cluster: "Finding Groups in Data": Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.

Methods for Cluster analysis. Much extended the original from Peter Rousseeuw, Anja Struyf and Mia Hubert, based on Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990) "Finding Groups in Data".

Version: 2.1.0
Priority: recommended
Depends: R (≥ 3.3.0)
Imports: graphics, grDevices, stats, utils
Suggests: MASS, Matrix
Published: 2019-06-19
Author: Martin Maechler ORCID iD [aut, cre], Peter Rousseeuw ORCID iD [aut] (Fortran original), Anja Struyf [aut] (S original), Mia Hubert ORCID iD [aut] (S original), Kurt Hornik ORCID iD [trl, ctb] (port to R; maintenance(1999-2000)), Matthias Studer [ctb], Pierre Roudier [ctb], Juan Gonzalez [ctb], Kamil Kozlowski [ctb], Erich Schubert ORCID iD [ctb] (fastpam options for pam()), Keefe Murphy [ctb] (volume.ellipsoid({d >= 3}))
Maintainer: Martin Maechler <maechler at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: yes
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In views: Cluster, Environmetrics, Multivariate, Robust
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: abodOutlier, AdaptFit, AssocTests, bios2mds, ccChooser, ClassDiscovery, clustEff, clusterSim, ClusterStability, clv, clValid, convevol, CORM, dave, dbstats, divo, FunCluster, gclus, geneSignatureFinder, GLDEX, ICGE, IntNMF, isopam, knnGarden, LocalControlStrategy, maptree, MiSPU, MOCCA, NMF, optpart, pamr, PINSPlus, pMineR, RPMM, StructFDR, treeClust, TSclust, WeightedCluster, whiboclustering
Reverse imports: adiv, ADPclust, agricolae, analytics, anocva, Anthropometry, aqp, autoBagging, AutoPipe, beadplexr, BiBitR, Biopeak, biplotbootGUI, bootcluster, C443, CAinterprTools, Cascade, clhs, clue, Cluster.OBeu, clustrd, CLUSTShiny, cobiclust, comato, condvis2, conjoint, CORElearn, CrossClustering, cstab, DESnowball, diceR, disclapmix, DisimForMixed, DrugClust, dtwclust, ECoL, effectFusion, EMA, factoextra, FactoMineR, fdm2id, fpc, FPDclustering, funcy, funrar, gama, geophys, glmmfields, GmAMisc, goeveg, GrammR, gromovlab, GrpString, hkclustering, Hmisc, hybridHclust, inpdfr, IntClust, ipft, jackstraw, labdsv, lakemorpho, LocalControl, MEDseq, MEGENA, Mercator, MetamapsDB, mfe, MiRAnorm, MixGHD, multibiplotGUI, mutSignatures, nomclust, oompaBase, openair, optCluster, PANDA, Patterns, pavo, petro.One, pivmet, PReMiuM, PSF, PWFSLSmoke, RaceID, RadioGx, rainbow, RAINBOWR, randomcoloR, randomUniformForest, RclusTool, recluster, relations, rEMM, rfUtilities, RHPCBenchmark, RiemBaseExt, robCompositions, RPANDA, rrcov, rrcovNA, RRphylo, RSSL, sdcMicro, sejmRP, semiArtificial, SemiPar, semtree, SensoMineR, seriation, Seurat, sharpshootR, sigminer, sigQC, skmeans, smartR, sourceR, spatialEco, speaq, spikeSlabGAM, StatDA, stemmatology, stream, symbolicDA, TcGSA, traj, TraMineR, TraMineRextras, TSdist, uHMM, vegan, vegan3d, vmsbase, wordspace
Reverse suggests: adept, AnthropMMD, ARTool, BarcodingR, BiodiversityR, ChemometricsWithR, clues, condvis, cordillera, dendextend, e1071, earthtones, eclust, flexclust, GDAtools, ggdendro, ggfortify, grImport, idendr0, languageR, mlr, MoEClust, nor1mix, parameters, pdfCluster, ppclust, pulsar, r2d2, R2HTML, rattle, REdaS, RGraphics, robustbase, robustfa, scorepeak, sfsmisc, shipunov, sjPlot, tclust
Reverse enhances: MixSim


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