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Tidiers now return tibble::tibble()s. This release also includes several new tidiers, new vignettes and a large number of bugfixes. We’ve also begun to more rigorously define tidier specifications: we’ve laid part of the groundwork for stricter and more consistent tidying, but the new tidier specifications are not yet complete. These will appear in the next release.

Additionally, users should note that we are in the process of migrating tidying methods for mixed models and Bayesian models to broom.mixed. broom.mixed is not on CRAN yet, but all mixed model and Bayesian tidiers will be deprecated once broom.mixed is on CRAN. No further development of mixed model tidiers will take place in broom.

Breaking changes

Almost all tidiers should now return tibbles rather than data.frames. Deprecated tidying methods, Bayesian and mixed model tidiers still return data.frames.

Users are mostly to experience issues when using augment in situations where tibbles are stricter than data frames. For example, specifying model covariates as a matrix object will now error:


fit <- rq(stack.loss ~ stack.x, tau = .5)
#> Error: Column `stack.x` must be a 1d atomic vector or a list

This is because the default data argument data = model.frame(fit) cannot be coerced to tibble.

Another consequence of this is that augment.survreg and augment.coxph from the survival package now require that the user explicitly passes data to either the data or newdata arguments.

These restrictions will be relaxed in an upcoming release of broom pending support for matrix-columns in tibbles.

Developers are likely to experience issues:

New vignettes

This version of broom includes several new vignettes:

Several old vignettes have also been updated:


Other changes


Many many thanks to all the following for their thoughtful comments on design, bug reports and PRs! The community of broom contributors has been kind, supportive and insighftul and I look forward to working you all again!

[@atyre2](, [@batpigandme](, [@bfgray3](, [@bmannakee](, [@briatte](, [@cawoodjm](, [@cimentadaj](, [@dan87134](, [@dgrtwo](, [@dmenne](, [@ekatko1](, [@ellessenne](, [@erleholgersen](, [@Hong-Revo](, [@huftis](, [@IndrajeetPatil](, [@jacob-long](, [@jarvisc1](, [@jenzopr](, [@jgabry](, [@jimhester](, [@josue-rodriguez](, [@karldw](, [@kfeilich](, [@larmarange](, [@lboller](, [@mariusbarth](, [@michaelweylandt](, [@mine-cetinkaya-rundel](, [@mkuehn10](, [@mvevans89](, [@nutterb](, [@ShreyasSingh](, [@stephlocke](, [@strengejacke](, [@topepo](, [@willbowditch](, [@WillemSleegers](, and [@wilsonfreitas](

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