored and Interval-Censored Survival Data
ltsaLinear Time Series Analysis
ltsbaseRidge and Liu Estimates based on LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) Method
ltskLocal Time Space Kriging
ltsspcaSparse Principal Component Based on Least Trimmed Squares
ltxsparklinesLightweight Sparklines for a LaTeX Document
lubridateMake Dealing with Dates a Little Easier
lucidPrinting Floating Point Numbers in a Human-Friendly Format
LUCIDusLatent Unknown Clustering with Integrated Data
ludicLinkage Using Diagnosis Codes
lueLight Use Efficiency Model to Estimate Biomass and YIELD with and Without Vapour Pressure Deficit
lulccLand Use Change Modelling in R
lumberjackTrack Changes in Data
LuminescenceComprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
lunarLunar Phase & Distance, Seasons and Other Environmental Factors
lutzLook Up Time Zones of Point Coordinates
luzlogrLightweight Logging for R Scripts
lvecOut of Memory Vectors
LVGPLatent Variable Gaussian Process Modeling with Qualitative and Quantitative Input Variables
lvm4netLatent Variable Models for Networks
lvmcompStochastic EM Algorithms for Latent Variable Models with a High-Dimensional Latent Space
lvnetLatent Variable Network Modeling
lvplotLetter Value 'Boxplots'
LW1949An Automated Approach to Evaluating Dose-Effect Experiments Following Litchfield and Wilcoxon (1949)
lwgeomBindings to Selected 'liblwgeom' Functions for Simple Features
lxbFast LXB File Reader
lymphclonAccurate Estimation of Clonal Coincidences and Abundances from Biological Replicates
LZeroSpikeInferenceExact Spike Train Inference via L0 Optimization
m2bMovement to Behaviour Inference using Random Forest
m2rMacaulay2 in R
M2SMFMulti-Modal Similarity Matrix Factorization for Integrative Multi-Omics Data Analysis
M3Reading M3 files
mableMaximum Approximate Bernstein Likelihood Estimation
maboostBinary and Multiclass Boosting Algorithms
MAcMeta-Analysis with Correlations
maccMediation Analysis of Causality under Confounding
machinaMachina Time Series Generation and Backtesting
MachineLearningMachine Learning Algorithms for Innovation in Tourism
MachineShopMachine Learning Models and Tools
machQAQA Machina Indicators
macleishRetrieve Data from MacLeish Field Station
MAclinicalClass prediction based on microarray data and clinical parameters
MAdMeta-Analysis with Mean Differences
madaMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy
maddisonMaddison Project Database
maditrFast Data Aggregation, Modification, and Filtering with Pipes and 'data.table'
madnessAutomatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations
MADPopMHC Allele-Based Differencing Between Populations
madrModel Averaged Double Robust Estimation
madratMay All Data be Reproducible and Transparent (MADRaT) *
madsMulti-Analysis Distance Sampling
madsimA Flexible Microarray Data Simulation Model
MaeswrapWrapper Functions for MAESTRA/MAESPA
mafsMultiple Automatic Forecast Selection
magclassData Class and Tools for Handling Spatial-Temporal Data
magicCreate and Investigate Magic Squares
magicaxisPretty Scientific Plotting with Minor-Tick and Log Minor-Tick Support
magicforMagic Functions to Obtain Results from for Loops
magickAdvanced Graphics and Image-Processing in R
magickGUIGUI Tools for Interactive Image Processing with 'magick'
magicLamp'WeMo Switch' Smart Plug Utilities
MAGNAMWARA Pipeline for Meta-Genome Wide Association
magreeImplements the O'Connell-Dobson-Schouten Estimators of Agreement for Multiple Observers
magrittrA Forward-Pipe Operator for R
maGUIA Graphical User Interface for Microarray Data Analysis and Annotation
mailSending Email Notifications from R
mailRA Utility to Send Emails from R
MAINT.DataModel and Analyse Interval Data
majesticRR Interface to Access the 'Majestic' API
makedummiesCreate Dummy Variables from Categorical Data
MakefileRCreate 'Makefiles' Using R
makeFlowVisualizing Sequential Classifications
makeParallelTransform Serial R Code into Parallel R Code
makeProjectCreates an empty package framework for the LCFD format
malaniMachine Learning Assisted Network Inference
malariaAtlasAn R Interface to Open-Access Malaria Data, Hosted by the 'Malaria Atlas Project'
MALDIquantQuantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
