idiogramFISH 1.12.1


idiogramFISH 1.11.2


idiogramFISH 1.11.1

idiogramFISH 1.10.1

idiogramFISH 1.9.1

idiogramFISH 1.8.3

Fixed dependencies

idiogramFISH 1.8.2

Fixed size of dots of legend

idiogramFISH 1.8.1

Added parameter for adding notes to the right of karyotype, see vignettes.

idiogramFISH 1.7.2

Improvement in messages when plotting.

idiogramFISH 1.7.1

Cen. marks don’t need another data.frame.

idiogramFISH 1.6.4

Fix for dup. names for not ordered chr. names

idiogramFISH 1.6.3

Documentation changes.
More tolerance when allowing duplicated chr. names when no marks.

idiogramFISH 1.6.2

Documentation changes, new examples.

idiogramFISH 1.6.1

02 10 2019
Added support to plot monocen. and holocen. together
Function plotIdiogramsHolo deprecated

idiogramFISH 1.5.1

Added support to plot alongside phylogenies

idiogramFISH 1.4.1

Allow some karyotypes to appear without indexes when error

idiogramFISH 1.3.1

Correct name of OTUs.

idiogramFISH 1.2.3

Vignettes corrections

idiogramFISH 1.2.2

Fix references of packages in vignettes when package not installed.
Added support for vignettes in devel. in R-32 bits

idiogramFISH 1.2.1

Fixed bug in armRatioCI that impact all other functions.

idiogramFISH 1.2.0

Added support for groups

Added human karyotype

Added rounded vertices when centromereSize =0

idiogramFISH 1.1.0

You don’t have to use dfMarkColor data.frame, is not mandatory now.

You can use (optionally) a character vector to pass colors.

Package has default colors now.