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This package is built on the new classes haven_labelled and haven_labelled_spss introduced by haven package to handle labelled variables imported from SPSS, Stata and SAS. The labelled package propose several functions to manipulate such vectors and their metadata: variable labels, value labels and user-defined missing values.


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Introduction to labelled

Read the vignette at

Breaking changes introduced in version 2.0.0

Following version 2.0.0 of haven, labelled() and labelled_spss() now produce objects with class “haven_labelled” and “haven_labelled_spss”, due to conflict between the previous “labelled” class and the “labelled” class used by Hmisc.

A new function update_labelled() could be used to convert data imported with an older version of haven to the new classes.

Some general principles

  1. Functions are intented to support haven_labelled metadata structures only. However, to_labelled method allows to convert metadata from foreign and memisc packages.
  2. Functions should, by default, modify metadata only (i.e. classes and attributes), except if explicitly expressed by the user.