dsa v073.5 (Release date: 2020-03-05)

Changes: - Bug fix: Now multiple external regressors can be added correctly

dsa v073.5 (Release date: 2020-03-05)

Changes: - fixed bug in xts2ts for leapyears

dsa v073.3 (Release date: 2020-01-20)

Changes: - dow_dummy now has an option delete 29_2 to make it possible to delete the values for the 29th of February - Improved treatment of 29th February

dsa v0.72.1 (Release date: 2019-11-01)

Changes: - In drop31, more iterations are allowed, to find the correct length of the dates for the new variables

dsa v0.71.6 (Release date: 2019-10-10)

Changes: - In output: for the graphics cairo-png is no longer used, as on some devices it does not create graphics

dsa v0.70.1 (Release date: 2019-04-04)

Changes: - Bug fixes: - Some minor code clean-up

Additional Functionality: - get_sa, get_trend, get_original: Inclusion of helper function to quickly get the most important series from the seasonal adjustment

dsa v0.64.1 (Release date: 2019-03-26)

Changes: - output(): Now contains additional visualizations of the outlier adjustment

dsa v0.63.3 (Release date: 2019-02-26)

Changes: - Bug fixes
- Multiple regressors were sometimes not considered correctly - In output(): Last graphic of spectrum previously showed original instead of seasonally adjusted series

dsa v0.62.1 (Release date: 2019-02-10)

Changes: - Bug fixes (thanks to Fernando Kawaoka and Rodrigo da Silva) - outlier estimation in case of too low critical value was not processed correctly - Creation of dummy variables mixed up from and to values - improved the fill_up function to correctly identify the 29th of February even if there is some mismatch of series length

dsa v0.60.35 (Release date: 2019-01-04)

Changes: - Bug fixes - descaler: set y=NA as a default. Otherwise when descaler is only used for log-transformations, as then y does not need to be supplied, it lead to an error

dsa v0.60.34 (Release date: 2019-01-04)

Changes: - Bug fixes - drop31: fixed an error that could lead to faulty transformation

dsa v0.60.33 (Release date: 2019-01-04)

Changes: - Bug fixes - fixed the fill_up function to correctly identify the 29th of February

dsa v0.60.32 (Release date: 2019-01-04)

Changes: - Changes - Minor changes of examples to decrease run time

dsa v0.60.31 (Release date: 2018-10-29)

Changes: - Bug fixes - previously, setting option reiterate3 > 0 in the dsa function did not work together with diff > 0 - if scaling the data became active in the dsa function, the data where not propably rescaled at the end - fixed display of SI ratios for annual period

dsa v0.60.21 (Release date: 2018-10-19)