Change log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

simpleCache [0.4.1] – 2019-02-26

- fixes unit tests on windows
- fixes lifespan bug that used creation time instead of modification time
- allow arg-less directory setting to default to current working dir

simpleCache [0.4.0] – 2017-12-20

- adds a lifespan arg to simpleCache() to create auto-expiring caches
- remove unnecessary parse argument to simpleCache()
- viewCacheDirs() renamed to simpleCacheOptions()

simpleCache [0.3.1] – 2017-08-21

- fixed a bug in unit tests that left behind a test cache in user home dir.
- changes cache building to happen in parent.frame()
- repaired vignette so R code is displayed properly
- added deleteCaches() function and docs
- reduced size of unit test cache for speed increase

simpleCache [0.3.0] – 2017-08-21

- switched default cache dir to tempdir()
- changed availCaches() to listCaches()
- changes cache building to happen in globalenv(), so that any loaded
  packages are available for cache building

simpleCache [0.2.1] – 2017-07-30

- added examples

simpleCache [0.2.0] – 2017-07-30

- support for batchjobs parallel processing
- docs, prep for submission to CRAN

simpleCache [0.0.1]

- long-term stable version