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This package contains functions designed for processing and analyzing aerial survey DAS data (AirDAS) generated by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center using one of the following programs: PHOCOENA, CARETTA, or TURTLE (such as TURTLEP or TURTLE4D). Functionality includes reading AirDAS data into a data frame, processing this data (extracting state and condition information for each AirDAS event), and summarizing sighting and effort information. Plans for future development include: generating tables summarizing the information in the AirDAS file, plotting AirDAS data, and generating files needed for doing density estimation. Learn more in vignette("swfscAirDAS")


You can install swfscAirDAS from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("smwoodman/swfscAirDAS", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Note that swfscAirDAS depends on swfscDAS, and thus you should ensure that swfscDAS is installed and updated as well. Running the above code will ensure the latest versions of both packages are installed. However, if you want to force an installation, you can run:

remotes::install_github("smwoodman/swfscDAS", force = TRUE)
remotes::install_github("smwoodman/swfscAirDAS", force = TRUE)

Before installing swfscAirDAS, you must have R, RStudio, and the appropriate version of Rtools installed. It is best practice to install after closing all instances of R and RStudio, and then running the install code from the R GUI rather than RStudio. Please contact the developer if you have any issues.

AirDAS format and checks

swfscAirDAS accepts AirDAS data from several different programs, and thus in several different formats: PHOCOENA, CARETTA, and TURTLE. You can download PDFs describing these formats at the following links:

These PDFs are also included in the package; see airdas_format_pdf for more details.

In addition, the package contains the function airdas_check, which checks whether the provided file adheres to expected format of the provided file type. This function is designed to 1) be used for data QA/QC after performing a survey and 2) ensure the data format meets all of the assumptions made by the rest of the functions in the package. A PDF describing the format checks is included in the package; you can also download the PDF here