MALDIquantForeignImport/Export Routines for 'MALDIquant'
MALDIrppaMALDI Mass Spectrometry Data Robust Pre-Processing and Analysis
malletA wrapper around the Java machine learning tool MALLET
MAMSDesigning Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
MAMSECalculation of Minimum Averaged Mean Squared Error (MAMSE) Weights
managelocalrepoManage a CRAN-Style Local Repository
MANCIEMatrix Analysis and Normalization by Concordant Information Enhancement
mandelbrotGenerates Views on the Mandelbrot Set
manetMultiple Allocation Model for Actor-Event Networks
mangoTrainingMango Solutions Training Datasets
MangroveRisk Prediction on Trees
manhattanlyInteractive Q-Q and Manhattan Plots Using 'plotly.js'
manhplotThe Manhattan++ Plot
manifestoRAccess and Process Data and Documents of the Manifesto Project
ManifoldOptimAn R Interface to the 'ROPTLIB' Library for Riemannian Manifold Optimization
manipulateInteractive Plots for RStudio
manipulateWidgetAdd Even More Interactivity to Interactive Charts
ManlyMixManly Mixture Modeling and Model-Based Clustering
MANOVA.RMResampling-Based Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
manymodelrBuild and Tune Several Models
ManyTestsMultiple Testing Procedures of Cox (2011) and Wong and Cox (2007)
MaOEAMany Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
maotaiTools for Matrix Algebra, Optimization and Inference
MAPMultimodal Automated Phenotyping
Map2NCBIMapping Markers to the Nearest Genomic Feature
MAPAMultiple Aggregation Prediction Algorithm
mapcanTools for Plotting Canadian Choropleth Maps and Choropleth Alternatives
mapdataExtra Map Databases
mapdeckInteractive Maps Using 'Mapbox GL JS' and 'Deck.gl'
mapeditInteractive Editing of Spatial Data in R
mapfitA Tool for PH/MAP Parameter Estimation
MapGAMMapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data
mapiMapping Averaged Pairwise Information
MapinguariProcess-Based Biogeographical Analysis
MAPLESSmoothed age profile estimation
mapmiscUtilities for Producing Maps
mapplotsData Visualisation on Maps
mapprojMap Projections
maprVisualize Species Occurrence Data
mapReasyProducing Administrative Boundary Map with Additional Features Embedded
mapsDraw Geographical Maps
mapsapi'sf'-Compatible Interface to 'Google Maps' APIs
mapsRinteractiveLocal Adaptation and Evaluation of Digital Soil Maps
mapStatsGeographic Display of Survey Data Statistics
maptoolsTools for Handling Spatial Objects
maptpxMAP Estimation of Topic Models
maptreeMapping, pruning, and graphing tree models
mapviewInteractive Viewing of Spatial Data in R
mArMultivariate AutoRegressive analysis
mar1sMultiplicative AR(1) with Seasonal Processes
marchMarkov Chains
marcherMigration and Range Change Estimation in R
marelacTools for Aquatic Sciences
MareyMapEstimation of Meiotic Recombination Rates Using Marey Maps
margApproximate Marginal Inference for Regression-Scale Models
MargCondJoint Marginal-Conditional Model
MarginalMediationMarginal Mediation
marginsMarginal Effects for Model Objects
marimaMultivariate ARIMA and ARIMA-X Analysis
marinespeedBenchmark Data Sets and Functions for Marine Species Distribution Modelling
markdownRender Markdown with the C Library 'Sundown'
markedMark-Recapture Analysis for Survival and Abundance Estimation
MarketMatchingMarket Matching and Causal Impact Inference
markmyassignmentAutomatic Marking of R Assignments
markophyloMarkov Chain Models for Phylogenetic Trees
markovchainEasy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
MarkowitzRStatistical Significance of the Markowitz Portfolio
marlMultivariate Analysis Based on Relative Likelihoods
marmapImport, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data
marqLevAlgA Parallelized Algorithm for Least-Squares Curve Fitting
MARSSMultivariate Autoregressive State-Space Modeling
MARXSimulation, Estimation, Model Selection and Forecasting for MARX Models
maSAEMandallaz' Model-Assisted Small Area Estimators
maseModel-Assisted Survey Estimators
MaskJointDensityMasking, Unmasking and Restoring Confidential Data
masonBuild Data Structures for Common Statistical Analysis
MASSSupport Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS
MassignSimple Matrix Construction
