Datasets are collected here for differentially (up- and down-) expressed proteins identified in proteomic studies of cancer and in cell culture experiments. Tables of amino acid compositions of proteins are used for calculations of chemical composition, projected into selected basis species. Plotting functions are used to visualize the compositional differences and thermodynamic potentials for proteomic transformations.

This package has been developed to support a research project that has been reported in two papers in PeerJ (2016 and 2017).

The manual (help pages) and vignettes can be viewed at

Installation from CRAN


Installation from Github

First install the devtools package from CRAN:


Then install canprot from Github:


Building vignettes

To install the package including the vignettes:

devtools::install_github("jedick/canprot", build_vignettes = TRUE)

You may need to re-run this command one or more times. Note that this pulls in more R packages as dependencies, and pandoc is also required.