Major changes: - Remove benchmark vignette

Minor changes: - bug fixes in dodgr_paths, thanks to @agila5


Major changes: - Add dodgr_isochrones, dodgr_isodistances, and dodgr_isoverts functions - Considerable speed-ups for dodgr_flows_aggregate and dodgr_flows_disperse

Minor changes: - dodgr_flows_disperse allows k to be a vector, with different coefficients for each from point. - Add “highway:pedestrian” to weighting profiles - weight_streetnet for sc objects automatically adds component column - bug fix in weight_streetnet.sc(..., wt_profile = 1) - bug fix in dodgr_full_cycles for SC class objects


Major changes: - Lots of intermediate processes now executed and cached as background processes (via callr package). - new dodgr_cache_off function added to suppress primary caching, for cases where immediate usage is critical. - dodgr_contract_graph returns the contracted graph only, instead of former version which return list of graph and edge_map (the edge_map is cached and re-loaded when needed for graph uncontraction).

Minor changes: - ‘turn_angle’ parameter of weight_streetnet renamed to turn_penalty - Test coverage now complete (100%) * Update internal hampi data to remove factor columns - Fix some bugs in max speed calculations for weight_streetnet * Fix bug with polygonal bbox in dodgr_streetnet()


Major changes: * New vignette on street networks and time-based routing - weight_streetnet function now returns edge times for all Open Street Map networks extracted with the osmdata package. - weight_streetnet now accepts SC format data from osmdata::osmdata_sc() - New dodgr_times function to calculate journey times, including differential speeds and penalties for intersections and traffic lights. - dodgr::weighting_profiles data changed from single data.frame to list with additional parameters determining speeds and time penalties for dodgr_times function; former data.frame is now dodgr::weighting_profiles$weighting_profiles. - New function write_dodgr_wt_profile writes full profile to local .json file for editing and subsequent use via weight_streetnet(wt_profile_file=<local_file_name.json>). - dodgr_dists(), dodgr_paths(), and dodgr_flows() can no longer be used to automatically download street networks, thus former parameters wt_profile and expand have been removed; networks must be explicitly downloaded with dodgr_streetnet().

Minor changes: - Bug fix with dodgr_to_igraph to create proper weighted igraph - Add “footway” to weighting_profiles


Major changes: - New functions dodgr_fundamental_cycles and dodgr_full_cycles - New function dodgr_sflines_to_poly to convert sf collections of LINESTRING object into corresponding enclosed POLYGON objects. - New function dodgr_to_sf creates full sf objects, extending dodgr_to_sfc - New function igraph_to_dodgr converts igraph objects into dodgr format - New function dodgr_uncontract_graph to convert from contracted back into original, uncontracted from, including any additional data appended on to contracted graph.

Minor changes: - Bug fix with vignette caused by updates to tinytex rendering of svg - Bug fix for dodgr_dists (heap = "set") with integer distances


Major changes: - New function dodgr_to_igraph - weight_streetnet is now a method, with implementations for objects of classes .sf and .sc. - New function weight_railway to weight a network for railway routing. - dodgr_dists implements Dijkstra paths with std::set sorting through new option dodgr_dists(..., heap = "set") (It’s slower than others, but good for sake of completeness).

Minor changes: - Various modifications that should result in notable speed gains - dodgr_streetnet now accepts polygonal bbox argument, and uses osmdata::trim_osmdata to trim resultant network to within that polygon (issue #50). - Extended examples for weight_streetnet and dodgr_flows_aggregateto include a non-OSM example fromstplanr::routes_fast` (issue #45).


Major changes: - Crucial fix of previous typo that made all dodgr_dist calculations wrong (Earth’s radius is 6371, not 3671!) - thanks to @chrijo - weight_streetnet function now accepts data.frame objects defining wt_profile, enabling modification and direct re-submission of dodgr::weighting_profiles - weighting_profiles$value modified to 0-1 scores rather than previous percentage values. - weight_streetnet flags any highway types not present in nominated or submitted weighting profile. - dodgr_paths now has additional pairwise parameter to enable paths only between matched pairs of from and to points (so returning n paths rather than n^2), thanks to @mem48. - dodgr_to_sf deprecated to dodgr_to_sfc (#43)

Minor changes: - Added Malcolm Morgan (@mem48; bug-finder extraordinare) as contributor - Bug fix with dodgr_paths and simple data.frames, thanks to James Smith. - Bug fix of former improper handling of one-way edges, thanks to @chrijo. - match_pts_to_graph has additional connected parameter to allow points to be matched only to largest connected component.


Major changes: - New function dodgr_flowmap plots maps of flows. Currently only writes .png files, because large networks can not be effectively plotted on graphic devices. - dodgr_flows has option to routes flows from a set of source origins to all points in a network, attenuated by distance from those origins. - dodgr_to_sf converts a spatially-explicit dodgr graph into Simple Features (sf) format.

Minor changes: - match_pts_to_graph now accepts Simple Features (sf) collections of sfc_POINT objects to be matched.


Tidy C++ code that flagged errors on CRAN solaris machine. Nothing else.


Major changes: - New function, dodgr_paths, for returning explicit shortest path routes. - New function, dodgr_flows, for aggregting flows across a network from multiple origin and destination points. - New function, merge_directed_flows, to reduce aggregated directional flows to non-directional equivalent values useful for visualisation.

Minor changes: - weight_streetnet now accepts arbitrary sf-formatted networks via specification of custom weighting profiles, along with highway type and ID columns in data.frame. - Distance matrices from dodgr_dists inherit the names of routing points (from and to parameters).


Initial CRAN release.