MASSTIMATEBody Mass Estimation Equations for Vertebrates
MasterBayesML and MCMC Methods for Pedigree Reconstruction and Analysis
mastifMast Inference and Forecasting
MATMultidimensional Adaptive Testing
MATAModel-Averaged Tail Area Wald (MATA-Wald) Confidence Interval
matahariSpy on Your R Session
matchbookWrapper for the 'Matchbook' API
MatchingMultivariate and Propensity Score Matching with Balance Optimization
matchingMarketsAnalysis of Stable Matchings
matchingRMatching Algorithms in R and C++
MatchItNonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Causal Inference
MatchIt.miceMatching Multiply Imputed Datasets
MatchLinRegCombining Matching and Linear Regression for Causal Inference
matchMultiOptimal Multilevel Matching using a Network Algorithm
MatchThemMatching Multiply Imputed Datasets
matconvA Code Converter from the Matlab/Octave Language to R
mateableTools to Assess Mating Potential in Space and Time
mathgraphDirected and Undirected Graphs
mathpixSupport for the 'Mathpix' API (Image to 'LaTeX')
matieMeasuring Association and Testing Independence Efficiently
matlabMATLAB emulation package
matlabrAn Interface for MATLAB using System Calls
matlibMatrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics
MatManlyMixMatrix Clustering with Gaussian and Manly Mixture Models
matpowmatrix powers
matRMetagenomics Analysis Tools
MatrixSparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
Matrix.utilsData.frame-Like Operations on Sparse and Dense Matrix Objects
matrixcalcCollection of functions for matrix calculations
MatrixCorrelationMatrix Correlation Coefficients
MatrixEQTLMatrix eQTL: Ultra Fast eQTL Analysis via Large Matrix Operations
matrixLaplacianNormalized Laplacian Matrix and Laplacian Map
MatrixLDAPenalized Matrix-Normal Linear Discriminant Analysis
MatrixModelsModelling with Sparse And Dense Matrices
matrixNormalThe Matrix Normal Distribution
matrixplsMatrix-Based Partial Least Squares Estimation
matrixProfileMatrix Profile
matrixsamplingSimulations of Matrix Variate Distributions
matrixStatsFunctions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)
matrixStrucTestTests of Matrix Structure for Construct Validation
matrixTestsFast Statistical Hypothesis Tests on Rows and Columns of Matrices
matsbynameAn Implementation of Matrix Mathematics
matsindfMatrices in Data Frames
MatSkewMatrix Skew-T Parameter Estimation
MATTOOLSModern Calibration Functions for the Modern Analog Technique (MAT)
MatTransMixClustering with Matrix Gaussian and Matrix Transformation Mixture Models
mauDecision Models with Multi Attribute Utility Theory
MAVEMethods for Dimension Reduction
MAVISMeta Analysis via Shiny
MAVTgsaThree methods to identify differentially expressed gene sets, ordinary least square test, Multivariate Analysis Of Variance test with n contrasts and Random forest
MaXactExact max-type Cochran-Armitage trend test(CATT)
maxadjAUCMaximizing the Adjusted AUC
MaxentVariableSelectionSelecting the Best Set of Relevant Environmental Variables along with the Optimal Regularization Multiplier for Maxent Niche Modeling
maximinSpace-Filling Design under Maximin Distance
maxLikMaximum Likelihood Estimation and Related Tools
maxlikeModel Species Distributions by Estimating the Probability of Occurrence Using Presence-Only Data
maxmatchingMaximum Matching for General Weighted Graph
MaxMCMaximized Monte Carlo
maxnetFitting 'Maxent' Species Distribution Models with 'glmnet'
MaxProMaximum Projection Designs
MaxSkewOrthogonal Data Projections with Maximal Skewness
maxstatMaximally Selected Rank Statistics
maxTPRMaximizing the TPR for a Specified FPR
MazamaCoreUtilsUtility Functions for Production R Code
MazamaSpatialUtilsSpatial Data Download and Utility Functions
MazamaWebUtilsUtility Functions for Building Web Databrowsers
mazeallsGenerate Recursive Mazes
mazeGenElithorn Maze Generator
mazeindaMonotonic Association on Zero-Inflated Data
MBAMultilevel B-Spline Approximation
mbbefdMaxwell Boltzmann Bose Einstein Fermi Dirac Distribution and Destruction Rate Modelling
MBCMultivariate Bias Correction of Climate Model Outputs
MBCbookCompanion Package for the Book "Model-Based Clustering and Classification for Data Science" by Bouveyron et al. (2019, ISBN:9781108644181).
