pwr: Basic Functions for Power Analysis

Power analysis functions along the lines of Cohen (1988).

Version: 1.3-0
Imports: stats, graphics
Suggests: ggplot2, scales, knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2020-03-17
Author: Stephane Champely [aut], Claus Ekstrom [ctb], Peter Dalgaard [ctb], Jeffrey Gill [ctb], Stephan Weibelzahl [ctb], Aditya Anandkumar [ctb], Clay Ford [ctb], Robert Volcic [ctb], Helios De Rosario [cre]
Maintainer: Helios De Rosario <helios.derosario at>
License: GPL (≥ 3)
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: NEWS
In views: ClinicalTrials
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Reference manual: pwr.pdf
Vignettes: Getting started with the pwr package
Package source: pwr_1.3-0.tar.gz
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macOS binaries: r-release: pwr_1.3-0.tgz, r-oldrel: pwr_1.3-0.tgz
Old sources: pwr archive

Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: powerGWASinteraction, selfea
Reverse imports: easypower, hscovar, lmSupport, NetworkToolbox, OptSig,, rosetta, RTN, ssev, userfriendlyscience
Reverse suggests: CGPfunctions, CNVScope, paramtest, PMCMRplus, rmcorr, sigr, sjstats, Superpower


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