This is the “R for Excel Users” release. My aim is to build functionality that helps users coming from an Excel Background (background I came from). It’s important to have these users feel at home. I have a full suite of functionality to accomplish your Excel-to-R transition.


tidyquant 0.5.10

tidyquant 0.5.9

tidyquant 0.5.8

tidyquant 0.5.7

Stock Index & Exchanges

Visualizations & Color Palettes

Compatability with tidyr v1.0.0

[Potential Breaking Change] Move tidyverse to suggests

tidyquant 0.5.6

tidyquant 0.5.5

tidyquant 0.5.4

tidyquant 0.5.3

tidyquant 0.5.2

tidyquant 0.5.1

tidyquant 0.5.0

tidyquant 0.4.0

tidyquant 0.3.0

tidyquant 0.2.0

tidyquant 0.1.0