MBCluster.SeqModel-Based Clustering for RNA-seq Data
mbclusterwiseClusterwise Multiblock Analyses
mbendMatrix Bending
mbestMoment-Based Estimation for Hierarchical Models
mbgraphicMeasure Based Graphic Selection
MBHdesignSpatial Designs for Ecological and Environmental Surveys
MBI(M)ultiple-site (B)iodiversity (I)ndices Calculator
mbirMagnitude-Based Inferences
mblmMedian-Based Linear Models
MBmcaNucleic Acid Melting Curve Analysis on Microbead Surfaces with R
mbmdrModel Based Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction
MBNMAdoseRun Dose-Response MBNMA Models
MBNMAtimeRun Time-Course MBNMA Models
mboostModel-Based Boosting
mboxrReading, Extracting, and Converting an Mbox File into a Tibble
mbrglmMedian Bias Reduction in Binomial-Response GLMs
MBSGSMultivariate Bayesian Sparse Group Selection with Spike and Slab
MBSPMultivariate Bayesian Model with Shrinkage Priors
mBvsBayesian Variable Selection Methods for Multivariate Data
mc.heterogeneityA Monte Carlo Based Heterogeneity Test for Meta-Analysis
mc2dTools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations
MC2toPathTranslates information from netcdf files with MC2 output into inter-PVT transitions
MCAvariantsMultiple Correspondence Analysis Variants
mcBFtestMonte Carlo Based Tests for the Behrens Fisher Problem as an Alternative to Welch's t-Approximation
mcbiopiMatrix Computation Based Identification of Prime Implicants
mccMoment Corrected Correlation
mccaMulti-Category Classification Accuracy
mccf1Creates the MCC-F1 Curve and Calculates the MCC-F1 Metric and the Best Threshold
mcclustProcess an MCMC Sample of Clusterings
mccmeivAnalysis of Matched Case Control Data with a Mismeasured Exposure that is Accompanied by Instrumental Variables
mccrThe Matthews Correlation Coefficient
MCDASupport for the Multicriteria Decision Aiding Process
MCDMMulti-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Crisp Data
mcemGLMMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
mcenMultivariate Cluster Elastic Net
mcgaMachine Coded Genetic Algorithms for Real-Valued Optimization Problems
mcgfaMixtures of Contaminated Gaussian Factor Analyzers
mcgibbsitWarnes and Raftery's MCGibbsit MCMC diagnostic
mcglmMultivariate Covariance Generalized Linear Models
mcGlobaloptimGlobal optimization using Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo simulation
mcheatmapsMultiple matrices heatmap visualization
MChtestMonte Carlo Hypothesis Tests with Sequential Stopping
MCIMultiplicative Competitive Interaction (MCI) Model
MCI2Market Area Models for Retail and Service Locations
MCLMarkov Cluster Algorithm
mclcarEstimating Conditional Auto-Regressive (CAR) Models using Monte Carlo Likelihood Methods
mcllMonte Carlo Local Likelihood Estimation
mclogitMixed Conditional Logit Models
mclustGaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation
mclustcompMeasures for Comparing Clusters
mcmcMarkov Chain Monte Carlo
MCMC.OTUBayesian Analysis of Multivariate Counts Data in DNA Metabarcoding and Ecology
MCMC.qpcrBayesian Analysis of qRT-PCR Data
MCMC4ExtremesPosterior Distribution of Extreme Value Models in R
mcmcabnFlexible Implementation of a Structural MCMC Sampler for DAGs
mcmcderiveDerive MCMC Parameters
MCMCglmmMCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models
MCMCpackMarkov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package
mcmcplotsCreate Plots from MCMC Output
MCMCprecisionPrecision of Discrete Parameters in Transdimensional MCMC
mcmcrManipulate MCMC Samples
mcmcseMonte Carlo Standard Errors for MCMC
