fdaPDE Library

fdaPDE implements a class of spatial regression models in between statistics and numerical analysis. These models are particularly well-suited for situations where a prior knowledge of the underlying phenomenon is known and can be described in terms of a Partial Differential Equation (PDE).


Download the .zip of the code, unzip it, then from the R console type

install.packages(‘/path/to/fdaPDE’, type=‘source’, repos=NULL)

To install the package, please make sure that you have the package devtools already intalled. If using a Linux machine, it is also advisable to install rgl, plot3D and plot3Drgl before fdaPDE.

Subfolder structure

src contains all C++ code and a special file named Makevars necessary to build and install the R package R contains the R functions that wrap the C++ calls data contains all .rda and .RData files useful for testings


Some examples can be found visualizing the help of the main functions i.e. ?smooth.FEM or ?FPCA.FEM