collapse 1.3.2

collapse 1.3.2, released mid September 2020, is a minor update:

collapse 1.3.1

collapse 1.3.1, released end of August 2020, is a patch for v1.3.0 that takes care of some unit test failures on certain operating systems (mostly because of numeric precision issues). It provides no changes to the code or functionality.

collapse 1.3.0

collapse 1.3.0, released mid August 2020, is another major update:

Changes to Functionality



collapse 1.2.1

collapse 1.2.1, released end of May 2020, is a patch for v1.2.0:

collapse 1.2.0

collapse 1.2.0, released mid May 2020, is a major update of the package - changes and additions:

Changes to Functionality

Bug Fixes



collapse 1.1.0

collapse 1.1.0 released early April 2020 - some small fixes and additions:

collapse 1.0.0 and earlier