MCMCtreeRPrepare MCMCtree Analyses and Plot Bayesian Divergence Time Analyses Estimates on Trees
MCMCvisTools to Visualize, Manipulate, and Summarize MCMC Output
mcMSTA Toolbox for the Multi-Criteria Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
mcoMultiple Criteria Optimization Algorithms and Related Functions
McompData from the M-Competitions
mcompanionObjects and Methods for Multi-Companion Matrices
MConjointConjoint Analysis through Averaging of Multiple Analyses
mcPAFitEstimating Preferential Attachment from a Single Network Snapshot by Markov Chain Monte Carlo
MCPANMultiple Comparisons Using Normal Approximation
mcparallelDoA Simplified Interface for Running Commands on Parallel Processes
MCPModDesign and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies
MCPModGeneralA Supplement to the 'DoseFinding' Package for the General Case
mcprofileTesting Generalized Linear Hypotheses for Generalized Linear Model Parameters by Profile Deviance
mcrMethod Comparison Regression
MCSModel Confidence Set Procedure
MCSimDetermine the Optimal Number of Clusters
mcsmFunctions for Monte Carlo Methods with R
McSpatialNonparametric spatial data analysis
mcStatsVisualize Results of Statistical Hypothesis Tests
mctestMulticollinearity Diagnostic Measures
MCTMMarkov Chains Transition Matrices
mdSelecting Bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimator with Minimum Distance Method
md.logProduces Markdown Log File with a Built-in Function Call
mdaMixture and Flexible Discriminant Analysis
mDAGInferring Causal Network from Mixed Observational Data Using a Directed Acyclic Graph
mdatoolsMultivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics
mdedMeasuring the Difference Between Two Empirical Distributions
mdendroVariable-Group Methods for Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering
MDFSMultiDimensional Feature Selection
mdftracksRead and Write 'MTrackJ Data Files'
mdhglmMultivariate Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
MDimNormnMulti-Dimensional MA Normalization for Plate Effect
mdir.logrankMultiple-Direction Logrank Test
mdmbModel Based Treatment of Missing Data
MDMRMultivariate Distance Matrix Regression
mdpeerGraph-Constrained Regression with Enhanced Regularization Parameters Selection
MDplotVisualising Molecular Dynamics Analyses
MDPtoolboxMarkov Decision Processes Toolbox
mdsMedical Devices Surveillance
mdscoreImproved Score Tests for Generalized Linear Models
mdsdtFunctions for Analysis of Data with General Recognition Theory
MDSGUIA GUI for interactive MDS in R
MDSMapHigh Density Genetic Linkage Mapping using Multidimensional Scaling
mdsOptSearching for Optimal MDS Procedure for Metric and Interval-Valued Data
MDSPCAShinyInteractive Document for Working with Multidimensional Scaling and Principal Component Analysis
mdsrComplement to 'Modern Data Science with R'
mdwMaximum Diversity Weighting
meanrSentiment Analysis Scorer
meanShiftRA Computationally Efficient Mean Shift Implementation
meaRtoolsMicro-Electro Array (MEA) Analysis
measurementsTools for Units of Measurement
measuresPerformance Measures for Statistical Learning
measuRingDetection and Control of Tree-Ring Widths on Scanned Image Sections
mebootMaximum Entropy Bootstrap for Time Series
MEclustnetFit the Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model to Network Data
MEDMediation by Tilted Balancing
MedDietCalcMulti Calculator to Compute Scores of Adherence to Mediterranean Diet
mederrRankBayesian Methods for Identifying the Most Harmful Medication Errors
medExtractRExtraction of Medication Information from Clinical Text
