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tadaatoolbox contains helpers for data analysis and presentation focused on undergrad psychology, the target audience being students at University of Bremen.

This was a teaching project with the primary goal being to assist undergrad students and tutors in a course that has since changed hands and moved on.

Some of the choices made in this package were motivated by didactics and demonstration, but are unfit for methodologically sound use. One example was the automated calculation of post-hoc power in t-tests and ANOVA, which is generally frowned upon. Also, the automated test for heteroskedasticity in tadaa_t.test is a source of multiplicity, leading to uncontrolled type I errors.
Both mechanisms have since been removed in the GitHub version.

There are many other packages available that do a better job at cleaning/presenting statistical test output, notably in the easystats ecosystem, so I suggest you look there rather than using this package.

For ANOVA & others, try the afex package.


Install the current development version from GitHub (recommended):

if (!("remotes" %in% installed.packages())){


Or install the most recent stable version from CRAN:


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