File IO Package for ‘RAVE’ Package

‘RAVE’ is a R project that aims at providing interactive analysis and visualization of intracranial Electroencephalography. Developed by Beauchamp's Lab, supported by NIH 1R24MH117529

This package provides readers for multiple file formats, including: * EDF(+), BrainVision, BIDS-iEEG, Matlab files commonly used by neuroscientists * HDF5, common file format used by ‘Matlab’, ‘Python’, ‘C++’, and ‘R’ * FST, a file format that supports GB-level read/write speed

Internally support ‘RAVE’ format; see wiki page.


raveio is part of rave. Please install rave directly from the wiki page.

To install raveio alone, simply type R command:



Please cite the following papers in publication use:

You can type print(citation('raveio'), bibtex = TRUE) to print details.