A package for scraping the nhl API and HTML reports to build a database. Can be used to generate statistics from the information pulled.


To use this package: 1. Import ‘nhlscraper’ and run SetDbPath to set the location for the database file. 2. Use AddAllTeams() and the find team_id using the GetTeamId function. 3. Find game_ids using the GetGameIdRange() function. 4. Add game reports to the database using AddGameEvents(). 5. Find a player_id using the GetPlayerId(‘player_name’) function. 6. Get player statistics using GetPlayerStats(). You can also manually query the database using QueryDb.



# Set db path to somewhere

# Select the leafs
team_id <- GetTeamId("toronto maple leafs")
gids <- GetGameIdRange(team_id, "2019-09-30", "2019-12-18")

# Add games

# Get stats for player
# Tavares
player_id <- GetPlayerId("john tavares")

stats <- GetPlayerStats(player_id, gids, team_id)

Example Shiny App

You can see an example of the heatmap function being plotted in this demo shiny app at: https://aazoulay.shinyapps.io/nhl_shiny/