New syntax

In 0.9.6 we've begun transitioning jmv to a new syntax, using tidy evaluation and the use of formulas. Our intention is to do this in a phased way, to minimise disruption and breakage of existing code. Many jmv functions now support a function = argument, and this is recommended where applicable. This document describes the changes, and explains how to port existing code to use the new jmv. If you've not used jmv before, then you don't need to worry about this.

Previously the function ANOVA was run:

jmv::anova(ToothGrowth, 'len', c('supp', 'dose'))

where as the new formula syntax is:

jmv::ANOVA(formula = len ~ supp * dose, ToothGrowth)

In addition to the new formula syntax, many jmv functions support 'non-standard evaluation' of their arguments. For example, the following is now possible:

jmv::ANOVA(ToothGrowth, len, vars(supp, dose))

(note that, unlike tidy evaluation, a data argument is almost always required – we expect to be able to relax this in a future release.)

Additionally, functions which used to accept complex terms arguments, can now use simple formulas. For example, the emMeans argument of ANOVA() previously required:

jmv::ANOVA(..., emMeans = list("supp", c("dose", "supp")))

this can now be written:

jmv::ANOVA(..., emMeans = ~ supp + dose:supp)

In all cases, refer to the examples in the documentation for the recommended syntax. The old syntax (demonstrated above) will continue to be supported into the future.


The new syntax tidies up use of the jmv package considerably, but there are a few scenarios where code which used to work, no longer will. The following code will continue to work:

jmv::ANOVA(ToothGrowth, 'len', c('supp', 'dose'))

However, the following will not:

dep <- 'len'
factors <- c('supp', 'dose')

jmv::ANOVA(ToothGrowth, dep, factors)

In this case, jmv will look for variables in ToothGrowth called 'dep' or 'factors'. This is tidy evaluation. To instruct jmv to use the contents of it's arguments, rather than the symbol name, prefix them with the !! signifier. For example:

dep <- 'len'
factors <- c('supp', 'dose')

jmv::ANOVA(ToothGrowth, !!dep, !!factors)