Multiple Response Subgroup Identification using GUIDE algorithm.

The current package is still under heavily development.

For subgroup identification use GUIDE algorithm.

Here are the links and paper for reference:

Loh, W.-Y. and Zhou, P. (2020), The GUIDE approach to subgroup identification. In Design and Analysis of Subgroups with Biopharmaceutical Applications, N. Ting, J. C. Cappelleri, S. Ho, and D.-G. Chen (Eds.) Springer, in press.

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R packages:

Package install



Please refer to the following link if you have problem with install the package from source.

  1. R Compiler Tools for Rcpp on macOS
  2. Rcpp FAQ section 2.10

Here are my personal set up for macOS building MrSGUIDE used homebrew for libomp

brew update
brew install llvm libomp gcc

In the ~/.R/Makevars file


FLIBS=-L/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/8.2.0 -L/usr/local/Cellar/gcc/8.2.0/lib/gcc/8 -lgfortran -lquadmath -lm