ffscrapr 1.0.0

This is the first (major) version of ffscrapr and it is intended to build out the full set of functions for the first API platform: MFL.

Future versions will add more platforms via methods mapped to the same functions.

Functions include: - ff_connect (and sibling mfl_connect) to establish connection parameters and ratelimiting - mfl_getendpoint as a low-level function for making GET requests from MFL - ff_draft gets draft results - ff_draftpicks gets current and future draft picks that have not yet been selected - ff_franchises gets franchise-level identifiers and divisions - ff_league gets league-level summaries of rules, players, and franchises - ff_playerscores gets playerweek-level scores - ff_rosters gets franchise-level rosters complete with naming - ff_schedule gets weekly fantasy schedules - ff_scoring gets scoring rules - ff_standings gets league-level season summaries - ff_transactions gets a list of all transactions and cleans them into a data frame.