metan 1.4.0

Bug fixes

New functions

Minor changes

metan 1.3.0

New functions




New arguments

Deprecated arguments

Argument means_by was deprecated in functions can_corr() and clustering(). Use means_by() to pass data based on means of factor to these functions.

Minor changes

metan 1.2.1

metan 1.2.0

metan 1.1.2

metan 1.1.1

metan 1.1.0

I’m very pleased to announce the release of metan 1.1.0, This is a minor release with bug fixes and new functions. The most important changes are described below.

metan 1.0.2

metan 1.0.1

metan 1.0.0

The changes in this version were made based on suggestions received when metan was submitted to CRAN for the first time.

Major changes

The documentation of the following functions was updated by including/updating the \value section of .Rd files.

Minor changes

To allow automatic testing, the examples of the following functions were unwrapped by deleting \dontrun{}.

In the examples of the functions for cross-validation \dontrun{} was changed with \donttest{} * cv_ammi() * cv_ammif() * cv_blup() * plot.cv_ammif()

metan 0.2.0

This is the first version that will be submitted to CRAN. In this version, deprecated functions in the last versions were defunct. Some new features were implemented.

metan 0.1.5

In the latest development version, the package METAAB was renamed to metan (multi-environment trials analysis). Aiming at a cleaner coding, in this version, some functions were deprecated and will be defunct in the near future. Alternative functions were implemented.

Widely-known parametric and nonparametric methods were implemented, using the following functions.

METAAB 0.1.4

In the latest development version, some useful functions were included. One of the most interesting features included in this version was allowing the functions to receive data from the forward-pipe operator %>%. Bellow are the functions included in this version.

The following S3 Methods were also implemented:

METAAB 0.1.3

METAAB 0.1.2

METAAB 0.1.1