splithalfr: Extensible Bootstrapped Split-Half Reliabilities

Calculates scores and and estimates bootstrapped split-half reliabilities for reaction time (RT) tasks and questionnaires. The splithalfr can be extended with custom scoring algorithms for user-provided datasets.

Included Vignettes

The splithalfr vignettes demonstrate how to write a custom scoring algorithm based on included example scoring algorithms and datasets: * vignette("rapi_sum") Sum-score for data of the 23-item version of the Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (White & Labouvie, 1989) * vignette("vpt_diff_of_means") Difference of mean RTs for correct responses, after removing RTs below 200 ms and above 520 ms, on Visual Probe Task data (Mogg & Bradley, 1999) * vignette("aat_double_diff_of_medians") Double difference of medians for correct responses on Approach Avoidance Task data (Heuer, Rinck, & Becker, 2007) * vignette("iat_dscore_ri") Improved d-score algorithm for data of an Implicit Association Task that requires a correct response in order to continue to the next trial (Greenwald, Nosek, & Banaji, 2003)


The R script included in each vignette is validated by comparing the splithalfr score for a single participant with the same score calculated via Excel. The materials for each test can be found in the tests directory.


The splithalfr splitting algorithm has been validated via a set of simulations that are not included in this package. The R script for these simulations can be found here.