Read and use a tidystats file


An additional usage of the tidystats-produced file is that it can be read back into R and converted into a data frame. This enables researchers to then extract specific statistics to perform additional analyses with (e.g., meta-analyses). Below is an example.

# Load packages

# Read in a tidystats-produced .json file
results <- read_stats("results.json")

# Convert the list to a data frame
results_df <- tidy_stats_to_data_frame(results)

# Select the p-values
p_values <- filter(results_df, statistic == "p")

With the current example, this results in the following data frame:

identifier method group term statistic value type preregistered
sleep_test Paired t-test p 0.003 primary
lm_D9 Linear regression coefficients (Intercept) p 0.000 no
lm_D9 Linear regression coefficients groupTrt p 0.249 no
lm_D9 Linear regression model p 0.249 no
npk_aov ANOVA block p 0.016
npk_aov ANOVA N p 0.004
npk_aov ANOVA P p 0.475
npk_aov ANOVA K p 0.029
npk_aov ANOVA N:P p 0.263
npk_aov ANOVA N:K p 0.169
npk_aov ANOVA P:K p 0.863