SDMtune 1.1.0

Main changes: * The function thinData accept now a matrix or a dataframe with several columns, useful if the users has information related to the coordinates that doesn’t want to lose with the thinning procedure. * The function plotResponse plots the response for the full range of presences and backgrounds/absences when only_presence is TRUE, only_presence is unused only to compute the provided function to the range of presence locations when marginal = TRUE

Bug fix: * Interactive plot of SDMtune objects are again displayed in the RStudio Viewer pane

SDMtune 1.0.1

Bug fix: * Fix CRAN errors * Fix bug introduced with version 1.0.0

SDMtune 1.0.0

Main changes: * In this release all deprecated functions and functions’ arguments have been removed, including the functions to convert old objects (created with version < 0.2.0.) into the new format. * Add function addSamplesToBg to add presence locations to background location. * extra_args in Maxent models cannot be changed anymore.

Bug fix: * Fix CRAN error for r-oldrel

SDMtune 0.2.1

Main changes: * New function to predict SDMmodelCV objects * Add the possibility to pass multiple methods to the train function * Add possibility to compute the testing AUC or TSS for a held apart testing dataset in the case of a SDMmodelCV object * Add the possibility to merge only the presence locations in the mergeSWD function

Bug fix: * plotPA function now works also with large raster objects * Removed font family from plot functions to avoid errors when the font is not available

SDMtune 0.2.0

This release is the first step to enable more methods to train models. The main change is that the SDW object now bundles together the presence and the absence/background locations and is not necessary anymore to pass the presence and absence locations as separate arguments to the train function.

Old objects of class SWD, SDMmodel, SDMmodelCV and SDMtune created with version <= 0.1.1 must be converted into the new format using the dedicated help functions. Please check the article Deprecated objects in the package website.

Main changes: * The SWD object bundles together the presence and absence/background locations * New methods to train models: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Boosted Regression Trees (BRT) and Random Forest (RF) * Enabled spatial cross validation: the function train accepts now folds partition generated with other packages (i.e. ENMeval and blockCV) * Add title argument in plot function for SDMtune objects * New randomly generated dataset virtualSp with presence, absence and background locations * Number of background locations cannot be tuned anymore using the tuning functions

Deprecated function: * getSubsample

SDMtune 0.1.1

SDMtune 0.1.0