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The dragon (Deep time Redox Analysis of the Geobiology Ontology Network) package provides a Shiny Application for generating, exploring, and analyzing bipartite mineral-chemistry networks over deep time on Earth using information from the Mineral Evolution Database, with a specific application of investigating biologically-relevant evolution of element redox states and availability over time. dragon uses igraph and visNetwork library (a terribly handy R wrapper for vis.js) to construct user-friendly interactive networks.

This package was written by Stephanie J. Spielman, Ph.D. at Rowan University for collaborative research with Eli K. Moore, Ph.D. at Rowan University and is licensed under GPL-3.

To obtain and run dragon, you will need the remotes package:

## Install dragon 
install_github("spielmanlab/dragon", force=T) ## recommended to add `force` argument to ensure the most up-to-date dragon version!

## Load dragon and launch shiny application

Alternatively, dragon is freely hosted at https://sjspielman.shinyapps.io/dragon/.

Additional documentation for dragon use is forthcoming.