Major changes: - osmdata_pbf function removed as the overpass server no longer provides the experimental API for pbf-format data. - Remove deprecated add_feature() function; entirely replaced by add_osm_feature(). - get_bb() with polygon output formats now returns ALL polygon and multipolygon objects by default (issue#195)

Minor changes: - New Contributors: Andrea Gilardi (@agila5) - Bug fix for issue#205


Major changes: - New function unname_osmdata_sf, to remove row names from sf-format geometry objects that may cause issues with some plotting routines such as leaflet.

Minor changes: - getbb now allows arbitrary featuretype specification, no longer just those pertaining to settlement forms. - available_tags returns tags with underscore precisely as required for add_osm_feature - previous version returned text values with spaces instead of underscore. - Fix bug in osmdata_sf for data with no names and/or no key-val pairs - Fix bug in trim_osmdata for multi* objects; thanks to @stragu - Impelement trim_osmdata.sc method - retry httr calls to nominatim, which has lately been timing out quite often


Minor changes: - bug fix in trim_osmdata function


Major changes: - New function, osm_elevation to insert elevation data into SC-format data returned by osmdata_sc function. - New vignette on osmdata_sc function and elevation data. - opq() function now accepts polygonal bounding boxes generated with getbb(..., format_out = "polygon").


Minor changes: - Bux fix for vectorized lists of values in add_osm_feature, so only listed items are returns (see #139; thanks @loreabad6) - But fix to ensure all sf data.frame objects have stringsAsFactors = FALSE


Major changes: - New function osmdata_sc to return data in silicate::SC format (see github.com/hypertidy/silicate; this also requires additional dependency on tibble) - Structure of osmdata object modified to replace former $timestamp field with $meta field containing a list of $timestamp, $OSM_version (currently 0.6), and $overpass_version. - add_osm_feature() now accepts vectors of multiple values (see #139). - osmdata_sf() objects default to character vectors, not factors (see #44).

Minor changes: - vignette updated - Overpass URL now randomly selected from the four primary servers (see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API#Public_Overpass_API_instances), thanks to @JimShady. - bug fix for osmdata_sp() (see #56) - osmdata_sp() fixed to return osm_id values (see #131; thanks @JimShady).








0.0.1 (19 May 2017)

0.0.0 (18 May 2017)