wyz.code.rdoc releases


Last update 2020 January

offensive programming - R documentation

1 Release 1.1.8 - January 2020

Main improvements are

  1. rebuild entirely manual page generation
  2. added a way to generate a manual page from a standard R function
  3. added manual page post processing to allow automated tuning of resulting page
  4. added manual page statistics - see computeDocumentStatistics function manual page
  5. enforced capitalization on new section name creation in manual page
  6. completed and cleaned up R code - 33 exported functions - 17 internals
  7. completed manual pages - 35 manual pages
  8. enhanced manual pages documentation: review of all contents and corrections
  9. completed vignettes - 5 vignettes
  10. added data folder to allow for data manual page production and test
  11. fixed issues on vignette
  12. completed test panel - 45 test files - 811 tests
  13. completed business use cases - 10 BUC
  14. Worked on test coverage to reach level higher than 99%
  15. packageFunctionsInformation verified and upgraded
  16. Timing for tests 26s, checks 51s

2 Release 1.1.7 - October 2019

Main improvements are

  1. corrected many typographic errors in i/o with end-user
  2. completed unit tests
  3. enforced higher code coverage (from 75% up to 99.28%)
  4. changed many functions visibility from hidden (internal to package) to visible (end-user available).
  5. documentation completion
  6. clean up package dependencies.

This release replaces fully olders ones, that are now considered obsoletes. Keep the pace, and upgrade your packages if you do not use this version or a higher one!