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The goal of gwsem is to provide users with the opportunity to analyze the complex, interconnected array of risk factors, biomarkers, environmental antecedents, comorbid disorders, and other health outcomes on a genome-wide basis using structural equation modeling techniques.


GW-SEM utilizes the optimization function of OpenMx.

You can install the released version of OpenMx from CRAN with:


If you want a new version of OpenMx, you can follow the instruction to build it from source HERE.

You can install the released version of gwsem from CRAN with:


GW-SEM is currently under development. Therefore, the CRAN version of the software may not include the latest modifactions, enhancements, or functionality.

If you want to use a development snapshot, clone the source code and do

git clone
cd gwsem 
Rscript tools/test.R

You cannot use devtools install_github because it does not run roxygen2.