Future development plan of the author’s life

Future development plan of this package

*In GUI, if the second row in the table is vanished, then ppp() failed,…. Why does such bug occur?? ha. I am tired. 2020 March 8

\[d \log \Phi \in \text{Exponential family}?\] If not how we can approximate it by exponential family

If x1(t),…,xn(t) are curves into plane, then we can define its mean curve

by x(t):= mean(x1,…,xn). Or use mean parameter over all readers to get modaitywise one.

I think, if number of readers are very large, then I guess such pooling will be required. 2020 Jan

ver. 0.2.3

Check Packgae –R CMD check additional options should be specified as following

   --as-cran --run-donttest

ver. 0.2.2

ver. 0.2.1

ver. 0.2.0

Moreover such multiple line cannot be detected by the R CMD check in my computer but in R CMD check in CRAN detects it. So the debug or find such multiple line is very hard to find because the error message never specify the information about such a location.

ver. 0.1.5

ver. 0.1.4

which cause the error

           [1] "Error in sampler$call_sampler(args_list[[i]]) : Initialization failed."

Some Stan developer taught this in stack over flows, His answer is very plain, I appreciate him. He helps me many times, thank you.

ver. 0.1.3

ver. 0.1.2

ver. 0.1.1