MSEtool is an extension of the DLMtool R package and provides simulation tools for management strategy evaluation informing data-rich fisheries.

Find more information about DLMtool and MSEtool at


The released version of MSEtool can be downloaded from CRAN:


The GitHub repository contains the development version of MSEtool, which can be installed via:


The development version may be unstable and it is typically not recommended for analyses.

User Guide

Vignettes describing the features of MSEtool can be obtained via:

devtools::install_github("tcarruth/MSEtool", build_vignettes = TRUE)

The vignettes can also be viewed on the MSEtool page on CRAN.

A User Guide for the DLMtool package also available at

Bugs and Issues

Please report any bugs or issues through GitHub or the DLMtool website.