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Data exploration, plot the read count ALT vs REF.


vcfFile = system.file("extdata", "PG0390-C.test.vcf.gz", package = "DEploid")
PG0390 = extractCoverageFromVcf(vcfFile)
plotAltVsRef( PG0390$refCount, PG0390$altCount )

Plot the histogram of the observed allele frequency within sample.

obsWSAF = computeObsWSAF( PG0390$altCount, PG0390$refCount )

Load prior information: PLAF and reference panel

plafFile = system.file("extdata", "labStrains.test.PLAF.txt", package = "DEploid")
plaf = extractPLAF(plafFile)
panelFile = system.file("extdata", "labStrains.test.panel.txt", package = "DEploid")

Deconvolute the haplotypes

PG0390.deconv = dEploid(paste("-vcf", vcfFile, "-plaf", plafFile, "-panel", panelFile))
prop = PG0390.deconv$Proportions[dim(PG0390.deconv$Proportions)[1],]
expWSAF = t(PG0390.deconv$Haps) %*% prop

Plot the allele frequency within sample (observed in red, expected in blue) against the population level allele frequency.

plotWSAFvsPLAF(plaf, obsWSAF, expWSAF)

Plot the history of the MCMC proportion estimates.


Plot the allele frequency within sample, observed against expected.

plotObsExpWSAF(obsWSAF, expWSAF)

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter any problem when using dEploid, please file a short bug report by using the issue tracker on GitHub or email joe.zhu (at)

Please include the output of dEploid -v and the platform you are using dEploid on in the report. If the problem occurs while executing dEploid, please also include the command you are using and the random seed.

Thank you!

Citing DEploid

If you use dEploid in your work, please cite the program:

Zhu, J. S. J. A. Garcia G. McVean. (2017) Deconvolution of multiple infections in Plasmodium falciparum from high throughput sequencing data. bioRxiv 099499. doi:

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