version 1.0.4

Fixes: - inability to run models without the silent = TRUE control

version 1.0.3

Features: - x-axis rescaling for the weight function plot (by setting ‘rescale_x = TRUE’ in the ‘plot.RoBMA’ function) - setting expected direction of the effect in for RoBMA function

Fixes: - marginal likelihood calculation for models with spike prior distribution on mean parameter which location was not set to 0 - some additional error messages

CRAM requested changes: - changing information messages from ‘cat’ to ‘message’ from plot related functions - saving and returning the ‘par’ settings to the user defined one in the base plot functions

version 1.0.2

Fixes: - the summary and plot function now shows quantile based confidence intervals for individual models instead of the HPD provided before (this affects only ‘summary’/‘plot’ with ‘type = “individual”’, all other confidence intervals were quantile based before)

version 1.0.1

Fixes: - summary function returning median instead of mean

version 1.0.0 (vs the osf version)

Fixes: - incorrectly weighted theta estimates - models with non-zero point prior distribution incorrectly plotted using when “models” option in case that the mu parameter was transformed

Additional features: - analyzing OR - distributions implemented using boost library (helps with convergence issues) - ability to mute the non-suppressible “precision not achieved” warning messages by using “silent” = TRUE inside of the control argument - vignettes

Notable changes: - the way how the seed is set before model fitting (the simulation study will not be reproducible with the new version of the package)