estout: Estimates Output

This package is intended to speedup the process of creating model-comparing tables common in Macroeconomics. The function collection stores the estimates of several models and formats it to a table of the form estimate starred and std.err. below. The default output is LaTeX but output to CSV for later editing in a spreadsheet tool is possible as well. It works for linear models (lm) and panel models from the "plm"-package (plm). Two further implemented functions "descsto" and "desctab" enable you to export descriptive statistics of data-frames and single variables to LaTeX and CSV.

Version: 1.2
Published: 2013-02-26
Author: Felix Kaminsky, inspired by the estout package for Stata.
Maintainer: Felix Kaminsky <fkamins at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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