tacmagic News

tacmagic 0.3.0 (2019-06-06)

Major changes

tacmagic 0.2.1 (2019-03-06)

Minor changes

This version has no changes to features but addresses minor, mostly stylistic, issues for the initial CRAN release.

tacmagic 0.2.0 (2019-02-26)

Major changes

This is the first release as a complete R package, and the version that has undergone open review with rOpenSci. The main features of tacmagic 0.2.0 are implemented and tested: loading PET time activity curve (tac) data from multiple formats, merging ROIs weighted for volume, calculating binding potential models including SUVR and DVR, basic plotting, and calculation of cut-off values. As tacmagic is still a new package and testing to date is based on few example files, it is essential to verify that all functions are behaving as expected when applied to your own data.