glmnet 4.0-2

glmnet 4.0

Major revision with added functionality. Any GLM family can be used now with glmnet, not just the built-in families. By passing a “family” object as the family argument (rather than a character string), one gets access to all families supported by glm. This development was programmed by our newest member of the glmnet team, Kenneth Tay.

glmnet 3.0-3

Bug fixes

glmnet 3.0-2

Bug fixes

glmnet 3.0-1

Minor fix to correct Depends in the DESCRIPTION to R (>= 3.6.0)

glmnet 3.0

This is a major revision with much added functionality, listed roughly in order of importance. An additional vignette called relax is supplied to describe the usage.

In addition to these new features, some of the code in glmnet has been tidied up, especially related to CV.

glmnet 2.0-20

glmnet 2.0-19

glmnet 2.0-18

glmnet 2.0-17

glmnet 2.0-16

glmnet 2.0-15

glmnet 2.0-13

glmnet 2.0-11

glmnet 2.0-10

glmnet 2.0-8

glmnet 2.0-7

glmnet 2.0-6

glmnet 2.0-3

glmnet 2.0-1

glmnet 1.9-9

glmnet 1.9-8

glmnet 1.9-6

glmnet 1.9-5

glmnet 1.9-3

glmnet 1.9-1

glmnet 1.8-5

glmnet 1.8

glmnet 1.7-4

glmnet 1.7-1

glmnet 1.6

glmnet 1.5

glmnet 1.4