timetk 2.2.1

New Functions

Parallel Processing

Bug Fixes

timetk 2.2.0

New Functions


timetk 2.1.0

New Functions


Plotting Improvements

Breaking Changes

Bug Fixes

timetk 2.0.0

New Interactive Plotting Functions

New Data Wrangling Functions

New Diagnostic / Data Processing Functions

New Vectorized Functions:

New Recipes Preprocessing Steps:

New Parsing Functions


Bug Fixes:

Breaking Changes:

These should not be of major impact since the 1.0.0 version was just released.

timetk 1.0.0

New Interactive Plotting Functions:

New Time Series Data Wrangling:

New Recipe Functions:

Feature Generators:

New Rsample Functions

New Vector Functions:

These functions are useful on their own inside of mutate() and power many of the new plotting and recipes functions.

New Augment Functions:

All of the functions are designed for scale. They respect dplyr::group_by().

New Make Functions:

Make date and date-time sequences between start and end dates.

New Get Functions:

New Diagnostic / Data Processing Functions

New Datasets

Improvements: * tk_make_future_timeseries() - Now accepts n_future as a time-based phrase like “12 seconds” or “1 year”.

Bug Fixes:

Potential Breaking Changes:

timetk 0.1.3

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

timetk 0.1.2

timetk 0.1.1

timetk 0.1.0