medfateMediterranean Forest Simulation
medflexFlexible Mediation Analysis Using Natural Effect Models
mediacloudrWrapper for the 'mediacloud.org' API
MediaKCalculate MeDiA_K Distance
MedianaClinical Trial Simulations
mediationCausal Mediation Analysis
medicalriskMedical Risk and Comorbidity Tools for ICD-9-CM Data
medicareTools for Obtaining and Cleaning Medicare Public Use Files
meditationsPrints a Random Quote from Marcus Aurelius' Book Meditations
medmodSimple Mediation and Moderation Analysis
MedOrMedian Ordering Statistical R package
MEDseqMixtures of Exponential-Distance Models with Covariates
MedSurveyMediation Analysis for Complex Surveys
MEETMEET: Motif Elements Estimation Toolkit
meetupapiAccess 'Meetup' API
mefaMultivariate Data Handling in Ecology and Biogeography
mefa4Multivariate Data Handling with S4 Classes and Sparse Matrices
Mega2RAccessing and Processing a 'Mega2' Genetic Database
MEGENAMultiscale Clustering of Geometrical Network
meiflyInteractive model exploration using GGobi
mekkoVariable Width Bar Charts: Bar Mekko
melttMatching Event Data by Location, Time and Type
melviewrView and Classify MELODIC Output for ICA+FIX
memThe Moving Epidemic Method
memappThe Moving Epidemic Method Web Application
memeCreate Meme
memeryInternet Memes for Data Analysts
memgeneSpatial Pattern Detection in Genetic Distance Data Using Moran's Eigenvector Maps
memiscManagement of Survey Data and Presentation of Analysis Results
memnetNetwork Tools for Memory Research
memoIn-Memory Caching for Repeated Computations
memochangeTesting for Structural Breaks under Long Memory and Testing for Changes in Persistence
memoiseMemoisation of Functions
memorA 'rmarkdown' Template that Can be Highly Customized
memoriaQuantifying Ecological Memory in Palaeoecological Datasets and Other Long Time-Series
MEMSSData Sets from Mixed-Effects Models in S
memuseMemory Estimation Utilities
MendelianRandomizationMendelian Randomization Package
MEPDFCreation of Empirical Density Functions Based on Multivariate Data
mephasShiny Application of Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics
MercatorClustering and Visualizing Distance Matrices
merDerivCase-Wise and Cluster-Wise Derivatives for Mixed Effects Models
mergedblocksMerged Block Randomization
MergeGUIA GUI for Merging Datasets in R
mergeTreesAggregating Trees
merlinMixed Effects Regression for Linear, Non-Linear and User-Defined Models
merrorAccuracy and Precision of Measurements
merToolsTools for Analyzing Mixed Effect Regression Models
MESSMiscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts
messagingConveniently Issue Messages, Warnings, and Errors
metaGeneral Package for Meta-Analysis
meta4diagMeta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies
MetaAnalyserAn Interactive Visualisation of Meta-Analysis as a Physical Weighing Machine
MetABELMeta-analysis of genome-wide SNP association results
metaBLUEBLUE for Combining Location and Scale Information in a Meta-Analysis
metaBMABayesian Model Averaging for Random and Fixed Effects Meta-Analysis
metaboGSEGene Set Enrichment Analysis via Integration of Metabolic Networks and RNA-Seq Data
MetabolAnalyzeProbabilistic Latent Variable Models for Metabolomic Data
MetabolicSurvA Biomarker Validation Approach for Classification and Predicting Survival Using Metabolomics Signature
MetaboListAnnotation of Metabolites from Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Data
MetabolomicsBasicsBasic Functions to Investigate Metabolomics Data Matrices
MetaboLouiseMETABOlomics LOngitudinal SimUlation Engine