molic 2.0.0

The package has undergone a major make-over. A slight, but breakable, change in the api of fit_outlier. The documentation of fit_outlier has been updated and now includes more and better examples of how and when to use the function. The fit_graph function is no longer a part of molic. It now lives in its own package at ess and molic is now dependend on ess. It is therefore now required to run include(ess) to have access to fit_graph.

The readme file has also undergone a major change - the former example using cars data has been removed; it was never really a good example showing how to do outlier detection with molic.

molic 1.2.2

molic 1.2.1

molic 1.2.0

molic 1.1.0

Development Model

From this release we adopt the branching model introduced by Vincent Driessen

This means, that there are now two branches: the master branch is always the current stable version, and the develop branch is the develop version.


New functions

Misc * All deviances are now non-negative as they should be! Before, a constant was neglected which could potentially confuse the users since a deviance is per definition non-negative.

molic 1.0.0