working with buoy data

Scott Chamberlain


This vignette covers NOAA buoy data from the National Buoy Data Center. The main function to get data is buoy, while buoys can be used to get the buoy IDs and web pages for each buoy.


Find out what buoys are available in a dataset

res <- buoys(dataset = "cwind")

Inspect the buoy ids, and the urls for them


Or browse them on the web

browseURL(res[1, 2])

Get buoy data

With buoy you can get data for a particular dataset, buoy id, year, and datatype.

Get data for a buoy

if no year or datatype specified, we get the first file

buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 46085)

Including year

buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 41001, year = 1999)

Including year and datatype

buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 45005, year = 2008, datatype = "c")

Including just datatype

buoy(dataset = 'cwind', buoyid = 45005, datatype = "c")